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At Discovery 12, you're not just an exhibitor. You're
a magnet for investors, visionaries and the shapers of what's next for Ontario.

Connect with more than 2,600 delegates from industry and research, entrepreneurs, financiers, students and mentors, all with one goal: to speed innovative ideas to market. Register your space today and get in on the ground floor of tomorrow.

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Booth 647
2G Robotics underwater laser scanner and image enhancement software goes beyond the capabilities of traditional sonar and video inspection to provide detailed inspection of even the slightest variances in underwater environments. 2G Robotics engineering experience in systems design and deployment of underwater, terrestrial, and aerial robotic systems, combined with our use of advanced engineering design methods makes our company the ideal partner for advanced underwater inspection.
3D Virtual Crafting
Booth 716
Booth 444
An innovative handheld inexpensive 3D camera system has been developed to capture 3D CAD models from everyday objects by just walking around the object or space of interest. The heart of the system is the Microsoft Kinect camera that is used for the XBOX gaming system. These 3D CAD models can be used to design other objects and spaces as well as recreate the physical object by sending the file to a 3D printer. Applications for this technology include digital media, design, as well as industrial applications such as automotive inspection.
Booth 422
Waterloo's Accelerator Centre is a world-renowned, award-winning facility dedicated to developing and commercializing technology start-ups. Through its Accelerator Program, early-stage companies receive seamless support services, including access to office facilities, coaching and mentoring, education, connections to capital, networking, R&D support and outreach, talent recruitment, technology transfer assistance, and commercialization expertise, enabling technology start-ups to move to market faster, create jobs and stimulate economic activity.
Booth 304
ACCT Canada (Alliance for Commercialization of Canadian Technologies) is Canada’s pre-eminent membership based organization addressing all matters related to the interface of academic research-industry engagement and research discovery mobilization. ACCT Canada provides a unique nation-wide platform for all proponents in the Canadian innovation ecosystem to collaborate for the purpose of better mobilizing, transferring, translating and diffusing newly discovered knowledge and inventions resulting from both academic Science & Technology (S&T) and private sector Research and Development (R&D) investments.
Booth 1222
Adventus Research Inc. is a full-service market research consulting firm that helps its emerging technology clients confirm their product or service value proposition in their key markets. Adventus is led by Gary Svoboda, who has over twenty-five years of market research consulting experience. We conduct extensive stakeholder interviews, surveys, focus groups and industry overview studies - whatever methodology best suits client requirements. Adventus frequently works with NRC-IRAP or OCE-supported clients.
Booth 643
Aeryon Labs provides robotic solutions to real-world problems through the design, manufacture and support of advanced micro unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and systems.
Booth 1041
3D Printers, Rapid Prototyping Machine Sales, 3D Systems Authorized Distributor, Rapid Prototyping Services, Stereolithography, SLA, Selective Laser Sintering, SLS, Multi Jet Modeling, ProJet, FDM, Rapid Prototyping Materials, Laser Scanning sales and services, Reverse Engineering, CAD Verification HandyScan Distributor, Aftermarket FDM materials, Low Volume Injection Moulding, Cast Urethanes, CNC Machining, Metal Casting, Thermo Forming, Vacuum Forming, Rapid Manufacturing, Low Volume Manufacturing.
Algonquin College
Booth 204/206
Algonquin College is a the leading supplier for applied research services in Eastern Ontario. The College has research strengths in digital media, design, photonics, information and communications technology, market intelligence, health care, biotechnology, mechanical/electrical/civil engineering technologies and is developing research competencies in culinary, construction and building sciences, media and public safety. With campuses in Ottawa, Pembroke and Perth, Algonquin is well-positioned to meet the needs of industry, government and community organizations in the Eastern Ontario region and beyond.
Algonquin College - Eastern Ontario Exhibit
Booth 613/615
Algonquin College / Courbyte Consulting Group Inc.
Booth 1239/1241
Algonquin College / Physical Resources
Booth 1243
Booth 324
ARB Labs Inc. specializes in enterprise grade gesture recognition systems and immersive display technology.Exhibit-greengagelogo4
Booth 313
Arcori is an innovative software company that empowers Property, Facility and Engineering Professionals with its proprietary feature rich suite of integrated solutions to better manage and streamline operations, planning and assets. Our simplified approach allows customers to bridge information gaps by providing analytical tools to make educated, timely, and cost effective decisions. Arcori was founded in 1996, and is located in Ontario, Canada.
Booth 712
Arctic Empire - an independent game company based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Our mission? Make awesome mobile and social experiences. There are too many titles out there that try to suck players in through repetition of formulas and play styles that serve the status quo. We’re not here to make those games. Instead, we’re focused on experimenting with new technologies and platforms to create titles which transcend convention and resonate with every gamer. The titles we’ve created are critically acclaimed, and the one’s we’re creating are breaking boundaries. We’re Arctic Empire - and we're Mobile. Social. Games.
Booth 1322
Atum Corporation is the Toronto based expert in VPS hosting and virtual IT services. Atum has established a reputation as a leading provider of premium hosting solutions, Cloud management services and IT virtualization for over 10 years. From start-ups to enterprise business, Atum offers affordable custom hosting plans and dedicated resources to fill any requirement using leading edge virtualization technology.
Booth 1235
For 10 years, AUTO21 has served as Canada’s automotive research and development program, partnering the private sector with the nation’s universities. These projects have resulted in an estimated $1.1 billion in social and economic benefits to Canada. AUTO21 is expanding its activities through the launch of Connect Canada, a new graduate intern program. Regardless of sector or location, Connect Canada internships are a cost-effective way for companies to conduct advanced R&D while interns gain relevant industry experience that enhances their studies.
Booth 746
APMA is Canada's national association representing OEM producers of parts, equipment, tools, supplies and services for the worldwide automotive industry. Founded in 1952,its members account for ninety percent, directly or indirectly of independent parts production in Canada. APMA's fundamental objective is to promote the O.E. automotive supply manufacturing industry both domestically and internationally.
Babyvibe and Emoti-Chair, SMART Lab, Ryerson University
Advanced Health Showcase
The EMOTI-CHAIR is a sensory-substitution technology designed to provide greater access to music for all people. Deaf listeners appear to experience structural and emotional aspects of music in a manner that resembles the experience of hearing listeners. The basic design, referred to as the model human cochlea, presents discrete bands of frequency as independent points of vibration, allowing for spatiotemporal encoding of the incoming auditory signal.
Booth 1326
Booth 424
Bereskin & Parr LLP is a leading Canadian intellectual property law firm serving clients of all sizes, in a variety of industries. The firm was founded in 1965 and has grown to be one of the largest IP law firms in Canada with over 70 lawyers, patent, and trademark agents, many of whom are recognized as leading practitioners in their respective fields. Our offices are located in major economic or technology centres: Toronto, Mississauga, Waterloo Region, and Montréal.
Blue Sky Solar Racing
Booth 238/240
Blue Sky Solar Racing at University of Toronto is a student-run organization that aims to promote innovation and alternative energy solutions. Our group designs, builds and races world-class solar-powered vehicles. Since 1997, the team has produced six solar cars with another one expecting completion in June 2013. Our team consists of over 50 active members from all across the University of Toronto. Currently, our members span all disciplines in Engineering and Arts and Sciences programs in both undergraduate and graduate studies.
Booth 438
Brican Automated Systems is an advanced manufacturing technology company with expertise in research and development of automated/robotic manufacturing systems. BAS pioneers methodologies in the manufacturing sector for automotive, mining and consumer goods companies and is developing a new generation of techniques and applications utilizing CNC robotics. Brican's roots in 1983, however were in general aviation and commercial aerospace and in 2009 entered into a research program to develop a new class of unmanned aircraft (TD100 series).
Booth 1133/1135
UK Trade & Investment is the Government Department that helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy. We also help overseas companies bring their high quality investment to the UK's dynamic economy. UK Trade & Investment offers expertise and contacts through its extensive network of specialists in the UK, and in British embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world.
Booth 345
The Office of Research Services brings together a multitude of services to support this culture rooted in pervasive research and creative activity, first and foremost by assisting the researchers with advice and administrative support, including application processes and financial management. Besides the ongoing development and implementation of research policies and procedures, ORS also works to foster close collaborations with industrial partners and liaises with national granting councils and provincial agencies in the negotiation of research contracts.
Bruce Power
Booth 1012
Booth 1310
The BufferBox is a fully automated, self-serve kiosk that facilitates unattended pick-up and delivery of goods to consumers 24/7, at their convenience. This game-changing technology redefines the e-commerce market and simplifies the logistics industry for both retailers and consumers. The kiosk is a versatile product with broad applications and can be deployed in a variety of locations, such as: condominium and apartment buildings, university campuses, retail outlets, and in commercial, multi-tenant spaces.
Booth 744
Booth 1231
C Worthy writes world-class white papers and case studies for Ontario’s technology companies, helping them explain their innovations to customers, investors, and influential industry analysts.
Booth 839/841, 938/940
Mining Innovation represents several companies that are dedicated to making the mining industry more effective and more benign. The Mining Industry has to supply the metals that help improve the lives of the world’s population. It is a complicated business that has to meet many conflicting demands. We need social scientists, biologists and chemists as well as engineers; we work on ergonomics, genetics and thermodynamics as well as geology. CEMI, MIRARCO, Bharti School of Engineering at Laurentian University, CAMIRO, and NORCAT manage the research that helps mining address the needs of the global industrial complex - and so solve the problems confronting all of us.
Booth 402
Your business information connection. Canada Business Ontario (CBO) is part of the Canada Business Network, a one-stop source for information on government services for business – from start-up, financing, growth to regulatory compliance. In Ontario, CBO provides business information and services from both the federal and provincial governments – all at no cost. For example, CBO can assist with finding information on starting a business, government financing programs, exporting, taxation or how to hire employees. CBO also offers customized searches for business planning and market research on topics such as: sample business plans; Canadian demographic information; consumer spending data; contacts for suppliers, manufacturers and distributors; and even international trade data. Whether you’re starting a new business, growing an established company or adapting to the changing economic landscape, Canada Business Ontario is your business information connection. To access Canada Business Ontario’s services, call the Business Info Line at 1-888-745-8888 or visit:
Booth 307
Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program Support for your R&D in Canada The SR&ED program is a federal tax incentive program, administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), that encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada. It is the largest single source of federal government support for industrial R&D. The SR&ED program gives claimants cash refunds and/or tax credits for their expenditures on eligible R&D work done in Canada.
Booth 230
Canadian Alumni of the International Space University Promoting the International Space University and space activities in Canada.
Booth 517
The Canadian Digital Media Network was founded in 2009 as a Centre of Excellence for Commercialization and Research. Its goal - to make Canada a world leader in digital media by fostering collaboration of entrepreneurs, companies, research institutes and government to help create companies, jobs and wealth for the nation. Nine nodes at 17 locations coast-to-coast contribute unique expertise to the national network as regional hubs for the development, acceleration and commercialization of digital media ventures.
