Discovery 2011
Discovery 2011 Ontario Centres of Excellence: Discovery 2011 Save the Date: May 14-15, 2012 Discovery 2011
Discovery 2011 Discovery 2011
Discovery 2011
OCE: Discovery 2011
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Discovery 2010: Exhibitors

Here's who exhibited at Discovery 11



3Phase Networks
3Phase Networks eliminates the complexity of managing and protecting today’s electrical system by providing a complete Smart Grid solution. This includes realtime monitoring of the Electric System combined with an integrated map view of the entire network, down to the individual customer level, and a two-way communications system allowing the utility to monitor and operate the Grid to meet any operation need in real-time. 3Phase Networks provides the world’s leading comprehensive and robust Smart Grid solution delivering a turn-key platform to meet utilities Smart Grid network infrastructure requirements. Delivering revolutionary technology and built upon a secure Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) web platform, 3Phase Networks provides an integrated and cost effective Smart Grid solution and so much more.
DJ Woods and 3reedom Digital provides complete Stereoscopic 3D solutions to feature film, commercial and corporate productions. We offer consulting, pre-production, experienced crews, S3D camera rigs such as the Quasar™ and the Pulsar and S3D post production facilities that include a Quantel Pablo™, Real D™, Digital Cinema projector and a 3D screening theatre. 3reedom Digital is the first compliant Real D™ post production facility in Canada.
Located in the heart of Waterloo, the Accelerator Centre (AC) is a world-renowned centre for the cultivation of technology entrepreneurship, dedicated to accelerating the creation, growth, and maturation of sustainable new technology companies.
ACCT Canada (Alliance for Commercialization Technologies) is Canada's pre-eminent membership based organzation addressing all matters related to the interface of academic research-industry engagement and research discovery mobilization. ACCT Canada provides a unique nation-wide platform for all proponents in the Canadian innovation ecosystem to collaborate for the purpose of better mobilizing, transferring, translating and diffusing newly discovered knowledge and inventions resulting from both academic Science & Technology (S&T) and private sector Research and Development (R&D) investments.
Adventus Research Inc. is a full-service market research and technology validation consulting company. We work with innovative clients across Ontario to validate and focus their technology value propositions, identify target markets, and design market entry strategies. We have performed dozens of assignments for clients of IRAP Ontario, OCE and other federal and provincial industry support agencies. We are market research process experts, and can provide key market insight and project value for clients in any industry or vertical.
Aereus Technologies was established to develop and commercialize technology that enables the careful control of metal particle temperature during spraying operations. U of T developed process for depositing cost effective antimicrobial coating onto various substrates.These coatings we hope to certify with health Canada and the EPA to use in institutional enviorments. Our coatings can be applied on plastics, metal, wood, and tile Our coatings give off 0 VOC into the environment and are an environmentally friendly process.
Aerovate creates innovative aerial solutions that focus on civilian objectives such as geo-physical exploration and surveillance
Agile sells new and used 3D printing equipment; including ProJet & V-Flash ($9,900) 3D Printers and 3D Systems Stereolithography (SLA) & Laser Sintering (SLS) machines. Agile provides prototyping services using all layer manufacturing technologies. We sell the Handyscan laser scanners and supply OEM and Generic 3D printing materials.
Algoma BCI
Algoma BCI is engaged in research to make improvements to brain-computer interface technology and related innovations
Algoma Games for Health
Algoma Games for Health is a serious game development studio on the campus of Algoma University. Our focus is on the application of video game technology to the health and rehabilitation sectors.
With over 140 programs, Algonquin is a big college that proudly nurtures a friendly, small-college atmosphere. Located in the National Capital Region and the beautiful Ottawa Valley with campuses in Ottawa, Perth and Pembroke, our programs effectively combine theory and practice - the best way to prepare for your career.
AMD (NYSE: AMD) is a semiconductor design innovator leading the next era of vivid digital experiences with its ground-breaking AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Units (APUs). AMD's graphics and computing technologies power a variety of solutions including PCs, game consoles and the servers that drive the Internet and businesses.
AquaResource Inc. is a specialist consulting company committed to water resource assessment and management. Recognizing the interconnection between surface and groundwater, AquaResource views water as part of one system, providing a unique viewpoint for complex water assessment and management problems. AquaResource provides services relating to water resource quantity and quality evaluation to various levels of government and private industry. Key services include: 1) management of volumes of data using efficient database tools, 2) physical interpret
Artex Environmental Corporation
ARTEX specializes in the end processing of retired and obsolete computers and other electronic waste (“e-waste”). Using sophisticated recycling techniques and equipment, ARTEX ensures that 100% of the e-waste it receives is properly recycled and no e-waste is sent to landfills or indiscriminately dumped in third world countries. ARTEX offers businesses and governments alike best-practices environmental handling, AND best-practices secure data destruction – thus solving the two most important concerns associated with e-waste recycling. We welcome the opportunity to help solve your e-waste recycling needs.
AUTO21 is Canada's automotive research and development program, partnering the public and private sectors. About 200 researchers across Canada are working with more than 120 companies and organizations on developing advanced automotive technologies and knowledge. Research occurs in materials, manufacturing, health, safety, powertrains, intelligent systems and sensors and more. In just 10 years of operations, AUTO21 projects have generated an estimated $1 billion in economic and social benefits to Canada.
Baycrest Centre for Brain Fitness, Rotman Research
Baycrest is one of the world’s premier academic health centres focused on aging. Our centre includes the acclaimed Rotman research Institute, considered one of the top 5 brain institutes in the world and the Kunin-Lunenfeld Applied Evaluative Research Unit (KLAERU) which conducts research alongside our clinicians and applies the results directly to client care. The Centre for Brain Fitness is Baycrest’s commercial incubator that is responsible for commercializing its technology and expertise. Our vision is to transform the aging process through the development of evidence-based technologies and interventions aimed at the early detection and prevention of Neurocognitive decline; the repair and rehabilitation of function in response to disease insult; and the maintenance of cognitive abilities to prolong independent living. By engaging business leaders with scientists, we use an entrepreneur-centric approach to bring innovative ideas to market. Our projects include a wide variety of applications that can be used in various settings from decision support for clinicians to web-based applications for connecting caregivers at home. Cogniciti, a startup founded in collaboration with MaRS, develops productivity solutions for the workplace driven by scientifically-validated cognitive strategies. At Baycrest, every day we are connecting science with technology and creating innovative, market-driven research products that will enhance health and productivity.
BDC is the Business Development Bank of Canada. From over 100 offices across the country, BDC promotes entrepreneurship by providing highly tailored financing, venture capital and consulting services to entrepreneurs. We put special focus on SMEs in sectors such as manufacturing, exporting, innovation and knowledge-based industries. We pay particular attention to start-ups, innovators, fast growth companies, manufacturers and exporters.
Bio Organic Catalyst of Canada (BOCC)
Bio-Organic Catalyst of Canada provides advanced solutions to energy conservation and renewable energy improvements in wastewater remediation. Our science based solutions contribute to controlling unwanted elements in organic waste, reducing electricity consumption in aerobic processing. In anaerobic digestion we improve biogas production and bacteria colony stability. BOCC’s liquid organic catalysts, our patent pending mechanisms and engineering expertise provide: 1. Aeration Energy Savings 2. Reduction in Sludge 3. Faster BOD Reduction 4. Increased Bio-gas (AD) 5. Substantial Odour Elimination
Bio.Diaspora is a scientific project dedicated to understanding how the world’s population interacts through the global movement of travelers. Bio.Diaspora has recently developed an easy-to-access, web-based, enterprise GIS solution that can generate and deliver customized, actionable intelligence around globally emerging infectious disease threats to end-users anywhere in the world in real-time. Bio.Diaspora offers users early insights into where dangerous infectious disease threats are emerging and how they are most likely to spread around the world.
Bioenterprise Corporation is a non-profit business accelerator located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada, established to help promote the creation, growth and expansion of businesses in the Agri-Food and Agri-Life Sciences and Bioproduct Industries. Bioenterprise works with and discovers unique, Canadian companies that, in our opinion, are compelling, global opportunities. Our services include: business plan advice/assistance, financial and marketing strategy development, investment preparation, as well as sourcing capital funding from a variety of sources.
BioForest Technologies Inc.
BioForest has developed new pest management tools and programs to protect commercial forests, woodlots and private properties.
BKIN Technologies is a leading developer of robotic technologies for probing brain function and dysfunction. Our patented KINARM™ product line enables basic and clinical researchers to explore sensory, motor and cognitive performance in both humans and NHPs. Our robotic and software tools create complex mechanical and visual worlds. BKIN's products are paradigm shifting and hold the promise of being the first quantitative and objective system to assess sensory, motor and cognitive function - critical instrumentation for the effective management of brain disease and injury.
Blue Heron
Blue Heron Systems develops hybrid solar/wind hardware and software technologies for off-grid and grid-tie applications in the streetlight/residential lighting, security and telecom markets. By providing self healing mesh networking coupled with an intelligent cloud-based management platform, Blue Heron ensures optimum performance of our systems with predictable outcomes at a lower cost.
Located in the centre of Niagara, in St. Catharines, Ont., Brock University offers strong undergraduate, graduate and interdisciplinary degree programs that include co-op and other experiential learning opportunities to a student population of more than 17,000. Students and faculty engage in cutting-edge research in many disciplines, including digital humanities, health sciences, biosciences and through such centres as the Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute. Brock has also developed plans for a Niagara Health and Bioscience Research Complex.
Bullfrog Power, Canada's 100% green energy provider, offers homes and businesses clean, renewable energy solutions. By choosing Bullfrog Power's green energy, you can reduce your environmental impact, support the development of new renewable generation in Canada and help to create a cleaner world for today and tomorrow. (An initiative of Business Launch Solutions) is the go-to-place for Canadian entrepreneurs for help & resources needed to launch & grow their business. The website focuses on content relative to Canadian entrepreneurs. The idea2Delivery video series follows a real company from their original business idea up to their first sale. Each episode puts the company in front of a business expert that helps them with their business. Entrepreneurs will relate & learn from the challenges that most new businesses face. Visit the Idea2Delivery booth to have a video done on your new business that will be uploaded to our website for the world to see.
The SR&ED program is a federal tax incentive program, administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), that encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada. It is the largest single source of federal government support for industrial R&D. The SR&ED program gives claimants cash refunds and/or tax credits for their expenditures on eligible R&D work done in Canada.
Canadian Alumni of the International Space University
CAISU is a private and non-profit association dedicated in representing the Canadian alumni of the International Space University (ISU). CAISU is also active in organizing programs and conferences aiming at promoting space awareness among university-level students, professionals and the community in general. Come visit us at
CDMN accelerates digital media commercialization, job creation and global competitiveness by linking Canada's leading digital media centres to each other, industry, government and academia.
CIC is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into market successes. Since its founding over 35 years ago, the Centre has provided its expertise to over 20,000 innovators and their companies. The CIC is consistently at the forefront of innovation in Canada, designing programs to develop new businesses and increase innovation in existing businesses. This impact has been recognized in industry awards, and tens of thousands of clients who have been helped.
The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), a special operating agency of Industry Canada, is mainly responsible for the administration of the IP system in Canada. To help understand, protect & leverage IP, CIPO has a range of products and services. The Bank of Speakers is one of them and delivers, free of charge, educational IP presentations to public, private and educational organizations in Canada. CIPO also offers IP Case Studies, teaching tools designed to reflect realistic career situations for post-secondary students.
The Canadian Urban Institute (CUI) is Canada’s applied urban policy institute with a mission to identify, develop and deliver innovative solutions to enable urban regions to thrive and prosper. The CUI is advancing the integration of energy and water efficiency into the decision-making process for built form, transportation and land-use decisions at the municipal level. The CUI's clients, partners and contributors are municipal departments, agencies, boards and commissions, educational institutions, other levels of government and the private sector.
The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is the ‘go to’ place for youth entrepreneurship. As a national charity, we are dedicated to growing Canada’s economy one young entrepreneur at a time. We look at character not collateral, when providing youth, age 18-34, with pre-launch coaching, business resources, start-up financing and mentoring, to help them launch and sustain a successful business. CYBF's Spin Master Innovation Fund offers up to 10 entrepreneurs the opportunity to turn their innovative idea into a booming business.
