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Discovery 2007 Conference Highlights

Presented by Ontario Centres of Excellence

Podcasts, Video and Presentations


OCE - Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation
Opening Ceremonies & Cocktail Reception

Opening Remarks: The Honorable Dalton McGuinty

Keynote Address: The Honorable David Peterson


The Acceleration of Technology in the 21st Century:
The Impact on Business, the Economy & Society

Ray Kurzweil
Moderator: Bob McDonald


A Two-Year Window:
Canada's Place in the Global Context of Climate Change

Dr. Thomas Homer-Dixon, Jeffrey Simpson
Moderator: Bob McDonald
Lead: Peter Annan


The Innovation Highway:
How to Manage, Measure and Profit from It

Dr. Debra Amidon Presentation

Dr. Peter Dobson Presentation

Dr. Debra Amidon, Dr. Peter Dobson
Lead: Ian Smith


The Technology Revolution & All Things Smart

Dr. Willilam E. Halal Presentation

Dr. Walter Derzko Presentation

Dr. William E. Halal, Dr. Walter Derzko
Moderator: Robert Moses


Adventures in Capital:
Founding and Funding Technology Start-ups

Tom Sweeney, Jesko von Windhaim, Robert Antoniades, Ronald Thompson
Moderator: David W. Pamenter


What do Customer's Value?
A "Lean" Approach to Staying Competitive

Larry Coté Presentation

Linda Lundström Presentation

Larry Coté, Linda Lundström
Lead: Ken Carpenter


Luncheon Keynote Address & Award Presentation

Hon. Sandra Pupatello


Blueprint to a Billion:
How to Turn a Breakthrough Innovation into a Exponential Growth

David G. Thomson
Lead: Mark Chamberlain


From the Ground Up:
Technologies to Mitigate the Impact of Climate Change

Michael Angemeer, Tony Verrilli, George Scott, Howard Goodfellow, Brian Beatty
Moderator: Bob McDonald
Lead: Jim Orgill


2007 Mind to Market Award Presentations

Award Video


Worried About Ontario's Brain Drain:
Meet the Plug

Richard Florida