Booth 126
The Canadian Innovation Centre (CIC) is a national,
not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into market successes. Since its founding over 35 years ago, the Centre has provided its expertise to over 20,000 innovators and their companies. A leader in innovation for over 35 years, the CIC has consistently been at the fore front of innovation in Canada, designing programs to foster the development of innovative new businesses and increased innovation in existing businesses.
Booth 403
The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), an agency of Industry Canada, is a prime source of information to help you understand the strategic value of intellectual property (IP) and to support you in turning your innovation ideas into tangible assets in the marketplace. CIPO administers the IP regime in Canada and is here to serve innovators, inventors, and creators to accelerate our economy.
Booth 405
CanmetMATERIALS, with facilities in Hamilton and Calgary, is the largest research centre in Canada dedicated to the fabrication, processing and evaluation of metals and materials. Scientific and technical staff are involved in research and development to provide materials solutions for Canadian industry in the energy, transportation and metal-manufacturing sectors. Canada has long been a leader in this field. CanmetMATERIALS’s mandate is to develop and deploy technologies to improve all aspects of producing and using value-added products derived from metals and minerals. Particular emphasis is placed on solving technological problems of relevance to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)'s mandate in clean energy and sustainable development and on transferring materials technology to Canadian companies. In doing so, CanmetMATERIALS strives to develop technologies to improve the reliability of energy production and energy efficiency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts, result in innovative products for a green economy and enhance health, security and safety.
Booth 207
Carleton University offers over 200 of the most innovative, relevant and connected programs in the country. Many of Ontario’s leading high tech companies surround our campus where cutting-edge research joins with highly innovative teaching to solve real-world problems. Our renowned Co-op Program enables employers to hire from among our best and brightest with flexible work terms, some up to 16 months. Carleton offers amazingly talented new grads as well as opportunities to partner with us on research initiatives driving your business forward.
Booth 532
CCS-agriKomp provides complete biogas plants to the Canadian Market.
Booth 1307
CellAegis Devices offers safe and convenient devices to assist in remote ischemic conditioning research. CellAegis’ autoRIC™ device automates remote ischemic conditioning, a process that is enabling powerful innate myocardial protection in cardiovascular research and beyond. We are actively engaging leading cardiovascular researchers and commercial partners.
Booth 115/117, 214/216
Established as Toronto's first public college in 1966, Centennial College offers programs in business, communications, community and health studies, science and engineering technology, general arts, hospitality and transportation. We primarily serve the eastern portion of the Greater Toronto Area through four campuses and seven satellite locations. Our college is best known for its record of exemplary teaching, innovative programming and extensive partnership building.
Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI)
Booth 839/841, 938/940
Mining Innovation represents several companies that are dedicated to making the mining industry more effective and more benign. The Mining Industry has to supply the metals that help improve the lives of the world’s population. It is a complicated business that has to meet many conflicting demands. We need social scientists, biologists and chemists as well as engineers; we work on ergonomics, genetics and thermodynamics as well as geology. CEMI, MIRARCO, Bharti School of Engineering at Laurentian University, CAMIRO, and NORCAT manage the research that helps mining address the needs of the global industrial complex - and so solve the problems confronting all of us.
Booth 1425
The Centre for Imaging Commercialization Technology (CImTeC) works with researchers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in medical imaging and digital pathology to enable and accelerate translation of developments and innovations for commercial and clinical use, leading to improved understanding, diagnosis and treatment of disease. The Centre will provide researchers and SMEs with critically needed business expertise, technical capabilities, links to clinicians and infrastructure to assist them in becoming internationally competitive.
Booth 1427
CPDC discovers, develops and distributes molecular imaging probes for the early diagnosis of diseases and to assess the effectiveness of treatments. An important part of Ontario’s health care system, CPDC provides a reliable, daily supply of imaging probes to hospitals across the province. CPDC also works collaboratively with industry and academic partners, offering the research, manufacturing and regulatory expertise needed to move innovative probe technology and new therapeutic drugs from R&D labs to clinical use.
Booth 120
Created in 1997 at the Canadian Film Centre (, the CFC Media Lab provides a unique collaborative training, acceleration and creative production think-tank environment for emerging new media content developers, practitioners and companies. An internationally acclaimed and award-winning facility, graduates of the CFC Media Lab emerge as leaders in the world of interactive media, produce innovative projects and start up 21st century companies.
Booth 121
Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is Canada’s leading provider of university-based adult learning. The Chang School is proud to offer innovative learning opportunities for internationally educated professionals to help them gain the education and credentials they need to achieve their personal and professional goals. For more information, please visit or contact our program administrator. E-mail: Phone: 416.979.5035
Booth 511/513/515
CHAR Technologies is working to commercialize our technology, Activated Biochar, to help exploit renewable methane gas, like biogas and landfill gas. A significant issue in using these gases are impurities, which CHAR is able to capture and convert to useful products in our Activated Biochar. CHAR Technologies is therefore able to clean the gas while producing no waste products.
Manufacturing Showcase
Cimetrix is the largest Canadian provider of 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing technology. Industries we serve: aerospace, defence, medical, electronics and more. With its patented Fused Deposition Modeling, Stratasys is the industry leader in 3D Printing/Production. FDM enables you to produce functional prototypes, manufacturing aids and end use parts utilizing Direct Digital Manufacturing. DDM is the process of producing parts directly from digital data. DDM enables companies to overcome the limitations imposed by traditional manufacturing.
Booth 1226
Cistel Technology Inc., established in 1995, is an Ottawa-based company providing complete technology and management consulting services to public and private sector organizations of all sizes. Cistel provides the most complete suite of IT services and consulting consisting of: IT security and privacy consulting; management consulting; advanced Microsoft solutions; IT managed services; staffing services. Cistel is an ITIL Practitioner, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and is ISO 9001:2000 certified by the Canadian General Standards Board.
Booth 610
La Cité collégiale is a French College located in Ottawa. With more than 90 programs, the College has developed a strong Applied Research program since 2008. The main research program is in biotechnology with the Centre for Applied Research on By-products. Through its Office for Research and Innovation, the College has now developed other areas of expertise such as IT, Ecological Design, Construction and Emergency Services.
City of Guelph
Booth 914
Booth 111/113, 210/212
Hamilton, with a population of over 500,000 is one of Canada's major cities and is one of Ontario's most economically diverse. Our major economic sectors include: advanced manufacturing, agriculture/food processing, information, communication and technologies, clean-technology, life sciences and transportation/goods movement. Hamilton was recently ranked in the top five of best places to invest in Canada by US-based Site Selection Magazine and the top two of places to invest in Ontario over the next five years (2009-2015) by the Real Estate Investment Network. With an educated workforce, stunning natural amenities and a diverse, resilient economy, Hamilton is a prime choice for future economic opportunity.
Booth 649
Clearpath Robotics is an ambitious technology company at the forefront of the robotics industry, dedicated to automation technology. Clearpath Robotics realizes that the technology industry is on the verge of a revolution that will bring robotics into your everyday life. Clearpath Robotics is committed to creating education and research platforms that will engage, excite, and enable the next generation of robotics engineers and programmers to join in instigating this revolution. We value collaboration with researchers, universities and industry experts.
Booth 114
Clever Chance is a professional networking app that uses GPS and a matching algorithm to create serendipitous business encounters and opportunities on the spot. It directly benefits both parties of a “Clever Connection”, alerting them that someone is nearby with a professional answer to what they seek. This includes all fields of career interests, and direct desires such as networking or job seeking.
Booth 426
CMC Microsystems enables and supports the creation and application of micro- and nano-system knowledge by providing a national infrastructure for excellence in research and a path to commercialization of related devices, components and systems. CMC delivers innovative and cost-effective services to a growing community of microsystems researchers that connect 46 post-secondary institutions across Canada, and presently involves more than 700 faculty members and 2,000 graduate students and other researchers.
Booth 215/217
CONII is a network of 22 Ontario colleges dedicated to connecting Ontario’s small- and medium-sized enterprises, and other organizations, to the applied research and commercialization expertise of Ontario’s colleges. By working in response to market-pull and industry needs, CONII enables Ontario-businesses to bring their research and commercialization challenges to the college for faculty and students to develop practical solutions. Ultimately, we can assist Ontario-based businesses to become more competitive in the global environment.
Booth 510/512/514
Communitech is the centre for commercialization in Waterloo Region and area. We help stimulate economic prosperity by supporting innovation and the creation and growth of technology companies. Our goal is to build more successful global businesses for Ontario and Canada. In April 2012 Communitech launched HYPERDRIVE, a $30-million-plus tech start-up incubator program with a global focus to seed, fund, and grow new businesses. Visit the Communitech booth to learn about our mission, HYPERDRIVE, and so much more!
Booth 241/243
Confederation College is a small, comprehensive community college of 3,400 full-time students. With a main campus located in Thunder Bay, and eight regional campuses stretching from Wawa to Kenora, we serve a geographic area larger than that of France. Confederation College is an integral part of the communities in which we serve and an important social and economic driver for the northwest.
Booth 1227
The Conrad Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology Centre at the University of Waterloo explores new ways of commercializing ideas to help entrepreneurs foster innovation, create new ventures and identify new markets. The Master of Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology (MBET) is a specialized business degree that develops leaders who are able to commercialize ideas, discover and exploit new market opportunities, and introduce innovation and disruptive technology within existing organizations.
Control & Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals Laboratory (CCPL)
Booth 339
Booth 343
Established in 1996 in partnership with Grape Growers of Ontario and Wine Council of Ontario, Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) is an internationally recognized institute on cool climate grape and wine research and advances the industry by focusing on its research priorities. Initially focusing on the sciences of viticulture and oenology, it has evolved to embrace different areas including wine marketing, policy research and wine culture. CCOVI’s research, continuing education and outreach services attend to the industry’s needs.
Council of Ontario Universities
Booth 211/213/310/312
The Council of Ontario Universities (COU) advances higher education in Ontario through advocacy, research and policy development.
Booth 407
Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is a nonprofit
watershed-based organization that manages the natural resources under its jurisdiction. For over half a century CVC has worked on a watershed basis to minimize drought and flooding, improve water quality, support socially and economically viable communities, protect natural features and green spaces, and restore damaged ecosystems. With expertise in planning, ecology, biology, hydrogeology and water resources engineering, CVC is able to provide expertise towards many initiatives. Collectively we have over 150 years of professional environmental experience.
Booth 1011
CrossWing specializes in R&D leading to high-volume manufacturing of personal service robotics at affordable prices. To meet the challenge of delivering low cost, yet real-world functionality in fields spanning healthcare, personal security and entertainment, CrossWing’s platform innovations employ new approaches to traditional robotics methods. Breakthrough designs at every key sub-system are necessary for success, and we actively leverage talent pools at Canadian colleges and universities, as we prepare for our forthcoming commercial launch.