CANARIE Inc. is Canada’s Advanced Research and Innovation Network. Established in 1993, CANARIE manages an ultra high-speed network which facilitates leading-edge research and big science across Canada and around the world. More than 40,000 researchers at over 225 Canadian universities and colleges use the CANARIE Network, as well as researchers at institutes, hospitals, and government laboratories throughout the country. Together with 12 provincial and territorial advanced network partners, CANARIE enables researchers to share and analyze massive amounts of data, like climate models, satellite images, and DNA sequences that can lead to groundbreaking scientific discoveries. CANARIE is a non-profit corporation supported by membership fees, with the major investment in its programs and activities provided by the Government of Canada.
In collaboration with industry, CANMET-MTL develops and deploys technologies to improve all aspects of producing and using value-added products from minerals and metals. Specifically, CANMET-MTL focuses on research related to metal processing (casting, forming, joining, advanced materials, and prototype development), and maintains in-depth competencies for materials assessment (microstructural characterization, corrosion, physical and mechanical testing)
Carabinr is a platform designed to help you create challenges, achieve smart goals and track your progress while using your social graph for motivation and support
Carbon Control Systems Inc. specializes in Anaerobic Digestion technology, taking your organic waste streams and turning them into profitable revenue streams. We are the complete biogas company, from planning and permitting, to construction, to service and monitoring. This approach ensures the customer the most efficient and profitable system available.
Care Link Advantage
Care Link Advantage assists the elderly and disabled by providing personal medical alarm pendants
Brilliant Researchers. Brilliant Research. Carleton University is a dynamic, interdisciplinary research institution located in Ottawa – Canada’s capital. Carleton is proud of its innovative programs in sciences, business, engineering, arts, and public administration; and has realized research partnerships with numerous public and private sector organizations. Its strengths have led to international recognition for its faculty, as well as an ability to attract outstanding students.
This research is being performed at the Real Time and Distributed Systems Research Centre at Carleton University, Ottawa in collaboration with Cistel Technology. Carleton is known for its dynamic, interdisciplinary world class research and programs in sciences and engineering. Cistel technology is a professional consulting firm in the information technology area and performs front line research in the domain. This collaboration will lead to the solution of an important problem that is critical for public safety and the economic well being of the society.
Carmel Vision
Carmel Vision is a Toronto based software & hardware development company focused on delivering fresh and innovative solutions to address information overload. We were founded in 2004 and have an existing user base of 600 customers. Our goal is to offer technologically superior yet affordable products that let users regain control of their data slashing time wasted on searching and organizing. All assets of our previous venture were acquired by CREO products in 2001 to complement their product line of pre-press solutions.
The Centre for Advancement of Trenchless Technologies (CATT), located at the University of Waterloo, is a non-profit organization consisting of university, municipal, industrial, business and government agencies. CATT is committed to the advancement of knowledge, materials, methods and equipment used in trenchless technologies to solve urban infrastructure problems. CATT is actively involved in conducting cutting edge research, organizing training courses, developing industry protocols and specifications, and the development of new products.
Innovation, creativity and speed to market are vital components to build and grow sustainable communities. Centennial College's Applied Research and Innovation Centre's Team connect industry with our faculty, students and resources to find real world solutions to pragmatic problems. We focus on small to mid-sized industry partners, and assist in the development, testing, and commercialization of their innovative ideas.
CImTeC is accelerating commercialization of medical imaging and digital pathology products as they move through the pipeline from demonstration of commercialization potential with prototypes through clinical trials, the regulatory process and finally to the development of successful products that can be used in the clinic. These activities will support the Canadian medical imaging sector in establishing and sustaining world leadership in innovation and technology development with tremendous potential for impact on the economy and healthcare system.
CPDC discovers, develops and distributes molecular imaging probes for the early diagnosis of diseases and to assess the effectiveness of treatments. An important part of Ontario’s health care system, CPDC provides a reliable, daily supply of imaging probes to hospitals across the province. CPDC also works collaboratively with industry and academic partners, offering the research, manufacturing and regulatory expertise needed to move innovative probe technology and new therapeutic drugs from R&D labs to clinical use.
Cerebral Diagnostics Canada Inc is an Ontario-based start-up involved in the development of low cost, real-time brain imaging systems as well as pain and sensory loss diagnositc systems. Dynamic Electrial Cortical Imaging (DECI) captures and displays the 3D electrical activity of the brain in real-time, using conventional electroencephalographic (EEG) equipment and is inherently safe and non-invasive. DECI is able to produce vivid representations of moving electrical fields and their generators.
Created in 1997, CFC Media Lab provides a unique training, research and production think-tank environment for new media content developers, practitioners and companies. An internationally-acclaimed and award-winning facility, our more than 200 graduates of CFC Media Lab emerge as leaders in the world of interactive media, produce innovative projects and start up 21st Century companies. For more information please visit Inc. is an internet software company best known for making and is online survey software used for the creation of surveys/forms, gathering of data & analysis of the results. FluidSurveys is used by clients from over 40 countries from all walks of life including: Gov't, Fortune 500 Companies & Non-Profits is an online software tool used to accept and review incoming applications. ReviewRoom is used for grants, scholarships, awards, competitions and conference registrations
Since 1993, Cimetrix Solutions Inc. has been assisting organizations with their product design and manufacturing challenges. By coupling industry leading technology and expert consulting/design services, Cimetrix enables Canadian firms to be globally competitive. Cimetrix Solutions is the exclusive Canadian provider of the patented Stratasys 3D Production Systems and 3D Printers. Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology, accelerates product development by creating concept models, functional prototypes, manufacturing tools, and even end-use parts in a matter of hours. Whether your application is in medical/life sciences, aerospace/transportation or academia/research, FDM dramatically shortens development cycles, lowers R&D costs and provides on-demand, in-house capabilities.
Cinevate's mission is to equip filmmakers with the optimal tools to achieve their creative goals.
Cistel Technology Inc.
Cistel, established in 1995, is an Ottawa-based organization which provides technology and management consulting services to the private and public sectors. Specifically, Cistel provides five key service offerings: • IT Security and Privacy Consulting • Management Consulting • Microsoft Solutions • IT Managed Services • Staffing Services Cistel is an ITIL Practitioner, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is ISO 9001:2000 certified by the Canadian General Standards Board. In addition, for 2010, Cistel was named as one of the top ten IT security companies in Canada by Backbone magazine.
The City of Toronto is so proud of our quality drinking water that we wanted to share it at public events throughout our great city. That's why Toronto Water created HTO To Go. The trailers serve as a fun and practical way to educate people about one of our most valuable resources — drinking water. The HTO To Go crew will deliver the trailer to select public events and connect it to a safe supply of potable water (usually a fire hydrant or connection to a water main). Visitors are welcome to have a drink or refill their water bottle — there is even a doggy bowl for our furry friends — all while learning about Toronto Water's programs and services. There are two mobile water trailers available for special events throughout Toronto. The season generally runs from April through September.
Located just 40 kms east of Toronto, Clarington is one of the largest municipalities (611 km2 in land area) in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). With this size comes a fantastic diversity of urban and rural settings, modern and historic architecture as well as innovative and traditional opportunities. Clarington strives to “Lead the Way” in energy conservation and efficiency. Already home to Darlington Nuclear Station, Clarington Council has granted approval for a 2 MW solar farm. Energy sufficiency is not just a catch phrase but is a value that the residents of Clarington have collectively embraced. During Earth Hour 2008 and 2009, residents of Clarington have achieved the highest reduction of energy consumption (7.7% and 5.6%) for all of Durham Region. Clarington looks forward to the opportunities for future innovation and growth.
Clearpath Robotics specializes in the design and manufacture of unmanned vehicle systems, software and components for a variety of academic, industrial, and military research applications. The company sells unmanned research vehicles to research institutions as a strategic entry into the emerging global unmanned vehicles market.
Cognition LLP
Cognition LLP is an innovative law firm that is structured to deliver commercial and corporate legal services to businesses in the most cost effective manner. With lawyers in Toronto, Ottawa and Waterloo, we combine the insight of highly experienced in-house counsel with the flexibility and depth of outside counsel, resulting in more meaningful legal advice from best of breed lawyers who understand their clients’ operations. Our “virtual” approach – no fancy offices, receptionists or art collections – means only business-minded counsel providing expert advice within a pricing structure you may not believe
CONII is a network of 20 Ontario colleges dedicated to connecting Ontario’s small and medium sized enterprises and other industry partners to the applied research and commercialization expertise of Ontario’s colleges.
Waterloo Region’s technology organization, Communitech is the regional hub for the commercialization of innovation, creating economic prosperity by removing barriers to the creation and growth of technology companies. Our goal is to create more successful global businesses for Canada.
Connect Canada
For 10 years, AUTO21 has served as Canada’s automotive research and development program, partnering the private sector with the nation’s universities. These projects have resulted in an estimated $1.1 billion in social and economic benefits to Canada. AUTO21 is expanding its activities through the launch of Connect Canada, a new graduate intern program. Regardless of sector or location, Connect Canada internships are a cost-effective way for companies to conduct advanced R&D while interns gain relevant industry experience that enhances their studies.
The Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre is part of the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Waterloo, and was developed to support, build on, and expand Waterloo's culture of entrepreneurship. The centre’s flagship program is a specialized master’s degree in business, entrepreneurship and technology that provides the business skills critical to indentify and exploit commercial opportunities. Many consider the program an attractive alternative to top MBA programs in the nation.
The Consulate General of the Netherlands supports Dutch SME's to bring innovation and innovative approaches to Canada. The Consulate promotes G2G, B2B and K2K (knowledge to knowledge) partnerships between Canada and the Netherlands.
Established in 1996 in partnership with Grape Growers of Ontario and Wine Council of Ontario, Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) is an internationally recognized institute on cool climate grape and wine research and advances the industry by focusing on its research priorities. Initially focusing on the sciences of viticulture and oenology, it has evolved to embrace different areas including wine marketing, policy research and wine culture. CCOVI’s research, continuing education and outreach services attend to the industry’s needs.
Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC) is the federal government's primary laboratory for research and development in advanced telecommunications, and a centre of excellence in information and communications technologies. It is the only national laboratory with critical mass and expertise in the four major platforms that form the basic transport mechanism for information delivery across Canada: wireless, broadcasting, satellite and fibre optics. CRC employs 400 staff, including 240 research staff, and has a total annual budget in the range of $50M.
Most vehicle purchases are based upon purchase price; this results in higher total cost, sensitivity to fuel price, and emissions. To solve this problem, fleet managers are transitioning to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for making decisions. CrossChasm’s FleetCarma ( is the only solution that is simple and accurate enough to enable reliable TCO decisions. Saving money tomorrow means making the right decisions today. That’s karma – FleetCarma. CrossChasm also enables manufacturers to build best-in-class hybrid & electric vehicles
CrowdWave® is a mass-participation, interactive entertainment system for pro and collegiate sports. It uses cameras in combination with patent pending Vision Interactive software to interpret the crowd’s arm movements (direction, intensity and timing). CrowdWave enables crowds to engage with each other and with sponsored CrowdWave games and polls - to cooperate or compete, to control a character or object, to vote or answer a question - displayed on arena or stadium video screens.
Cyborg Trading Systems (CTS) was founded in 2008 by an elite group of traders and highly experienced software engineers. The founders recognized a need to adapt to the changing global financial markets, and combined their extensive trading experience with their technology backgrounds in order to create a framework for the automation of customized, low latency trading strategies.
DaCosta Research Group
The DaCosta Research Lab is part of the University Health Network’s Biophotonics Program and is located at the Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto. The primary focus of the lab is to develop and apply new and advanced optical molecular imaging technologies and approaches to i) better diagnose and treat cancers and other diseases, ii) understand disease mechanisms at cellular and molecular levels, iii) improve the monitoring of early response of cancers to treatment (e.g. radiotherapy, chemotherapy, cellular-,gene-, and regenerative therapies); and iv) improving cancer interventions using innovative image-guided and minimally-invasive intraoperative and point-of-care diagnostic technologies. Through an established network of academic and industrial collaborations both locally and internationally, advanced optical molecular imaging innovations developed in the DaCosta Lab are providing new tools for cancer research and clinical care.
Datec Coating
Datec is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing thick-film heating solutions. Thick film heaters use inks that are “printed” onto substrates to create low profile, highly efficient heating elements for a wide range of high performance applications. Datec has two primary heating product lines - mica-TF and IntegrAL. Mica-TF are large thick-film heaters used for primarily for food warming equipment and radiant heating. IntegrAL heaters are high-power, fast acting, aluminum based heaters designed for the small appliance and instrumentation OEM markets.
