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Named Canada’s Best Trade Show 2010 and 2011, Discovery brings together the best and brightest minds in industry, academia, the investment community and government to showcase leading-edge technologies, best practices and research in Ontario.

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Connect with more than 2,600 delegates from industry and research, entrepreneurs, financiers, students and mentors, all with one goal: to speed innovative ideas to market.

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With the ultimate goal to make 3-D printing more accessible to all consumers, 3D Chocolateering continues to push the bounds of what low-cost rapid manufacturing technologies can accomplish. 3D Chocolateering is captained by a small group of Mechatronics Engineering graduates based out of Waterloo, Ontario. 3D Chocolateering has made its entrance by creating the world's first Selective Laser Sintering 3-D printer that can form solid objects by thermally bonding chocolate powder.

7D Surgical Inc. is developing next generation surgical navigation technologies to localize the position of surgical instruments relative to the human body. Its new technique accurately detects and accounts for the bending of biopsy needles along with their spatial position during insertion into tissue. This innovation provides detailed information such that the biopsy can be accurately guided to the correct anatomical location as defined by the surgeon.

AbCelex Technologies Inc. is a privately owned Canadian biotechnology company committed to the discovery and development of innovative technologies and products for improving the health of animals in order to increase food safety and production performance. The company’s diagnostic line of products allows for early, accurate and cost-effective detection of various diseases in food animal as well as human health. AbCelex has an exclusive access to National Research Council’s (NRC) proprietary platform technology to design and produce high avidity single-domain antibody (or Nanobody)-based diagnostic and food safety products. The AbCelex platform enables production of nanobodies that are superior to conventional antibodies; benefits include significant cost-reduction, faster production time and substantially higher stability. These attributes are important commercial considerations for both therapeutic and diagnostic applications. The company’s strategy is to apply its patented technologies to develop products for the prevention of bacterial infections at the source. The team works closely with academic and industry partners to develop a broad line of field-proven feed additives for enhancing the welfare and performance for poultry, beef and dairy cattle, and other food-producing animal species.

ACCT Canada is a nationwide organization supporting those working at the intersection of academia, research and industry to partner with and commercialize Canadian technologies. Serving as the nexus for Canada's innovation ecosystem, the organization centers on activity in four areas: advocacy, professional development, tools development and implementation, and networking.

Established in 2005 as a not-for-profit organization, ACCT Canada’s membership includes publicly funded research organizations such as universities, hospitals, colleges, polytechnics, and federal laboratories as well as private sector organizations, companies and individuals. Numerous partnerships have been formed with like-minded organizations in Canada and abroad. The organization has created and continues to develop platforms, instruments and training programs that address the complexities at the interface of academic research and business/industry.

ADitude Media develops client/server based software products, allowing for automated collection of real-time data from various sources including RSS, Twitter, video feeds and user created multimedia content on the servers. Data are packaged in accordance with present relationships with intelligent field displays based on their IP address. Its clients include banks, universities, colleges, school boards, healthcare, convention centres, real estate and retail.

The Advanced Cognitive Engineering (ACE) Lab is housed at the $30-million Carleton University VSIM Centre. The ACE Lab supports the development of focused-fidelity, simulator-based training systems through the integration of research on human cognitive systems with leading edge research in visualization, modeling and simulation.

AHMP is a startup company created to leverage the extraordinary advancement in smartphone (and camera) technology for the development of a point of care and at-home-use biochemical diagnostic testing platform. Using standard blood (including a novel method for whole blood separation) and urine samples, and established biochemistry methods with bioluminescence, AHMP is able to use a smartphone to quantify the light generated, perform computer processing to calibrate and determine the analyte concentration, and communicate it as appropriate.

AMD is a semiconductor design innovator leading the next era of vivid digital experiences with its groundbreaking AMD Accelerated Processing Units (APUs) that power a wide range of computing devices. AMD's server computing products are focused on driving industry-leading Cloud computing and virtualization environments. AMD's superior graphics technologies are found in a variety of solutions ranging from game consoles, PCs to supercomputers.

Founded in 2012, Advanced Solar Technology Solutions Inc. (ASTS) is a skylight manufacturer for the RV industry. Its customers include RV manufacturers and RV aftermarket. ASTS has one single solution for discomfort caused by excessive light and heat inside the RV during summer days: a skylight (for natural lighting), with patented design (for insulated comfort), and built-in LED lights (for nighttime illumination). These LEDs can be charged using integrated solar cells, causing reduced battery drain with pleasant daylight from dawn through dusk.

Adventus Research Inc. is a full-service market research and technology assessment consultancy. Adventus specializes in cost-effective market research and technology due diligence for emerging technologies and products. Research methodologies include expert/stakeholder interviews, surveys, focus groups and industry literature reviews.

Agile Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading 3-D printing source, providing: laser scanning for reverse engineering and inspection; 3-D design and rapid prototyping via SLA, SLS and 3-D printers; rapid castings, both urethane and metal; rapid tooling; low-volume injection molding; and CNC machining of prototype plastic and metal parts.

Agile also distributes the Handyscan 3D lineup and the new GO!SCAN 3D, as well as the full line of 3-D systems, 3-D printing and rapid prototyping equipment.  In short, it provides some of the best reverse engineering and rapid prototyping equipment, supplies and solutions available in Canada.

AIRON provides the most efficient and effective Building Automation Systems (BAS) and Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) installation and service in the industry. After 20 years in business, the AIRON team is just as passionate as the day they opened.

Akindi is a web-based assessment system that automates the grading of multiple choice examinations. Unlike Scantron, which requires the use of proprietary scanners and paper for automated grading, Akindi utilizes any scanner and any sheet of paper. This saves educators and educational institutions thousands to tens of thousands of dollars annually that are currently spent on Scantron scanners, sheets, operation labour and maintenance - all while providing better analytics and deeper insights on student performance.

Algoma Games for Health is a serious game development studio based in Northern Ontario. Its goals are to improve quality of life thought innovative applications of video game technology to the healthcare, education and training sectors, as well as inspire, motivate, educate and engage people through the use of video game technology.

Analytics For Life’s analytic techniques and algorithms reveal hidden signals in what was previously considered noise. They have applied these techniques to electrocardiograms to reveal a much deeper understanding of a person's heart and heart health.  Currently to get the same depth and quality of information one needs a full battery of diagnostic tests provided in a tertiary care Cardiac unit. These tests use capital intensive equipment, radiation, are invasive and require the patient to be paced. The company’s method only uses a standard ECG while the patient is at rest.

Applied Bean Genomics and Bioproduct Development is an inter-institutional partnership between the University of Guelph, the University of Western Ontario, the University of Windsor and Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. The project will rectify the current lack of genomic information available for dry bean research by sequencing the entire bean genome.

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology is a large, comprehensive, multi-credentialing college offering over 170 programs in business, media and design, advanced technologies, trades, health and community studies, public safety and security, and hospitality and tourism. Its vision is “To be a global leader in digitally-connected applied education and training.” It is well-connected to the external community through Program Advisory Committees, Corporate Training, Foundation, Workforce Development and Applied Research.

Lambton College is a college of applied arts and technology in Sarnia, Ontario. There are approximately 3,600 full-time, 6,500 part-time, and 600 international students. Applied Research and Innovation's role at Lambton College is to provide real world solutions for business, industry and the community through applied research and knowledge transfer activities. Areas of interests are: renewable energy conversion and storage, process control and optimization, advanced material development, hydrogen, bio-processes, health and public safety.

Fanshawe College is a large postsecondary institution located in southwestern Ontario with campuses in London, St. Thomas, Woodstock and Simcoe.  The College offers over 110 programs in a wide range of disciplines to 17,350 full-time and 26,000 part-time students annually. Applied Research and Innovation (ARI) is Fanshawe College’s Research Office and Industry Innovation Centre (IIC). ARI works with industry and community partners, and with Fanshawe researchers, to develop innovative research projects and programs.

AUTO21 Inc. operates two national programs: AUTO21 Network of Centres of Excellence, an automotive R&D program, and Connect Canada, a graduate internship program.

Auto Flex™ Air Ride Suspensions specializes in manufacturing air ride suspension technology for pickup trucks and trailers. Its patented technology can be easily adapted to any truck or trailer, significantly improving handling, safety and ride comfort while reducing maintenance costs and fuel consumption. Having been widely exposed to transport truck air ride suspension technology, the company is addressing the performance gap in the pickup and trailer market to provide a smoother, more comfortable ride and share the experience of riding on air.

Ballagh & Edward LLP offers a full range of high-quality legal services exclusively in the field of intellectual property (IP) law. Its services include: patent and trademark, industrial design, and copyright prosecution in Canada–and worldwide–for its Canadian clients through a network of qualified foreign professionals; litigation and dispute resolution in Canada, and managing multinational matters for its Canadian clients; preparing licenses and other agreements relating to IP assets; and reviewing marketing and contest materials.

Banko Media tells stories through images and they've been telling the story of innovation since 1996. They work together with companies like yours to get the word out, to let the world know about how you are changing it, or helping it stay the same. They are a talented and creative team working on the latest capture technology to create pictures worth 1000 words, often more. Let them tell your story.

With more than $1 billion in current and planned investments and more than 25 years of industry experience, BDC Venture Capital is an investor of choice focusing on IT, health, and energy/clean technology companies, as well as venture funds, with high growth potential. From seed through expansion to exit, its mandate is to help build outstanding Canadian companies, while working to create a sound financial ecosystem for Canadian technology ventures.

Canada’s business development bank, BDC puts entrepreneurs first. With almost 2,000 employees and more than 100 business centres across the country, BDC offers financing, subordinate financing, venture capital, securitization and consulting services to more than 28,000 small and medium-sized companies. Their success is vital to Canada’s economic prosperity.

Bereskin & Parr LLP is a leading Canadian intellectual property (IP) law firm serving clients of all sizes, in a variety of industries, both domestic and international. The firm was founded in 1965 and has grown to be one of the largest IP law firms in Canada and serves clients in over 100 countries. Its offices are located in major economic or technology centres: Toronto, Mississauga, Waterloo Region, and Montréal. Bereskin & Parr is made up of over 70 lawyers, patent and trademark agents, many of whom are recognized as leading practitioners in their respective fields.

Bionym is revolutionizing the way that people are recognized and authenticated by their smart devices and environments. Using its patented HeartID system, Bionym is developing a wearable device that biometrically authenticates the identity of the user based on their unique cardiac rhythm. The era of cumbersome passwords and PINs will soon be gone. Bionym is enabling a future where all your devices – from smartphones, tablets, and even vehicles and smart rooms – know who you are automatically, providing a seamless and secure user experience.

Black Gear Products, a small company out of New Liskeard, manufactures ATV trailers that are equipped with air-ride suspension.

Blacktree Health is building a stress coaching app powered by biofeedback. Users wear a heart rate monitor and the app converts their heart rate into a stress index (backed by two decades of research). With a continuous monitoring solution like Blacktree’s, you can see how stress impacts your body on a micro-level. Using information like this, Blacktree is developing algorithms that learn who you are and how you deal with stress. The app will be your personal coach to a life with lower stress and anxiety.

Dedicated to improving the lives of children with disabilities and their families through clinically-linked and applied pediatric rehabilitation research, the Bloorview Research Institute is located on site at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and allows Holland Bloorview to integrate cutting edge-research and teaching with frontline care.

Boardwalk International Advisors is a full-service business consulting firm for technology companies. Its team can help you accelerate channel partnerships; business/financing planning; M&A, and turn-around complex projects. They specialize in mobile apps; big data; social media; SaaS; loyalty; and the financial services sectors. Senior relationships help you achieve results quickly and manage risk.

Boost 3D Marketing is a no-glasses 3D marketing and distribution company

Boreal Agrominerals Inc. is a private company of mineral exploration professionals that explores, develops and supplies agrominerals to sustainable agriculture.

BrainFx develops clinical assessment tools for neurofunction. BrainFx 360 is a comprehensive, web and tablet based assessment for people at risk of or with mild to moderate symptoms of brain disorders (concussion, brain injury, stroke, dementia or other neurodegenerative diseases).

BrainFx 360 provides more information to health teams for diagnosis, treatment planning and measuring outcomes, while saving time, cost and duplication. The team is committed to delivering a scientific method of tracking brain health like we track our blood pressure.

Brakers Early Warning Systems Inc. has designed a system that will inform drivers of traffic or weather anomalies from inside their car.

Brican Automated Systems (BAS) is an advanced manufacturing technology company with expertise in research and development of automated/robotic manufacturing systems. BAS pioneers methodologies in the manufacturing sector for automotive, mining and consumer goods companies and is developing a new generation of techniques and applications utilizing CNC robotics. Brican's roots in 1983, however, were in general aviation and commercial aerospace and in 2009 it entered into a research program to develop a new class of unmanned aircraft (TD100 series).

Bullfrog Power, Canada's 100 per cent green energy provider, offers homes and businesses clean, renewable energy solutions. By choosing Bullfrog Power's green energy, you can reduce your environmental impact, support the development of new renewable generation in Canada and help to create a cleaner world for today and tomorrow.

The Business Acceleration Program is a provincial program run by MaRS on behalf the Ministry of Research and Innovation and Ministry of Economic Development Trade and Employment. The program enables the Regional Innovation centers (17 centers) around the province to support their entrepreneur community through mentorship, programming, entrepreneurship education, market intelligence services and project funding programs.

Canada Business Ontario (CBO) provides accurate, timely and relevant business information to entrepreneurs like you. It's the first stop for anyone starting or growing a business in Ontario, and can help you with business planning, specialized market research, financing and other government programs and service information. Whether you're starting a new business, growing an established company, or adapting to the changing economic landscape, Canada Business Ontario is your business information connection.

CAISU is a private, non-profit association dedicated to representing the Canadian alumni of the International Space University (ISU). CAISU is also active in organizing programs and conferences aimed at promoting space awareness among university-level students, professionals and the community in general. 

The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN), a federal Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research (CECR), is dedicated to establishing Canada as a world leader in digital media (ICT + mobile) by creating and enabling connections and collaboration between entrepreneurs, companies, research institutes, government and intermediary organizations across the country. CDMN helps bring more digital media solutions to market to create more companies, jobs and wealth in Canada.