Booth 712
CubeDrive delivers low cost turnkey business solutions for any size organizations looking to retain control of their data while gaining the collaboration, mobility and security of their own cloud. CubeDrive private cloud solutions include office management, event management, collaboration management, corporate management, and CubeDrive Mobile.
Booth 1233
DecisionModel offers technology strategy, commercialization and portfolio management expertise to companies, technology transfer offices, granting agencies, investors and other commercialization stakeholders. DecisionModel is specialized in biomedical and advanced technology; however, breakthrough technology of this kind often originates from, or could have application in, a multitude of industries. Our team has years of collective experience in the diverse industries of electronics, aerospace, and life sciences.
Durham Strategic Energy Alliance ( DSEA)
Booth 412/414/416
The DSEA is a non-profit organization comprised of business, government and educational institutions working together for the advancement of energy initiatives. Its vision is to foster partnerships, provide leadership and establish relationships among communities and all levels of government, business, and education. This includes continuous outreach to current and potential members to grow the organization’s network, expertise and innovative capabilities.
Durham College
Booth 411/413/415/417
At Durham College, we are committed to ensuring students receive the best education and gain current skills through a range of market-driven programs. We also place an emphasis on innovation as evidenced in our strategic plan deliverable to create a vibrant and effective research agenda. As such, the college is part of the Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation, which allows us to respond to market pull by working with small- and medium-sized business and industry to solve problems with the assistance of faculty members and students. Additional funding through the FedDev Applied Research and Commercialization initiative and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council means that Durham College can support the research needs of more business and industry in our community.
Durham Region
Booth 411/413/415/417
Our innovative culture comes from within! Durham Region's labour force is smart, skilled and industrious. Almost half of all our manufacturers are actively involved in research and development. Their innovations can be found in their operations and their products. Their partners include other businesses, suppliers, customers, universities, and colleges found both within the Region or through economic development networks. Durham Region Economic Development is proud to encourage and support our local innovators. Ask us how we can connect you for growth.
Booth 338
Dyverga Energy Corporation, an Ontario Company is commercializing its patent pending Thermal Electric Generation system that converts the "free fuel" energy of low temperature (<80C) waste heat into 24/7 profits and emission-free electricity. With heat from either exhausted man-made or renewable sources such as solar thermal, geothermal or bio-mass, the customer will now have self-generation capabilities of emission free, distributed, 24/7 electricity to combat escalating electricity prices with no detrimental environmental impacts or water consumption.
Manufacturing Showcase
Booth 511/513/515
Emcara’s innovations are the COBRA, PYTHON and ASP pressure release devices... or PRDs. We are rapidly becoming the industry preferred choice for protecting vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG) and hydrogen fuel tanks from catastrophic explosions in the event of a fire. Current methods of providing a measure of safety are low-tech, clumsy and expensive requiring multiple devices and numerous fittings. Built from advanced materials our PRDs provide faster, reliable and more complete protection with cost savings of up to 40% compared to a conventional PRD.
Booth 130/132
Booth 330
The Energy Hub Management System project is a partnership among the University of Waterloo (Faculties of Environment and Engineering), Energent Inc., Hydro One Networks Inc., Milton Hydro Distribution Inc., the Ontario Centres of Excellence and the Ontario Power Authority. The project is scheduled to run until 31 January 2013.
ENT Simulations Technologies Inc.
Booth 110
EPIC Performance Services
Booth 412/414/416
EPIC Performance Services Inc is an innovative leader in providing excellence in strategic program management. Agile services and solutions are focused on tactical program and initiative management best practices, adoption techniques and value added approaches. Its innovative software technology, e-Strategic Program Management Suite, offers a truly holistic umbrella solution to strategically manage contact relations, vendors, marketing, communications, financials, project portfolios, resources, targets, achievement and executive reporting and analysis.
Eve Medical
Booth 1209/1211
Eve Medical develops innovative, user-centred medical products aimed at the specific healthcare needs of women. Our mission is to improve the quality of healthcare by making advanced health technology accessible and user-friendly. Eve Medical's first product HerSwab™ enables women to self-collect samples for sexually transmitted infections testing. This provides convenient and low-cost access to screening, especially for women who would otherwise go undiagnosed.
Booth 1223
The Evidence Network assesses the impact of innovation intermediaries on the client or member companies they serve. Serving customers globally, from technology commercialization organizations and government funding programs to research institutes, consortia and economic development initiatives, our rigorous methodology and customizable
web-based survey approach provides impact assessments to support planning, management, funding and decision-making.
Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium
Booth 1224
Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) has grown to become Canada's largest manufacturing consortium and with over 1,000 hands-on industry events annually, the most active manufacturing organization in North America! EMC is a unique not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping manufacturers GROW and become MORE COMPETITIVE, at home and around the world. Founded in the mid-1980's and incorporated in 1997, EMC has grown to become 'Canada's Largest Manufacturing Consortium.' EMC is responsible for contributing significant knowledge, expertise and industry resources towards the success of nearly 1,000 member manufacturers, employing hundreds of thousands of Canadians, in 53 consortium regions and spanning more than 200 communities in Ontario and Atlantic Canada!
Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
Booth 404/406
Booth 743
The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment at Fleming College promotes innovative forms of water and wastewater treatment technology through applied research, education and demonstration projects.
Booth 1125/1127
The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service With an established presence in cities around the world, the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) can help you navigate the complexities of international markets. We provide on-the-ground intelligence and practical advice on foreign markets to help Canadian companies make better, more timely and cost-effective decisions to achieve their goals abroad. Call toll-free at 1-888-306-9991, visit, or contact us in Canada:
Freebird Connect Inc.
Booth 714
Freebird Connect is a hosted software solution that integrates data visualization, collaboration and social networking in a way that overcomes the information barriers (access, time, skills and cost) associated with conventional alternatives. Freebird Connect turns users and stakeholders from being passive data consumers to engaged information creators.
Booth 502
The Funding Portal Inc. is a concierge service for business, non-profits and universities to search and access the $16B Canadian public funding marketplace. Using the Portal's proprietary Find It search engine, organizations can find relevant industrial support programs in seconds rather than weeks from a database of over 4220 federal, provincial and municipal programs. They can then turn to the Portal's concierge services to guide them through the government funding application process to successfully secure funds.
Booth 714
Gazaro is a price intelligence company that gives retailers more, better, faster, and smarter visibility into real-time, market-level product and pricing activity. As a result, Gazaro’s customers are better able to achieve their overall revenue and margin goals by optimizing their pricing strategies to address the pressures of cross-channel,
cross-retailer price transparency.
Booth 435
Digital Energy, a division of GE Energy, is a major contributor to the global Smart Grid effort to modernize and optimize how we generate, move and consume energy. Our global team is dedicated to inventing, improving and integrating communications, automation, and power delivery technologies. Digital Energy provides solutions that increase power grid reliability, protect and control utility generators, ensure safe interconnection of distributed power generation, and facilitate seamless transfer to backup power systems.
George Brown College
Booth 203/205
In the innovation-to-market cycle, George Brown College has the industry connections and the expertise to accelerate the discovery wheel. GBC’s Office of Research and Innovation operates as a single point of contact at the hub of the wheel.
George Brown College
Manufacturing Showcase
Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology, Centre For Applied Research And Innovation
Booth 239
The Centre for Applied Research and Innovation (CARI) is about turning your ideas into reality. Applied research project collaboration provides access to Georgian College's resources including various funding opportunities. Applied research activities through CARI are another way Georgian College provides its students with experiences and opportunities of being in the forefront of innovation.
Booth 716
Giatec Scientific Inc. is a knowledge-based company that provides advanced concrete testing solutions to the construction industry. Giatec offers novel methods and devices for the performance-based quality control of concrete and accurate condition assessment of concrete infrastructure. These innovative tools are designed for various applications for concrete producers, consulting companies, and infrastructure owners and operators. Giatec’s products help engineers manage civil infrastructure by allowing them to schedule maintenance, rehabilitation, repair and replacement operations more effectively and accurately so that their assets will be resilient against extreme conditions imposed by multiple sources of deteriorations.
Booth 749
Global Repair Ltd. provides a complete range of compost equipment for nutrient recovery, bioremediation & soil regeneration. Our products, used in 10 provinces, 22 countries & 35 US states, prevent water contamination, reduce & capture GHG, offering sustainable solutions for waste transformation. We have consulted and supplied equipment for the implementation of hundreds of successful compost operations, around the globe composting all types of waste. With our Advanced Biological Composting method we help operators Utilize Resources & Maximize Profits.
Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP
Booth 1014
Booth 1234
Grand River HR Solutions provides comprehensive human resource services designed to assist organizations of all sizes. We offer flexible HR solutions to suit every budget, and in-house resource levels. The following are a few examples of fractional HR Services that Grand River HR Solutions offers: recruitment, compensation, performance management, employee retention, policies and procedures, employee relations, departures, health & safety.
Booth 811
GreenCentre Canada is a national Centre of Excellence for commercializing early-stage Green Chemistry discoveries generated by academic researchers and industry. It is funded by the governments of Ontario and Canada, and industry, and it is a member of the provincially funded Ontario Network of Excellence - a network of organizations that help entrepreneurs turn innovative ideas into jobs. GreenCentre Canada is dedicated to developing environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional chemical and manufacturing products and practices. It is governed and operated with the assistance of industry members from across the chemical value chain. The centre is located at Innovation Park at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada.
Booth 917
HalTech is Halton's Regional lnnovation Centre. HalTech assists Halton's entrepreneurs and technology companies develop their ideas, commercialize their products, establish and expand their businesses. HalTech provides its clients with comprehensive business advisory services, access to capital, entrepreneurship training and networking opportunities. Halton has a strong and innovative business community with demonstrated strengths in information technology, life sciences, cleantech and advanced manufacturing, digital imaging and animation.
Booth 1209/1211
Booth 138/140
Humber Research brings together local businesses, faculty, and students to provide practical, innovative solutions to real-world industry problems. Our mission is to enrich the student learning experience, provide opportunities for faculty to expand their area of expertise while helping to stimulate economic development for businesses in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.
Booth 1324
Huron Technologies’ TISSUEscope™ digital slide scanner offers confocal fluorescence and brightfield imaging of tissue specimens ranging in glass slide sizes of 1x3” to 6x8”. Its unique design enables scanning of thick tissue sections 100 - 500 µm while eliminating cross-talk and
photo-bleaching. Our instruments can be customized to meet your specific applications. A slide scanning service and tissue preparation service (tissue sectioning and staining) are also available.
Booth 1016
Booth 322
ideacious brings together two complementary crowds: buyers and creators. As a buyer you can shop like you would at any other store, or you can buy products before they’re made. When you do that you not only do your part to bring awesome products into being, you could also make some coin along the way. As a creator you’ve got a full-service network at your fingertips to help get your idea to market. Plus, you’ll pre-sell all your products before you manufacture the whole lot.