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto (DRDC Toronto) is Canada's centre of expertise for defence research and development in human performance and protection, human-systems integration, and operational medicine. DRDC Toronto's research program is delivered through a mixture of in-house activities, industrial, university and hospital contracting, and collaborative activities with other government research agencies.
Chemical Engineering & Applied Chemistry at the University of Toronto is ranked number one in Canada and 14th in the world according to the inaugural QS World University Rankings® for Chemical Engineering. We are home to 33 principal investigators who conduct cutting-edge research in the following fields: Biomolecular & Biomedical Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, Chemical & Materials Process Engineering, Environmental Science & Engineering, Informatics, Pulp & Paper, Surface & Interface Engineering, and Sustainable Energy.
At Durham College, the student experience comes first. We are committed to ensuring students receive the best education and gain the most current skills through a range of market-driven programs taught by exceptional professors. We also place an emphasis on innovation as evidenced in our strategic plan deliverable to create a vibrant and effective research agenda. As such, the college is part of the Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation, which allows us to respond to market pull by working with small- and medium-sized business and industry to solve problems with the assistance of faculty members and students. Additional funding through the FedDev Applied Research and Commercialization initiative and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council means that Durham College can support the research needs of more business and industry in our community.
Durham Region is home to eight area municipalities-Ajax, Brock, Clarington, Oshawa, Pickering, Scugog, Uxbridge and Whitby. Expand your vision with innovation from across a full range of sectors active in Durham Region. Our local resources facilitate the creation of solutions. Achieve your vision with experienced and educated labour available in Durham Region. Our growing labour force supports industry at all levels of corporate responsibility. Our people have the talent to compete in today’s knowledge-driven economy. Envision opportunity and success in Durham Region.
The DSEA is a not-for-profit organization headquartered in the Durham Region (Ontario’s Energy Capital) comprising of business, government and educational institutions working together for the advancement of energy initiatives. The organization has its head office in the Regional Municipality of Durham (located in Southern Ontario) with membership extending beyond this border. The DSEA is addressing the energy challenges facing Ontario and Canada by being an active participant in the global quest for clean, affordable energy solutions.
Our company is eCAMION and we design and manufacture our patent-pending Lithium-ion Battery Pack technologies for applications which require superior power performance, including the utility-scale energy storage, backup power, industrial vehicle and performance automotive industries. eCAMION Inc. also designs and builds its own manufacturing equipment to build its packs, which is a key advantage to improving quality, cost and delivery. eCAMION is also involved in Grid-scale energy storage projects with Toronto Hydro, DOW-Kokam and University of Toronto. We would very much like the opportunity to talk to you about any potential applications in your organization.
ECTI is an interdisciplinary research institute based at the University of Toronto, providing state-of-the-art research facilities and advanced training opportunities to academia and industry. Key research areas include micro- and nanofabrication, photonic materials and devices, M/NEMS, biotechnology, microfluidics, lab-on-a-chip, microwave devices, micro- and nano-electronic devices, integrated optics, nano-plasmonics, nanolithography, and photovoltaic devices.
Edey FX is an Ottawa based Industrial Design and Prototyping Company focusing on renewable energy products.
Electrovaya Inc. designs, develops and manufactures proprietary Lithium Ion SuperPolymer® batteries, battery systems, and battery-related products for the clean electric transportation, Utility Scale Energy Storage and smart grid power, consumer and healthcare markets. The Company's mission is to accelerate clean transportation as a commercial reality with its advanced power system for all classes of zero-emission electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles and utility Scale Energy Storage Systems.
Elevator Cab Renovations (ECR) initally designed, manufactured, and installed custom cab interiors for local elevator companies and contractors. In 2003, ECR developed and introduced the patented A-Look™ Panel Fitment System: an easy to order and install cab interior. The product consists of an aluminum extrusion system used to lock the panels together providing a structurally sound web that connects to the cab shell. State of the art computer-controlled production equipment has allowed the company to maintain consistent quality and reliable delivery.
ELORIN is a not-for-profit corporation registered in Ontario and located in Kingston. ELORIN provides RIC services to three counties Frontenac, Lennox and Addington, Hastings and the cities of Kingston, Bellville and Quinte West. ELORIN makes the connections between industry, academia, and you the clients.
Emcara Gas Development Inc.
Emcara is a start-up company with a certified fire safety valve (PRD) for natural gas or hydrogen vehicles. The technology is covered by existing and pending patents in North America and Europe.
ENBALA delivers innovative solutions that pay electricity users to participate in the management of the electric power system. ENBALA operates a Smart Grid platform that creates a network of large electricity users and then harvests inherent flexibility in the way the equipment is operated to supply grid balance and quality services to the electricity system operator. Network participants are paid for participation.
Energent provides SaaS-based Energy Management Information Solutions designed to help industrial, commercial, and hospital clients realize energy savings through real-time analytics and reporting. Our customers can lower energy use by 5-10% in the first year. Energent is also developing an Energy Hub Management System that will revolutionize the Smart Grid experience for home and business customers. Utilizing a secure web-based portal, our EHMS provides residential customers with the ability to control their energy use based on a user-defined profile.
Escape-Keyboard is a gesture-based sight-free text entry technique for touch-screen mobile devices. Our keyboard design allows the user to type letters with one hand by pressing the thumb on a portion of the screen and consequently performing a directional flick gesture.
fanfare is a globally applicable employment network designed to integrate with colleges and universities to provide employers with centralized access to recruit students and recent graduates. Schools host employment programs on fanfare or refer their students to job opportunities posted on fanfare. Students are grouped by school and then sub-grouped by program and major. We connect each group of students together to provide employers with centralized access to talent. fanfare is currently being piloted in Canada.
Fanshawe College's Centre for Sustainable Energy & Environments (CSEE) brings together academic, entrepreneurial, technical and business expertise to help companies innovate in the fields of energy and the environment, with a focus on alternative energy management and green technologies.
Filter Innovations Inc. designs & manufactures turnkey solutions for the treatment of wastewater, groundwater, process water & air. FII is recognized as an industry leader with a reputation for quality & technical support. Aggressive research & development, partnerships with leading government organizations & educational institutions ensure that our innovative technologies provide solutions to all our clients’ environmental requirements. Filter Innovations is a proud member of Calco Environmental Group & recipient of Deloitte’s 50 Best Managed Companies.
The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) promotes innovative forms of water and wastewater treatment technology through applied research, education, and demonstration projects. The CAWT is located at Fleming College's Frost campus in Lindsay, Ontario.
The Forest Ecosystem Science Co-operative Inc. (Forest Co-op) is a partnership of organizations investing in forest science initiatives for the purpose of supporting sustainable forest management, reducing uncertainties associated with forest management decisions and fostering a sustainable, predictable and affordable wood supply. This unique not-for-profit forum includes representatives from the forest industry, provincial and federal governments, academic institutions, research organizations, and consulting firms.
Garage Living
As Toronto’s largest and most experienced garage organization and flooring company, we can understand the frustration and stress that a disorganized garage can bring. But we’re here to change that. We’re Garage Living, and we can create your Dream Garage. With over 3,000 garage organizers transformed throughout southwestern Ontario, Garage Living has acquired the experience and knowledge to ensure your garage makeover is done quickly, efficiently, and without error.
We assist innovators to go from the ‘fuzzy front end’ of the innovation process to getting business results. Our team has over twenty years of combined experience in research and development, project management, renewable technologies, Latin American markets, new product development, new technology commercialization, industry analysis, and market assessment.
Digital Energy, a division of GE Energy, is a major solutions provider and thought leader for the global Smart Grid effort to modernize and optimize how we generate, move and consume energy. Our global team of more than 5,000 employees are inventing, improving and integrating communications, automation, and power delivery technologies to give the century-old electric infrastructure new capabilities and reliable, efficient performance unheard of just a generation ago. From deploying Internet-like solutions that enable consumers to understand and manage energy usage to championing leading-edge technologies that make clean, renewable energy an everyday reality, Digital Energy is delivering the breakthroughs that will power our planet for the next hundred years. Our executives are leading the charge, serving on standards boards, industry task forces and government advisory committees, sharing our unmatched experience and expertise to help overcome the capacity and environmental challenges of an increasingly electrified world.
George Brown College (GBC) is one of Canada's largest, most diversified colleges. The college was established in 1967 and has close relationships with industry. GBC enhances relevant programs and curriculum to serve the needs of both students and employers by producing workplace-ready graduates. GBC also nurtures strategic relationships with government agencies, community partners, and educational associations, both within Ontario and beyond. The College offers 150 full-time programs, and 1,200 continuing education courses.
GESi® is a privately held Canadian company, located in Whitby, Ontario. Our mandate is to design, develop and manufacture the finest emissions control technology in the world. Our Dry Selective Catalyst™ (DSC)™ technology stands out in the marketplace by reducing up to 99% of the Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbon (HC), and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) from fossil fuel combustion engines. Unlike other technologies, GESi® is recyclable and doesn’t add toxic emissions to the environment.
Global Hydration
Global Hydration is dedicated to safe drinking water and specializes in easy to use, highly portable water purification systems, tablets and purifiers.
Gowlings is a global law firm, with over 750 professionals across nine offices in Canada, the U.K. and Russia. Recognized for excellence in business law, advocacy, and intellectual property, Gowlings provides dedicated industry expertise in the resource, infrastructure, life sciences, government financial services, technology and manufacturing sectors. Combining traditional legal services with innovative solutions in a number of highly specialized areas of law and business, Gowlings has developed a stellar reputation as a global go-to law firm. Visit
The Great Lakes Clean Water – L.P. is a group of inventors and investors dedicated to preserving safe water in the Great Lakes. We have focused our time and money developing new technology for private onsite wastewater treatment. This includes disinfecting pathogens, destructing invasive species, reducing nutrients and breaking down compounds of emerging concern. We have named the technology WATERCLEAN™. Our business model is to licence the WATERCLEAN™ technology to others to create and manufacture new products to protect our fresh water.
GreenCentre Canada is a national Centre of Excellence for commercializing early-stage Green Chemistry discoveries generated by academic researchers and industry. Funded by the governments of Ontario and Canada, and industry, GreenCentre Canada is dedicated to developing environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional chemical and manufacturing products and practices. It is governed and operated with the assistance of industry members from across the chemical value chain. The centre is located at Innovation Park at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Green innovation and technological leadership will be the engines of Ontario’s new green economy. They’re also the driving force behind the Government of Ontario’s Green Focus on Innovation and Technology (GreenFIT) strategy. The GreenFIT strategy will enable companies to provide innovative and sustainable technologies and solutions that government can consider as alternatives to its traditional purchasing. The Ontario government will be among the first to use the innovative green solutions that are part of GreenFIT. And participating in GreenFIT will provide an ideal platform for companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their products to other potential customers in local and international markets.
The hydraulophone is the world's first musical instrument that makes sound from vibrating water. This patented and patent-pending Canadian invention has been installed in civic centers as water-saving decorative fountains that are truly interactive, as well as in waterparks, to make more effective use of water for aquatic play, and therefore reduce the amount of water required in order to provide the same level of enjoyment among participants.
HalTech aims to help Halton’s entrepreneurs and technology companies develop their ideas, commercialize their products, establish and expand their businesses. Once fully established, HalTech provides a suite of business advisory support services, entrepreneurship training and networking opportunities
Health Informatics Institute
The Health Informatics Institute (HII) is a not-for-profit research institute located at Algoma University. The institute is focused on Applied Health Informatics research that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the health system.
Hennessy & Hinchcliffe Inc. was founded to commercialize the lowest siphon flush toilet ever developed in the world.This unique technology was created in Ontario Canada and is now being licensed by us throughout the world. It's 3 litre flushing power makes the old 6 and 4.8 litre standards obsolete. The significantly lower volume reduces the amount of power and chemicals used to pump and process both fresh and waste water.
Hockey Robotics is the only independent testing and R&D platform in hockey. Through our unique and state-of-the-art technology, including a robotic testing machine capable of properly mimicking the hockey slapshot. We offer comprehensive durability and performance testing for hockey brands and manufacturers. Hockey Robotics offers never before seen dynamic data on hockey sticks, and is positioned to address the lack of advanced testing and applied research in hockey.
