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Discovery 2007 Conference Highlights

Presented by Ontario Centres of Excellence

2007 Mind to Market Award

BTI Photonic Systems Inc. and SRI Petro Chemical Inc. received the second annual OCE Mind to Market Award sponsored by RBC Royal Bank. The award recognizes and celebrates excellence in research collaboration and commercialization between Ontario's research and business communities. Finalists are selected from the best of the best from OCE's pool of initiatives.

2007 Mind to Market Award recipients:

BTI Photonic Systems Inc. and Queen’s University
SRI Petro Chemical Inc. and the University of Guelph

Watch our 2007 Mind to Market award video.

2007 Student Poster Competition Award

Three winners were chosen in a competition involving more than 80 university and college students working on OCE funded projects supported by Research in Motion.

2007 Student Poster Competition Award recipients:

1st Prize
Poster Title: Development of Nano-composite Charge Transport Materials for OLEDs
Name: Yiqun Zhao
University: University of Toronto

2nd Prize
Poster Title: Ultrafast Pulsetrain Burst (133 MHz) Laser Processing of Optical Materials
Name: Luke McKinney
University: University of Toronto

3rd Prize
Poster Title: Novel Uses of Improved 3-D Laser Scanning for Ontario Agriculture
Name: Renee Cloutier
University: University of Guelph

2007 OCE Connections Program

OCE's Connections Program provides financial support for undergraduate projects conducted in collaboration with industry, providing students with an early opportunity to conduct industry-relevant research. The Hon. David Peterson honored the best in class from this year's program participants.

OCE Connections Program recipients:

1st Prize
Project Title: Shell Canada Biomass Energy Use
Students: Peter Kurjanowicz, Peter Ralevic, Mike Lees, Holly Blair, Meaghan Kahnert, Catherine Chao, Jason Mohan, Andrea Buzinski
University: Queen's University (Chemical Engineering)

2nd Prize
Project Title: Hydrogen Production for Bruce Nuclear Facility
Students: D'Arcy McGlynn, Ali-Reza Asarizadeh
University: Waterloo University(Chemical Engineering)

3rd Prize
Project Title: Black Walnut Nut Buster and Separator
Students: Eric R. Bottriell, Nathan Fowler
University: Algonquin College (Mechanical Engineering Technology)