Booth 1311/1313/1315
IMAP Audits Inc. provides an engineered systems approach to auditing a facility's mechanical assets. With our distinctive multi-functional reporting options IMAP Software is the latest-in-technology. IMAP software and service is designed to manage piping, equipment, buildings and structures for insulation, protective coatings, fireproofing, asbestos, heat tracing, secondary containment and piping/vessels systems. Our structured approach to conducting an audit and our industry leading software provide IMAP with a distinct competitive advantage. An easy to use interface and report generation is second to none. The integration of client plant isometrics, P&ID's, Lab reports and digital images along with audit results and budgetary information are value added functions that our competitors do not offer and frankly cannot offer without our software design.
Booth 913
Located in Hamilton, Ontario and networked across North America, Innovation Factory is a not-for-profit Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) funded by the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE). Our mission is to strengthen Greater Hamilton's next generation of job and wealth creation by helping: entrepreneurs bring new ideas to life and to market; SMEs get to the next level; Hamilton build a dynamic culture and a community of innovation.
Booth 911
Innovation Guelph acts as a catalyst for entrepreneurial initiative. We help innovative enterprises start, grow and thrive. Our programs and services address the needs of entrepreneurs, community organizations, researchers and business leaders. We help clients to understand and access funding available through Provincial, Federal, or other sources; provide strategic business advice through our experienced entrepreneurs and business experts; and organize and host events focused on business training, networking, and community initiatives.
Booth 315
Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (iiON) is part of the Northern Technology Alliance (NTA), and is a proud member of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE). iiON is located in North Bay, Ontario at Nipissing University / Canadore College, and leads an effective local regional resource alliance serving clients with funders, researchers and city stakeholders. Our goal is to work to increase knowledge, education and practice of business innovation and entrepreneurial activity, while at all times being client driven. Moon Bay Biologics Inc. is in the business of producing pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products from mushrooms and other natural products in Northern Ontario. We are pioneering the utilization of evidence-based scientific research in our product development processes. A central aim is to discover new patented medicines. Since this can be a long-term process, we are pursuing associated research in the shorter-term to develop nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products.
Booth 812
Innovation Park at Queen’s University is a hub for scientific collaboration and business development in Kingston & Eastern Ontario. Through co-location of academic and industry researchers, economic development agencies, service providers and commercialization experts, the Park facilitates collaborations and an environment of discovery that accelerates & supports the growth of technologies and businesses. Innovation Park provides access to resources – R&D infrastructure, specialized equipment, technical services, shared amenities, programs and workshops.
Booth 748
IHS is the industry leader in partial hydrogen injection. Our technology increases the efficiencies of the conventional combustion process by:significantly reducing fuel consumption, oil degradation and EGR & DPF replacement and re-gen cycles. Thereby significantly reducing maintenance and fuel cost creating a significant competitive advantage to our end users.
Booth 1423
INO is a private, not-for-profit company and a Canadian centre of innovation and expertise in optics-photonics. INO’s mandate is to develop leading edge technologies, processes and IP, and to provide Canadian industry with access to these assets. Twenty seven spin-offs, 43 technology transfers and 4,500 R&D contracts completed are evidence of our success in providing business with a competitive edge. INO is located in Hamilton and Quebec City.
Booth 1311/1313/1315
Integra Medical Inc. specializes in providing distribution services in Russia and CIS countries to North American and Western European pharmaceutical companies with innovative products. With the parent companies located in Canada and the United States, we offer our partners an unprecedented peace of mind – the match between the insiders’ knowledge of the Russian market and the genuine commitment to Western business practices. At Integra Medical, we strive to build value for our partners with passion, integrity and professionalism and consider this approach to be the best formula for our and our partners’ success.
Integrated Explorations
Booth 910
Booth 327
We are a thought controlled computing company. We provide solutions in the thought controlled computing space by designing and creating thought controlled computing products and applications. The core of our technology is a system that reads an individual’s brainwaves and uses that information as a control signal, allowing the individual thought driven control over anything that can be attached to a physical computing platform. We specialize in business to business solutions and large-group marketing installations.
Booth 710
Invest Ottawa delivers economic development programs and initiatives that increase entrepreneurial momentum, wealth and jobs in the City of Ottawa and its surrounding region. Its goal is to make Ottawa the best place in Canada to start and grow a knowledge-based business. Invest Ottawa services include start-up incubation and mentorship, acceleration for existing companies, global business attraction and local business retention, targeted sector development, commercialization, and marketing Ottawa’s diversified economy and high quality of life.
Booth 1123
ISTPCanada ( develops and funds industry-led R&D collaboration programs under S&T agreements between Canada and key trading partners, including India, China, Brazil and Israel. Mandated by DFAIT, ISTPCanada brokers technology partnerships between Canadian companies, research organizations and their counterparts in other countries; facilitates partnership development activities; and provides funding for cooperative R&D projects. In doing so, ISTPCanada develops new models of bilateral and multilateral collaboration that enhance the compe
Booth 1138
ITL Circuits est. 1971,  is a manufacturer of bare printed circuit boards. ITL engages partnerships with OEMs, contract manufacturers and design engineering firms. Major market focus is defence, aerospace, medical, communications and  ruggedized electronics applications. ITL Circuits is a high mix technology manufacturer capable of small-large volume production. We excel at quick turn around manufacturing for prototype and production requirements. ITL has a custom metal shop in-house, which is capable of fabricating complex heat sinks and metal-backed boards. Our tight controls on processes such as drilling, plasma etching, and pulse plating, yield the superior circuit integrity needed to withstand high service temperatures and severe mechanical shock and vibration. Certifications: AS9100, Nadcap, MIL-PRF-55110, C-TPAT, and Controlled Goods Program.
Manufacturing Showcase
A provider of technology solutions since 1997. We are experts in 3D design and have helped thousands of companies with solutions for mechanical design, electrical design and 3D printing. Large or small, we have the skills, experience, and services to propel your organization to new heights so you can aim high.
KELA Medical
Booth 412/414/416
KELA Medical Inc. harnesses the power of innovation and technology to pioneer leading-edge solutions, and demonstrate the value of a fully accessible personal health record to individuals, physicians, and practitioners of the healthcare industry. The KELA pHR Card System is the primary offering, and is a revolutionary offering that empowers patients to become the centre of their healthcare. The solution has been designed by our team that is comprised of leaders in both healthcare and technology, which helps create an unparalleled understanding of Healthcare Information Technology.
Booth 242
Kim Geomatics provides consulting to and about the geospatial community worldwide. Kim has published the highly acclaimed book Why Where Matters, available at
Booth 133
Lakehead is a comprehensive University with a reputation for innovative programs and cutting-edge research. With campuses located in Thunder Bay and Orillia, Lakehead has over 7,900 students and 2,250 faculty and staff. Our faculty, staff, programs, and services provide an extensive range of learning choices and alternatives that offer an unbeatable combination of quality education at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Lakehead is known for its multidisciplinary teaching approach, emphasizing collaborative learning and independent critical thinking.
Booth 231/233
Lambton College has about 3,200 full-time students and 6,500 part-time. The college also has a fire school located 20 min from the main campus in Sarnia and international campuses in China, India and Saudi Arabia. In recent years, the college has made a strong commitment to engage in collaborative applied research with our industry partners. Research areas include Materials Development in Thermoplastics and Rubber; Bio-based Materials; Alternative Energy, Energy Conversion, Storage and Conservation; Advanced Process and Control; Process Simulation, Modelling, Optimization and Automation; Fire Inhibitor Performance Testing.
Booth 431/433
This project will provide world-class, pioneering, innovative and comprehensive technologies for integration of large-scale photovoltaic (PV) solar farms into transmission and distribution networks in Ontario. The broad range of integration issues will encompass maximum penetration level, optimal siting, operation and control of PV solar systems in the grid; protection and relaying, system stability; converter/inverter and transformer technologies, incorporation of solar power for electricity markets, efficient PV panels, snow and wind loading of panels.
Booth 810
Launch Lab is a one-stop shop for technology based start-ups and growing companies. We are a non profit organization with team of entrepreneurs, investors, ex-CEOs, and professional analysts who are here to help your company grow and bring innovative, technology abased products to the marketplace. We support four main industries; information technology, life sciences and healthcare, cleantech, and advanced manufacturing. Clients receive free market intelligence, entrepreneurial education, business advice, and connections to capital.
Booth 741
Laurentian University is one of the fastest growing universities in Canada, now serving close to 10,000 full-time and part-time students. The University’s research capacity continues to grow, averaging over $20 million a year in sponsored research income. Its research profile is impressive and growing, focusing on key elements that surround the community – mineral resources; environmental science; societal research; health; and underground science.
Booth 1142
Leggett & Platt Automotive is the world’s largest supplier of seat comfort system and suspension components to the automotive industry. Building upon this base, Leggett & Platt, together with several technical partners, has developed wireless charging technology compatible to the global standard (Qi) and to automotive EMC requirements. Leggett is the first company to win a major automotive award utilizing Qi compatible wireless charging.
Booth 314/316
Little Geeks is a philanthropic foundation that collects, refurbishes and re-distributes, donated home computers. The Mission of Little Geeks is to provide free computing technology and education to children and families who cannot afford this resource on their own. Subsequent educational interaction between Repair Geeks, Mentor Geeks and Little Geeks will lead to immeasurable, long-term benefits, for all involved.
Mantech Inc.
Booth 916
Booth 1308
Marmot Labs is a Waterloo based start-up building, a collaborative SaaS platform that helps businesses turn ideas into products.
Booth 1213
MaRS Discovery District ( (Twitter: @MaRSDD) is a large-scale, mission-driven innovation centre located in Toronto and networked across Ontario, focused on building Canada’s next generation of growth companies. MaRS works closely with entrepreneurs to grow and scale their ventures into global market leaders in life sciences and health care, information, communications and digital media technologies, clean tech, energy, advanced materials and manufacturing, as well as innovative social purpose business.
Booth 1209/1211
MaRS Innovation (MI) is Toronto's lead commercialization centre dedicated to creating business opportunities from the exceptional research and discovery pipeline of over 16 prominent academic institutions in Ontario. MI leverages its assets and the resources of its members to develop and commercialize ‘high potential’ technologies. MI advances the commercialization of discoveries and technologies emanating from our member organizations through a combination of licensing deals and company creation.
McMaster Innovation Park
Booth 111/113, 210/212
McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) is an internationally recognized focal point for innovation, creativity, learning and research excellence aligned with the research strengths of McMaster University. With over 330,000 sq ft of laboratory and office space, MIP is home to Canada’s largest and most advanced advanced materials lab. The addition of the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre puts MIP on the forefront of green automotive technology. McMaster Innovation Park is now developing its fourth building, a centre for life science research which promises to be a focus for surgical devices based on McMaster University’s research strength. MIP has 37 acres of brown field site, located close to the 403 and downtown Hamilton; a perfect place to land your new research facility or expand your business.