Holburn offers contract lab services in pathology & drug development, with particular focus on gastrointestinal diseases. We also have independent development programs for pharmacodiagnostics & therapeutics. Holburn is looking for partners and funding for two projects: 1) biopsy-based tests to predict responders to treatments for irritable bowel syndrome (IBS); and 2) the development of novel therapeutics for IBS, using our proprietary model. Holburn invites research-based businesses to join them in their new 37,000 sq. ft. facility, in Clarington.
Hrmonize is web-based human resources management software designed for small businesses.
Humber College, a founding member of the Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation (CONII), is Ontario’s largest polytechnic institution, with over 23,000 full time and 56,000 part time students. Humber offers 150 programs in 40 areas of study, a number of which incorporate a research experience for students. Humber’s main areas of research focus on inter-professional education for healthcare professionals, IT as a tool for improving SME business outcomes, and the development and evaluation of a range of technologies.
Huron Technologies develops world leading slide scanning solutions for digital pathology. The TISSUEscopeTM is a high resolution versatile platform capable of imaging specimens up to 6” x 8” in confocal fluorescence and brightfield. Huron Technologies also offers a slide scanning service and custom designed imaging solutions to meet unique application needs.
Induce Biologics Inc.
Induce is a regenerative medicine company focused on developing devices combining growth factors and biomaterials to induce the body to regenerate itself – specializing in regenerative medicine, recombinant growth factor, and osteogenesis.
Inertia Engineering + Design is a trusted engineering partner who understands the importance of getting our clients' products from concept to commercialization quickly and cost effectively. Our creative, collaborative and practical approach coupled with our concurrent engineering and design process results in value-focused, common-sense solutions that help shorten product development time and increase client bottom line - this is what we call Real World Thinking.
Innovate LLP is an intellectual property law firm with offices in Toronto and Ottawa. We can provide you with the responsiveness and cost control you deserve. Whether you need a patent, trade-mark, industrial design, business agreement or civil action, we can help. Innovate LLP provides valuable business and technical expertise that you will not find at other law firms. We have had professional careers outside of law and are entrepreneurs ourselves. Consequently, we understand the challenges of starting and running a business.
Innovation Durham Northumberland (IDN). Turning innovative ideas into saleable solutions. The IDN provides resources — people, workshops, physical facilities, funding and networks — to ensure that important new ideas and discoveries come to market. We work with local entrepreneurs and businesses to stimulate, identify and harness great ideas, nurture their development and guide the transformation of those ideas into reality. Our experienced advisors will help you determine which resources best match you and your product, goals, and stage of company development.
Innovation Factory connects and enables active collaboration between the communities of science, business, government, academia and finance to accelerate the innovation process and amplify the economic and social impact of important new ideas and discoveries.
Innovation Guelph is a social enterprise that listens, connects and supports: a catalyst for entrepreneurial initiative. The organization has been established as a project of the Guelph Chamber of Commerce and has received funding from the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation as part of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE).
Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc. was incorporated in Ontario, Canada as a not-for-profit organization with the single goal to assist private individuals in developing their ideas, facilitate and advance innovation in general and boost the Canadian economy. To achieve this goal we chose the non-profit co-operative structure, because it allows us to reach out and unite independent innovators, creative entrepreneurs and related professions and trades to interact under a large comprehensive, safe and affordable umbrella. Our meetings are held on the
Innovation Initiatives Ontario North
A member of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE), the Northern Technology Alliance is comprised of four regional innovation centres in Northern Ontario. They are: Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (North Bay); Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (Sudbury); Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre (Thunder Bay); and Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (Sault Ste. Marie). The Northern Technology Alliance is dedicated to working collaboratively to foster business growth, research and innovation throughout Northern Ontario.
Innovations and Partnerships University of Toronto
Innovations and Partnerships Office University of Toronto is a business unit within the Office of the Vice President, Research at the University of Toronto. Our mandate is to collaborate with governments, companies, investors, and U of T’s researchers to bring our innovation to the world.
Innovative Processing Technologies
Innovative Processing Technologies (IPT) provides solutions to implement smart materials in industrial applications. More specifically, IPT specializes in applying the Multiple-Memory Material (MMM) technology to enable greater functionality of traditional smart materials.
INO is a private, not-for-profit company and a Canadian centre of innovation and expertise in optics-photonics. INO’s mandate is to develop leading edge technologies, processes and IP, and to provide Canadian industry with access to these assets. 27 spin-offs, 43 technology transfers and 4500 R&D contracts completed are evidence of our success in providing business with a competitive edge. INO is located in Hamilton and Quebec City.
The Institute for Diagnostic Imaging Research at the University of Windsor is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative research and innovation consortium dedicated to the development of innovative diagnostic imaging technologies and products. The Institute was formed in conjunction with an initiative by the Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI), which provided an initial research investment of $5 million. The Institute was officially established in May of 2008.
IQC is a scientific research institute at the University of Waterloo exploring and taming the quantum universe to transform computing and communications. IQC has assembled a critical mass of researchers and students pursuing a wide variety of theoretical and experimental approaches to quantum information. IQC will continue to build a vibrant knowledge community of researchers who will help establish Waterloo and Canada as global leaders in the quantum information revolution.
Insurance Bureau of Canada is the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, car and business insurers. Its member companies represent 90% of the property and casualty (P&C) insurance market in Canada.
Integral Machining (IML) is Ontario's premier micro-machining facility. IML provides quantifiable precision to all high tech progressive industries: aerospace, medical, photonics, alternative fuels and alternative energies. IML has the capability to machine components with micro features to micron level precision. IML’s forward-thinking engineering staff can assist with R&D, commercialization projects or design processes for production. IML's quality control lab can quantify machined features with micron accuracy. IML is Ontario’s leading micro-machining facility.
InteraXon is a research driven, experience-centric technology company creating innovative “Brains-on” solutions that unleash new experiential horizons of self and collective discovery, play and mastery. We design and create brainwave controlled products and experiences, and constantly work to discover and occupy new spaces of thought and imagination within the emerging Thought Controlled Computing (TCC) market.
The International Trade Branch of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade assists international buyers to source Ontario products and services and establish business partnerships with Ontario companies. For more information about Ontario exports, please visit us at:
Intronix Technologies Corp.
Intronix is a Canadian medical device company that designs and produces devices applied in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal pain. Intronix’s products enable clinicians to improve diagnosis and treatment planning, improve treatment efficacy and provide accurate follow-up assessment of movement disorders, myofascial pain, spasticity, and fibromyalgia. The Myoguide product line provides easy to use devices, with existing billing codes, that can improve outcomes of Botox® and other neuromodulator injections.
The Institute for Optical Sciences (IOS) is a cross-disciplinary institute at the University of Toronto drawing expertise from the Chemistry, Physics, and several Engineering Departments, with a strong focus on industry partnerships and entrepreneurship education. Our many programs and events bring together a community of students, researchers, and industry leaders and aim to advance and accelerate societal benefits of academic research.
Established in 2008, Isobarex develops innovative technologies enhancing the detection of radiotracers and expanding their applications in biomedical research and nuclear safety and security. Our technology allows measuring important radiotracers such as calcium 41, strontium 90 and caesium 135 and 137 with unprecedentedly low limits of detection. Radiotracers are notably used in the discovery and development of new drugs, an area of research where biopharmaceutical companies invested globally more than $65 billion in 2009. Isobarex works in close partnership with world-renowned scientists from University of Toronto and the IONICS Mass Spectrometry Group, a Canadian manufacturer of high performance analyzers used by the pharmaceutical industry.
ISTPCanada ( strengthens Canada’s science and technology, business to business relations and ultimately, trade relations with the world. Through partnerships development activities and investment in world-class collaborative R&D projects, ISTPCanada actively engages with its counterparts in partner countries (India, China, Brazil and Israel), with commercially driven R&D performers in Canada, and their research/business partners abroad, on behalf of the Government of Canada, numerous provincial governments and other funders.
The Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) is committed to the key issue of long-term economic sustainability for the City of Kingston. As the economic pillar for the City of Kingston's Integrated Community Sustainability Plan, KEDCO endorses the City's vision of Kingston as Canada's most sustainable city.
Kela Medical Inc.
Kela Medical Inc. harnesses the power of innovation and technology to pioneer leading-edge solutions, and demonstrate the value of a fully accessible personal health record to individuals, physicians, and practitioners of the healthcare industry. Our team is comprised of leaders in both healthcare and technology which helps create an unparalleled understanding of Healthcare Information Technology.
Lake Superior Discovery Place is a not-for-profit organization committed to triple bottom line sustainability. LSDP develops facilities and programs that further the protection, enjoyment and celebration of Lake Superior; including the surrounding land and peoples.The Township of Nipigon is a community of 1,750 people located on the mighty Nipigon River that joins Lake Nipigon with Lake Superior. Nipigon strives to attract new ventures, initiate tourism opportunities, support existing businesses and attract entrepreneurs for local economic development.
The Economic Development and Innovation Office at Lakehead University supports liaison between industry and academia, facilitates industy collaboration, and is responsible for the management and commercialization of the University's intellectual property (licensing & start-up companies), and the handling of all aspects of the protection, development, and marketing of innovations. We support the university's economic development activities and are a conduit between researchers, students, private industry, investors, funders, and government.
Lambton College has about 3,200 full-time students and 5,000 part-time. The college also has a fire school located 20 min from the main campus in Sarnia and international campuses in China, India and Saudi Arabia. In recent years, the college has made a strong commitment to engage in applied research; especially with our industry partners. Research areas include Alternative Energy, Energy Conversion, Storage and Conservation; Materials Development in Thermoplastics and Rubber; Bio-based Materials; Advance Process and Control; Process Simulation.
This project will provide world-class, innovative technologies for grid integration of large-scale PV solar farms. The broad range of integration issues will encompass maximum penetration level, optimal siting, operation and control of PV solar systems; protection and relaying, system stability; converter/inverter technologies, incorporation of weather conditions in predicting solar power for electricity markets, efficient PV solar cells , snow and wind loading of solar panels, and policy related to land use for solar power generation.
Laurentian University is a comprehensive university that encourages, supports and disseminates research, scholarship, and innovation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. MIRARCO-Mining Innovation is an applied research firm that develops the people and tools needed to plan and design the underground mines and related facilities of the futur. The Northern Ontario School of Medicine is a joint initiative of Lakehead and Laurentian Universities with teaching and research sites across Northern Ontario. Its main focus is rural and northern health.
LifeLike BioTissue (LLBT) manufactures artificial soft tissues (eg. skin, vessels, etc.) that have the same feel and texture as real tissues, for surgical training purposes. There is a move away from traditional medical training platforms on live patients, live animals and cadavers. LLBT believes that offering realistic surgical simulators for medical trainees to practice on before operating on live patients will significantly improve skills and speed, while considerably lowering the risk of mistakes and ultimately save patients lives worldwide.
3D Video Production is a new post graduate program launching in September and taking place in Picton, Ontario.
LuXSpheres® Inc. was established in 2007 as a biotechnology company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of superior magnetic particles targeting the biomedical and research markets. All current commercial magnetic particles are made from dark iron oxide core. LuXSpheres® Inc. and the concept of a "white bead" was developed as a solution for achieving significantly more sensitive assay results. LuXSpheres® Inc. developed unique, proprietary and vastly improved magnetic particles and became the supplier to and a subsidiary of CardioGenics Inc.
Manage with Success
Manage With Success is an administrative tool designed to help businesses manage their development and pave the way to success.
MARLEX Engineering Inc. is a highly driven, dedicated and proven team specializing in the research, design and development of new medical, biomedical and industrial electronic technologies. MARLEX develops products both in-house and on a contract for service basis and is actively involved in the commercialization of new technologies. Located in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, MARLEX is ideally situated for local access to both an emerging biotechnology cluster and to one of the most innovative medical universities in Canada.
MaRS Discovery District ( is a large scale, mission driven innovation centre in Toronto, focused on building Canada's next generation of growth companies. MaRS works closely with entrepreneurs in life sciences and health care, information technology, communications and entertainment, clean tech, advanced materials and energy, as well as the social sector.
MaRS Innovation & Innovations and Partnerships University of Toronto
MaRS Innovation is a Federal Centre of Excellence in the Commercialization and Research (NCE-CECR)which also has member, provincial and private sector funding. We take the best of the discoveries generated annually out of over $1B in research at our 17 member institutions and accelerate the commercialiation. In under two years, we have evaluated over 450 member disclosures, resulting in over a half dozen company creation and major licenses. Innovations and Partnerships Office University of Toronto is a business unit within the Office of the Vice President, Research at the University of Toronto. Our mandate is to collaborate with governments, companies, investors, and U of T’s researchers to bring our innovation to the world.