The Canadian Innovation Centre (CIC) is a not-for-profit Canadian corporation that provides market-based research for technology development and commercialization, education and consulting. Founded in 1975, CIC validates and assesses opportunities providing insight to assist new ventures and businesses in achieving sustainable success. CIC’s education arm offers events , webinars, seminars, customized workshops and an “Ask the Expert” web service which educate entrepreneurs and inventors with their business building and assessment of their innovations.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), a special operating agency of Industry Canada, is mainly responsible for the administration of the Intellectual Property (IP) system in Canada. There are four main types of IP rights; patent, trademark, copyright and industrial design.

IP means legal recognition for creative endeavours and it provides businesses with a competitive advantage, enabling innovators and creators to enhance the value of their products and services.

CSPC serves as a non-partisan and national forum uniting stakeholders, strengthening dialogue, and enabling action regarding current and emerging issues in national science, technology and innovation policy. It is a grassroots initiative that thrives on a dynamic conference structure focused on best serving the needs of the science policy community. CSPC continues to expand and has been able to attract over 100 volunteers and 500 attendees, sponsorship from over 200 companies and institutions, and an Advisory and Honorary Committee of more than 70 experts.

The Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to growing our nation’s economy one young entrepreneur at a time. We look at character not collateral, when providing youth, age 18-39, with pre-launch coaching, business resources, startup financing and mentoring, to help them launch and sustain a successful entrepreneurial business. CYBF is a founding member of the global G20 Young Entrepreneurs’ Alliance (G20 YEA).

CANARIE operates Canada's Advanced Research and Innovation Network. In support of Canada’s high-tech entrepreneurs, CANARIE offers cloud-computing services to help them accelerate product development and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

The University of Toronto Career Centres operate on all three campuses and interact with employers for the purpose of on-campus recruitment of University of Toronto students, and employer/partner engagement in career education for students.

The Company Director of Case Innovations is very knowledgeable in the methods of industrial construction, heavy concrete placement in particular. Case Innovations represents this experience and passion obtained from years of field supervision, building the company to be a respected producer of premium industrial construction hardware and applications. Case Innovations will extend IP protection for additional products and applications, creating a product line that will be the industry standard for quality and reliable performance. To ensure this level of quality, Case will control final assembly and distribution of its fastening system. Case will work to secure custom fabrication as its product can be sued and produced for any size or application.   

Catchr is making public transit more efficient, cost effective and user-friendly by leveraging smartphone technology to gather real-time user information. Catchr will provide tools for transit planners to enable decisions to be made with more user-based information so that transit systems can be designed to work with people.

C-COM Satellite Systems is a leader in the design and development of commercial grade auto-deploy mobile satellite antennas for the delivery of two-way, high-speed Internet, VoIP, video and WAN services. C-COM’s proprietary iNetVu® Mobile Satellite Systems come in Mobile, Flyaway, Airline Checkable and Fixed Motorized platforms to help solve remote communication needs in the most cost-effective manner. Trusted worldwide by its end-users and resellers, iNetVu® antennas offer commercial and residential customers mobile solutions.

Celestica is dedicated to delivering end-to-end product lifecycle solutions to drive customers’ success. Through its global operations network and information technology platform, they are solid partners who deliver informed, flexible solutions that enable customers to succeed in the markets they serve. Celestica’s Centre of Excellence for Product Enablement in Toronto, Canada is a one-stop shop that drives product and business innovation. It provides commercialization, product launch and global supply chain solutions that can take a customer’s idea from concept to a final product launched on global scale.

Centennial College is Ontario’s first community college. Its mission is to educate students for career success. Primarily serving the eastern portion of the GTA through four campuses and seven satellite locations, Centennial is home to 16,000 full-time students and 18,000 part-time learners annually. The College is proud to produce future leaders through programs in advancement, business, communications, media and design, community and health studies, engineering technology and applied science, hospitality, tourism and culture, and transportation.

The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) promotes innovative forms of water and wastewater treatment technology through applied research, education and demonstration projects. CAWT is comprised of a core group of scientists, faculty researchers and technologists, as well as a community of associates from academic, industrial and private sectors. These professionals continue to expand CAWT’s project base, research partnerships and collaborations in the field of alternative wastewater treatment.

Applied research activities through the Centre for Applied Research and Innovation (CARI) are another way Georgian College provides its students with experiences and opportunities to be in the forefront of innovation. Applied research is the method for the application of scientific and/or technical knowledge, improvements or discoveries (basic research) that can be used to find solutions to practical problems in real-world situations. Project topics are from various business sectors where a solution can be quantified and implemented and have a direct impact on the sustainability of a company.

Seneca’s Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT) provides a physical and virtual environment for the development and research of open source software through collaboration with Seneca, the open source community, business and other institutions. The centre is an integration point for knowledge, education and relationships within the open source world.

CEMI directs and co-ordinates step-change innovation in the areas of exploration, deep mining, integrated mine engineering, environment and sustainability for the metal mining industry. With a seasoned team of program directors, CEMI identifies, assesses and manages industry-focused applied research & development projects that extend from geology and engineering to the natural sciences. It recognizes innovation is a three-phase process: research, development and implementation (R&D, I). With implementation, CEMI turns innovative ideas into best practices.

The mission of the Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CIMTEC) is to enable and accelerate commercialization of medical imaging innovations, ensuring Canada’s investment in imaging technology translates into economic growth and job creation. It helps researchers, startups and existing small to medium-sized companies translate their medical imaging innovations into commercial products for clinical use.

CIMTEC provides commercialization services to establish freedom to operate and patentability to assess the potential of bringing an innovation to the marketplace, including opportunity evaluations, intellectual property and regulatory assessments and customer research. It also provides technology development services in the broad areas of 3-D visualization, image analysis and mechatronics design.

CIMTEC’s strong team includes a select group of intellectual property and regulatory experts, as well as software and mechanical engineers with extensive commercial experience in medical imaging. They have solved some difficult technical challenges for customers in image-guided interventions, algorithm development and in providing enhanced mechatronics design to satisfy commercial requirements for clinical application.

The Centre for Integrated RF Engineering (CIRFE) at the University of Waterloo has a research group consisting of 25 PhD and M.Sc. graduate students, research engineers and postdoctoral fellows. It houses a state-of-the-art RF test and characterization laboratory as well as a clean room.   The focus of the CIRFE’s research activities is on emerging RF technologies, including: RF Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS), filters and multiplexers, integrated MEMS/CMOS circuit, reconfigurable devices, computer-aided tuning and wireless sensors.

Chematria helps pharmaceutical companies determine which molecules can become medicines. With Chematria’s novel computational technology, pharmaceutical researchers can confidently predict potent molecules for a wide range of biological targets, thereby enabling faster drug development for a fraction of the price of wet-lab experiments.

ChipCare Corporation is a privately held medical device development company headquartered in Toronto. ChipCare's technology is based on a wide field optical imaging platform and its products offer unique multiple testing capabilities with a single drop of blood from a patient. This technology is capable of automating cell analysis in a manner that is rapid, accurate and cost-effective. ChipCare’s vision is to deliver solutions for point-of-care (POC) testing that satisfy today’s unmet clinical need in global health.

Cimetrix Solutions is a leading provider of Additive Manufacturing Solutions (3-D Printing), serving the design and manufacturing communities across Canada. Founded in 1993, Cimetrix supports both commercial and educational verticals with comprehensive solutions consisting of 3-D Printing/Additive Manufacturing technology, implementation and applications specialization. These solutions are focused on supporting research, product development and manufacturing initiatives.

Cistel Technology Inc., established in 1995, is an Ottawa-based company providing complete technology and management consulting services to public and private sector organizations of all sizes. The company has been recognized as a leader in providing IT services and consulting, including: security and privacy consulting; management consulting; IT managed services; and staffing services.

Clearpath Robotics has quickly gained international recognition as the go-to provider of rugged, user-friendly robots for rapid prototyping, as well as complicated custom robotics and automation projects. Researchers want to spend their time gathering valuable data and furthering the field of robotics, not constructing and testing a base platform. That's where Clearpath Robotics comes in. We design and fabricate dependable robotics platforms with an eye towards both academic and industrial research and development.

CMC Microsystems enables and supports the creation and application of micro- and nano-system knowledge by providing a national infrastructure for excellence in research and a path to commercialization of related devices, components and systems.

Cogni-Wave designs hearing aids and hearing enhancement devices for hearing loss patients. Its aim is to improve their hearing qualities particularly in noisy environments and crowded social settings. The products and services that Cogni-Wave provides include: state-of-the-art hearing aid design, hearing enhancement device design, and acoustics engineering consulting.

The College of Physical & Engineering Science (CPES) at the University of Guelph was created in 1989 with the amalgamation of the Ontario Agricultural College's School of Engineering and the College of Physical Sciences. CPES is comprised of the faculties of Computer Science & Engineering and Physical & Mathematical Sciences. There are over 2,000 undergraduate students, 480 graduate students and 175 faculty and staff in the college.

Colleges Ontario is the advocacy organization for the province's 24 public colleges. Colleges Ontario advances policies and awareness campaigns to ensure Ontario produces the well-educated and highly skilled workforce that is essential to the province's long-term prosperity.

Founded in Waterloo Region by a group of dedicated entrepreneurs in 1997, Communitech is the regional hub for the commercialization of innovative technologies, supporting and building a tech cluster of nearly 1,000 companies that generates more than $30 billion in annual revenue. A member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, Communitech supports tech companies at all stages of development—from startups to rapidly-growing mid-size companies, to large global players—with a goal to create greater numbers of successful global businesses for Ontario and Canada.

Confederation College of Applied Arts and Technology is a comprehensive community college offering a wide variety of programming, including: health sciences; business and marketing; engineering technology and instrumentation; advanced manufacturing; digital multimedia; and aviation. It has about 3,000 full-time students and another 8,000 part time in various programs and courses. The main campus is located in Thunder Bay, Ontario with eight regional campuses located across more than 500,000 square kilometers in the great northwest.

The Controlled Environment Systems Facility provides a complete research venue suitable for measurement of plant growth, gas exchange, volatile organic compound (VOC) evolution, and nutrient remediation in a precisely controlled environment. The facility is comprised of 24 sealed environment chambers including 14 variable pressure plant growth hypobaric chambers capable of sustaining a vacuum. CES's personnel have extensive experience in the fields of plant physiology, environment analysis and sensor technology.

The objectives of the CES Facility are to enhance our services and to establish the Facility as a preferred source of whole plant research. A facility of this size and capabilities has prospective customers in numerous diverse industries including aerospace (closed environment plant based life support research, test bed for new plant and environment sensor technologies), chemical (fertilizer, pesticide efficacy), plant production (plant productivity trials), and university (basic research in plant growth and physiology). Our goals include the promotion of new and emerging technologies and participation in partnerships exploiting space technology such as environment sensors.

CBaSE offers transformational learning experiences by way of applied business projects that enable the collaboration of University of Guelph faculty and students with the local community.

Cornerportal has developed Scanzai, a customizable mobile solution for simple and intuitive physical asset management and job-to-done workflow management. It cuts costs by streamlining and automating asset-centric audit and compliance paperwork; improves efficiency by pulling asset-relevant information to field workers and pushing asset issues to support crews; and addresses the safety requirements for field-centric work teams.

It is sold on a subscription basis following a SaaS model. The initial target market is Canada, followed by the U.S.

The Council of Ontario Universities (COU) advances higher education in Ontario through advocacy, research and policy development. COU is a membership organization of Ontario’s 20 publicly funded universities and the federally funded Royal Military College of Canada (RMC), an associate member. COU facilitates discussion between its members and advocates on a wide range of university issues as well as co-ordinates a number of shared services for members, including: inter-university transit of documents; application processing; and an online portal of research resources for students and faculty.

Cover is the first crowd-published magazine - all stories are contributed and curated by other readers like you. The team at Cover believes that sharing is about making a connection, and that connection is more meaningful when others appreciate it. That's why they created a place that lets us collaborate on stories about people we respect, places that leave lasting memories, things that inspire us, and activities that shape us.

Crack Semiconductor has developed a System on Chip solution called the Crack Zeppelin for accelerating high performance security applications in banking and wireless sensor networks for industrial control. The solution is based on a line of high performance silicon IP developed by Crack Semiconductor and proven in the demanding European banking networks.

Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) is a community-based environmental organization dedicated to protecting, restoring and managing the natural resources of the Credit River Watershed. Established by the provincial government in 1954, CVC is one of 36 Conservation Authorities in Ontario. As the primary scientific authority for the watershed, CVC works in partnership with municipal governments, schools, businesses and community organizations to deliver locally-based programs.

CrossWing was established by experienced innovators to break the cost barrier to mass personal service and telepresence robotics adoption in consumer, education and healthcare applications. CrossWing has designed and implemented all key robotic systems to meet these cost targets and is now approaching commercialization stages.

Daedas makes energy management simple. Daedas is a collaboration of innovators working to create a sustainable energy culture. Through its team of experienced consultants and its web-based platform, Daedas generates recommendations that move companies forward by increasing their competitive advantage. Those who work with Daedas realize cost savings and improved productivity. Daedas simplifies energy data by presenting it in a format that allows decision-makers to make decisions.

The DATA.BASE Program is a collaboration between industry, government, academia and not-for-profits to develop leading-edge initiatives related to Big Data. Leveraging the use of remote sensors and satellites, this program explores innovative ways to gather, transfer, interpret, commercialize and visualize data in various vertical markets.

Its goal is to create highly skilled jobs, generate revenue and position Ontario and Canada as a leader in the data services market.

The Department of Computer Science (DCS) at the University of Toronto is ranked among the top 10 computer science departments in the world, and offers a wide array of research opportunities and programs of study. DCS offers programs leading to an Honours Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), as well as a novel Professional Master's Degree in Applied Computing, in which students spend eight months working with an industrial partner under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Plant Agriculture is strongly rooted in crop science and horticultural science but also encompasses applied bioinformatics; molecular genetics; genomics; field, horticultural and greenhouse crops; plant breeding; turf and grassland studies; environmental sustainability; and the use of plant materials for health, fibres and industrial products. Furthermore, the department recognizes that society’s expectations of agriculture are changing to include a wide range of health and environmental services such as producing food with nutraceuticals, protecting biodiversity, mitigating climate change and providing alternative energy sources.