McMaster RFID Applications Lab, Walter G. Booth School Of Engineering Practice
Booth 1144
McMaster RFID Applications Lab (MRAL) leads activities that support the development and deployment of automated identification applications to solve business needs. We take an integrated approach towards understanding your strategic business requirements and work with you to develop technology and applications that can be used to address the identified requirements. We have worked with organizations in various industries such as healthcare, transportation, manufacturing and retail.
McMaster University
Booth 111/113, 210/212
McMaster University, one of four Canadian universities listed among the Top 100 universities in the world, is renowned for its innovation in both learning and discovery. In our teaching, research, and scholarship, we are committed to creativity, innovation, and excellence. We value integrity, quality, and teamwork in everything we do. We inspire critical thinking, personal growth, and a passion for learning. We serve the social, cultural, and economic needs of our community and society.
Booth 1145
The McMaster University Xerox Centre for Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation (XCEEi - works with aspiring entrepreneurs to commercialize technologies and create their own start-ups while the student-entrepreneurs earn their Master of Engineering/Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation degrees. XCEEi uses an industry-proven commercialization model to help create viable start-up businesses, allowing young entrepreneurs to develop their venture skills through working on solving real-customer problems.
Booth 446/448
For more than 40 years human space flight has been supported by MDA’s robotics. We developed complex robotics with control software for the Shuttle's robotic arm and the next generation robotics for the ISS. Our world-renowned expertise in robotics is being applied to systems for on-orbit servicing, planetary exploration and here on Earth for medical and nuclear applications.
Booth 504
Carleton University - Middleware for Sensor-Based Bridge Infrastructure Management
Booth 611
Effective bridge infrastructure management is crucial for the well-being of the society as well as for reducing the bridge maintenance cost. Various geographically dispersed resources for bridge management such as sensors, computing and storage devices, archival databases and software tools are available across the country but used in an isolated manner. This project focuses on devising a middleware that will unify these resources, manage the resource set in an effective manner making it available to a user on demand.
Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (MEDI), International Trade Branch
Booth 1131
MIRARCO Mining Innovation
Booth 839/841, 938/940
Mining Innovation represents several companies that are dedicated to making the mining industry more effective and more benign. The Mining Industry has to supply the metals that help improve the lives of the world’s population. It is a complicated business that has to meet many conflicting demands. We need social scientists, biologists and chemists as well as engineers; we work on ergonomics, genetics and thermodynamics as well as geology. CEMI, MIRARCO, Bharti School of Engineering at Laurentian University, CAMIRO, and NORCAT manage the research that helps mining address the needs of the global industrial complex - and so solve the problems confronting all of us.
Mohawk College
Booth 111/113, 210/212
Mohawk College is committed to giving students a high-quality education through leading technology, unique learning initiatives and an experienced and dedicated faculty. With over 102 full-time programs, the college’s diverse program offering encompasses arts, science, communications, business, health sciences, human services and engineering technology fields, helping students find the right career path. Mohawk’s iDeaWORKS is a technology development project centre focused on applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through its strong ties to the community, iDeaWORKS provides resources that help businesses and entrepreneurs commercialize new technologies. By pairing talented students with tech-savvy industry partners, we develop new prototypes, products, services - and future ready grads.
Booth 738
Monteco Ltd. is a CleanTech firm that develops and launches environmentally sustainable products in the water, air, and energy sectors. Monteco operates a manufacturing facility as well as a research & development centre in Mississauga, Ontario and has been a leader in the stormwater and wastewater treatment markets for the past 18 years. Monteco currently has six primary subsidiaries that include four operating and two development stage companies.
Moon Bay Biologics Inc.
Booth 315
Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (iiON) is part of the Northern Technology Alliance (NTA), and is a proud member of the Ontario Network of Excellence (ONE). iiON is located in North Bay, Ontario at Nipissing University / Canadore College, and leads an effective local regional resource alliance serving clients with funders, researchers and city stakeholders. Our goal is to work to increase knowledge, education and practice of business
MTO/Fleet Management Centre/Policy and Planning
Booth 302
Showcasing the provinces uptake of electric vehicles and incentive programs as well as the Engine Idle-Management (EIM) pilot project utilizing the Governor to Reduce Idle and Pollution (GRIP) system. Project Goal: To reduce engine idling and reduce fuel consumption, therefore, reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The intent of the EIM pilot is to 1) evaluate the capabilities of the new technology being offered; 2) establish and estimate the potential overall savings to the OPS fleet; 3) determine the vehicles classes that would best benefit.
Booth 326
The new MYTRAK App is an automated health system that transforms Smart Phones into real-time tracking, coaching and motivational tool to keep people active and on track to reaching their wellness, weight loss and health goals. Mobile Smart Coach is an “always on” solution that transforms any mobile phone into a personal intelligent coach, continuously learning and adjusting the prescribed program while guiding users towards their health goal through real-time engagement and push messaging relevant to the user’s personal wellness plans.
Booth 526
MyVoice makes technologies that help children and adults with communication disabilities. MyVoice's flagship product is an award-winning app for iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Android that gives the power of speech to people with diverse challenges including ALS, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Disability, MS, Parkinson's, Stoke, and Traumatic Brain Injury. Developed in collaboration with the University of Toronto and supported by the Ontario Centres of Excellence, MyVoice is now used by thousands of people in more than thirty countries.
Booth 303
NSERC’s role is to make investments in people, discovery and innovation to increase Canada’s scientific and technological capabilities for the benefit of all Canadians. NSERC invests in people by supporting postsecondary students and postdoctoral fellows in their advanced studies. We promote discovery by funding research conducted by postsecondary professors and foster innovation by encouraging Canadian companies to participate and invest in postsecondary research and training.
Booth 1332
Network of Angel Organizations – Ontario (NAO – Ontario), a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence, is the Administrator of Ontario’s Angel Network Program, on behalf of the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation, and the Administrator of the Investing in Business Innovation Outreach Program for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario.
Booth 305
The Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) fosters
multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral partnerships between academia, industry, government and not-for-profit organizations. It supports academic research, the commercialization of products and ideas, and the development of significant Canadian business advantages. The partnerships that this initiative cultivates result in ideas that are transformed into economic and social benefits for all Canadians.
Advanced Health Showcase
NexJ Health Coach is an innovative web and mobile software solution, which has received a Health Canada medical device license. NexJ Health Coach enables an interdisciplinary provider team to collaboratively manage patients using personalized care plans. NexJ Health Coach includes an integrated Personal Health Record (PHR) which allows patients to capture and store their health information, including medications, blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, mood, pain, energy level, and exercise, as well as the ability to photograph their meals. NexJ Health Coach also includes personal health management tools that allow the care team to monitor their clients remotely and communicate securely for more effective preventive care while increasing the individual's responsibility for optimizing their health and preventing disease.
Booth 516
nGen is Niagara’s Regional Innovation Centre and a member of the Ontario Network of Excellence, which connects technology-based business, entrepreneurs and researchers with services and programs to help innovate and gain a competitive advantage. nGen has the mandate to support and help develop companies and entrepreneurs active in Niagara’s emerging industry sectors. We provide innovative entrepreneurs with training programs, tools and resources, and advisory services to enable them to successfully commercialize their ideas.
Niagara College - Research & Innovation
Booth 700/702/704/706
Niagara Research is home to applied research at Niagara College. Applied research is broadly defined as the application of new or existing knowledge to solve practical real-world problems and advance the goals of our community. The role of Niagara Research is to provide real world solutions for business, industry and the community through applied research and development activities. Niagara Research, in partnership with local business and the community, conducts applied research projects that provide solutions to community, and global issues.
Niagara College / Balute Inc.
Booth 1243
Booth 311
Booth 313
The Innovation Centre acts as a pivotal player in growing Northwestern Ontario’s innovation capacity. We offer support to innovative entrepreneurs, businesses, and community projects in the region of Northwestern Ontario. In addition, the Centre seeks out new approaches to improve, enhance and invigorate a commercialization system in our region to foster science and technology growth.
Booth 306
National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) supports digital technology adoption projects aimed at productivity improvements. Part of the Government of Canada’s Digital Economy Strategy, the Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program (DTAPP) is designed to boost the productivity of small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) through the adoption of digital technologies. Through their extensive network of technical experts, NRC-IRAP’s highly specialized Industrial Technology Advisors (ITAs) will deliver DTAPP and provide advisory services and funding where appropriate, to approximately 630 firms over the duration of the program. DTAPP will support firms through all phases of technology adoption, from cost and benefit analysis to organizational changes, training, technology acquisition, adaptation and implementation. The Digital Technology Adoption Pilot Program will run until the end of March, 2014. For more information about how DTAPP can help your firm, visit or call toll-free at 1-855-453-3940.
Booth 423/425
OCAD University is Canada’s largest university of art and design dedicated to applying the power of imagination to education, research and creative enterprise. Since 1876, OCADU’s specialized, studio-based programs have inspired students, faculty and alumni to push the boundaries of art and design analytically, conceptually and strategically. Today, the university combines the strength of that tradition with new approaches that emphasize collaboration, innovation and the integration of emerging technologies.
Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Booth 404/406
Booth 1209/1211
Resurva is an innovative online reservation system that provides an easy, cost effective way for businesses to manage their bookings. How does it work? It lets your clients book appointments quickly and easily; through any web browser or mobile device. It helps you organize your time; integrate your staff schedule and appointments into one convenient calendar. It provides you with important insight into your business; reports and analytics that reveal trends, patterns and opportunities for improvement in client engagement. Boost your efficiency. Improve your client experience. Gain insight into your business. Resurva - It starts with the booking.
Booth 1010
Booth 1230
OneCAD Solutions is a professional engineering company specializing in mechanical engineering contract design services and 3D CAD and drafting services. We help companies when they have extra work on in their engineering department and we also take on original design work. OneCAD also does FEA & CFD analysis. OneCAD Solutions - Ready when you need us!
The Ontario Association of Remote Sensing (OARS)
Booth 1242
The Ontario Association of Remote Sensing (OARS) has, since 1972, served to educate, communicate, and facilitate on a wide variety of remote sensing and geomatics topics. The membership is composed of small business, industrial, and educational members providing for an insightful exchange of ideas.
Booth 139
The Biomaterials A-Team, consists of 10 scientists, located at seven Ontario universities. The team understands the needs of business and the importance of performing services quickly and in total confidence. The scientists work co-operatively matching facilities and expertise. Their collective expertise includes polymer, lipid and fibre chemical engineering, fibre-polymer bonding, physical micro-structures, bio-nanoparticles, civil engineering of bridges and buildings, auto parts design/manufacturing, materials testing, consumer goods and more.
Booth 740
The Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) is a Provincial Crown Agency established in 1993 to provide reliable and cost-effective water and wastewater services to Ontario communities. OCWA is the largest water operator in Ontario, with clients ranging in size from small wells and pumping stations to large-scale urban water and wastewater systems. Clients include townships, towns, cities, counties and regions as well as cross-jurisdictional boards where water and wastewater services are shared. OCWA also provides services to a number of Ontario’s First Nations communities as well as commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. Supporting its focus on operations and maintenance, OCWA offers professional services, ranging from project development to technical advisory and training services and provides first response capabilities to support Provincial Drinking Water Emergencies. Each day, OCWA services millions of Ontarians in over 500 facilities across the province.