MaRS helps create successful global businesses from Canada’s science, technology and social innovation. MaRS provides resources — people, programs, physical facilities, funding and networks — to ensure that critical innovation happens. We stimulate, identify and harness great ideas, nurture their development and guide the transformation of those ideas into reality.
McMaster University, Research & International Affairs
In our teaching, research, and scholarship, we are committed to creativity, innovation, and excellence. We value integrity, quality, and teamwork in everything we do. We inspire critical thinking, personal growth, and a passion for learning. We serve the social, cultural, and economic needs of our community and society. McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) is a world-class business and research park designed to foster innovation and business success. Co-locating to MIP can provide businesses with access to some of the world’s top researchers, newly commercialized concepts from some of the top minds at McMaster University, and alignment with the professional image and global reputation of McMaster University. With its campus-style design, close proximity to major highways, and steady flow of people from all levels of government, business and the not-for-profit sector, MIP offers unparalleled opportunities to connect with a wide array of people and industries.
Innovative programs. Cutting edge research. Leading faculty. Aspiring students. All these elements have been brought together in a dynamic and supportive environment by the Faculty of Engineering at McMaster University to open up a world of possibilities.
Meaglow Inc.
Meaglow Ltd is a Lakehead University spin off company that has been formed to commercialize a thin film growth technique – migration enhanced afterglow (MEAglow). The company offers customized thin film growth systems to its customers.
MedicLights Research Inc.
MedicLights owns a personal-use light therapy technology that adds years to people’s lives. The product is ready for large volume manufacturing and sales. The $299 device is able to alleviate the major underlying causes of the diseases that kill most people. These underlying causes which are weakened cardiovascular, immune and central nervous systems, respond positively to the type of intranasal light therapy technology developed by MedicLights.
MetaFLO Technologies Inc.
MetaFLO Technologies is an environmental technology company that has developed and has exclusive rights to proprietary technologies that provide leading edge treatment processes to address the liquid waste management needs of a broad range of industrial markets, including: - Liquid Waste Transfer Stations - Oil and Gas Drilling - Horizontal Directional Drilling
Microsoft® BizSpark™ gives you fast, easy access to current, full-featured Microsoft development tools and production licenses of server products; professional technical and expert business support; plus global visibility to new markets. To join BizSpark, you’ll find more program details here . When you’re ready to sign up, joining BizSpark is fast and easy. No payment or credit card information is required. Get your Startup fired up! Visit the Microsoft BizSpark Website to learn more!
The Mihealth program provides consumers with access to their own and their family member’s health information anytime, anywhere, via the Mihealth HealthPass application that resides within the user’s mobile phone.
Mikro-Tek is an environmental biotechnology company that has developed a technology to increase carbon sequestration through the application and management of naturally-occurring soil fungi called mycorrhizae.
Mindoka Technology Corporation
Mindoka Technology Corp. is a leading developer and provider of web-based information management resource systems to industry in manufacturing, mining, steel, insurance, health, education and other industry sectors.
Ministry of Government Services
MGS plays a very important role in the delivery of government services to the people of Ontario and is responsible for the government's workforce, procurement and technology resources. The ministry is focused on modernizing and improving front-line public services that people depend on, and creating a modern regulatory framework to protect consumers and facilitate economic growth. MGS is responsible for building the best public service in the world in order to deliver on the government's commitment to being a responsive and innovative world leader in customer service.
Ministry of Research and Innovation, Special Events And New Media
The Ministry of Research and Innovation was created to focus on the government's commitment to innovation as the driver of growth across all sectors of the economy. The Ministry's mandate is to: develop an integrated innovation strategy and guide its delivery; invest in both policies and programs to deliver on the innovation strategy; and foster a culture of innovation and showcase Ontario's innovative culture, nationally and internationally.
Miovision Technologies, based in Ontario, Canada is an innovative and successful software company that develops intelligent solutions to address the challenges facing today’s global transportation networks. With our video and web-based technologies, we help data collectors, traffic consultants and municipal governments reduce the cost of collecting, analyzing, and reporting accurate traffic data. Our products and services help reduce traffic congestion, minimize environmental impacts and improve the overall safety of our roads.
Mississauga RIC Centre
The Research, Innovation, Commercialization (RIC) Centre was launched in 2008 as a not-for-profit organization supporting the development of innovation and entrepreneurship in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon. RIC Centre provides commercialization support to help new entrepreneurs and seasoned business people take technical innovations to market.
Our cutting-edge programs focus on developing and attracting a new generation of Canadian researchers and entrepreneurs through skills training & entrepreneur workshops, technical training events, graduate and post-doctoral internships and outreach activities. Our flagship program is known as MITACS Accelerate. It is Canada’s premiere graduate and post-doctoral internship program and has played a leadership role in creating over 1500 internships in all industry sectors and academic disciplines. Whether in engineering, psychology, business, or medicine, MITACS Accelerate has proven to be Canada’s most successful internship program offering students the opportunity to apply their research to real-world issues.
iDeaWORKS is the part of Mohawk College that is devoted to turning concepts into reality. It's where students, faculty, business, non-profit and government organizations connect, share and collaborate.
Monteco maintains a core set of profitable cleantech operating companies; Imbrium Systems, Green Turtle Technologies, Filamat Composites and Good Harbour Labs. These companies have established brands in stormwater treatment, wastewater pretreatment, laboratory testing and fiberglass manufacturing. Monteco’s R&D team is active in developing new products for these operating companies. In addition,Monteco has launched several new businesses including Imtex Membranes, and continues to explore technologies that have commercial potential.
Toronto-based start-up Morgan Solar Inc. was founded in 2007 to develop next generation solar power technologies that will make solar energy significantly less expensive. Our first product to market is the Sun Simba, a concentrating solar PV module that achieves one of the industry’s highest reported sunlight-to-electricity conversions in the most compact, low cost form to date. This year Morgan Solar is deploying over 450 kW of test and demonstration sites in Ontario, California, Colorado, Spain, and India.
Mosquito DMZ
MosquitoDMZ has developed an environmentally friendly pesticide free system for the control of disease carrying and nuisance mosquitoes, that can be used in either urban or rural areas. 
At Murrenhil Corporation, we share a passion for protecting the planet's water - now and in the future. Our company was formed out of the critical need for a more advanced method of preventing the disastrous ecological effects of oil spills. That's why we've gone to great lengths to develop and introduce the world's fastest response oil containment system. Designed to stop oil in its tracks, the patented ROC BarrierTM will rapidly contain an oil spill before it ever reaches the shoreline, protecting marine life and preserving our water supply.
Mycovar Biotech
Mycovar Biotechnology Corporation is committed to the creation and development of novel therapies and diagnostics to protect human health. Our products will directly affect human health and further medical discoveries by producing novel research biologics.
Nanuk Wireless Inc. is a University of Toronto based start-up that is developing Nanuk Share a context aware mobile framework that supports sharing and collaboration with users in proximity.
Nerds on Site
We specialize in providing cost effective, leading edge solutions to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s). We are the complete SME IT solution specialists.
nGen, Niagara Interactive Media Generator, is a hub for interactive digital media project and business development in the Niagara Region. As a member of ONE, nGen is expanding its mandate to include Niagara’s emerging strategic industry clusters. These include Bio-Product Manufacturing, Digital Media, Health, Wellness and Life-sciences and the Green Economy. nGen will provide entrepreneurs with access to key partners in industry, economic development and post-secondary education who can help them develop their ideas and grow their business.
Providing innovative solutions to business and industry through applied research in partnership with Niagara College faculty and students Niagara Research, in partnership with business or community partners, conducts applied research projects that model or simulate solutions, develop and test prototypes, adopt new technologies and knowledge, develop and evaluate new or improved products, processes, or solutions to community issues.
Nipissing University
Dr. Haibin Zhu's research focus is on role-based collaboration software.
A member of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE), the Northern Technology Alliance is comprised of four regional innovation centres in Northern Ontario. They are: Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (North Bay); Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (Sudbury); Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre (Thunder Bay); and Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (Sault Ste. Marie). The Northern Technology Alliance is dedicated to working collaboratively to foster business growth, research and innovation throughout Northern Ontario.
Northstar Vehicles
Northstar Vehicles have developed a zero-emission vehicle for use in the mining industry.
Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre
A member of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE), the Northern Technology Alliance is comprised of four regional innovation centres in Northern Ontario. They are: Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (North Bay); Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (Sudbury); Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre (Thunder Bay); and Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (Sault Ste. Marie). The Northern Technology Alliance is dedicated to working collaboratively to foster business growth, research and innovation throughout Northern Ontario.
The NSERC Ontario Regional Office is a valuable source of knowledge and expertise about research and innovation across Ontario. Whether you are a professor or a company interested in collaborative research opportunities, or a student interested in industrial R&D, we can provide the information you require regarding our industry partnership programs. In addition we assist and provide financial support to universities, colleges and other organizations to organize meetings and events that encourage academic-industrial collaboration, and partner with you on events related to research and innovation.
Nuvyyo is an Ottawa based start-up that is developing solutions that allow consumers to enjoy all their home based media (Video, Photos, Music) on their mobile device, anywhere, anytime.Imagine you're anywhere in the world and able to use your mobile device to instantly enjoy and show-off every video, song and photo you own, no matter how many you have, no matter where they're stored. With the Nuvyyo JetStreamHD mobile media solution consumers no longer need to go through the tedious process of selecting, converting and downloading their media to their
OCAD University is Canada’s “university of the imagination.” The University is dedicated to art and design education, practice and research and to knowledge and invention across a wide range of disciplines. OCAD University is adding new approaches to learning that champion cross-disciplinary practice, collaboration and the integration of emerging technologies. In the Age of Imagination, OCAD University community members will be uniquely qualified to act as catalysts for the next advances in culture, technology and quality of life for all Canadians.
Company Description: As developer, manufacturer and partner, OCTANE fuels innovation in regenerative medicine. Our goal is to commercialize bioactive medical products that restore and sustain patient quality of life. In concert with our global partners, OCTANE is extending nature’s power of regeneration through innovative cell therapy and tissue engineering technologies. Our automated bioreactor systems enable enhanced productivity for medical discovery and cost-effective production of living grafts for clinical therapeutics.
OME Group Consultants is Canada’s leading firm of scientists and engineers that specialize in SR&ED claim preparation. Our ISO 9001 quality system has been designed to investigate R&D activities and uncover areas that meet the requirements of the SR&ED program. For the past 18 years, our consultants have been specializing in all aspects of SR&ED claim preparation and management. We offer superior technical expertise in addition to seamlessly preparing all necessary tax forms and additional documentation required to successfully recover R&D costs.
OMERS is one of Canada's largest pension funds, providing first-class pension administration and innovative products and services to over 400,000 members. Approximately one in every 20 employees working in the province of Ontario is an OMERS member. Through the OMERS Worldwide brand, our team of investment professionals uses a direct drive, active management investment strategy to invest in public and private market assets, including publicly-traded equities, fixed-income, infrastructure, private equity and real estate. For more information, please visit, or
OneCAD Solutions Ltd. is a professional engineering company and provides mechanical engineering contract design services, 3D CAD & 2D detail drafting, engineering analysis and revers engineering. OneCAD is your "on-call" engineering department if you do not have your own engineering staff. If you have an engineering department, we can supplement your staff on a project basis to help with overflow work. OneCAD also takes on original design work and can turn your ideas into great new products. We are ready when you need us.
Ontario Association of Remote Sensing
The Ontario Association of Remote Sensing (O.A.R.S) has, since 1972, served to educate, communicate, and facilitate discussions on a wide variety of remote sensing and geomatics topics. The membership is composed of small business, industrial, and educational members.
Princess Margaret Hospital, one of three hospitals of the University Health Network (UHN), is unquestionably Canada’s largest cancer research institution and the third largest cancer research facility in the world. The Biophotonics group at the Ontario Cancer Institute, a UHN research institute, is one of the most well-respected research groups in the field with a rich history of photonics-based technology development for health-care applications, a strong track record of clinical and industry collaborations and translational healthcare impact.
Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) Inc. drives the commercialization of cutting-edge research across key market sectors to build the economy of tomorrow and secure Ontario’s global competitiveness. In doing this, OCE fosters the training and development of the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs and is a key partner with Ontario’s industry, universities, colleges, research hospitals, investors and governments. A champion of leading-edge technologies, best practices and research, OCE invests in sectors such as advanced health, digital media and information communications, advanced manufacturing and materials, and cleantech. OCE through its Centre for Commercialization of Research, an initiative supported by the federal government, also acts as a catalyst which allows innovative businesses to grow and achieve sustainable commercial success and global competitiveness. OCE is a key partner in delivering Ontario’s Innovation Agenda as a member of the province’s Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE).
The Ontario Geothermal Association is a not-for-profit corporation helping to advance Ontario’s geothermal industry. We link consumers and government with geothermal designers, drillers, installers, equipment manufacturers and distributors. We support the province’s initiatives for a greener, cleaner and self sustainable energy source.
The Ontario Ginseng Innovation & Research Consortium is an Ontario-based research and innovation network that has been established by the Min of Research & Innovation funding with matching contribution from the industrial/agricultural sector (AAFC, Naturex, Jamieson laboratories Ltd, A&L Canada Laboratories Ltd and the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association). Total project budget $20M. OGIRC has the capacity to consult and conduct contract research in natural health products.
Ontario's Ministry of the Environment (MOE) has been protecting Ontario's environment for over 30 years. Using stringent regulations, targeted enforcement and a variety of innovative programs and initiatives, the ministry continues to address environmental issues that have local, regional and/or global effects. The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for protecting clean and safe air, land and water to ensure healthy communities, ecological protection and sustainable development for present and future generations of Ontarians.
OPIC is a virtual network of specialized technology transfer experts located at nine member universities. These specialists enhance knowledge and technology transfer capacity by sharing expertise, educational resources, and partnering with clients both within our institutions and in our surrounding communities. The nine member universities are: Algoma, Brock, Lakehead, Laurentian, Nipissing, OCAD, Ryerson, Trent, and UOIT.
Supporting speeds hundreds of times faster than the Internet, ORION is Ontario’s advanced research and education network. A not-for-profit corporation, ORION links 1.8 million Ontario researchers, scientists, students and teachers who depend on ORION for teaching and learning and to enable their research collaborations and discoveries in physics, cancer research, environmental sciences, social sciences and the humanities, and multiple other disciplines. ORION connects users and institutions to each other and through CANARIE – Canada’s advanced research and innovation network – to high-capacity research and education networks, partners and collaborators across Canada and around the world.
The Ottawa Centre for Regional Innovation (OCRI) is Ottawa’s leading member-based economic development corporation for fostering the advancement of the region’s globally competitive knowledge-based institutions and industries.
P&P Optica's spectrometers focus on quantity AND quality of photons detected. P&P Optica systems are designed and built to provide the maximum amount of spectrally separated photons while eliminating those that contribute to noise.
PARTEQ Innovations is the not-for-profit technology transfer office of Queen’s University, part of the Rideau Commercialization Network. PARTEQ works with institutional researchers and the business and venture capital communities to bring early stage technologies to market. Since 1987 PARTEQ has been instrumental in the establishment of more than 40 companies developing a variety of products, from potential drugs for Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease to automated bacteria detection for water systems, solar technologies, and advanced materials used in the plastics, automotive, aerospace and household appliance industries.
The Particle Technology Research Centre (PTRC) was formed to provide a platform for Western researchers to collaborate among themselves and to provide the best service to the research community, industry and society. As such, PTRC is dedicated to the advancement of research, innovation, and technological development in the particle technology area and aims to establish and enhance research collaboration with other university research groups, research institutions and industry.
Patients are the most under-utilized resource in healthcare. By making patients an active part of the registration and check-in process, healthcare organizations can gain significant time and cost savings, while increasing patient and staff satisfaction. ThePatientWay team has strived to enhance the healthcare system with emerging technologies. Economic realities are forcing healthcare providers to do more with the same. Meanwhile, today’s patients expect to receive the same level of convenience that they are currently receiving from other service.
The "Phaseolus Genomics for Improved Bioproduct Development" project: A multi-institutional collaborative effort between the University of Guelph, University of Windsor, University of Western Ontario and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.
Phosphorus Media is an interactive media company that delivers advertising people actually stop for. Specializing in public-space marketing, Phosphorus ads engage audiences both visually and physically with interactive projections and displays which respond to an individual's own movements. This synchronization of technological advancements with consumer behaviour creates an entertaining and memorable experience for potential customers, and a uniquely high return on investment for advertisers.
Pixel Lab
PixelLab Interactive, is a North American web and mobile development company. PixelLab specializes in high-quality user interfaces and custom online solutions for world-class corporations. PixelLab employees embody the brightest minds in new media development, innovating products for international clients that improve customer loyalty and B2C communications in a hastening online world.
Entering the most transformative time our history has experienced, building information modeling (BIM) gives a competitive advantage for building owners to maintain and manage their facilities. As visualization is key to keeping owners informed BIM is quickly becoming the tool that can identify issues before they impact a buildings bottom line. Alternative BIM whole building energy analysis provides an iterative process to compare retrofit initiatives. PLANiT’s patented MeasuringBoard technology now creates BIM on site for existing buildings.
Plug 'n Drive Ontario is a partnership of electricity companies, auto manufacturers, government agencies, NGOs and researchers dedicated to ensuring Ontario is ready for the new generation of low-emission plug-in vehicles.
About PowerStream: PowerStream is the second largest municipally-owned electricity distribution company in Ontario, providing service to more than 330,000 customers residing or owning a business in communities located immediately north of Toronto and in Central Ontario. The communities served include Alliston, Aurora, Barrie, Beeton, Bradford West Gwillimbury, Markham, Penetanguishene, Richmond Hill, Thornton, Tottenham and Vaughan. PowerStream is an incorporated entity, jointly owned by the City of Barrie, the City of Vaughan and the Town of Markham.
PowerWatch Inc. is 100% Canadian developed and manufactured advanced technology for real-time management of electrical consumption and costs.
Purifics designs and manufactures unique fully integrated solutions to purify, condition and control water for economic and environmental advantage. Purifics Proprietary Tool Box of technologies, called Photo-Cat, purifies without adding anything to the water or our environment. Purifics Water Solutions reduce complexity, are chemical free, low maintenance, eliminate waste streams and provide unequalled life cycle cost. Purifics solutions are applied globally in both industrial and municipal applications for the removal of Organics, Metals & Biologicals.
The Queen’s Centre for Energy and Power Electronics Research (ePOWER) fosters collaboration among academic and industrial researchers to advance fundamental energy and power electronics research, to develop a broad range of commercially competitive and environmentally friendly technologies, and to train the next generation of innovators.
Queen's School of Computing
The Telecommunications Research Lab excels in two interweaving directions. Aided by rigour and cross-disciplinary insights, the first direction encompasses next generation wireless technologies, spanning adaptive Wireless Sensor Networks; large-scale RFID systems; 4G cellular networks and the enhanced services of access networks. The second core approaches practicality and industrial drives of current technologies, framing the evolving requirements outlining how, when and where our contributions create the most impact. Our aim is building communication standards and platforms meeting tomorrow’s interactive environment needs, given today’s hindrances and projected interplay of various technological domains as they unfold.
At Queen’s, our Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is recognized for its excellence nationally and internationally. We pride ourselves in the excellence of our teaching and research, as well as the strong connection that we have with our students. Our undergraduate faculty-to-student ratio of 1:8, which is among the highest in the country, and which translates to a very direct and personal educational experience for our students.
Our team is reponsible for building partnerships with Industry. We develop collaborations with industry to meet their technical challenges and to advance their business objectives and we work with industry to train highly skilled people who can help accelerate their R&D and commercialization goals. At Queen's Industry Partnerships, we work with our partners to help secure funding for collaborative research that leverages industry investments in people, equipment and facilities.
Queen's University / Innovation Park Innovation Park is a community of innovators and specialists where academic, industrial and government researchers work together to cultivate ideas, identify and transform important technological discoveries and, with the aid of commercialization and market development experts, propel innovations into the marketplace.The primary purpose of Innovation Park is to stimulate commercialization and economic development in the South Eastern Ontario region by fostering interaction among the participants in the research and innovation system.
The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science will showcase the expertise of its ten engineering programs and five research centres. A member of the Faculty’s Mostly Autonomous Sailboat Team (MAST), a student team that designs and builds two-meter robotic boats that sail without human intervention using on-board computer controls and sensors, will be on hand to display and discuss the team’s award-winning work.
Quillsoft Ltd. is a for-profit research and development software company, originally created as a technology transfer startup from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. It now has worldwide reach of its WordQ and SpeakQ software products in the education and literacy field, with a focus on reading and writing. In 2010, the Province of Ontario licensed Quillsoft’s WordQ software for every school in the province. Since 2007, distribution of its products has been handled in partnership with Strategic Transitions Inc.
Qwantech is engaged in the development of advanaced enterprise software. The company provides custom software solutions to complex problems worldwide.
R&B Cormier Inc.
R&B Cormier Inc. is a Canadian Forestry Contracting and Consulting firm specializing in remote access projects.
Real Tech specialize in providing UV254 (SAC) organics testing instrumentation for water and wastewater treatment industry, as well as may industrial applications where monitoring water quality is important. We have both portable and continuous real time organic testing solutions to meet a wide range of water quality conditions from high purity water to wastewaters. Due to our sustainable competitive advantages, Real Tech is able to provide superior accuracy while maintaining an affordable price point for our customers.
Research In Motion is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative wireless solutions for the worldwide mobile communications market. For more information, visit Representing RIM at Discovery will be the BlackBerry Academic Program. This initiative provides hardware, software and curriculum to colleges and universities, helping students expand their knowledge of mobile application development. See
Research Money is Canada's leading science and technology policy newsletter. Published 20 times each year Research Money keeps you in touch with vital news and information on Canada's research and innovation scene.
The Research Innovation Commercialization Centre, or RIC Centre is a registered not-for-profit organization that provides commercialization support to new entrepreneurs and seasoned business people to take the next great idea to market in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, life sciences and emerging technologies sectors.
RIC Centre provides commercialization support to new entrepreneurs and seasoned business people to take the next great idea to market in advanced manufacturing, aerospace, life sciences and emerging technologies sectors.
Ridout & Maybee is Canada’s third-largest intellectual property boutique law firm. With approximately 45 IP professionals in three offices we are large enough to provide outstanding bench strength, but small enough to be agile and responsive to our clients’ specific needs. Our professionals hold degrees and have practical experience in life sciences, engineering and IT. With years of experience obtaining meaningful IP protection for our clients, we can help you identify the innovations in your business and protect, defend and monetize those innovations.
Rna Diagnostics Inc. is at the forefront of the personalized medicine revolution. Rna Diagnostics’ first product, RNA Disruption Assay (RDA) helps oncologists rapidly determine whether chemotherapy is destroying the patient’s tumour. RDA addresses one of the highest priority problems in oncology; effective cancer chemotherapy management. Half of breast cancer patients receive chemotherapy as standard of care. However, chemotherapy provides effective long term survival benefit in only one of four patients, whereas all patients experience serious adverse effects. Ineffective chemotherapy is harmful to patients and costly to health systems. RDA is the first molecular diagnostic test that guides cancer chemotherapy optimization in real time. RDA is the only diagnostic test that predicts during treatment how patients will respond to chemotherapy. Responding patients can continue chemotherapy with confidence while non-responders can be switched to alternate therapies quickly, sparing them adverse effects. The RDA value proposition is compelling: optimized chemotherapy, fewer adverse effects for patients; better therapeutic guidance for oncologists, better patient flow for cancer clinics and lower healthcare costs. RDA addresses the most serious problem in cancer chemotherapy management with a unique effective solution. Rna Diagnostics will bring the RDA diagnostic platform to this $500M market within 30 months.
Digital tablets are all the rage and this newly formed Ottawa company is hoping to surf this wave of popularity.Formed by tech entrepreneur Dr. Dan D. Yang and based in Santa Monica, California, Rullingnet Corp is creating VINCI Tab, a mobile learning platform for Toddlers and beyond that aims to 'Inspire the Genius' in young children.Rullingnet (Canada) is currently developing a suite of educational and entertaining apps and games that will be exclusive to the VINCI Tab.The company currently 14 employees and growing.VINCI will launch in NA in Q3 2011.