Plant Agriculture remains committed to its mission “To improve life through innovative science, education and service in plant agriculture,” and aims to apply knowledge to provide food, feed and fibre for society and to educate students at diploma, undergraduate and graduate levels in its areas of expertise.

Dura 21 is a technology company with patented process and parts designed to extend the life cycle and increase the performance of wear parts. Dura 21 provides innovation in sectors of industry that will have a significant and measurable impact on increasing production and profit while decreasing operational costs.

For more than 40 years, Durham College has provided high-quality, market-focused programs, some of them unique in Ontario. All programs are developed and continually shaped by market needs, meaning students are ready for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

The Durham Strategic Energy Alliance (DSEA) was established by leaders in the energy industry focused on building an innovative business community and creating opportunities for members.

Dyverga’s plastic heat engine utilizes the free fuel of ultra-low temperature (<60 C) wasted or renewable heat (geothermal, solar, biomass) to generate emission-free, 24/7 electricity. Data centers, co-produced geothermal hot water from oil and gas wells, and renewable produced heat are first market opportunities.

Easify is redefining how people and products are brought together online. Users discover and share products they love from any website or device, with the people who matter most: close friends, family and key influencers. They then receive personalized recommendations, and can create deep conversations based on shared interests. Different products can be directed to different groups of people, using thoughts, photos, video and emotions. Personalized pages, a marketplace and an advertising platform are also planned.

Edge to Epic unites businesses and leverages the strength of numbers to cut costs, offering members a grouped purchasing program for essential business products and services. The epic team negotiates with selected suppliers to secure exclusive discounts and preferred rates on your behalf. By joining forces they provide access to deals and programs typically reserved to large corporations – effectively leveling the playing field to help you compete and come out ahead.

Energent brings to market a novel and highly cost effective approach to energy management that couples “real-time energy informatics” technology with expert service and support. Energent’s Energy Informatics solutions provide an offering that is completely web-based, fully managed, and delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) business model.  
This suite of energy informatics software products enables short term energy savings easily in the 5-10 per cent range, and longer term savings as high as 20-25 per cent. Such energy savings are realized by eliminating waste, realizing efficiency gains, measuring and verifying results, and providing decision support and analytics for energy procurement and/or targeted capital improvements.

Engage Biomechanics is concerned with preventing pressure ulcers, a type of injury which is painful, costly and surprisingly common. Studies have consistently found incidence rates of 25-40 per cent, with direct treatment costs measured in the billions of dollars to healthcare systems. Yet prevention of pressure ulcers is straightforward; at-risk patients need only be "turned" every two to three hours. Engage is developing a simple, easy-to-use wearable wireless sensor system, which monitors the posture of movement-impaired patients and prompts caregivers to turn them if they remain in one posture for too long. Prompts and other data from the system are made available via "the cloud" anywhere, any time, and on any device. Having attracted grant funding from FedDev and OCE, and having developed a full-fledged prototype, Engage is now gearing up for beta testing and product launch later in 2013.

The Ministry of the Environment is responsible for protecting clean and safe air, land and water to ensure healthy communities, ecological protection and sustainable development for present and future generations of Ontarians.

eSport Gaming Events is a Windsor, Ontario-based, privately-owned and operated event planning company specializing in the video game and eSports industry. EGE provides many services including LAN events, viewing parties, tournaments and private event management. With over 15 years of combined experience hosting eSports events, EGE is ready to turn your ideas into full-scale, professionally run events.

Exact Delivery Inc.’s mission is to grow a reputable Lipid Technology Platform company that will develop new market-driven technologies and processes for the health and hygiene sectors. Its developing healthcare portfolio includes formulations for the targeted delivery of key antimicrobial and imaging agents. It is also developing highly efficient disinfection processes for multiple industrial sectors.

Exocortex is a global innovator in the 3-D computer graphics software solutions industry.  Its software is regularly used in TV shows, advertisements and Hollywood films by the top visual effects firms. Recent hit movies made using Exocortex software include Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, Iron Man 3, Snow White and the Huntsman, The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, to name just a few.

Exocortex is now leading the transition of 3-D content creation software from the desktop to the cloud with its innovative Exocortex Studio solution.

Eyedro Green Solutions Inc. is a software and electronics design company delivering affordable and effective energy management products and cloud based services for home and business. The company's flagship electricity monitoring product and cloud service allows users to visualize electricity usage, identify waste, and cut electricity costs.

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Queen's University contributes to the Canadian engineering and scientific expertise through its own basic and applied research, and through collaborative work with others.

Federal Economic Development Agency of Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) was established in August 2009 to help the southern Ontario economy mitigate and overcome regional and global economic challenges. As Canada's most populous region – home to 12.3 million residents living in 288 communities – southern Ontario is a key contributor to the overall Canadian economy. FedDev Ontario is supporting the competitiveness, innovation and diversification of southern Ontario's economy.

Finmaven is a capital markets social data science firm whose clients include public companies, news organizations, institutional investors and discount brokerages. Finmaven's products allow clients to monitor the social buzz for over 10,000 publicly traded securities, brands and products across a variety of social media sources. Clients can use the insights gained from Finmaven's sentiment, velocity, and influencer identification algorithms to supplement their market research and surveillance activities, and to engage with the investing public. is a revolutionary, video-based job search system that makes it easy for job-seekers and employers to find their match. offers a to-the-point, simple platform that allows users to quickly and efficiently use the site.

Flarian’s suite of marketing and promotional tools empowers anyone wishing to promote themselves. This could range from a large organization, to a working professional, to a university student looking for a job. In addition to a distinguished way of promoting, its products provide the ability to track the progress of your promotional campaign by providing analytics.

Flight Systems and Control is a research lab at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies. Its research interests include aircraft systems modeling, control, integration, and simulation; multi-vehicle systems estimation and formation control; and autonomous unmanned vehicle systems (UVS) applications.

FoodStory is bringing all of Toronto's farmers' markets online and into the 21st century. Easily find your closest farmers' market, connect with the farmers at that market, and best of all, see what they are bringing to the market that week. Customize a weekly box with the farm-fresh goods you want and have it delivered right to your door. We help Toronto celebrate local food.

Enrolments in higher education are nearing 200 million and 75 per cent of these enrolments are in industrializing countries like Nigeria. However, many of these countries are unable to adequately satisfy this booming demand for higher education because they lack manpower and physical infrastructure. Fora is a mobile marketplace for high-quality online courses taught by top professors and experts from all over the world and accredited by top Nigerian Universities as part of their degree programs.

Foreign Affairs and International Trade manages Canada's diplomatic and consular relations and encourages the country's international trade.

The Innovation, Science and Technology Program of the Trade Commissioner Service  connects Canadian businesses and researchers to a network of qualified international contacts; assists with the commercialization of Canadian innovations abroad; helps source innovative technologies and partnerships internationally; and, provides financial support through funding mechanisms aimed at increasing Canada's innovation capacity.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service also manages the Canadian Technology Accelerators (CTA) in New York, Boston, San Francisco & Silicon Valley and Denver, global clusters for technology and entrepreneurship.  This initiative provides those Canadian start-ups in information and communications technology, digital and social media, gaming, clean technologies and life sciences with access to unique resources and contacts that can help their international growth.  The CTAs make available office space for three to six months where physical offices are located within existing business incubators.  The CTAs help you to refine your business model, collect competitive intelligence, pursue key clients, access financing sources and engage strategic partners.

Four Season Greens is a producer of sprouts and micro-greens in Muskoka, Ontario. The company’s passion is to see local "good for you" food become more accessible and available. To achieve this end, it supplies restaurants, retailers and individuals; provides education on the nutrition of sprouted food; and retails sprouting supplies. Building on years of R&D, the team is currently developing a four-season aquaphonics system: sustainable, organic food production integrating fish culture and agriculture. It utilizes only 2 per cent of the water and 6 per cent of the energy of traditional farming methods. The company’s goal is to create a prototype which can then be replicated across northern Canada and beyond.

G4 Apps focuses on the reduction of energy used and emissions generated in transportation and goods movement through the application of mobile technologies and services. The company provides solutions to drivers, fleets and traffic agencies, building distinctive functionality, accuracy and timeliness through combined technologies and services. G4 Apps delivers real-time, operational grade data and advice to all stakeholders towards cost reduction, increased mobility and improved sustainability in reliable and safe manners.  

Getting a patient to walk 15 minutes a day during their hospital stay can help them recover more quickly and leave the hospital earlier. To help make this essential therapy safer and easier, GaitTronics is developing a unique robotic patient handling device called GaitEnable. GaitEnable reduces the number of staff required to support a patient and provides complete, automatic fall protection. This results in decreased injuries for patients and staff, as well as reduced care costs for the hospital.

GeoEnergy Solutions provides drilling for geothermal energy systems across Ontario. It specializes in geothermal drilling for heating and cooling systems in commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. The GeoEnergy Solutions staff has over 20 years of experience with geothermal drilling and a proven record of completed geothermal energy systems and satisfied customers. They are proud to provide their customers with the highest quality service and professional practices.

George Briggs Media is a video advertising agency that creates engaging video with high production value and understands how and why the target audience responds to the content. The George Briggs team tells your story in a way that speaks to your audience, not at them. They work closely with you to understand the scope and details of your business. From conceptualization to execution, they ensure the continuity and clarity of your message.

GestSure Technologies is creating touch-less gestural interfaces that allow surgeons and interventionists to control the equipment around them. The GestSure system brings medical imaging into the operating room while preserving the sterile divide that exists in surgery. The system works as a layer on top of existing PACS, 3-D visualization or electronic medical records. That means no clumsy software to install and no need to import imaging into a parallel system. GestSure is setting a new standard of care for surgery.

Giatec Scientific Inc. is a knowledge-based company that provides advanced concrete testing solutions to the construction industry. Giatec offers novel methods and devices for the performance-based quality control of concrete and accurate condition assessment of concrete infrastructure such as bridges. These innovative tools are designed for various applications for concrete producers, consulting companies, and infrastructure owners and operators in order to evaluate the state of concrete structures more accurately and prioritize the repair and rehabilitation plans more efficiently. Giatec's technologies were recently utilized in the forensic examination of the Elliot Lake mall collapse investigation.

Gowlings is one of Canada’s largest law firms, with over 750 professionals in offices across the country and in Moscow, London and Beijing. Recognized for excellence in business law, advocacy and intellectual property law, Gowlings offers dedicated industry expertise in a number of sectors including energy, mining, infrastructure, life sciences, government, financial services, technology and manufacturing, and in areas such as corporate finance and M&A, transfer pricing and tax, patents and trade-marks, and occupational health and safety.

Grenetek Inc. is a Western University spinoff company dedicated to providing cost-effective technologies, systems, components and engineering services that can rapidly increase the cost effectiveness and return on investment for renewable energy systems. Grenetek Inc. strives to be a global provider of cost-effective green energy technology solutions. GreneTrak – the first in a pipeline of products – is a novel dual-axis solar tracker and load bearing mechanism that offers an inexpensive and fast setup and improved efficiencies.

Groupe CTT Group is a credited laboratory and research centre employing 100 persons dedicated to assuming the prosperity of advanced materials. It offers a complete range of technical, commercial and information services. State-of-the-art equipment and experts in their specific fields allow the organization to be at the cutting edge of technological developments.

Groupnotes lets users put notes on top of any website and send them to friends instantly. Users can create a note, type some text and send it to a friend or colleague in less time than it takes to open an instant messenger chat window. Groupnotes lowers both the frictional and social barriers to sharing online, enabling users to share exactly what they want with the people they want. Groupnotes is private social web done right! 

Guelph Economic Development creates a business environment that attracts and supports investment, and fosters collaboration and partnerships. Its office leverages local, regional and national assets and works to discover and create sustainable economic development opportunities for Guelph.

Young professionals are struggling to maintain a healthy lifestyle and they need a helping hand. Personal trainers are expensive and other solutions don’t offer a personalized and engaging plan. is an automated virtual training platform based on a proprietary model that creates a personalized exercise plan for clients and engages them in a tailored Gymmunity™ that commits them to the plan through peer engagement.

START. GROW. SUCCEED. HalTech assists Halton’s entrepreneurs and technology companies to develop their ideas, commercialize their products and establish and expand their businesses. HalTech provides its clients with comprehensive business advisory services, access to capital, entrepreneurship training, mentorship and networking opportunities. By being able to offer such a diverse range of programs and services, HalTech is able to drive entrepreneurial success with personalized support.

Health Parametrics is commercializing novel noninvasive blood pressure monitor technology designed to dramatically improve measurement accuracy in patients suffering from chronic conditions including atrial fibrillation, atherosclerosis, heart failure and/or extreme obesity. Its monitor will enable improved disease management among these patient groups, significantly reducing their risk and rate of strokes, myocardial infarctions and other cardiovascular complications.

HitSend Inc. develops and markets software products that enable community groups to create, communicate and progress towards shared goals. Everything in HitSend must have meaning; the name “HitSend” comes from “hitting send” on an email, which entails a real story that leads to the creation of the company. “SoapBox” comes from the concept of which the product is built around. With meaning, names become stories, and stories help build the company’s culture.

HiveDirect is going to change the way video and audio transcription and closed/open captioning is produced. HiveDirect uses crowdsourcing in an open, fair and transparent way to differentiate it from the competition. Its solution helps organizations comply with legal regulation and requirements (AODA, O.Reg 191/11). HiveDirect connects organizations and companies with transcribers, professional and accessibility associations as well as complementary service providers. #JoinTheHive!

HSBC Bank Canada, a subsidiary of HSBC Holdings plc, is the leading international bank in Canada. With around 6,600 offices in 81 countries and territories and assets of US$2,693 billion at December 31, 2012, the HSBC Group is one of the world’s largest banking and financial services organizations.

The Human Media Lab is one of Canada's premier media laboratories. Its mandate is to develop disruptive technologies and new ways of working with computers that are viable 10 to 20 years from now. The team is currently working on the design of Organic User Interfaces (OUI), an exciting new paradigm that allows computers to have any shape or form.