Booth 645
The Space Robotics Division is a dedicated engineering team that works closely with the customer to provide robust, highly capable solutions for terrestrial and lunar rovers, testing concepts with rugged prototypes and designs which meet unique customer demands for manned, un-manned, remote controlled and autonomous vehicles, for use in extreme environments. Applications include clean-up assistance in hazardous environments, airport and border surveillance, mining and pipeline support, close support for dismounted soldiers, police emergency response assistance.
Booth 141/143
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources
Booth 105
The Ministry of Natural Resources has a vital role to play in protecting the Province’s abundant natural resources and ensuring their sustainable use. Our booth will focus on types of goods and services the Ministry procures to support all programs including Forest File Management and Ontario Parks.
Booth 511/513/515
openaxyz is an action based strategic thinking, business planning and management method and toolset. The secure openaxyz web application allows users to map and integrate core activities, resources and deliverables with: group collaboration and personal user profiling; performance management (KPI dashboards); activities life cycle management; document management and reference library; and embedded case studies, user guides, training and support. openaxyz enables organizations, large or small, to achieve visible excellence in executing on their ideas and demonstrate the value and return on investment.
Booth 314/316
Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) is one of the largest Research and Education (R&E) networks in the world. ORION connects all of Ontario's universities, most of its colleges, several teaching hospitals, public research facilities, and a growing number of Ontario’s school boards to one another and to a global network of R&E connections.
Booth 715/717
The Ottawa Technology Transfer Network (OTTN) is a collaboration among academic research institutions affiliated with the University of Ottawa and whose goal is to enhance the economic impact of research commercialization through the sharing of best practices, enhanced market knowledge, student engagement and proactive industrial integration. OTTN members include the University of Ottawa, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI).
Booth 511/513/515
Booth 232
Panacis provides the lightest and most reliable lithium battery systems in the world. With a focus on mission critical energy storage for renewable, telecommunications and defense industries, Panacis products can be found in the world’s most demanding environments. Panacis is a Deloitte Technology Green 15 company and a Canadian Business Profit 100 company for three consecutive years. Products range from palm-sized medical batteries that keep a heart beating, to mega-watt sized battery systems for cell towers, EV aircraft and small communities.
Booth 617
PARTEQ Innovations is the not-for-profit technology transfer office of Queen’s University, part of the Rideau Commercialization Network. PARTEQ works with institutional researchers and the business and venture capital communities to bring early stage technologies to market. Since 1987 PARTEQ has been instrumental in the establishment of 45 companies developing a variety of products, from potential drugs for Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease to automated bacteria detection for water systems, solar-powered appliances, and advanced materials.
Clean Tech Showcase
Penguin ASI provides full service telecomunications system enabling the transmision of video, data and voice for the control of single or multiple robots / equipment underground, underwater and in space applications.
PlayLab Inc.
Booth 323
PlayLab offers a fun and supportive educational environment dedicated to building confidence through success and accomplishment. Workshops are designed by educators to develop 21st Century Skills, such as creativity, problem solving, innovative thinking, communication and leadership. Children work together to brainstorm, prototype, test and build creative solutions to complex problems. Through this program children develop skills necessary for success in our complex and ever-changing world. Through play we are developing innovative thinkers.
Clean Tech Showcase
Pond Biofuels converts raw smokestack emissions from heavy industry into high-value algal biomass. One tonne of algae can yield 100 litres or more of diesel, and the residual biomass used as a renewable coal substitute. Heavy industry emits massive amounts of CO2, a green-house gas (GHG), widely viewed to have a negative environmental impact – targeted for reductions in many jurisdictions. Pond Biofuels scalable, industrially deployed carbon conversion and algal production technology is designed to connect seamlessly to industrial emitters.
Booth 1305
Proteocyte is developing a molecular diagnostic platform to provide highly accurate prognostic assessment of cancer. The platform is based on patented technologies invented by scientists at Mount Sinai Hospital. Products from this platform solve a serious cancer treatment problem: How to precisely assess the aggressiveness of a tumour so that appropriate therapy can be applied. The first product will be for prostate cancer. Proteocyte’s testing will spare patients adverse effects of overly aggressive therapy and healthcare payers unnecessary cost.
Public Works and Government Services Canada- Office of Small and Medium Enterprises
Booth 404/406
The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME)- Ontario Region was established within Public Works and Government Services Canada to support the Government of Canada’s commitment to a procurement system open to small and medium and regionally based businesses. Our Mandate: Analyzing the relationship between government procurement and the economy. Encouraging and assisting small and medium enterprises’ participation in the federal government procurement process. Bridging the gap between suppliers and government departments through outreach.
Booth 1311/1313/1315
Pulse InfoFrame (Pulse) is developing enabling technology as a private cloud-based healthcare analytics company with a system for electronic medical records (EMR) users that provides data management and integration systems targeted at the highly detailed requirements of medical specialists. It allows for quantitative data, bio marker data, and imaging data to be managed across healthcare providers and accessed using a secure web-based interface. Specifically, the Pulse system allows physicians in an out-patient or specialty clinic to easily capture, organize, model, store and share detailed administrative and medical data (i.e. medical histories, blood work results, or imaging data, appointment scheduling, surveys, etc.) with patients and other healthcare stakeholders through a secure, web-based application.
Booth 814
Queen's University builds partnerships with industry. We collaborate with industry to advance the development of technology and to find solutions to problems. We help secure funding for collaborative research that leverages industry investments in people, equipment and facilities. We train highly skilled people, transfer knowledge to the private sector through our graduates, publications, conferences and networks, and transfer technology to industry through licenses and patents. We create and support new companies, and we stimulate economic growth.
Booth 816
Research represents one of the most dynamic elements of the university enterprise at Queen’s. The Office of the Vice-Principal (Research) reflects the responsibilities associated with conducting and promoting research, and advancing the research activities that contribute to new discoveries and creative works, scientific and technical breakthroughs, advances in the social sciences and humanities, innovation, institutional reputation, and importantly to the education and training of both undergraduate and graduate students.
Booth 813/815/817
Queen's University is one of Canada's leading research-intensive universities. The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science is showcasing the expertise of its ten engineering programs and five research centres. Representatives from the Robotics Computer Vision Lab, the Centre for Energy & Power Electronics Research (ePOWER), and the Fuel Cell Research Centre (FCRC) will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate their research.
Booth 427
Quillsoft is a private research and development software company, created as a technology transfer start-up from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital. R&D relates to the field of reading and writing of digital text content to assist individuals with a broad range of difficulties, such as those individuals who have learning disabilities, those who are second language learners, and those who are emergent readers. Quillsoft has worldwide reach with its WordQ and SpeakQ software and the Province of Ontario has licensed WordQ for every public school.
Booth 511/513/515
RIC Centre helps new entrepreneurs and seasoned business people take the next great idea to market in the fields of advanced manufacturing, aerospace, life sciences, and emerging technology. We partner with business leaders, government and educators to support and promote new innovation. RIC is a proud member of the Ontario Network of Excellence.
Research Money
Booth 1225
Now in its 26th year, Research Money is Canada's leading research and innovation policy newsletter. Published 20 times per year Research Money brings readers the latest information on Canada's science and technology policy scene.
Booth 1248
Revelo Bikes Inc. is revolutionizing how we use bicycles. We specialize in innovative electric bicycle designs for people on the move.
Booth 341
Revolutionary Concrete Solutions Inc. and our full line of concrete waterproof materials known as CN2000 Series of Cementitious Capillary Crystalline Waterproofing (CCCW) materials. RCS is licensed by the manufacturer for the marketing and wholesale distribution the CN2000 series of waterproof products throughout Canada. Our manufacturer, Zhonghe Waterproof Material Co. Ltd. is a High-Tech Corporation based in China, utilizing state of the art technologies developed by the Chinese Institute of Physical and Chemical Engineering of The Nuclear Industry. The manufacturer specializes in the development and production of waterproof materials, and it owns several patents and proprietary techniques for developing conditions and advanced equipment for experimental analysis, that make its products superior in performance and more efficient than similar products. The CN2000 series of waterproof materials belong to the High-Tech and Environmentally Friendly product types that neither use nor produce any materials that are harmful to workers in the handling, production, and application of the materials, or to the environment in any way. CN2000 is a series of waterproof materials with an Eka-Molecular Sieve Structure developed by our manufacturer. This concrete waterproofing coating material has superior impervious performance, high waterproofing dynamics and anti corrosive capabilities. Further to this, CN2000 enhances the appearance and durability of concrete structures and infrastructure, and is effective in saving costs for future maintenance of concrete structures to a significant level. CN2000 has been chosen as the most advanced waterproof material for many world class projects including the Beijing, 2008 Olympic National Aquatics Center – Water Cube and the Three Gorges Hydro Electric Project, the world’s largest hydro electric project.
Booth 511/513/515
Rivalries Corporation is a wholly owned Canadian Company engaged in engineering the re-purposing of "Difficult to Recycle" plastics. The goal of the corporation is to develop the technology, the process and the products to support the continued re-use of plastics as a sustainable resource. Rivalries Corporation's patent (pending) technology addresses the complex issue of co-mingled waste plastics processing. The corporate goal is not only to reprocess the plastic waste stream but also to identify the products and technical skills required to build products which will enhance lives in North America and internationally.
Booth 1305
Rna Diagnostics has developed real-time cancer chemotherapy guidance tools to address one of the most serious problems in cancer treatment: ineffective and harmful chemotherapy. The RNA Disruption Assay (RDA™) is the only diagnostic tool that predicts early in treatment how a patient will respond to chemotherapy. RDA™ measures chemotherapy effectiveness. Effective therapy is confirmed for responding patients while non-responders may be switched to alternate therapies; reducing toxic side-effects and improving survival benefit.
Booth 220/221, 222-227
Ryerson is Canada's leader in innovative, career-focused education and a university clearly on the move. It is a distinctly urban university with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Ryerson has a mission to serve societal need and a long-standing commitment to engaging its community. Take the time to discover the new Ryerson - an institution with enormous potential and big dreams, a university with a fast growing research agenda that is making an impact on our city, our country and our world.
Booth 530
Safety Power Inc. is a leading supplier of environmental control products for large scale diesel and natural gas engine generators that are typically used for backup to the electricity grid. SPI's equipment is proven to significantly reduce the harmful emissions from internal combustion engines. In partnership with the University of Toronto and OCE, a project was completed in 2010 that developed an analytical model incorporating CFD modelling and reaction kinetics to account for the flow dynamics and chemical reactions taking place in the SCR equip.
Booth 317
The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre acts the Regional Innovation Centre for Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma region. The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre drives business growth, facilitates research and assists in commercializing innovation in globally significant areas of science and technology through partnerships, expert advice, community development, business incubation, youth outreach and sector development activities.