Ryerson is Canada’s leader in innovative, career-focused education and a university clearly on the move. It is a distinctly urban university with a mission to serve societal need, and a long-standing commitment to engaging its community. Guided by a bold new Academic Plan, an ambitious research agenda, and a recently-completed Master Plan to revitalize the campus and surrounding neighbourhood, Ryerson is now the most applied-to university in Ontario relative to available spaces, and its reputation with business and community leaders continues to rise.
Ryerson is Canada’s leader in innovative, career-focused education and a university clearly on the move. It is a distinctly urban university with a mission to serve societal need, and a long-standing commitment to engaging its community. Guided by a bold new Academic Plan, an ambitious research agenda, and a recently-completed Master Plan to revitalize the campus and surrounding neighbourhood, Ryerson is now the most applied-to university in Ontario relative to available spaces, and its reputation with business and community leaders continues to rise.
SANDDE was invented at IMAX and has been developed by Janro Imaging Laboratory Inc. It is an immersive, stereo-3D animation tool with all the freedom, flexibility, and graphic delights of hand-drawing. Users draw with a motion-tracking device and the drawing takes form as a real-time trace of their movements.
SanEcoTec Ltd has a vision for sustainable and ecological water treatment. Sanecotec is the Canadian home of a new generation of hydrogen peroxide, a more effective,robust and ecological peroxide technology that will help deliver clean water for the 21st Century, offering new and better solutions to the water challenges of this age.
We represent the Northern Technology Alliance (a RIC) initiative that includes 4 Innovation Centers, 4 Universities and a variety of SMEs and researchers.
The Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) is an intergovernmental organization dedicated to the prevention of the proliferation of expertise related to weapons of mass destruction. The STCU vision: for a safer and better world, to assist former WMD experts in the transition to self-supporting, peaceful activities in the international science and business communities...and to do so using the best professional practices. What we offer: Research Partnerships; Technologies & Institutes; Technology Transfer; Procurement Opportunities.
With campuses throughout the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca College provides a broad range of post secondary career-related education, training and research. Applied research provides our students with important experiences in industry-related research and development while serving the needs of Ontario for innovations to build a stronger future.
ServiceProbe is a training and organizational development company providing practical solutions that build individual skill and organizational capacity.
Sheridan College Institute enjoys a reputation for innovation and creativity, based on our leadership in applied research and curriculum development in animation/live action production for film/TV; interactive digital media/mobile applications; elder care; and advanced manufacturing. Program options range from 1-year certificates to 4-year Bachelor's degrees, in the arts, business, community service and technology. Sheridan serves 16,000 students annually at campuses in Oakville and Brampton, Ont. A third campus will open in Mississauga this September.
The Screen Industries Research and Training Centre (SIRT) is a technology "clubhouse" dedicated to fostering collaborative innovation in Ontario’s film, gaming and television industries. Established by Sheridan College at Pinewood Toronto Studios, SIRT works with industry and academic partners to conduct research and give Ontario’s screen-based professionals the training needed to build the province’s competitive advantage.
Spark Innovations Inc. is a 22 year old award-winning company that specializes in developing innovative products, from electronic consumer goods and house wares, to sports and medical devices. Our in house team includes mechanical and electronic engineers, industrial designers, and experts in product management, strategy, patents, manufacturing and logistics. By providing product benefits, strong intellectual property and exceptional service, we fulfill the emotional wants of the consumer and the business needs of our clients.
Founded in 2005, Spartan provides DNA testing systems for decentralized and point-of-care (POC) applications. Products include end-to-end solutions for pharmacogenetics, infectious diseases, and food and water safety testing. Spartan’s systems provide results in 1 hour at a fraction of the cost of central laboratory testing.
Spatial View provides software, services and devices for the creation, adaptation, and viewing of 3D content on a variety of platforms including the iPhone, iPod touch, mobile devices, PCs and internet connected TVs. Early in 2011, Spatial View launched 3DeeCentral, an online store of 3D content. 3D enthusiasts can download and view 3D images and videos with their 3D mobile device, PC or internet-connected TV.
Located along the shores of the St. Lawrence River, SLC has three campuses in Brockville, Cornwall and Kingston. St. Lawrence College boasts 6,500 full-time students from Canada, and more than 40 countries worldwide. Our college community includes 20,000 part-time students, 1,000 staff, and more than 70,000 alumni. We also serve more than 3,000 Employment Services clients annually. The college has recently invested in the development of Applied Research and new programs including; Wind Turbine Technician, Game Development Technician, and Fine Arts.
Based in Schmacher, Ontario, StoveMinder has developed a safety product for use with stoves.
Sunlogics Inc.
Sunlogics is a global solar leader that is a vertically integrated solar energy company with expertise in the entire spectrum of the solar energy industry. The Company specializes in state-of-the-art solar panels, solar panel manufacturing, robotic material handling and proprietary manufacturing expertise.
Sustainable Environmental Solutions
Building owners, facility managers and service providers at all levels face escalating demands for action in the areas of energy conservation, resource management, environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. The range of technologies for facility optimization and productivity are growing rapidly both in terms of the number of options and the complexity of the individual options. Sustainable Environmental Solutions shops the globe for innovative, effective and proven technologies that can be applied to the Canadian market. The offeri
Synthesiz3D is SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment's in-house digital effects studio specializing in 3-D conversions. Since 2006 we have converted over 120 minutes of HD, 2K and 4K material, equivalent to 240 thirty second commercials. Working with Warner Bros. Synthesiz3D converted the most cherished film in movie history, The Wizard of Oz, to 3-D/4-D. Other conversions include Happy Feet 4-D Experience based on the 2006 Animated Feature Film Oscar winner, the Wachowski Brothers' Speed Racer 4-D Experience, as well as four episodes of BBC's breathtaking series Planet Earth and Life. We feel the quality of titles Synthesiz3D has been entrusted with and which have played to paying audiences around the world is unmatched by any 3-D conversion studio anywhere. Our conversion facility is located in Toronto in the heart of King West.
TALAS Medical is a life science company committed to commercializing medical devices that improve patient outcomes and the effectiveness of caregivers who desire stability in Peripheral Vascular Access. Our focus is on peripheral catheter stabilization and intravenous (IV) site management. TALAS is proud to introduce its first product, Site Saver™.
TechAlliance & LEDC
TechAlliance supports the creation and growth of technology companies in London, Ontario and surrounding area. It is a regional innovation centre in the Ontario Network of Excellence.
TechAlliance empowers London and Southwestern Ontario’s technology sector. We prepare today’s entrepreneurs to launch new ventures, provide education and networking opportunities to accelerate business growth for small-to-medium enterprises, and serve our 150+ members as advocates for the region’s thriving technology, life sciences and advanced manufacturing companies.
TerraFact (Canada) Inc.
Terrafact works primarily for multi-national greenhouse gas emitters and owners of large tracts of private forest lands to facilitate the development, registration, and ongoing compliance of forest carbon offsets.
The Evidence Network assesses the impact of innovation intermediaries on the client or member companies they serve. Serving customers globally, from technology commercialization organizations and government funding programs to research institutes, consortia and economic development initiatives, our rigorous methodology and customizable web-based survey approach provides impact assessments to support planning, management, funding and decision-making.
The Ontario Smart Grid Forum comprises members of Ontario’s utility sector, industry associations, public agencies and universities working together to propose a vision for a smart grid in Ontario and examine its many components. Materials from Forum meetings are available on the IESO website at
The Regional Municipality of York is made up of a confederation of nine municipalities and provides services to over 1 million residents, 29,000 businesses and 495,000 employees. York Region has a two-tier government structure, with services provided by the Region and local area municipal governments. The Region provides services for its residents and businesses that include transportation services, transit, water, wastewater, emergency services, policing, human services and growth management.
The S-3D Gaming Alliance is the official voice and standards body for stereoscopic 3D gaming. As a non-profit organization, S3DGA provides for standards discussions, consumer promotion, education, and awareness. Its membership is comprised of organizations and individuals with an interest in developing S-3D hardware and software solutions. Visit for more information about the alliance and its latest developments. Attendees can also learn about iGO3D, a government funded research program around stereoscopic 3D gaming.
Access to Innovation: Working with the Research Park will connect you to the “innovation inputs” of knowledge, people, and resources that will unleash the power of innovation in your organization.
Recognizing the collective excellence of uWaterloo water research programs, the Water Institute was officially formed in 2009 to assist in co-ordinating the university researchers, staff, students, and partners. Through collaboration among individuals engaged in water science, technology, management, and governance, the Water Institute is an interdisciplinary hub that facilitates innovative research, education, and training. The Institute's activities focus on the sustainable management of water resources in support of healthy communities and ecosystems.
Therapure Biopharma is a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) specializing in biologics. Leveraging our cGMP manufacturing facility, our experienced scientific and manufacturing experts, to provide clients customized solutions for the development, manufacture and fill/finishing of complex biologic products. Our services include: - GMP Biologic Manufacturing - Aseptic Fill/Finish & Lyophilization - Analytical Development and Testing - Technology Transfer and Development - Support Services Therapure has the ability to provide these services in a fully scalable manner and at every stage of the development process. Therapure has also established development and manufacturing partnerships with a mixture of companies ranging from start-up to large multi-nationals.
Consulting Engineering and Testing: Finite Element Analysis: for stress, deformation, temperature distribution, vibration, shock, transient analysis, seismic, CRD, linear and non-linear. Quality Assurance: Manual preparation, training, audits (internal and External), inspection, help for certification, for ISO 9001, NQA-1 (nuclear), and other standards. Testing: vibration, shock, altitude, fire, sand and dust, temperature variation, icing, rain, fluid susceptibility, nuclear gamma radiation, solar, thermal aging, functional tests. to RTCA/DO-160 and MIL-STD-810
Tiercel Technology is a privately held, Ontario-based corporation. Our expertise and experience in manufacturing spans from simple metal fabrication and metal components to high value and high volume complex electromechanical assemblies and systems in a wide variety of industrial sectors including heavy industry, research, consumer, computer, electronics, defense, solar energy, and the emerging medical and pharmaceutical markets. Tiercel's portfolio companies include: John G Wilson Machine Limited, Automated Assembly Inc. and Second Wind Air Purifier.
Tomatosphere is a Canadian curriculum-based science project involving the germination of tomato seeds which have been exposed to some aspect of the environment associated with space. Tomatosphere has been in operation for 10 years and currently has 13 200 classes enrolled. The project was the recipient of the Alouette Award in 2007.
Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
With decades of practical experience in protecting our environment, educating young people, and engaging communities, TRCA works with governments, businesses, and individuals to build a greener, cleaner healthier place to live.
Durham Region is home to eight area municipalities-Ajax, Brock, Clarington, Oshawa, Pickering, Scugog, Uxbridge and Whitby. Expand your vision with innovation from across a full range of sectors active in Durham Region. Our local resources facilitate the creation of solutions. Achieve your vision with experienced and educated labour available in Durham Region. Our growing labour force supports industry at all levels of corporate responsibility. Our people have the talent to compete in today’s knowledge-driven economy. Envision opportunity and success in Durham Region.
Durham Region is home to eight area municipalities-Ajax, Brock, Clarington, Oshawa, Pickering, Scugog, Uxbridge and Whitby. Expand your vision with innovation from across a full range of sectors active in Durham Region. Our local resources facilitate the creation of solutions. Achieve your vision with experienced and educated labour available in Durham Region. Our growing labour force supports industry at all levels of corporate responsibility. Our people have the talent to compete in today’s knowledge-driven economy. Envision opportunity and success in Durham Region.
Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Scion cars, SUVs and trucks, and Toyota Industrial Equipment. TCI’s head office is in Toronto, with regional offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax and parts distribution centres in Toronto and Vancouver.
We are a worldwide network of professionals in international business development, with preferred access to business knowledge and contacts, committed to advancing Canada's interests abroad. We deliver services integral to helping Canadian clients make better business decisions in order to achieve their goals abroad.
Trent is a small school with a large reputation for research and scholarship. With small class sizes, regular interaction with faculty, and an emphasis on research-intensive programming, Trent offers you a unique educational experience: it’s where tradition meets innovation and community meets academic excellence.
TribSys Inc.
TribSys has a unique position in North America as a leader in the tribology of metalforming. TribSys has developed specialized products and services that have been proven to reduce costs, increase die life and improve part quality for its clients.