Established in 1967, Humber is one of Canada’s leading postsecondary institutions. Committed to student success through excellence in teaching and learning, Humber serves 27,500 full-time students and 56,000 continuing education registrants. With an internationally recognized reputation for quality learning, Humber offers a wide range of career-focused opportunities for students to personalize their educational path, including 150 full-time programs across more than 40 fields of study, 200 part-time and 400 online programs or courses.

Huron Technologies is a global leader in the digital pathology market. Since 1994, Huron Technologies has been providing advanced microscopy instruments and imaging solutions for the confocal fluorescence and brightfield market. Huron’s new TISSUEscope™ HS slide scanner for pathology labs is the fastest scanner on the market.  Its flagship product, TISSUEscope™ 4000 slide scanner, is a high-resolution and versatile platform capable of imaging specimens up to 8" x 6" (200 mm x 150 mm) in confocal fluorescence and brightfield.

IDEAHUB is a full service business incubator for new and emerging entrepreneurial companies. The incubator offers member companies flexible office space, lower startup costs, support tools, resources and guidance to strengthen their business success and graduation into the community.

Located at Mohawk College, iDeaWORKS is an innovation project centre powered by students. It collaborates with small businesses and non-profit organizations on applied research and commercialization projects related to software development, eHealth, mHealth, energy technologies and advanced materials. 

Personal protection through Identa-DNA solutions.

IGNIS develops technology that makes AMOLED displays look better, last longer and cost less. The company licenses this technology, as well as designs and supplies custom AMOLED displays.

The Impact Centre at the University of Toronto is a cross-disciplinary R&D Institute dedicated to creating tangible value to society based on university research excellence in the natural sciences. It aims to become the preeminent national model for proactive knowledge creation, technology translation, entrepreneurship and industry-relevant student training. This is done through partnerships and collaborative research projects with industry, student entrepreneurship training, and the accelerated commercialization of university inventions and technology.

The Industry Partnerships team at Queen’s University builds research collaborations between industry and academia.  We facilitate access to resources including funding, expertise and equipment.  Collaboration outcomes include new research insights, solutions to technical challenges, innovations that advance commercial objectives, and the training of highly skilled people.

InfraDog Inc. is a mobile-based IT management solution in cloud for Enterprise.

3-D imaging company.

Innovate Niagara provides critical services to entrepreneurs within the Niagara Region, serving as a one-stop shop for leaders of developing businesses in innovative clusters. Formerly, it was necessary for a business leader to potentially consult several different organizations before receiving the assistance required to ensure their business would thrive in the critical startup or development phases of its growth. With the establishment of Innovate Niagara, a single organization is now responsible for the co-ordination of services, ensuring a streamlined and efficient approach.

Examples of key services provided by Innovate Niagara at little to no cost are: collaboration opportunities with university researchers; tenancy availabilities at incubation facilities; online tools and resources for entrepreneurs; entrepreneurial training; and networking opportunities.

Located in Hamilton, Ontario and networked across North America, Innovation Factory is a not-for-profit Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) funded by the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE).

Its mission is to strengthen Greater Hamilton’s next generation of job and wealth creators by helping:
  • Entrepreneurs bring new ideas to life and to market
  • SMEs get to the next level
  • Hamilton build a dynamic business culture and community of innovation
To realize its vision and pursue its mission, it concentrates on two things:
  • Helping individuals and organizations bring innovation to market and move their organization to the next level through its Client Development Program
  • Helping the community blossom with innovation and growth through its Community Cultivation Program

Innovation Guelph (IG) has been a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE) since October 2010.  Home to one of Ontario's Regional Innovation Centres (RICs), IG acts as a catalyst for entrepreneurial initiative by helping innovative enterprises start, grow and thrive. Its programs and services address the needs of entrepreneurs, community organizations, researchers and business leaders by helping them identify and solve their challenges.

Innovation Initiative Co-operative Inc. was incorporated in Ontario, Canada as a not-for-profit organization with the goals of assisting private individuals in developing their ideas, facilitating and advancing innovation in general, and boosting the Canadian economy. To achieve this goal, the organization chose the non-profit co-operative structure because it allows it to reach out and unite independent innovators, creative entrepreneurs and related professions and trades to interact under a large, comprehensive, safe and affordable umbrella.

Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (IION) is part of the Northern Technology Alliance (NTA), and is a proud member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). IION is located in North Bay, Ontario at Nipissing University/Canadore College and leads an effective local regional resource alliance serving clients with funders, researchers and city stakeholders. Its goal is to spur new innovation and entrepreneurial activities within IION’s catchment area, which includes Nipissing, Parry Sound, Huntsville and Temiskaming. IION strives to continuously create and upgrade programs and services that promote innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) is focused on building successful partnerships between industry and the U of T research community and managing U of T’s portfolio of intellectual property —turning ideas and innovation into products, services, companies and jobs. U of T is a global leader among research institutions, ranking 9th in North America in new disclosures, 5th in license agreements, and 3rd in startup companies. As U of T’s hub for industry partnerships, commercialization and entrepreneurship, IPO is a major engine of this ecosystem.

INO is a technology design and development firm specializing in industrial optics and photonics solutions for SMEs and large corporations. INO is Canada’s largest centre for industrial optics and photonics expertise. It is a world leader in its field, with over 4,500 R&D contracts completed to date for Canadian and international companies in a wide variety of markets. INO has performed 50 technology transfers and created 26 new high-tech startups in its 28-year history.

InDeLabs provides solutions to banks, brokerage firms, hedge funds and market makers that compete on speed to be profitable.  Its technology delivers dramatic reductions in trading latency that translates directly to clients’ success.  Its solutions are based on Intellectual Property (IP) its team has developed that exploits their knowledge of high performance computing, silicon design and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) technology.

Insight Nanofluidics offers a proprietary nanofluidic cell for transmission electron microscopic (TEM) high-resolution imaging and detailed characterization of liquid and in-liquid samples, with demand in biomedical imaging and analysis, and nanotechnology, spanning university, hospital, clinical and industrial markets. The technology is disruptive, novel and unique, offering the unprecedented ability to image nanoscale samples submerged in liquids with high resolution, robust flow for high-throughput sample screening, and compatibility with existing ins.

Insightworks is a training and development company providing online learning solutions that elevate an organization’s knowledge, skill and performance. The team’s unique combination of experience and skill in human resources, information technology and graphic arts allow them to relate to clients’ needs and provide services that get results. Products include Orientation Maps that allow staff to gain familiarity and comfort with a new facility prior to moving, thereby reducing anxiety and saving time; Learning Maps that create learning and engagement around organizational initiatives; and Equipment Maps that support manufacturing organization in capturing and transferring operating and maintenance understanding. The company has recently been working on a variety of healthcare related projects, including supporting learning and development activities at the new Markham Stouffville Hospital and developing Equipment Maps for Tembec’s Kapuskasing Operating Site.

Instaradio is a simple yet powerful way to broadcast yourself anywhere, any time, to everyone. In two seconds, start a live audio stream from your phone that can be listened to on any Internet-enabled device, anywhere in the world.

Interaptix is an Ontario-based start-up company specializing in the design and development of innovative augmented reality display systems to improve human performance in complex operations. Interaptix applies a principled interdisciplinary approach to the design of Augmented Reality systems, leveraging its expertise in human-centred design and cognitive ergonomics to visualize information in a more intuitive and effective way. Interaptix is currently focused on educational and surgical applications of Augmented Reality in neuroscience and neurosurgery.

Intelligent engineering. Impeccable design.  InteraXon builds thought-controlled hardware and software solutions—inventive solutions that use the power of brainwave-sensing technology—to play an integral role in everyday life.  InteraXon’s technology can be customized for numerous industries including entertainment, education, transportation, entertainment, health and wellness, and electronics to deliver a spectacular end-user experience.

ISTPCanada develops and funds primarily industry-led R&D collaborations under S&T agreements between Canada and key trading partners India, China, Brazil and Israel. ISTPCanada fosters technology partnerships between Canadian companies and companies in the partner countries, and provides funding for joint R&D collaborations leading to commercialization. Participation of academia is not mandatory but it is encouraged.

Invest Ottawa delivers economic development programs and initiatives that increase entrepreneurial momentum, wealth and jobs in the City of Ottawa and its surrounding region. Its goal is to make Ottawa the best place in Canada to start and grow a knowledge-based business.
Invest Ottawa Business Acceleration is a one-stop shop for startups through emerging growth companies in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Life Sciences and Cleantech.

Invest Ottawa is staffed by a hands-on group of former CEOs, investors and professional analysts devoted to helping your company grow and build wealth. Created for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, Invest Ottawa is a cool place where innovation meets great people and great energy to build great companies!

Javelin is Canada's leading provider of SolidWorks mechanical and electrical design software, and Objet 3-D Printers for Eastern, Western and Central Canada. is Canada’s largest online student job board. It supports university and college grads in finding their first volunteer, co-op and entry-level jobs to launch their careers. is an online buying, selling and comparative shopping platform for parts and accessories. JustParts provides shoppers with the largest and best selection of new and used parts and accessories on the Internet while offering sellers a powerful parts-selling platform. is the fastest growing parts marketplace of its kind, offering more than 4.5 million part applications from thousands of different sellers from around the world.

Kaypok provides the next generation of analytic solutions to financial services, educational  institutions, the retail sector and health services. Kaypok technology analyzes data regardless of channel: survey results, email text, social media streams, blog posts and other data sources. Its high-performance algorithm transforms noisy, unstructured information into usable knowledge, allowing companies to listen better and determine the root causes and underlying emotions driving their customers’ feedback.

Kela Medical harnesses the power of innovation and technology to pioneer leading-edge solutions and demonstrate the value of a fully accessible personal health record to individuals, physicians, and practitioners of the healthcare industry. Its team is comprised of leaders in both healthcare and technology which helps create an unparalleled understanding of Healthcare Information Technology.

Kinetica engineers are experts in advanced damping and isolation technologies which enhance the performance of buildings and infrastructure subjected to dynamic loads such as wind storms and extreme earthquakes. Kinetica is a leader in the design and implementation of new innovative high-performance structural control technologies. Kinetica markets the cutting-edge VCD technology that greatly enhances the performance of wind and earthquake response of high-rise buildings. 

Kira Talent is the world’s simplest and easiest to use video interviewing platform. Talent recruiters can be set up in minutes and typically save up to 75 per cent of their recruiting efforts. The process is simple: record video questions, receive video responses from candidates, and then collaboratively rank, share, and compare the results with the selection committee. Kira Talent’s clean and beautiful user experience allows for effortless implementation for all organizations including small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Komodo OpenLab develops inclusive technologies that facilitate the daily lives of people with disabilities by enhancing the accessibility of mainstream technologies through leveraging the wisdom of users and their communities. Komodo’s first product, Tecla Shield, is a wireless device that facilitates access to smartphones and tablets for those who are unable to manipulate them due to disease or disability, via their wheelchair driving controls or adapted switches.

Mobile app piracy has grown 10 folds year after year since 2007! KryptLogic is working on a proprietary patent-pending technology that offers drag and drop, enterprise-grade security protection to mobile developers on all major mobile platforms. KryptLogic has assembled a who's who of Canada's entrepreneurial landscape for its startup team and are actively looking for talented individuals to join them in this exciting venture!

Kytephone empowers children with the freedom to use smartphones responsibly. Kytephone's Android-based device management platform connects parents with their child's mobile experience. Kytephone has launched a new product, Kytetime, for young teens, which provides analytics to help them manage their screen time efficiently. Kytephone has been featured by the popular press including Forbes, TechCrunch, CBC and Reuters.

La Cité collégiale is the largest French-language college in Ontario. With over 90 post-secondary programs, more than 5,000 full-time students, and a solid reputation in the business community, La Cité collégiale meets true French training needs in a bilingual context. In 2010, the College inaugurated the Centre for Applied Research in By-products. La Cité also conducts applied research in construction, IT, food development and ecological design. La Cité collégiale is located in Ottawa with campuses in Orleans and Hawkesbury, and an office in Toronto.

Laser Depth Dynamics is a technology company that designs, manufactures and sells measurement tools for industrial laser materials processing applications including welding, precision drilling and machining.

Launch Lab is a one-stop shop for technology based startups and growing companies. They are a team of entrepreneurs, investors, ex-CEOs, and professional analysts who are here to help your company grow and bring innovative, technology based products to the marketplace. Launch Lab supports tech based companies in Eastern Ontario who are in four main industries: information technology, life sciences and healthcare, cleantech, and advanced manufacturing.

Laurentian University is one of the fastest growing universities in Canada. Now serving close to 10,000 full-time and part-time students, Laurentian University is a mirror of Canada itself. One of only two bilingual universities in the country, it has a significant native student population and a growing number of international students. The University’s research capacity continues to grow, averaging over $20 million a year in sponsored research income.

Laurentian University’s fields of research focus on key elements that surround its community: mineral resources; environmental science; societal research; health; and underground science. Sudbury is becoming a unique meeting ground for these diverse fields of study and is increasingly recognized internationally.  Laurentian is on the leading edge of innovation with breakthroughs that include an early diagnostics tests for breast cancer, preventing the spread of malaria, improving the development and safety of mining, and solving the mysteries surrounding the creation of the universe.

Leggett & Platt Automotive Group provides quality engineered products for every manufacturing need, including automotive motors, actuators, mechanical control cables, lumbar, suspension, wire forms, welded seating components, tubular products, bolster systems and massage systems. Its objective is to provide ultimate comfort in automotive seating. L&P Automotive Group is the world’s largest supplier of seat comfort system and suspension components to the automotive industry.

With most innovated technology and strong engineering expertise in Asia, Europe, and North America, L&P Automotive Group is able to provide the global supports and services to almost all the OEM and Tire I automotive supplier in the world. With the addition of new global locations as well as continuous improvement of current products and innovation of new products, the L&P Automotive Group continues to grow and flourish as a leader in the Automotive Seating Components Market.