Booth 524
ScribbleLive delivers an industry leading real-time content creation, publishing and syndication platform that meets the needs of media organizations and brands that want to engage readers and customers, and drive new revenue opportunities. Driven by the growing demand for real-time news and event coverage, Scribble has established itself as the market leader with a feature-rich platform that powers live blogging, real-time journalism, on-the-fly storytelling and audience engagement. A growing number of the world’s leading media organizations and brands have embraced ScribbleLive to deliver content and tell stories at the speed of social media.
Seneca College
Booth 1013
Seneca’s Research and Innovation provides industry relevant research opportunities that enrich students’ education and respond to real world challenges of research partners. With 10 campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca offers degrees, diplomas and graduate certificates renowned for their quality and respected by employers. Combining the highest academic standards with practical, hands-on learning, expert faculty and the latest technology ensures Seneca graduates are career-ready. To learn more or partner with Seneca, call 416-491-5050 ext. 77904.
Booth 322
Booth 745/747
Sheridan is renowned for applied research creativity, innovation and leadership in advanced manufacturing, animation/live action production, interactive digital media/mobile apps, and business of aging. Sheridan Applied Research and Innovation works with academic, government and industry to address economic and social challenges and identify where technological and business innovation can rapidly translate into new jobs and increased capacity. Our exhibit showcases Faculty of Applied Science and Technology School of Engineering Applied Research projects.
Booth 511/513/515
Shimifrez is built on the principles of making quality products and providing reliable Photo Chemical Etching services in Canada and internationally. Photochemical machining (PCM), also known as photo-etching, photo fabrication or photochemical milling, is a non-traditional micro fabrication/manufacturing method based on the combination of photo-resist imaging and chemical etching. Our diversified product range continues to grow by following trends, improving our standard products, and listening to the customer.
Booth 1112
SIMMS is an innovative software development company, with sales and support in Canada (Toronto), and an overseas programming team. The primary focus is on the healthcare industry, especially the radiology & cardiology communities. We provide cloud based solutions that drive the workflow & operations for diagnostic imaging facilities, medical practitioners and specialists. The company is built upon a vision of providing cost effective software solutions that enable the healthcare provider to deliver optimal patient care by utilizing the newest technologies.
Booth 511/513/515
Founded in 2011 by two Mechatronics Engineering graduates from the University of Waterloo, SMARTeacher is creating the next generation of education games: a game that customizes its behaviour based on a child’s emotions. The game utilizes two sensors (facial recognition and a wrist-band) to monitor a child's emotions and responds to them in real-time by automatically tailoring questions and game-play mechanics to each student. This effectively increases engagement and reduces frustration in a fun and personalized learning environment.
Booth 410
Spark Centre helps start and grow innovative technology-based companies in Durham and Northumberland. We help start-up companies find the best path to market, and we surround them with the tools, people and connections they need to get there faster. We also help existing companies develop relationships and create strategies that can drive faster growth. Spark Centre is the place where entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, researchers and students come together to exchange ideas, help each other succeed, and form an innovation ecosystem.
Advanced Health Showcase
SpongeLab is an award-winning portal that caters to scientists, teachers, animators, artists, and programmers who are passionate about science education. It is a fantastic resource for learning and employs a number of great initiatives and tools (including games and interactive media) to help in science education.
Booth 1209/1211
What Is SquagTM? [skwag] is a curated social space for kids with autism (and other learning differences) to build ideas about themselves. Our goal is to facilitate the opportunity for organic relationships; driven by kids, supported by parents. What could be better?
Booth 711/713
The Sustainable Applied Research Centre (SEARC)’s goal is to address the research and innovation challenges faced by small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). SEARC collaborate with SME companies in areas that concern sustainable energy business - solar, geothermal, wind, and bio-energy. SEARC activities involve product and process applied research; engineering design; technology development; product testing; proof of concept; piloting and problem solving activities in sustainable energy business and develop integrations of emerging technologies.
Booth 506
Startup Canada is Canada’s first-ever, entrepreneur-led, national movement to enhance the nation’s competitiveness and prosperity by supporting and celebrating Canadian entrepreneurship. Startup Canada is harnessing the collective energies of Canadian entrepreneurs and enterprise support communities from Coast to Coast with the goals of providing the entrepreneurship community with a strong voice, promoting a vibrant entrepreneurial culture and creating a unified brand that Canadians can rally around. Startup Canada is launching this effort with the country’s first national entrepreneurship tour and campaign. The tour will run from March to September, engaging 25,000 Canadians and 250 partner organizations across the country. Entrepreneurs will participate in more than 30 Town Halls and 100 Fringe Events and connect through a social media groundswell campaign. This unique effort will not only identify key challenges facing Canadian entrepreneurs, but will bring them together in a way they never have been before. It’s the beginning of a critical conversation and the first step in a new way of thinking. Join the movement at and @StartUp_Canada
Booth 1045
SUNTRITION offers turnkey product solutions to the Natural Health Product (NHP) and Nutritional Health Supplement (NHS) industries. As the leader in small-batch, oral-dose manufacturing, we specialize in blending, tableting, encapsulation, formulating, coating and retail ready packaging services. SUNTRITION also offers NPN guidance, product development and inventory stocking programs. Our state-of-the art manufacturing facility is licensed by Health Canada & FDA and most recently awarded NSF certification.
Booth 342
Sustainability programs, services energy management, retscreen training life cycle cost evaluations and training, conservation incentive applications Green supply chain - online procurement Business advisor of formidable technologies authorized reseller of first carbon solutions GHG Track – sustainability workbench software
Booth 1309
TechAlliance empowers London and Southwestern Ontario's technology sector. We prepare today's entrepreneurs to launch new ventures, provide education and networking opportunities to accelerate business growth for small-to-medium enterprises, and serve our 150+ members as advocates for the region's thriving technology, life sciences and advanced manufacturing companies. From one-on-one advice and mentorship to business plan basics and market research, TechAlliance has the tools that entrepreneurs need to take a business concept or new company to its full potential and successful launch.
Booth 234
Temporal Power develops breakthrough, world leading flywheel technology that will be used to support wind and solar power generation on the grid. A flywheel is a mechanical battery that stores kinetic energy in a heavy spinning mass. In addition to wind and solar power generation, the technology will be used to provide
province-wide grid regulation and enable energy efficiency in remote off-grid communities.
Manufacturing Showcase
The ThingTank Lab is a collaborative lab space and research project examining and designing the Internet of Things. The Lab catalyzes development and research around how our data-connected world is increasingly moving off the screen and into the world of objects, buildings and activities. Since 2009, ThingTank has been offering workshops and various events aimed at supporting activity in this exciting area. Its mission is to provide academic, private and public sector institutions the space and opportunity to forge creative and financial partnerships.
Booth 1303
Tiercel Technology Corp. is a privately held, Ontario-based corporation. Our expertise and experience in manufacturing spans from simple metal fabrication and metal components to high value and high volume complex electromechanical assemblies and systems in a wide variety of industrial sectors including the emerging medical and pharmaceutical markets, research, defense, solar energy, computer, electronics, consumer and heavy industrial. Tiercel's portfolio companies include: John G Wilson Machine Limited, Automated Assembly Inc. and Second Wind Air Purifier.
Booth 134
Over the past ten years, Tomatosphere, an educational outreach project, has evolved into a regular component of the curriculum for more than 13,700 classrooms in Canada and the United States. The Tomatosphere Project Team will continue offering this stellar learning opportunity through to 2014. The project currently has 600,000 tomato seeds on board the International Space Station. Some of the seeds for 2012 have been primed. This process is outlined in the Teacher's Guide – Seed Treatment for 2012. Information about the priming process is included here
Booth 1312
Top Hat Monocle is a web- and mobile-based classroom response system that engages students and provides professors with the real-time feedback on student understanding. Top Hat Monocle lets instructors conduct polls, quizzes and interactive demonstrations in class. Students can participate in class using any device they own, such as their cell phone, smartphone, ipad or laptop. Currently used by over 60,000 students at over 75 universities, Top Hat Monocle makes the in-class experience more connected and interactive.
Booth 843/845, 942/943
Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI) is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Toyota, Lexus and Scion cars, SUVs and trucks. Toyota Canada offers the most fuel efficient passenger car fleet in Canada, led by the industry’s largest selection of advanced technology vehicles such as the Toyota Prius. TCI’s head office is in Toronto, with regional offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Halifax and parts distribution centres in Toronto and Vancouver.
Booth 534
Trent University is a research intensive university with particular emphasis on clean technologies, sustainable agriculture and healthy food systems.
Booth 340
Tyromer is a spin-off from the University of Waterloo to commercialize a patented rubber devulcanization technology to produce a tire-derived polymer from scrap tire rubber. The patented technology uses conventional extrusion equipment in combination with supercritical carbon dioxide to effect devulcanization through preferential breaking of sulphur bonds. This continuous process uses no chemical solvents and is energy efficient. Tyromer has successfully scaled up the production process and is ready to build a commercial pilot plant.
Booth 1209/1211
Booth 135
A multi-interinstitutional research partnership between the University of Guelph, Western University, and the University of Windsor as well as Agriculture and AgriFood Canada, we have acquired through public, private sector and institutional support over $11M in funding and resources to advance the study of phaseolus vulgaris genomics and bioproduct development. Our exceptional group is currently comprised of nine faculty, four postdoctoral fellows, nine research technicians, nine postgraduate students, as well as several undergraduate students each academic semester.
University of Guelph - The Robotics Institute
Booth 442
Booth 142
The hazelnut industry in Ontario is in its infancy. The North American plant of Ferrero PlC situated in Brantford uses large quatities of hazelnuts in its Rocher and Nutella products. Consequently, there is interest in developing hazelnuts as a viable crop. Our research project aim is testing varieites and developing micropropagation techniques to provide the varieties and plants and economic information for this industry to develop.
Booth 739
We deliver postgraduate training and professional development short courses that create the world's most highly qualified groundwater experts. Armed with leading-edge knowledge, tools and technologies, these experts can properly manage groundwater to support healthy ecosystems and provide clean and sustainable fresh water to individuals and communities locally and around the world.
Booth 203/205
The University of Ottawa, in partnership with TRIAS Innovations, will be presenting a contra-rotating small wind energy converter (wind turbine)prototype that incorporates a specially designed electro-mechanical system. Along with the wind turbine, other industry based projects will be displayed. Based in Ottawa, TRIAS Innovations is involved in the provision of engineering based solutions for various mechanical and electrical projects and in the research and development of renewable energy systems.
University of Toronto, Mechanical And Industrial Engineering

Students from Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department at University of Toronto
Booth 235
The challenge of sustainability is global, providing opportunities for collaboration across disciplines, between academics, governments and business leaders. In today’s competitive marketplace, a strong economy requires
a well-educated and highly skilled workforce. A company’s performance is directly tied to the skills of its employees. We are teaching and training tomorrow’s experts to meet these challenges by providing valuable knowledge, opening new career paths, fuelling economic growth and helping learners achieve their personal and professional goals.
