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Discovery 2009
OCE: Discovery 2009
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Discovery 2009: International Café

Trade Commissioners and Ontario Economic Officers
from Canadian Embassies and Consulates
at Discovery 09

Ontario Centres of Excellence's Discovery 09 is pleased to welcome Canada's Trade Commissioners and Ontario Economic Officers. Meet with more than 50 trade commissioners representing 24 countries from around the globe and 14 regions from across Canada and the United States.

Whether you're looking to export, invest abroad or seek technology and R&D partnerships, Canada's Trade Commissioners and Ontario Economic Officers are available when you need them. Trade Commissioners are located in more than 150 cities worldwide and in regional offices across Canada to help you achieve international business success.

Canada's Trade Commissioners and Ontario Economic Officers can help your company succeed globally and lower your costs of doing business through four key service areas:

Ontario Ministry of International Trade and Investment's International Marketing Centres

Conveniently located in existing Canadian embassies and consulates in cities in Europe, Asia and North America, Ontario International Marketing Centres are headed by people familiar with the needs of their particular market.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) booth

For general information on international business, Discovery 09 attendees can visit the Trade Commissioners at a designated booth and discuss how the TCS can assist you with your business objectives. You can benefit from in-depth knowledge, expert advice and support services available from the network of offices in Canada and around the world.

Schedule a one-on-one meeting
with a Trade Commissioner

Attendees had the opportunity to schedule meetings with Trade Commissioners for a more targeted discussion about a specific region, country, or sector of interest.

Country / Region Officer Email
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Discovery 2008
China Majid Dellah
China/ Beijing Allen Chong
China / Shanghai Robert McCubbing
Hong Kong Shalini Anand
India Claude Bibeau
Israel Mona Ashkar
Japan G. Mark Scullion
Korea Hyon Ju Yi
Philippines Marife Villanueva
Singapore Roman Borowyk
Tawain Stéphanie Berlet
Discovery 2008


Discovery 2008
Australia Ellen Ruth Zeisler
New Zealand Kate Starkey
Discovery 2008


Discovery 2008
Denmark Claude Charland
European Union Pat Ockwell
France François Gauthé
Hungary Eva Bosze
Ireland Richard Philippe
Italy John Picard
Netherlands Rana Pudifin
Norway Alanna Zulkifli
Spain Isidro Garcia
Switzerland Diana Nichols Nelson
United Kingdom Lee Thornton
Discovery 2008

North America

Discovery 2008
Canadian Offices:
Alberta Tara Scheurwater
New Brunswick Michelyne Paulin
Quebec Martine Joly Mukhopadhyay
Newfoundland Jane Rutherford
Toronto Yvonne Gruenthatler
United States Offices:
Atlanta Ron Poirier
Boston Maurice Egan
Buffalo Margaret Lange
Chicago S. Zulfi Sadeque
Dallas Andrew Haswell
Los Angeles Rashma Agarwal
Los Angeles Eric Holdrinet
Los Angeles Chantal Ramsay
Miami Claudio Ramirez
Minneapolis Andy Melnyk
New York Dina Santos
Philadelphia Vincent Finn
Raleigh Robert Mackenzie
San Diego Sean Barr
Seattle Duane Robson
Washington Benjamin Eliasoph
Mexico Bonny Berger
Discovery 2008

South America

Discovery 2008
Brazil Heather Bystryk
Susan Cesar
Chile Margot Edwards
Discovery 2008

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Discovery 2009
Discovery 2009 Discovery 2009
Discovery 2009
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