Lumentra is a startup company that provides technological solutions to LED lighting products. They do R&D on novel phosphor and heat sink based on nanomaterials to improve energy efficiency, colour quality and cost effectiveness for LED products. Lumentra also provides accredited performance test services under ISO/IEC 17025 for ENERGYSTAR and other qualifications. The revenue generated from test services will drive the R&D activities.

Lunanos improves infection control in healthcare and other settings by developing innovative solutions for the cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces. Technologies that Lunanos is developing will help facilities reduce the chances of infection outbreaks and keep people under their care healthier. These technologies include IndiClean, a cleaning indicator that will increase compliance of surface disinfection policies, and a new disinfectant that is being formulated to be safer to use and less corrosive than current leading products.

It’s all about the water! Every day, hundreds of thousands of water samples—from our drinking water supply to our rivers, lakes and ocean fronts—are analyzed with MANTECH instrumentation. MANTECH’s innovative approach to water quality testing instruments has come from its passion for innovation in science. Both government and industry trust MANTECH-generated results to protect the environment and human health. MANTECH is trusted for accuracy, compliance, reporting and accreditation. MANTECH analyzers have become the standard for water quality testing by the largest environmental testing firms in Canada and globally. MANTECH’s innovative culture and its focused drive to enter new markets have led to sales and market share growth. 

Marmot Labs Inc. created to help users manage online submissions and make collective decisions. The API makes it possible for users to integrate with third party forms like Survey Monkey and Formstack, and push their data to tools like MailChimp, Constant Contact and Salesforce. also makes it possible for organizations to provide personalized feedback that helps improve relationships with their stakeholders.

What if there was a place that actively nurtured innovation? Welcome to MaRS.

MaRS is where science, technology and social entrepreneurs get the help they need; where all kinds of people meet to spark new ideas; and where a global reputation for innovation is being earned, one success story at a time.

MaJIC provides industry with expertise in welding and materials science.  As a not-for-profit innovation centre, MaJIC provides its industry clients with engineering and technical support including weld-related design and development, laboratory services, inspection and training.

Matterform is a Toronto-based company focused on inventing great things for the consumer 3-D printing space.

McMaster University is proud to introduce their first Formula Hybrid Racing team. This team is comprised of engineers from the Electrical, Computer, Mechanical and Materials Engineering departments that compete in the Formula Hybrid International Competition in New Hampshire. The students design, build and race an open wheel, hybrid racecar against other universities from around the world.

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) is a 37-acre brownfield aligned with the research strengths of McMaster University. MIP is located in Hamilton, Ontario and has easy access to both Toronto and the Buffalo area. MIP offers space for the smallest startup to those looking for a 100,000 sq. ft. research facility; they can support your needs by offering competitive rates and built to suit, finance and lease back options.

McMaster University, one of four Canadian universities listed among the Top 100 universities in the world, is renowned for its innovation in both learning and discovery. It has a student population of 23,000, and more than 156,000 alumni in 140 countries.

The McMaster University Xerox Centre for Engineering Entrepreneurship and Innovation (XCEEi) works with aspiring entrepreneurs to commercialize technologies and create their own startups. XCEEi uses an industry-proven commercialization model to help create viable startup businesses, allowing young entrepreneurs to develop their venture skills through working on solving real customer problems. Office space at the Don Pether Incubation Centre as well as seed funding (proof of concept funds) of up to C$60,000 are available to promising ventures.

Meal in a Jar offers a seasonal variety of healthy options for your on-the-go lifestyle. All meals are portion-controlled, diabetic-friendly and cater to dietary restrictions – with no sacrifice on taste. Each meal is handcrafted in an environmentally conscious one-litre glass mason jar and made from whole ingredients, with no artificial colours or preservatives. The company’s serve-hot and serve-cold options can be ordered for home, retail, and corporate and wellness centres.

Media Spot Me is where journalists can discover experts to interview. While working as a journalist and TV producer, co-founder Stavros Rougas experienced first-hand how difficult it is to find people with the right expertise to interview. To address this need, he started Media Spot Me with co-founder Ebrahim Ashrafizadeh.

Mejuri brings innovation to the fine jewelry industry by bridging the gap between designers and customers. The technology platform, along with Mejuri's strong manufacturing network, allows designers from all over the world to submit their designs. People comment and vote, then Mejuri selects the winning designs, manufactures them, and sells them. Mejuri compensates the designers through perpetual royalties and marketing.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Food (OMAF), and the Ministry of Rural Affairs (MRA) are helping to grow Ontario’s agricultural-based bioproducts’ sector by supporting innovative research and building strategic alliances between non-traditional partners along unique supply chains.  From on-farm biogas systems to biocomposite materials, OMAF and MRA are working to identify new opportunities for using agricultural-based feedstocks in the production of biobased energy and product manufacturing.

MIS Electronics Inc. won the 2012 Ontario Business Achievement Award - Technology and Exports. MIS Electronics manufactures advanced electronic systems for the consumer, industrial, defense and automotive markets. MIS provides engineering, design and test support, or can completely develop a product to your specifications.

Mobile Experience Co. is a digital marketing company that helps clients understand when, how and where consumers engage with their brand across media channels, in real-time and over time. They help them determine where their marketing and advertising dollars convert best against brand objectives.

Moon Bay Biologics has an interest in fungi from Northern Ontario and on screening for novel biological products derived from them.  In addition to testing for potentially new pharmaceuticals, the company is assessing possibilities for developing new functional food with fungi additives and potential applications to the cosmetic industry.

MDDT develops assessment and rehabilitation technologies for treating movement disorders. Its successful BoNT-A injection for limb tremor, which affects millions of people worldwide, fulfills an unmet treatment need. Prior use of BoNT-A has failed due to poor muscle targeting. Using kinematic analysis-guided assessment, MDDT’s team has developed a treatment algorithm for muscle targeting that is highly effective with commercialization potential. In partnership with Merz Pharma, multi-centre drug trials using its kinematic assessment and analysis system will begin shortly.

MyndTec, an emerging medical device company based in Mississauga, is poised to commercialize a proprietary device called MyndMove, which uses software-driven electrical stimulation to retrain the brain to restore voluntary arm and hand movements. In clinical studies, stroke and spinal cord injury (SCI) patients have realized dramatic improvements in upper extremity function and independence. The company is following an ambitious path to market with the goal of making MyndMove available to patients in early 2014.

National R&D Inc. is the leading integrated consulting services firm in Canada. It specializes in offering clients support in R&D Tax, Engineering, Information Technology (IT), and Management Consulting. As a single entity across Canada, it brings the most knowledgeable specialists to clients no matter where they are located.

The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Ontario Regional Office is a valuable source of knowledge and expertise about research and innovation across Ontario. Its primary services include assisting and providing financial support to universities, colleges and other organizations to organize meetings and events that encourage opportunities. For students interested in industrial R&D, it provides information regarding its industry partnership programs.

Neatware, established in 1997, is a software technology company located in Toronto. Neatware developed its innovative technologies and software for mobile application, video processing and connected car application. Neatware's customers are worldwide from Canada and the U.S., to Europe and Asia. They are large enterprises, small and middle business, system integrators, VARs, developers and consumers.  

Neptec develops innovative 3-D machine vision solutions for harsh environments. It operates as two affiliated companies: Neptec Design Group Ltd. specializes in the development, integration and support of intelligent sensors and payloads for the Space market; Neptec Technologies Corp. develops and sells innovative 3-D machine vision products for terrestrial markets such as mining, oil and gas, construction, defense and security.

The Network of Angel Organizations (NAO – Ontario), a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, is the administrator of Ontario’s Angel Network Program, on behalf of the Government of Ontario. Since 2007, its mission has been to create and grow non-profit angel investor groups for all Ontario regions. Building the membership and best practices of these groups creates a more potent combination of mentorship and capital for innovative startup companies in the province.

The Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) offers a suite of programs that mobilize Canada’s best research, development and entrepreneurial expertise and focus it on specific issues and strategic areas. By harnessing the best talent in the natural sciences, engineering, social sciences and health sciences, NCE programs help build a more advanced, healthy, competitive and prosperous country. Four national programs bring together the right mix of people and organizations to address important issues for Canadians: Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) (includes the NCE Knowledge Mobilization and the Canada-India Research Centre of Excellence initiatives); Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR); Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence (BL-NCE); and Industrial Research and Development Internships (IRDI).

NeuroQore has developed a new repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) technology that improves therapeutic effects for people with psychiatric and neurological disorders. Pharmacotherapy affects both lobes in the same way, which is why pharmacotherapy is very inefficient for the treatment of MDD. rTMS, however, can be used to increase activity in the areas with hypoacitivity and reduce activity in the areas with hyperactivity; this is a unique characteristic of rTMS that is not found in other neuromodulatory and neurostimulatory approaches.

New Attitude is the developer, manufacturer and marketer of an innovative, lifelike, mass market, customized, external breast prosthesis that is the best breast prosthesis on the market. The NewAttitude™ Breast Prosthesis comfortably restores the appearance of women and eliminates the problems women have with all other breast prostheses. Using new 3-D imaging and additive manufacturing technologies, New Attitude’s goal is to become the leading provider of superior, mass market, customized breast prostheses to a market that has been underserved.

NGF Geomatics Inc. provides aerial survey services for agriculture and mining industries using unmanned aerial vehicles. Equipped with multispectral imaging and LiDAR systems, NGF can provide cost-effective, safe, and higher quality data at the time and day required using an autonomous helicopter platform. Data collected is offered in a variety of post-processed formats, for specific applications of precision agriculture and prescription maps, to site surveys for site planning purposes.

Niagara Research, Niagara College’s research and innovation division, works closely with business, industry and community partners to identify challenges that are in need of real-time solutions.  Through applied research projects, skilled student and faculty teams help local businesses and community organizations become more innovative, overcome challenges, and develop, test or simulate new products or processes.

Nicoya Lifesciences is a mobile health startup building at-home diagnostics for battling the chronic disease epidemic. Its proprietary, smartphone-enabled biosensing technology will revolutionize healthcare by empowering people to better monitor and manage their own health and wellness. Its products seamlessly integrate with connected health platforms to add value, reduce costs and increase quality of life.

NiteRoll Inc. is focused on bringing value-added mobile payments to the nightlife industry. The company’s goal is to modernize the nightlife industry by substituting cash payments; replacing outdated workflows for managing, promoting, ticketing events; and connecting event goers to event organizers. It will achieve this goal by enabling event organizers to manage their events, staff and promotions; and integrating with social media to enable event goers to find events and venues, buy tickets, and receive rewards and promotions on-the-go.

NorDocs provides medical professionals with better tools to address key challenges in addiction treatment. Its goal is to increase the quit-rate and reduce the side-effect profile, while reducing the cost of those professional services. Nordocs’ physicians are experts in the field, with over 50 years of combined experience.

Norgen Biotek Corp. is the only fully-integrated Canadian biotechnology company focusing on sample preparation for research and diagnostic applications. Norgen is an ISO (9001:2008, 13485:2003, 15189:2007) certified company and is fully equipped with all the necessary tools to conduct R&D and manufacture products according to internationally recognized standards. Norgen has developed a unique platform technology based on a proprietary resin/matrix with many applications including the purification of DNA, RNA and proteins.

NORCAT serves as Sudbury’s Regional Innovation Centre as part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs. It is a leading private, non-profit organization that empowers its clients, staff and community partners to drive a culture of productivity, innovation and life-long learning. To deliver on its mandate, NORCAT is focused on three core priorities:

1. Partnering with community stakeholders to help start and accelerate the growth of innovative companies
2. Developing and providing world-class programs, services and resources to reduce injuries, save lives and enhance productivity in the workplace and beyond
3. Operating a vibrant innovation hub to engage clients, community, and key stakeholders by providing an environment that celebrates a culture of productivity, innovation and life-long learning

Northern GIS is an innovative company that provides a full range of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services and training. The company has more than 25 years’ combined experience in the field of Geomatics and GIS, specializing in working with government, first nations and industry sectors. The Northern GIS team works with clients by addressing their needs to find efficient and effective solutions using the power of GIS technology.

The Northern Ontario Pavilion is a collaborative effort of five partners: Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre (NOICE) of Thunder Bay, Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC); Northern Centre for Advanced Technology (NORCAT) of Sudbury, Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (IION) of North Bay and Northern College of Timmins.  This pavilion will be showcasing leading-edge technologies, best practices and research in Northern Ontario.

The Northwestern Ontario Innovation Centre delivers economic development programs and initiatives that increase entrepreneurial momentum, wealth and jobs in the region. Its goal is to make Northwestern Ontario the best place in Canada to start and grow a knowledge-based business. The Innovation Centre’s services include startup incubation and mentorship, acceleration for existing companies, global business attraction and local business retention, targeted sector development, and commercialization.

Norton Rose is a leading international legal practice offering a full business law service to many of the world’s pre-eminent financial institutions and corporations from offices in Europe, Asia, Australia, Canada, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and Central Asia. With close to 700 lawyers and patent and trade-mark agents based in Calgary, Montréal, Ottawa, Toronto and Québec, they are one of the largest practices in Canada. The firm’s extensive experience in life sciences, technology and intellectual property has been achieved through working with some of the most innovative and ground-breaking companies in the world, including leading pharmaceutical and technology companies. On June 3, 2013, Norton Rose will join forces with leading U.S. firm Fulbright & Jaworski L.L.P. to create Norton Rose Fulbright.  With 3,800 lawyers and 54 offices, including 11 in the U.S., Norton Rose Fulbright will be one of the largest legal practices, with significant depth of expertise in the world’s leading business and financial centres.

Novus Environmental Inc. specializes in the fields of air quality, wind & climate modeling, sound & vibration, and sustainable water with a goal of harmonizing the built and natural environments. Its experts provide sophisticated modelling and design consulting expertise in support of projects ranging in scope from building and neighbourhood to regional and national in scale. Its clients include public, private and not-for-profit organizations in Canada and across the globe. 

N-Sci Technologies Inc. is an energy industry-focused firm providing a broad range of professional engineering and technical services. N-Sci is licensed to provide engineering services in both Ontario and Alberta and is a registered Meter Service Provider (MSP) in Ontario. The main aspects of its services are: alternative energy site selection and project development; engineering and project management; conservation and demand management (C&DM); regulatory support; and wholesale and retail metering services.