Unversity of Toronto: Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies
Booth 1140
The Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies (CACT) was established in 1998 as a collaborative effort by researchers from the departments of mechanical engineering and materials science, dedicated to both fundamental and applied research in the area of industrial coatings application. It is now in its ninth year of operation, with approximately 40 researchers, including professors from both departments, research staff members and graduate students. CACT conducts fundamental research, both analytical and experimental, in the area of thermal spray coating.
Booth 122
University of Toronto was recently ranked #10 in the world in Computer Science. We have 65 faculty who have been presented with a wide variety of honours and awards, including the Turing Award (the "Nobel prize" of computer science), and 300 outstanding graduate students who have been awarded more Canada Graduate Scholarships than any other computer science department in Canada. Our research spans 11 different areas, including human-computer interaction, computational biology, artificial intelligence, and technologies for aging gracefully (TAGLab).
Booth 124
Innovations and Partnerships Office University of Toronto is a business unit within the Office of the Vice President, Research at the University of Toronto. Our mandate is to collaborate with governments, companies, investors, and U of T’s researchers to bring our innovation to the world.
Booth 1143
The academic program in aerospace science and engineering at the University of Toronto includes undergraduate and graduate studies. Our undergraduate program is offered through the Engineering Science Program. At the graduate level we offer research-intensive programs leading to MASc and PhD degrees, and a professionally-oriented program leading to the MEng degree. The scope of our research includes aeronautical engineering (aircraft flight systems, propulsion, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and structural mechanics) and space systems.
Booth 123
At the University of Waterloo Stratford Campus, our focus is digital media. This collaborative, strategic partnership between the City of Stratford and the University of Waterloo will bring students, leading researchers, businesses and entrepreneurs together to create, examine and commercialize opportunities in the digital media space.
Booth 848
The focus of the CIRFE Center’s research activities is on emerging RF technologies including RF Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), miniature RFID, wireless intelligent systems, filters & multiplexers, superconductivity, novel materials, computer-aided circuit diagnosis, simulation and modeling. The uniqueness of the CIRFE Center lies in the ability to integrate various RF technologies and in its wide range of capabilities, which include research, development, modeling, design, fabrication, packaging and test.
Booth 1039
Our laboratory provides a unique multidisciplinary research environment to address the synergy between novel systems, materials and processes for rapid prototyping of macro- and micro-scale systems. The research programs carried out in this laboratory consist of systems characterization, materials processing and micro-system fabrication using novel layer-based maskless rapid prototyping techniques capable of handling customized products with complex geometries and heterogeneous internal architectures.
Booth 332/334
The University of Windsor is recognized nationally and globally for the excellence of its research, innovation and creative activity and their role as a catalyst for intellectual, social, cultural, and economic advancement.
Booth 411/413/415/417
UOIT delivers a leading-edge learning environment that uniquely combines academic knowledge, research opportunities, hands-on skills and a vibrant student life. More than 8,400 students are taught by world-class professors who are experts in their field. UOIT offers a diverse array of challenging undergraduate and graduate degree programs through seven faculties. UOIT's commitment to research excellence and innovation has resulted in millions of dollars in grants and awards, including five prestigious Canada Research Chairs, with another four in development, and six industrial research chairs.
VeloCity ( University of Waterloo)
Booth 522
VeloCity provides a unique opportunity for University of Waterloo students to be in an innovative and entrepreneurial environment. Students are given access to the latest technologies and opportunity to learn from a great network of mentors and entrepreneurs. The VeloCity residence programs provides a “dormcubator” environment for students to live on campus and be surrounded by like-minded individuals while the Garage program is dedicated to providing free space and mentoring for students and alumni to kick-start their companies.
Booth 1011
ventureLAB helps technology entrepreneurs begin, launch and expand high growth technology companies by providing timely advice, entrepreneurship education, and direction to funding and investment. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn great ideas into globally competitive products and services.
Booth 511/513/515
VentureStart is an exciting new program designed to help entrepreneurs in Southern Ontario with the launch of new enterprises. The program enhances the success rate of start-up ventures by providing essential business skills training for technical entrepreneurs who are graduates of science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). Plus, the start-up enterprise has the opportunity to receive matching seed financing of up to $30,000. Full details of the program are available at
Booth 1232
Vertex Intellectual Property Strategies Inc.'s. team of seasoned professionals helps its clients address their intellectual property management needs. We bridge the gap between businesses and the legal profession. Our mission is to help businesses and publicly funded research organizations realize the full value of their technology and know-how. Vertex assists its clients to completely identify, appropriately safeguard and fully exploit their intellectual assets.
Booth 325
Vetica Interactive Inc. creates web applications that help individuals and organizations solve real world problems.
Booth 112
Viafoura is the leading audience engagement platform for premier digital publishers. Our platform adds advanced social functionality to large news and entertainment websites and mobile applications. Through the power of conversation, curation and reward mechanics, our technology builds community and drives key performance metrics such as page views, length of visit, social shares, return visits, interactions per visit and revenues.
Booth 325
Youtube for Business, Omniture for Video - Vidyard is a video hosting, sharing and analytics platform that changes the way you do business online. Can you optimize video placement? Can video generate leads? You bet it can, we'll show you how. It's time to explore Video. It's time to use Vidyard.
Booth 320
Visionary Technology Inc. is an Ottawa-based R&D company. Over the past 12 years we've experimented with a wide variety of design concepts in electric transportation, computer vision and filed over 30 patent applications. Successful products include a mobile licence plate recognition system, a drill accessory now on sale in Canadian Tire, an innovative electric cargobike and a hands-free iPad carrier.
Booth 1311/1313/1315 is the industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talents. Radio and television stations, advertising agencies and Fortune 500 companies rely upon the marketplace to search for, audition and hire voice talents with the assistance of our innovative SurePay™ escrow service and our award-winning web application. has a global network of over 25,000 voice actors in over 100 languages and currently serves more than 107,220 users online. Over 69,662 MP3 voice-over demos are listened to by 1,159,901 unique visitors, creating 6,911 job opportunities on average, each and every month.
Booth 742
The Walkerton Clean Water Centre features a state-of-the-art facility that serves as a platform for technology demonstration and assessment, hands-on training and applied research for drinking water professionals. The Centre is committed to the following mission: “We safeguard drinking water for the people of Ontario as the leading centre for high quality training, applied research and technology demonstration.”
Waterloo Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory and Aerial Inspection Services (WAVELab)
Booth 641
The Waterloo Autonomous Vehicles Laboratory works on perception, planning and coordination problems for autonomous vehicles. Aerial Inspection Services is a new service provider, enabling easy aerial inspection and monitoring for a wide range of industries.
Waterloo Engineering
Booth 838/840/842/844/846
Waterloo Engineering is Canada's largest undergraduate engineering school, home to over 1,800 graduate students, over 6,300 undergrads and over 280 faculty. Our growing research portfolio attracted over $60 million in research funding in 2011. Waterloo’s inventor-owned intellectual property policy makes us a leader in the transfer of ideas and technology. In our research, as in all else, we are oriented to the needs of society, and work closely with industry, government, medicine, and more.
Booth 131
The Particle Technology Research Centre (PTRC) was formed to provide a platform for Western researchers to collaborate among themselves and to provide the best service to the research community, industry and society. As such, PTRC is dedicated to the advancement of research, innovation, and technological development in the particle technology area and aims to establish and enhance research collaboration with other university research groups, research institutions and industry.
Booth 339
The Zeolitic & Nanomaterials Lab(ZNML) at Western University provides expertise and houses facilities on developing advanced nano materials such as zeolitic compounds, MOFs, ZIFs for energy and environmental applications including reduction of green house gases ( CO2 adsorption), catalytic degradation CO and VOCs, and controlled drug delivery. The Control & Crystallization of Pharmaceuticals lab (CCPL) is dedicated to the advancement of research, innovation, and technological development in control and crystallization technology of pharmaceuticals.
Booth 915
WEtech Alliance is Windsor-Essex’s Technology Accelerator; an industry-led non-profit organization focused on driving the growth and success of Windsor-Essex’s technology and innovation centric companies and entrepreneurs through, mentoring, programs and connections. WEtech strives to identify, find solutions and foster the development of the technology industry and innovation sector, as well as companies who utilize technology. For more information, please visit
Booth 125/127
Wilfrid Laurier University is one of the fastest growing universities in Canada. The university has more than 17,000 students throughout its four campuses. Laurier’s main campus is located in Waterloo, Ontario. Laurier specializes in arts and social sciences, business and economics, music, science, and social work. Laurier is home of the renowned Laurier School of Business and Economics. Our science research programs cover a wide variety of topics in chemistry, biology, physics, computer science, math, geography and health sciences.
Booth 915
The WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation (WEEDC) is the lead economic development agency proudly representing Windsor-Essex, Ontario. One region with countless opportunities. Windsor-Essex is one of the world’s Top 7 most intelligent communities (Intelligent Community Forum) and FDI’s 2011 #2 Best Economic Potential-Large City (Financial Times of London). Acting as a catalyst and network developer, WEEDC works to positively impact the region by providing services including business attraction, retention and expansion, small business and entrepreneurial development, and community development activities.
Booth 639
WineHawk is an advanced R&D company focused on the development of intelligent platforms that enable the collection of high quality, highly reliable data. We specialize in state-of-the-art small unmanned aircraft systems that are designed to relieve the burden of control and operation from the user. As such, these are highly intelligent systems that require virtually no input from human operators.
Booth 1043
The Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) is the global materials research and development centre for Xerox Corporation. With a 35-year history of taking materials from lab to market, XRCC innovations are present in all Xerox printers and copiers in the market today. Our diverse team of scientists and engineers is the key ingredient of successful innovation. XRCC has also engaged external customers who could benefit from our expertise and unique value chain.
Booth 912
York Region
Booth 1112
York Region is Toronto area’s fastest growing region and Ontario’s second largest business centre. A technology powerhouse, the region is home to: four of Canada’s top 10 corporate R&D spenders; 3,600 ICT companies including IBM, AMD, Alcatel Lucent, Huawei and Oracle; 300 Life Sciences firms including, J&J, Teva, Apotex, as well as Ontario’s largest LHIN; a strong CleanTech industry cluster including GE, SunEdison, Siemens, Silicor and Napier-Reid; a dynamic, high-end, workforce - 67% have post-secondary education; 45% of population foreign born.
Booth 1110
York University is a leading interdisciplinary research and teaching university in Canada. York offers a modern, academic experience at the undergraduate and graduate level in Toronto – Canada’s most international city. The third largest university in the country, York is host to a dynamic academic community of 55,000 students and 7,000 faculty and staff, as well as 250,000 alumni worldwide. York’s 10 faculties and 28 research centres conduct ambitious, groundbreaking research that is interdisciplinary, cutting across traditional academic boundaries.
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