TrojanUV provides the solutions that bring water confidence to your community. Trojan’s team designs, manufactures and sells UV systems for municipal wastewater and drinking water facilities, as well as for the industrial, commercial and residential markets. TrojanUV systems effectively and cost-efficiently free water from illness-causing bacteria, viruses and chemical containments.
Tyromer Inc. uses a patented supercritical fluid devulcanization technology to convert scrap tire rubber crumbs into tyromer, a tire-derived polymer, for reuse in tire manufacturing as well as in the manufacturing of other rubber goods. Successful commercialization of this technology will save over 1 billion lb of petrochemical based synthetic rubber and other chemicals used in tire manufacturing. Tyromer is seeking investment to roll out its Regional Tyromer Plants globally.
UBM TechInsights is the preeminent firm for the provision of sophisticated information and advice to technology companies. Our foundation of technical expertise and analysis tools, combined with years of experience on all aspects of the IP / Technology Lifecycle allow us to deliver the highest ROI to the client. Our leadership position is sustained by our commitment to the upmost integrity, and the ongoing investment and acquisition of knowledge and capabilities necessary to meet our clients’ evolving needs. Visit
UHN, Sttarr
Providing care to the community for more than 200 years, UHN is a major landmark in Canada’s healthcare system and a teaching hospital of the University of Toronto. Building on the strengths and reputation of each of our three hospitals, UHN brings together the talent and resources needed to achieve global impact and provide exemplary patient care, research and education.
We are one of the largest agriculture departments in North America. Our facilities have received prestigious awards nationally and internationally for their contributions improving people's daily lives. Our students receive broad inter-disciplinary training in the agricultural sciences including basic and applied plant biology. We are a department with 36 faculty located at four campuses in Southern Ontario witha ccess to multiple research stations.
The Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility and its Space and Advanced Life Support Agriculture program are an essential part of Canada's contributions to plant research and development for space and closed environment related activities. The prospect of a higher priority for ALS research objectives in the Canadian Space Agency's Long Term Space Plan and the strong support of NASA's Advanced Life Support (ALS) community provide a clear incentive and opportunity to promote our capabilities in this area.
University of Guelph-College of Physical & Engineering Science, College Of Physical & Engineering Science
The College of Physical and Engineering Science at the University of Guelph is composed of five departments: Chemistry, Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Statistics, and Physics. All of them offer undergraduate and graduate programs.
As an innovative university, UOIT delivers a leading-edge learning environment that uniquely combines academic knowledge, research opportunities, hands-on skills and a vibrant student life. UOIT's more than 7,400 undergraduate and graduate students are taught by professors who are experts in their fields from around the world. As Ontario's first laptop-based university, the university offers a diverse array of challenging undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its faculties of Business and Information Technology; Education; Energy Systems and Nuclear Science; Engineering and Applied Science; Health Sciences; Science; and Social Science and Humanities. UOIT's commitment to research excellence has resulted in millions of dollars in grants and awards, including seven Canada Research Chairs. To find out more, visit or call 905.721.8668.
University of Ottawa, School Of Information Technology And Engineering
Available blood pressure (BP) home monitoring systems provide only the systolic and diastolic blood pressure. They do not permit the concurrent measurement and detailed analysis of the pulse and the ECG waveforms, which are important biomarkers of health and illness. This project addresses these problems by developing a Multifunction Home Health Monitor that provides important additional information on the patient’s health during a routine BP measurement, it is easy to use, and is robust in the face of measurement uncertainty and noise.
OTTN, or the Ottawa Technology Transfer Network is an integral part of the Government of Ontario's innovation strategy and framework. OTTN is a provincially funded network of institutions in Eastern Ontario that focus on research, collaboration, engagement with industry, entrepreneurship and technology transfer. The activities of OTTN are essentially education, engagement and funding. Through education OTTN helps researchers find the commercial potential in their research discoveries as well as educating business as to the world class research exper
Our Department consistently ranks among the top in North America. It attracts outstanding students, has excellent research and teaching facilities. We have an outstanding faculty of over 75 professors in biomedical, computer, communications, electromagnetics, electronics, energy systems, photonics and systems control; many of our members are international leaders in their field. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto carries out leading research in a number of areas.
The Department of Computer Science (DCS) at the University of Toronto has been a world-leading research department for more than forty years. Our faculty and graduate students engage in ground-breaking research that shapes the future of computing and beyond. The impact of our research has resulted in our being ranked as one of world's top ten Computer Science departments in 2010. With a multitude of interdisciplinary collaborations, the impact of DCS incubated research is wides
University of Toronto Mississauga Institute of Communication, Culture and Information Technology oversees the development of innovative research in Digital Media and undergraduate programs in Digital Enterprise Management, Communications, Culture and Information Technology, Interactive Digital Media and Professional Writing. Our graduates are trained to creatively innovate both in the Digital Media space and also in more traditional industries, the government sector, non-profits and NGOs.
The Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies (CACT) was established in 1998 as a collaborative effort by researchers from the departments of mechanical engineering and materials science, dedicated to both fundamental and applied research in the area of industrial coatings application. It is now in its ninth year of operation, with approximately 40 researchers, including professors from both departments, research staff members and graduate students. CACT conducts fundamental research, both analytical and experimental, in the area of thermal spray coating.
The University of Waterloo Stratford Campus accelerates the advancement of education, research and commercialization. Our focus is on the marriage of creativity, technology and business in the rapidly developing world of digital media. The Waterloo Stratford Campus harnesses the creativity of the City of Stratford and the entrepreneurial spirit of the University of Waterloo to create a unique institution that drives digital innovation. It promises unique teaching models, project-based and client-driven assignments within a creatively intense atmosphere.
The Office of Research Services at the University of Windsor administers research grants and contracts and is the point of contact for the federal granting councils (NSERC, SSHRC, CIHR, CFI), government ministries, industry, associations and foundations which typically provide financial support for the university scholarship research and creative activities.
US Army International Technology Center - Americas
An important role of the US Army International technology Center is to search for dual use (civilian/military)state-of-the-art technology, and collaborative research opportunities, both applied and basic, that may meet U.S. Army requirements regardless of its source (i.e., university, government, private enterprise). Our office facilitates bringing unique technology submissions to the attention of the Subject Matter Experts within the Research, Development & Engineering Command and other Program Offices.
Vayyoo is building innovative solutions that connects businesses to businesses and businesses to consumers through smart mobile devices. Vayyoo's technology is a state of art platform that enables advanced mobile collaboration solutions. Vayyoo is a thought leader in next generation mobility and offers strategic consulting, solutions development and many packaged products.
ventureLAB is where talented ICT and Life Science entrepreneurs get help bringing their technology to market. We are the York Region partner in Ontario’s Network of Excellence (ONE), a collaborative network of organizations across Ontario, designed to help you commercialize your ideas. ventureLAB is located in Markham Ontario, Canada’s high tech capital.
Vertex Intellectual Property Strategies Inc.
Vertex helps businesses and research organizations to: (a) fully identify, (b) appropriately safeguard and (c) effectively exploit their intellectual assets. We work with our clients to help them profit from and attain the full value of their technologies and know-how through: 1. Developing and implementing intellectual asset management best business practices; 2. Creating and implementing technology commercialization strategies including licensing; 3. Strategic technology acquisitions; 4. Market research, and 5. Training workshops.
An internationally recognized centre of horticultural research and innovation excellence and a force in the delivery of horticulture technology.
Virelec is an independent Protection,Control and SCADA Systems Company,focused on providing its clients with complete system solutions or sub-systems design and assembly.Virelec offers both design and manufacture of systems.Our experience and capabilities are extensive and range from a variety of projects;Generation projects;ranging from steam turbines to wind energy projects;Transmission projects;Distribution projects and offer a variety of services.We are excited about being able to offer you a wide range of products and services, in the power sector.
ViXS is a multimedia solutions innovator providing technologies for processing,managing,securing and distributing high quality video and audio allowing seamless control,conversion,and connectivity between many classes and sizes of digital entertainment devices. ViXS supplies advanced System-on-Chip semiconductors,software solutions and hardware reference designs for the world's top manufacturers of Digital Tvs,DVDs,Set-top boxes,Personal Video Recorders,PCs,Network-Attached Storage devices,Residential/Home Gateways,Blue-ray players/recorders,as well as Broadcast and Professional Equipment OEMs.
VSIM Centre - Carleton University
The objective of VSIM is to advance fundamental and applied knowledge through the integration of research on human cognition and cognitive systems with leading edge research in visualization, modelling and simulation.
The University of Waterloo Centre for Automotive Research (WatCAR) conducts advanced research to enhance automotive innovation and competitiveness. More than 115 researchers, the largest group of automotive academics in Canada, undertake leading edge studies across all six Waterloo faculties; Engineering, Mathematics (Computing), Science, Applied Health, Environment, and Arts. WatCAR’s research competencies include: Connected Car & Telematics Green Propulsion & Powertrain Lightweighting & Sustainability Software & Systems Structural Performance
The Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology (WIN) is an Interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence Pioneering Research and Innovation in Nanotechnology with Global Impact. Our research is about science and engineering at the atomic scale. That is the design, fabrication and exploitation of materials and structures where dimensions are measured in billionths of a meter (10-9 m). A nanometer.
WEtech Alliance
WEtech Alliance is Windsor-Essex’s Technology Accelerator; an industry-led organization focused on driving the growth and success of Windsor Essex’s technology-centric companies and entrepreneurs through leadership, connections and promotion. We assist today’s entrepreneurs to launch new ventures, and provide education and networking opportunities to all our members in order to help accelerate business growth for all our members – regardless of the size of their enterprise. WEtech also supports our members by acting as advocates for the region’s thriving technology, life sciences and advanced manufacturing companies.
Celebrating 100 years in 2011, Wilfrid Laurier University has grown to a student population of 17,500 across seven faculties, located in Waterloo, Brantford, Kitchener, and Toronto. Laurier is devoted to excellence in learning, research, scholarship and creativity. It challenges people to become engaged and aware citizens of an increasingly complex world. It fulfills its mission by advancing knowledge, supporting and enhancing high-quality undergraduate, graduate and professional education, and emphasizing co-curricular development of the whole student.
XCG was founded in 1990; and now employs over 85 professionals in 5 offices across Canada and the United States. Built on a solid foundation of senior engineering professionals, XCG offers clients from across a wide range of industry sectors, a comprehensive range of environmental services. Today, the emphasis at XCG is sustainability, as both a service to clients and as a guide for our own in-house practices. Our staff is committed to delivering innovative, cost-effective and sustainable approaches to all our clients’ needs.
XLR Imaging is a developer/manufacturer of high performance Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) RF Coils, which are used as the detector during MRI procedures. MRI is a mature diagnostic imaging tool which continues to evolve rapidly with advancements in RF coil technology. We currently supply leading edge neuro-imaging and spectroscopy RF coil solutions to some of the top US research institutions and hospitals, having overcome significant barriers to entry into this demanding market. We have concurrently developed an impressive I.P. portfolio and supplemented it by licenses from internationally recognized research institutions, while developing a complete solution based on this IP portfolio that addresses the workflow needs of the high-growth potential under-served paediatric clinical MRI market.
Xogen Technologies Inc. is a Canadian Cleantech company located in Orangeville Ontario Canada. Xogen's technology has the potential to revolutionize the approach to wastewater treatment by vastly reducing the footprint of treatment plants, eliminating most of the conventional unit processes, eliminating the production of biosolids and simultaneously producing a byproduct, hydrogen oxygen gas, for reuse.
XYZ RGB has produced digital doubles of actors and 3D objects for major feature films and next generation games including: The Matrix, The Lord of the Rings, Source Code and Resident Evil "Afterlife". The company’s latest online service named Scanner-Killer allows for the creation of high quality 3D scan data using only a pair of cameras.
The York Urban Awareness Project is focused on the development of a general system for sensing, distributing, interpreting and visualizing the real-time dynamics of urban life. The key to this technology is the integration of accurate 3D urban models with real-time video data. Our system provides an accurate and compelling understanding of the current dynamic life of a city, while protecting the privacy of its inhabitants.
Innovation York together with partner organizations in the York Region (York Technology Alliance, ventureLAB Seneca College, and the municipalities of the York Region) will showcase innovationve technologies and collaborative projects with companies.
York University together with partner organizations in the York Region (York Techology Alliance, ventureLAB, and the municipalities of the region) will showcase innovative technologies and collaborative projects with companies.
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Discovery 2011
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