The NSERC Photovoltaic Innovation Network is a partnership between NSERC, university professors and industry partners across Canada. It focuses on the research of novel, more efficient, reliable and cost-effective Photovoltaic (PV) devices that will lead to the development of solar cells suitable for a wide range of applications, including solar farms, remote power sources, rooftops and windows, automobiles and disposable electronics.

OCAD University, founded in 1876, is dedicated to art and design education; practice and research; and to knowledge and invention across a wide range of disciplines. The University is building on its traditional, studio-based strengths, adding new approaches to learning that champion cross-disciplinary practice, collaboration and the integration of emerging technologies. In the age of Imagination, OCAD U community members will be uniquely qualified to act as catalysts for the next advances in culture, technology and quality of life for all Canadians.

The Office of Research and Innovation at George Brown College is dedicated to promoting Canadian innovation through industry-driven applied research projects. The office operates as the single point of access for industry and community partners to the College’s highly qualified and skilled personnel, state-of-the-art facilities and research funding. Through partnering with George Brown College our partners gain practical, innovative solutions and advance commercial and community problem-solving.

Our expert faculty act as project leads, a role that allows them to complete industry-related research that ensures they stay connected to industry and are better able to educate their students for the labor market. George Brown also promotes student expertise and job readiness by recruiting them in key investigative roles. This gives our industry partners access to potential employees while ensuring our students gain not only practical know-how but also those vital soft skills – creative problem-solving, strategic thinking, communication and team work – that have become so essential to the innovation economy.

The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) - Ontario Region was established in August 2006 within Public Works and Government Services Canada to support the Government of Canada’s commitment to a procurement system open to small and medium and regionally based businesses. Its mandate is to ensure fairness, openness and transparency in government procurement and to support the government’s agenda to provide value to Canadians.

OgO is a comprehensive solution for location-based mobile analytics, allowing retail businesses and app developers to discover the mobility trends of consumers. OgO transforms location data from mobile users into presentation-ready analytics, conveying immediately actionable information with no further analysis required. Its visually-rich, location-based analytics are rendered using real-time consumer behaviour, and allow businesses to visualize their hidden information, understand the behaviours of their current target market, and discover new markets.

OMERS is one of Canada's largest pension funds, providing first-class pension administration and innovative products and services to over 400,000 members. Approximately one in every 20 employees working in the province of Ontario is an OMERS member. Through the OMERS Worldwide brand, its team of investment professionals uses a direct drive, active management investment strategy to invest in public and private market assets, including publicly-traded equities, fixed-income, infrastructure, private equity and real estate.

Omesh builds wireless local area network transmission modules for machine-to-machine communication systems using 802.15.4 wireless technology. Omesh has developed and patented methods to respond instantly to impairments and inefficiencies in multi-hop wireless communication networks (commonly called mesh networks), selecting the optimal path through the network for each data packet thereby allowing a network to operate at its theoretical maximum capacity. Omesh has received a U.S. patent (pending in other jurisdictions) on its use of interference and traffic loading information to dynamically select the best path; no competitor today offers this ability. As it gains market traction, Omesh expects to license its technology as well as expand its products offerings.

Oncoustics aims to enhance the efficacy of cancer research and treatment by bringing to market novel ultrasound-based cancer treatment monitoring technology. Its novel products will enable cancer researchers and oncologists to rapidly assess tumor response to therapy using standard ultrasound devices. The company’s software-based solution will improve efficiency and productivity of cancer research and treatment.

OneCAD Solutions is the 911 of mechanical design services, responding quickly to help clients get the job done. OneCAD provides mechanical engineering contract design services, 3-D CAD Modeling and 2-D CAD drafting services along with FEA and CFD engineering analysis. OneCAD Solutions is a professional engineering company with its Certificate of Authorization from the Professional Engineers of Ontario. OneCAD provides services with SolidWorks, Inventor, Solid Edge and AutoCAD.

The Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists (OACETT) is a non-profit professional association that has been promoting the interests of engineering and applied science technicians and technologists in industry, educational institutions, the government and the public since 1957. OACETT is Ontario's independent certifying body for engineering and applied science technicians and technologists, representing over 24,000 members across the province.  Certified members earn CET and C.Tech designations.

The Ontario Association of Remote Sensing (O.A.R.S.) has, since 1972, served to educate, communicate and facilitate on a wide variety of remote sensing and geomatics topics. The membership is composed of small business, industrial, and educational members, providing an insightful exchange of ideas.

The Ontario Brain Institute is a provincially-funded, not-for-profit research centre seeking to maximize the impact of neuroscience and establish Ontario as a world leader in brain discovery, commercialization and care. It creates convergent partnerships between researchers, clinicians, industry, patients and their advocates to foster discovery and deliver innovative products and services that improve the lives of those living with brain disorders.

On Co-op is the trade association that develops, engages, educates and advocates for Ontario’s 1,300 co-operative businesses. On Co-op is an information and resource network with a mission to lead, cultivate and connect co-operatives.

The Ontario East Economic Development Commission promotes eastern Ontario as a center for investment. Ontario East represents over 200 communities, with more than 2 million residents.

The Ottawa Technology Transfer Network (OTTN) is a collaboration among academic research institutions affiliated with the University of Ottawa whose goal is to enhance the economic impact of research commercialization through the sharing of best practices, enhanced market knowledge, student engagement and proactive industrial interaction.  OTTN members include the University of Ottawa, the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI), the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) and the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI).

Optimal Power Technologies Canada Ltd. enables companies to save energy, money and the planet through customized solutions. The company’s team members are experts in combining analysis, sustainability technologies and financial incentives for clients. Providing an easy way for your companies to go green and unlock their true financial potential is the vision of the company. Every bespoke energy solution – whether it is energy reduction, monitoring or sustainable power generation – is designed to provide an effective return on investment and increase future profitability.

Ottercall makes language-learning software for mobile devices. Its software helps improve the pronunciation and reading abilities of students by using speech recognition to analyze the user’s speech and provide feedback to help them overcome difficulties. It also uses game elements to make learning a language a fun process. Ottercall is focusing on English, French and Spanish initially, with plans to support all languages. The company’s apps can be found on both iOS and Android.

OverAir Proximity Technologies is a supplier and implementer of Near Field Communications technology. NFC is rapidly becoming standard in smartphones, and has proven to drive significantly higher engagement than QR codes. In addition to being the first Canadian-based online store, the company’s unique tag management portal provides analytics and allows tag functions to be changed during a campaign. Its responsive web apps are interactive, fully customizable, and integrate with multiple platforms.

Oxalys Pharmaceuticals is developing disease-modifying small molecule therapeutics for neurodegenerative disorders including Huntington’s and Parkinson’s diseases. Oxalys is a growth-stage Toronto-based Canadian corporation founded on technology from MIT. Neurodegenerative disorders represent a major unmet medical need, with no satisfactory therapeutics available. The company’s lead therapeutic targets Huntington’s Disease (HD), and is on track for first in human trials in 2014.

PARTEQ Innovations is the not-for-profit technology transfer office founded by Queen’s University, and is a partner in the Rideau Commercialization Network. PARTEQ works with institutional researchers and the business and venture capital communities to bring early stage technologies to market.

PathCore provides universal digital pathology solutions that streamline workflows in pathology centers; replacing multiple products with one easy-to-use platform, thus eliminating workflow bottlenecks. Pathology images are orders of magnitude larger and more complex than other medical images and therefore require innovative solutions that scale seamlessly with “big data.” PathCore’s products allow scientists and clinicians to focus on helping people by removing the technological barriers introduced by digital pathology.

The PerLS (Personalized Learning Spaces) platform addresses the important gap in eLearning by providing opportunities for learners and instructors to engage in collaborative learning through inquiry and conversations. PerLS is based in a complexity frame of pedagogy that enables student involvement and choice, diversity of views, emergent learning and personal discovery. It provides access to customizable learning in a collaborative environment rich with possibility.

In 2011, $119 billion was reportedly stolen from retailers globally.  In response, Peytec Inc. has created a security system that is able to identify, locate and capture video of suspected thefts in real-time – as they occur – anywhere in a store, including warehouses and fitting rooms. The system is capable of tracking inventory in real-time.

Phantin Inc. promises to deliver a clean, clear and safe world. The innovative solutions developed in Phantin lead to smart coatings with functions such as Anti-Fog, Self-Cleaning and Anti-Bacteria. The products are available to apply on varieties of surfaces to confine harmful bacteria from spreading, improve visibility, and minimize the utilities maintenance cost.

Ping Pong Story comes to transform the traditional storytelling techniques to re-adapt it into a modern literacy system. It is a web application that empowers kids to write and illustrate stories within a fun environment. Ping Pong Story fosters the development of reading, writing and creativity skills, while kids collaborate with each other.

Planboard is changing education with its innovative lesson planning platform for Teachers in K-12. Planboard lets teachers plan their lessons faster and easier than ever. Teachers can align Planboard to their school schedules as well as integrate curriculum expectations directly into their lessons. With Planboard, teachers can better ensure that they are meeting their requirements and are teaching great lessons. Teachers can connect with other educators around the world to plan the best lessons possible. With Planboard, teaching just became social.

PlantForm Corporation is a Canadian company formed in 2008 to commercialize a plant-based manufacturing platform for low-cost biologic drugs for cancer and other critical illnesses. The company's first product will be a biosimilar version of the breast cancer drug Herceptin® (trastuzumab). Biosimilar versions of two additional antibody drugs for cancer are in development, as are antibodies for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. PlantForm is also developing an enzyme to protect against nerve agent exposure under contract with the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

PlayDeal is the next the generation of daily deal business model where both merchants and customers are happy. Unlike the current daily deal businesses, PlayDeal is a bided marketplace; merchants are able to clear inventory and consumers can design deals based on amount of discount, time of visit and number of purchases, then send this request to the merchant who in turn can reject or approve the deal. Merchants can adjust a deal to fit certain requirements in the sense that merchants can give the maximum or minimum amount of discount if the patrons visit the store at off-peak or on-peak hours. Moreover, both merchants and customers will be able to negotiate about the deal’s attributes (amount of discount, time of redemption and number of participants).

PlutusCode is changing the way retailers handle cash payment and cash management effectively, offering cashiers an intelligent device to deposit the cash into the bank and give change to customers automatically at the point of sale. The device, working together with the transaction-switching and device-monitoring software, provides retailers a closed-loop cash management system and the possibility to get provisional credit from the bank instantly or daily before the cash is physically removed to the bank. In the meantime, it dramatically reduces the risk of internal theft and fraud; reduces the armored carrier service cost; and increases the productivity of employees.

Polychart is the quickest way to visualize and analyze your business data, all from your browser or tablet. Using drag and drop actions, you can quickly produce charts and dashboards from data stored in your database and in third party sources. Polychart allows you to deep dive into your data to understand the "why" behind what you see, putting self-service analysis into the hands of decision-makers, not just data jockeys.

Profound Medical is a Toronto-based company developing and commercializing a unique minimally-invasive treatment for prostate cancer. This groundbreaking technology combines MRI guidance and high-energy ultrasound to deliver thermal ablative therapy to the prostate gland via a trans-urethral approach with unprecedented accuracy and precision. Profound Medical is now demonstrating the potential of this technology in Phase I clinical trials. 

Proteocyte Diagnostics Inc. has developed a novel diagnostics technology, Straticyte™, which offers accurate early diagnosis of cancer. The company’s first product is for head and neck cancer. Straticyte technology assesses key protein biomarkers to precisely identify head and neck lesions that have a high risk of becoming cancer, permitting more effective and less traumatizing treatment. With Straticyte, lives can be saved, healthcare costs reduced and the quality of life improved for people with head and neck cancer.

Proto3000 connects companies and individuals to the digital tools they need to achieve greater capability, scalability and efficiency. The company is rooted in providing solutions, and through the development of its product and service portfolio, its team is committed to finding the one that is right for you. Through working with thousands of companies from various industries, they have gained a thorough understanding of the digital demands required in research and development, product development and manufacturing. The company's suite of solutions has been carefully selected to ensure that you can meet these demands, while positioning your business for sustainable growth and giving you a competitive advantage.

Provoke Creative is a creative communications agency, specializing in getting businesses and brands noticed through unique and creative solutions for branding, print design and website design. Businesses big or small need engaging, innovative and provoking marketing strategies, communication and interactive materials, along with social media to get their brand noticed. Provoke Creative is a marketing partner like no other, developing meaningful, creative and lasting brands for this present day marketplace.

The web is opening up to a new set of collaboration tools. One of them is the Social Graph, which represents the ability to analyze the connections between individuals to help those individuals understand what their connections are to others, and to help them take the next best action. Proximify offers an online platform that helps organizations create social matching solutions to foster collaboration and knowledge transfer. This social matching platform automatically identifies the strategic connections within an organization.

PumpUp is the workout coach designed to fit your life. The app makes it easy to get a personalized workout routine for home, the gym, or on-the-go by asking the user a few simple questions (i.e. goals, experience, equipment available, bio stats, progress, etc.). It shows you what to do and how to do it with HD motion images and voice coaching. It also keeps you motived with personalized reminders and intelligently adapts your routine so you see results! 

Purchext gives parents more control over their kids’ spending while still financially empowering them. Purchext allows parents to pre-set limits on amounts and locations of where their kids can spend their money. Purchext works in tandem with the child’s chequing account which allows kids to make purchases outside of the pre-set parameters as long as they have the savings deposited to do so. Purchext is planning to be offered as a debit card, prepaid credit card and a digital wallet.

QA Consultants is North America’s largest dedicated provider of software testing and quality assurance solutions. QA Consultants is headquartered in Toronto in a 33,000 square foot facility, with offices across Canada. Much of its success can be attributed to its unique corporate culture, which emphasizes training, collaboration and empowerment. The organization offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of high-value testing solutions ranging from staff augmentation and managed services to the market’s only Canadian-based, on-demand Test Factory center of excellence.  Its revenues have grown at over 60 per cent per year over the last five years, making QA Consultants the 87th largest IT organization in the country. If you are a dynamic, hardworking and client-focused IT professional, you will want to check them out.

Qcard is an iPhone application designed specifically for individuals who have sustained a brain injury or have difficulty with memory and executive functions of the brain, such as stroke victims, Alzheimer's, dementia, ADHD and amnesia – finally, a tool that will help you remember, guide you to completion and get things done!

QNX Software Systems is the leading global provider of innovative embedded technologies including middleware, development tools and operating systems. Corporations such as Cisco, Daimler, General Electric, Lockheed Martin and Logitech depend on QNX technology for a wide range of mission-critical applications.

QualPix is a provider of glasses-free 3-D solutions enabling viewers to watch any content without the need for using 3-D glasses.  

In 2007, Jamie Draves went through a health crisis when he was diagnosed with idiopathic pancreatitis. After losing a third of his pancreas and being written off by traditional medicine, he became motivated by his young children to research and demonstrate that a super-food diet can bring you back to a healthy life. After a successful career in the health and pharmaceutical industry, this was the trigger event to drive his passion and pursuit of the creation of Quinta. Quinta, a business entity of Junto Business Solutions Inc., was created through the passion and persistence of owner Jamie Draves and his development of amaranth production in Ontario. In 2011, they collaborated with OSCIA and OMAFRA to demonstrate that quinoa and amaranth produced mature, viable seed on small acre plots in southwestern Ontario. In 2012, this same group demonstrated extended preliminary trials to five sites across Ontario. Results indicated the ability to grow commercial scale quinoa crops in Ontario. Quinta is currently building the North American quinoa value chain to provide the first local commercial production of quinoa in 2013/14.

Rayku provides live, online, 24/7 homework and study help. It utilizes audio, video, text, and an industry-leading whiteboard to allow its subject matter experts to easily transfer knowledge online. Unlike many in this space, Rayku subject matter experts charge by the minute making Rayku the most affordable online solution. 

rChoons is an online social website dedicated to helping independent electronic dance musicians get exposure online by connecting them to listeners that are looking for new, fresh and non-mainstream music.

Musicians will be able to create, promote and sell their music, and keep all of the money from sales without anyone taking a percentage. The listeners will be able to communicate, show appreciation, find new artists and tracks, and buy them knowing that their money will go directly to the artists.

The reebee app provides flyers at your fingertips. Designed to save you time and money, the app is the easiest way to browse your local flyers – all the same familiar content you get at the door, conveniently available on smartphone and tablet.

Ryerson is Canada's leader in innovative, career-focused education and a university clearly on the move. It is a distinctly urban university with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. Ryerson has a mission to serve societal need and a long-standing commitment to engaging its community. Take the time to discover the new Ryerson - an institution with enormous potential and big dreams; a university with a fast-growing research agenda that is making an impact on our city, our country and our world.

RE$EARCH MONEY is Canada's premier newsletter delivering intelligence on research and development, science and technology, innovation and knowledge-based economic development. Established in 1987, it has a proven track record for providing subscribers with original, timely analysis of the policies, programs and collaborations that are aimed at transforming Canada into a leading player in the global knowledge-based economy.  RE$EARCH MONEY has attracted an impressive readership that includes high-level research managers, policy makers, senior bureaucrats, analysts, investors, entrepreneurs, politicians and researchers. By focusing on the strategies, activities and interactions of government, industry and the university and college sectors, RE$EARCH MONEY offers its readers comprehensive insight into the trends, initiatives and major players shaping the science and technology landscape. Its national conference attracts over 100 innovation leaders from industry, finance, governments, academia and the not-for-profit sector to discuss issues relevant to Canada’s performance in the knowledge economy.

With annual research expenditures of more than $220 million and an international reputation for excellence, Western University is one of Canada's leading research-intensive universities. From fundamental to applied knowledge, Western’s researchers make discoveries that provide tangible benefits for the economic, social, health and cultural development of citizens in London, in Canada and around the world.

RIC Centre is a virtual incubator that helps entrepreneurs fast-track their business to market. By partnering with business leaders, government and educators, it supports and promotes innovation in the fields of advanced manufacturing, aerospace, life sciences and emerging technologies. The Ministry of Economic Development & Innovation supports RIC Centre as the go-to place for innovation support in Peel Region. As a not-for-profit organization, it offers a comprehensive range of supporting activities for entrepreneurs and startups.

Ridout & Maybee has offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga, and consistently ranks as one of Canada’s top IP law firms in both Canadian and international surveys of in-house counsel. We provide clients with the strategic guidance and counsel they need to protect and leverage their valuable IP assets. Many of our professionals worked as engineers, computer scientists, software designers and biochemists prior to their careers in IP law. This means we understand what our clients do, the industries they serve, and the way they do business.

Rosterware Inc. is an Internet service company founded, designed and managed by physicians. Its robust web-enabled system, "Docroster,” a comprehensive scheduling service, allows administration of physician rosters and on call schedules. Docroster is especially useful for institutions requiring improved coverage of medical services and for physicians working in multiple locations, where integration and co-ordination of assignments is necessary.

RoweBots provides advanced microcontroller, microprocessor and FPGA operating systems which are suitable for a broad set of electronics applications. Machine to Machine communications (M2M) is a common theme for these applications, with local nodes using serial, USB, wireless, CAN and TCP with remote Internet using GSM/GPRS, LTE or 3G. Remote command and control of vehicles, mobile phone hands free, high quality sound systems, asset tracking, engine control, power and braking are key transportation applications. Other applications include medical, consumer and more.

Rubikloud is a big data cloud analytics provider. Its products will provide insight into performance, traffic management and security relating to all cloud infrastructure and delivery sources. Today customers run a hybrid of private/public cloud, infrastructure as a service provider, and a content delivery network. Rubikloud will combine machine learning, natural language search and big data techniques to provide full insight into all cloud deployments.

Rudnicki Industrial is a machine shop located in Thunder Bay offering a variety of design, manufacturing, fabrication and repair services to all industries, specializing in the development and production of precision parts and components. Its facility is equipped with the latest 3-D CAD and CAM software, experienced designers and machine operators, as well as multiple CNC lathes and milling machines for both prototyping and production.

The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC) was established in 1999 to function as a catalyst for economic development in the information technology and knowledge-based sectors. SSMIC is focused on four core areas: operating a business incubator to grow business startups; providing support to the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) technology and science community; supporting and establishing advanced research projects in the region; and undertaking strategic market development projects, including the highly successful and award-winning GIS department.

Scalar enables data centre automation through design, deployment and management focused on four key practice areas: virtualization & cloud, data management, networks and security. The company hires and partners with the best and ties its success to its clients' success.

Sciencescape accelerates the discovery, organization and sharing of scientific research. Sciencescape uses big data to curate research in real-time, allowing users to rapidly navigate thousands of papers and find out what’s happening in the world of research.

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program is a federal tax incentive program administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) that encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors, to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada. It is the largest single source of federal government support for industrial R&D.

The SR&ED Program gives claimants cash refunds and/or tax credits for their expenditures on eligible R&D work done in Canada.

SciGit is a collaboration software for organizations to easily update and keep track of documents. SciGit allows users to collaborate without mess by tracking changes done by each person. It also lets users keep their current text editor and merge documents easily, all on a safe and secure platform. SciGit is used by scientists from over 100 universities.

Sciventions is a leading science and technology company for the commercialization of specialized products and expertise. The company provides an online platform where scientists and researchers can offer technical services, sell products, or test the market for their ideas. Through this centralized commercialization hub, scientists are able to tap into expertise in other labs and businesses all over the world, regardless of geographical distance.

GameGuard provides parents who are concerned about their children’s online gaming activities with peace of mind by offering their children safer avenues for online gaming. GameGuard is a client-based parental control software that allows parents to monitor and manage their children’s online gaming activities by giving parents the tools to set time limits and manage the type of games that their children play.

Seeqin is the easiest way to find local jobs and staff.  The Seeqin team knows that an essential component of any successful business is a motivated and efficient group of employees. As a result, they are creating an easy-to-use platform for managers of local businesses to hire the right staff; and do it fast.

Seneca’s Research and Innovation provides industry-relevant research opportunities that enrich students’ education and respond to real-world challenges of research partners. With 10 campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca offers degrees, diplomas and graduate certificates renowned for their quality and respected by employers. Combining the highest academic standards with practical, hands-on learning, expert faculty and the latest technology ensures Seneca graduates are career-ready.

SensiMAT Systems Inc. is a medical device/health IT company specializing in assistive technologies for wheelchair users. SensiMAT Systems has developed the SensiMAT for the prevention and management of pressure ulcers. The SensiMAT device is designed to fit underneath the existing wheelchair cushion, monitor the pressure buildup during sitting and wirelessly send data to a smartphone. The data is interpreted by a proprietary algorithm used to determine whether an individual is at risk of developing a pressure ulcer. Users can perform and track their pressure relieving exercises on their smartphone, increase pressure relieving behavior and decrease the incidence of pressure ulcers.

For more than 45 years, Sheridan has stood for innovation in applied learning through creative vision and service excellence. Through the course of its innovation, it has also become a trusted partner and leader in applied research. Sheridan faculty researchers and students conduct applied research to solve practical, real-world challenges in the workplace to advance the goals of our communities. They will develop research partnerships within our communities to solve industry problems, resulting in measurable economic benefit and enriched curriculum.

Shimifrez is Canada’s leading manufacturer of precision metal parts utilizing precision photo chemical etching or milling (PCM). With the fastest response time and lowest photo tooling costs, precision photo chemical machining is ideal for both prototyping and medium/large production quantities. Instead of stamping or laser-cutting, photo chemical etching produces highly accurate and identical components for small and large batches. Chemical etching has no effect on magnetic properties or deformation, whether internal stresses or thermal, resulting in a Burr-free component.

Shinydocs is a lightweight desktop application that focuses on getting documents done. Keep track of who's edited what and when. Work with the people you need using the applications you rely on. Monitor progress and when you're finished, publish to the document management repository you use from SharePoint to shared servers. No more losing files in email black holes or wrestling with confusing enterprise collaboration tools.

Signority is a web-based e-signature platform providing organizations with a streamlined process to manage contract workflow and execution. Cloud based, Signority is a fully secure SaaS platform, meeting the most stringent legal requirements for electronic signatures. Signority offers a paperless online digital signature solution to access, verify, sign and certify documents from anywhere in the world.

Skillsdox’s focus is working to improve the quality of online education from governing bodies such as associations and educational organizations made available to not only their own membership or student base, but also into the global marketplace through its partnership program. Emerging markets such as India, China and Brazil are looking to countries like Canada to help support their educational needs. Skillsdox has the resources, industry expertise, distribution network, marketing support and platform to transform your content into more engaging dynamic programs. With Skillsdox, you can enhance your online programs, increase your revenue streams and global presence, and reduce your risk of development.

Smarter Alloys is actively pursuing commercialization opportunities for the Multi-Memory Material (MMM) Technology. This technology is a groundbreaking invention which can give greater functionality to shape memory alloys (SMAs).

SmartPOS offers a wide range of proximity-based marketing solutions for companies to engage consumers through an interactive, mobile-friendly experience with targeted content like coupons, deals, videos, music, contact info and social networking connections. SmartPOS also offers customized ordering solutions to restaurants whereby your customers can conveniently browse menus, pre-order and pay for their food through their smartphone even before they step foot into your restaurant, giving them the ability to skip through long waiting lines.

Using education, technology and social innovation, SoJo is an interactive online resource that empowers individuals to turn their ideas for social good into action. SoJo’s content focuses on the practical "how-to" of idea development and project execution, and on the personal growth of the individual behind the idea. By helping social innovators navigate the challenges of executing their ideas, SoJo allows them to focus their talents and energies on building ideas, developing their skills and ultimately bringing their ideas to action.

Solar Ship builds aircraft to service remote areas, most of which have no roads. The solarship is a hybrid aircraft, gaining lift from both buoyant gas and aerodynamics. Its wing-shaped design allows for short take-off and landing (STOL), such as in a soccer field. This design also provides a large surface area for solar electric power, allowing long, self-sufficient range. The result is transportation without depending on things that often aren’t available in remote areas – for example, fossil fuels, roads or runways.

Solinst Canada Ltd. manufactures high quality groundwater and surface water monitoring instrumentation, located in Georgetown, Ontario. Its complete line of equipment includes level measurement devices, data loggers and telemetry systems, groundwater samplers, drive-point piezometers, multilevel systems and remediation devices. Solinst will present the iWT Integrated Watershed Telemetry System project, designed to channel various groundwater, surface water and meteorological sensor inputs and protocols into one integrated system where data is merged.

Sonola is developing an affordable brain imaging system based on ultrasound technology. Ultrasound is widely used for imaging, yet the main challenge of using ultrasound to image the brain is the skull, which introduces strong distortion and attenuation of the ultrasound wave. Sonola’s waveform encoding and wavefront correction technologies coupled with novel transducer designs get around this problem of the skull, enabling effective and inexpensive brain imaging with ultrasound.

Spark Centre is a not-for-profit Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) that helps to start and grow innovative technology-based companies in Durham Region and Northumberland County. Spark Centre is one of 14 RICs that are part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE).

Spark Centre works with clients to develop individualized plans for success. It connects startups to business and research networks, learning tools, business coaching, mentorship and access to funding and investment.

Many organizations know that their R&D efforts could be grown or sped up with Advanced R&D Computing (ARC) technologies, but lack the in-house expertise and confidence to change their critical R&D efforts to take advantage of these new tools for innovation. Spark-Gap is a consortium of academic, government and industry partners to increase adoption of mainstream advanced R&D computing technologies (HPC, Big Data, and GPU computing) across Canadian industry. Spark-Gap will be there to help them, and you, make the big-computing transition.

Speeker is a mobile platform inviting users to openly share opinions, stories and pictures with others at their current location. For business users, Speeker provides an efficient and effective platform to communicate with existing and potential customers in their vicinity. They can use Speeker to inform nearby customers of their new product offerings, feature products of the day, buying suggestions and daily promotions.

Spently makes it easy for merchants to send their customers email receipts to be used as a marketing vehicle. Current point-of-sale and e-commerce systems provide their customers receipts in two general formats, basic text emails or paper only. With the current methods of providing receipts merchants are missing an effective touch-point for relevant customer engagement. With Spently, merchants can easily customize receipt templates to reinforce their brand, include targeted offers, and links to social media. Furthermore, with Spently analytics merchants are able to turn customer intelligence from past purchases and engagement into improved marketing campaigns.

Did you know that screw implants inserted in the spine are traditionally placed by feel? The outcome of this blind process can annually impact 650,000 patients worldwide. Of major concern is the fact that improperly placed screws could damage the surrounding neural structures, even leading to paralysis. Spinesonic Medical's Pedicprobe is a product that can provide a solution; consisting of a sensor on the end of the surgical toolkit, the device uses ultrasound technology to provide affordable, portable and real-time navigation for screw insertion in the spine.

Spoonity is a loyalty rewards platform for quick-service restaurants that allows customers to use a single NFC keytag or mobile app to earn rewards anywhere in the Spoonity community. Spoonity offers businesses an unprecedented way to collect and analyze consumer purchasing data and to use that data to take action to improve customer loyalty and retention.

SportRFID is a revolutionary system for capturing expression-based sports videos. The fully automated process uses mounted HD cameras and radio frequency identification technology to capture a visitor’s resort experiences and make them available for immediate review and online sharing. It defines a new level in the freestyle sport experience, combining the elegance of individual expression-based sport with modern pervasive technology to deliver a unique user experience like no other. The SportRFID system is suitable for extreme and/or expression-based sports with a defined course, such as snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, skateboarding, BMX, motocross, etc.

Squabble Studios is a serious games development studio with a passion for creating fun and engaging games that impart a skill, knowledge or positive behavioural change on the user.

Substrata provides custom thin films and coatings for a wide variety of applications in materials science. Team members combine their extensive knowledge of thin film technology along with computer-aided drawing software to design custom thin films of a variety of materials to meet the demands of customers. Using a focused, high-energy electron beam, they are able to evaporate raw materials into ultra-thin films onto the desired substrate. The structure of these films is then analyzed using an atomic force microscope for quality assurance.

Sumac is a Thunder Bay-based forestry and natural resource consultancy engaged in resource mapping and modeling. Established in 1996 and owned and operated by its senior management team, the company has since built its reputation in the field, collecting a wide array of data and information supporting forestry management and research. Today Sumac offers both technical and professional services for softcopy forest resource inventory, geomatics, growth and yield studies, and value chain modeling.

Young Entrepreneurs, Welcome to Summer Company 2013! Go beyond your typical student summer jobs and turn your ideas into a business. Do you have ideas for creating your own company this summer? If you’re a student 15-29 years old in Ontario, you can turn those ideas into a real business this summer. The Summer Company program provides up to $3,000, hands-on coaching and mentoring to young entrepreneurs to help you start and operate your business.

Sunnybrook Research Institute (SRI) is a global leader in medical research and technology development; particularly in the fields of medical imaging, image-guided therapeutics, orthopedics and biological sciences. SRI has 250,000 square feet of research space, including 150,000 square feet for the Centre for Research in Image-Guided Therapeutics.  The physical sciences platform employs 250 research personnel, 20 principle investigators, and has been the catalyst for 14 companies, including VisualSonics and Sentinelle Medical. 

The Ontario Government is a major buyer of goods and services, spending more than $6 billion annually on goods and services from more than 55,000 vendors, of which 96 per cent are small- and medium-sized firms.

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) division develops and implements an integrated corporate procurement strategy to:
  • Leverage and optimize government procurement of goods and services
  • Identify and implement procurement process improvements
  • Enhance procurement controllership
  • Provide strategic advice to Management Board of Cabinet on large scale procurements
Its primary objective is to meet the government's goal to manage public funds efficiently and effectively and to ensure value for money for the goods and services that are bought by the government.

St. Lawrence College has 6,700 full-time students from Canada and more than 40 countries worldwide, with more than 70,000 alumni. As part of ongoing sustainability initiatives, the College recently completed the installation of more than 1,600 solar modules on the roofs of our Kingston and Brockville campuses, the largest solar roof-top installation of any post-secondary institution in Canada.

SweetSeat brings the suite experience to every seat. SweetSeat is a system that enables fans to order food, drinks and merchandise directly to their seat through their own mobile device at events. The easy-to-use system uses cloud-based technology to receive orders and allows the customer to pay directly through their own smartphone, tablet or personal computer. Once the order is placed, it is printed in the concession stand where a runner places the items in a SweetSeat bag and delivers the items to the corresponding seat. A receipt is automatically emailed to the fan's account. No lineups. No missed action. No missed sale. SweetSeat creates the ultimate win-win situation for everyone; it's like having the bartender in the palm of your hand.

Sylleta is a Toronto-based company developing cost effective, eco-friendly antifouling coatings for shipping and aquaculture industries. Its mission is to replace the largely toxic products currently used, such as copper-based paints, with low cost metal-free products; and to become a world leader in the antifouling coatings industry.

Symboticware's mandate is to drive the visibility and productivity of global mining operation to reach new levels and ensure safety, sustainability and profitability for its customers through the strategic application of Symboticware's technologies and services. At the heart of Symboticware's technology is the SymBot, its core innovation that delivers wireless standardized information-based technology that enhances the productivity of mobile mining equipment and mining processes.

System-On-Chip (SOC) Technologies is a Waterloo-based technology company spun-off from a research lab at Wilfrid Laurier University.  SOC specializes in MPEG codecs (video/audio compression/decompression chips and IP cores) and FPGA-based system-on-chip products. SOC is a leader in the MPEG codec marketplace today with users worldwide. Its customers include manufacturers of broadcast equipment, satellite communication products, digital cinema and professional digital cameras. 

Tabillo is an all-in-one business collaboration tool helping professional services firms save money.

TechAlliance fosters innovation and accelerates growth. As a Regional Innovation Centre in the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, TechAlliance provides advisory services, resources and programs to the tech community in London and southwestern Ontario.

Established in 1984, Tenet Computer Group Inc. is a Toronto-based provider of information technology solutions for government, hospitals and corporations, including mobile IT solutions sold around the world. As an IT value-added reseller and solution provider, Tenet sells and integrates hardware and software products from several manufacturers, and develops custom solutions to integrate these products to address client-specific requirements. Tenet's custom and "shrink-wrapped" applications leverage its 29 years of experience in the industry and expertise in key IT infrastructure areas such as identity management, directories, messaging, and security.

Terrafact serves five key client groups: the resource industry (forestry, mining, renewable energy and agriculture); governments (aboriginal, federal, provincial and municipal); financial (project funding groups and insurers); land management (timberlands, carbon offset developers and real estate); and NGOs (land trusts and sustainable certification agencies). Its experienced natural resource management and remote sensing staff have provided cost effective and time efficient mapping and training services around the globe. The innovative R-MAP technology licensed to Terrafact replaces costly and often dangerous field work with super high resolution aerial imagery and biometrics to monitor, verify and report (MRV) or detect change in biomass and strategic assets in the most inaccessible of areas.

Tesla Digital Inc. is the only Canadian developer and manufacturer of high-efficiency digital illuminations for streets, offices, schools, hospitals and parks. Its SIYA technology is also currently in the process of being tested for use in the automotive industry - especially for electric cars. Its products offer efficiency of 10 times that of today’s illuminations. This reduces electricity consumption drastically, allowing municipalities, institutions and companies to reduce their environmental footprint and energy costs significantly.

The Centre for Global eHealth Innovation is comprised of a group of people with the common vision and passion to improve health for all using information and communication technologies. Touched by the broad spectrum of players that can elicit changes in health, they work tirelessly with multi-disciplinary and international leaders from the social sciences, technology and health fields to transform health systems around the globe. The Centre is one of the few research institutes devoted to eHealth in the world.

The Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) at Brock University was developed in partnership with the Grape Growers of Ontario and the Wine Council of Ontario. Established in 1996, CCOVI is an internationally recognized research institute focused on research priorities of the Canadian grape and wine industry, and the continuing educational and outreach services needs of that community. Its vision is to be Canada’s centre of excellence with respect to the generation and dissemination of knowledge on cool climate viticulture, oenology, wine business, policy, wine tourism, wine culture and policy issues. CCOVI is dedicated to the advancement of the Canadian grape and wine industry, as well as other cool climate grape and wine producing regions of the world. Its research, continuing education and outreach activities are based on three pillars – quality, innovation and sustainability – which reflect the values and goals of various individuals, organizations and institutions involved in the grape and wine industry.

The Evidence Network measures the impact of innovation intermediaries on the client or member companies they serve. Serving customers globally—from technology transfer organizations and government funding programs, to research institutes and consortia—its rigorous methodology and customizable web-based survey approach provides impact assessments to support management, planning and funding.

The Funding Portal is Canada’s national bilingual gateway to all sources of business funding. Over 12,000 Canadian SMEs visit the Portal each month to find the top funding programs for their business in minutes, and then use the Portal’s expert and information services to guide them through the application process to success. The Portal provides access to over 4,000 sources of government funding, which disburse an estimated $24 billion a year in industrial stimulus, as well as to 500 sources of Canadian private financing.

Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is Canada’s foremost provider of university-based adult education, facilitating access to the University’s renowned, professionally relevant courses and programs. Since 1975, it has been delivering leading-edge workplace knowledge that empowers learners to reach their personal and professional goals. It has approximately 70,000 annual enrollments (in 1,500 courses) in: Arts; Business; Communication and Design; Community Services; Engineering, Architecture, and Science; Gateway for International Professionals; Programs for 50+; and Spanning the Gaps. It also offers 91 career-related certificate programs and numerous course series in which 22 certificate programs can be completed entirely at a distance. Its flexible, accessible programming is available on campus, via distance education, and off-site for employee groups at leading organizations.

The facility powered by Innovate Niagara is a state-of-the-art interactive media generator facility, designed to provide core business services and to enable research or commercial media projects to have any or all aspects completed at one location. The Generator at one houses world-class technology, talent and experience. It offers the most robust, convenient and cost-effective digital studio solution to customers in Canada and the Eastern United States. All or any portion of your project, from pre to post-production, can be brought to life at The Generator at one. The Generator at one's incubator gives its resident companies that extra edge they need to help their business soar. Specializing in helping companies in their infancy, becoming a resident at The Generator at one can greatly increase the chances that your small or medium-sized business will thrive during this critical stage.

The Regional Municipality of York is located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area and is home to 1.1 million residents and 42,000 business establishments, making it one of Canada’s largest municipalities and the second largest business centre in Ontario. Comprised of nine local municipalities, York Region is a premier business location in Canada. The Region is home to operations of 14 Fortune 100 companies, four of Canada’s top 10 corporate R&D investors, Canada’s second largest Information & Communications Technology (ICT) cluster and global industry leaders in Life Sciences, CleanTech, Financial Services and Advanced Manufacturing.

The Smile Epidemic is a unique program that helps individuals and organizations capitalize on the popularity of social media, the science of Positive Psychology and its innovative SaaS-based delivery tools, to become happier and healthier at home and in the workplace.

With leading edge web-based learning modules, SaaS-based delivery tools and integrated customizable social innovative tools, The Smile Epidemic scales the movement of positive information and provides customized training across teams, entire departments and global organizations to improve workplace culture.

Think2Learn uses adaptive video games to identify and improve cognition in children with learning differences.

Thoth Technology is a Canadian space company specializing in payloads, equipment and services for space and UAV applications. Thoth is an OEM of ultra-compact Aurora IR linescan cameras and Argus IR spectrometers that monitor greenhouse gases from space, with two instruments currently in LEO and more slated for launch this year.  

Thoth also offers space-certification services, including thermal vacuum and vibration testing, and operates the Algonquin Radio Observatory to provide deep space tracking, geodetic and communications services.

At Togethr, they believe in creating design that promotes more positive experiences among friends and family. They are designing the world's best gift-giving experience, and every aspect of this experience is designed with YOU in mind.

Tomatosphere is the NSERC award winner for the project which best promoted science in Canada in 2012. The project involves tomato seeds taken into space; they are returned from the ISS and germinated in more than 15,000 classes across Canada (and some in the U.S.). The project was also the recipient of the Alouette Award for innovation in aerospace in 2007.

Treata Smart Solutions, in collaboration with McMaster University and the University of Toronto, has developed the Smart Caregiver. The Smart Caregiver is a hardware and software solution designed to bridge the divide between caregivers and elderly patients dealing with memory loss. The Smart Caregiver is comprised of three parts: the Lost Item Finder which uses Bluetooth, GPS and smartphone technology to track an individual’s personal belongings; the Smart Wandering Assistant which uses the same technology integrated into a tamper-proof bracelet; and the Smart Reminder smartphone app.

Treata Smart Solutions is currently testing a beta version of the Smart Caregiver and looking to expand testing through McMaster University’s School of Rehabilitation Science and the Alzheimer Society of Canada. Treata Smart Solutions has also been accepted into MaRS Innovation, a Toronto-based incubator.

Trent is a small research-intensive university located in Central East Ontario. The university, along with Fleming College and several regional SMEs, are partners in the Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster. Trent is commercializing several leading-edge environmentally beneficial technologies. 

Trivium Industries is one of the first manufacturers of biodegradable and compostable packaging for the cosmetic industry. Its packaging is Canadian-made and offers an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic-based packaging. Its initial product is cosmetic bottles that are used to store lotions, pastes, gels and soaps. Trivium offers a wide variety of bottle shapes, sizes and colours. Its research project at Brock University has allowed its bottles to be filled with any cosmetic product and be protected by a barrier coating.  

As an ex-professional hockey player who skated alongside some of the National Hockey League’s greatest players such as Wayne Gretzky and Steve Yzerman, Troy Crowder has parlayed his knowledge of skating mechanics with his lifelong hockey experiences to establish the True Stride Hockey Company. Established in Ontario, the first offering from True Stride is the 55Flex. Made by hockey players for hockey players, the 55Flex is a product aimed at competitive amateur (ages 6-19) and adult recreational (ages 20-retirement) hockey players that promises to immediately improve stride mechanics. As a hockey performance aid, the 55Flex is the only brand agnostic skate lacing system that offers increased balance, speed and an extended range of motion (flexion) for its users.

UK Trade & Investment is the government department that helps UK-based companies succeed in the global economy. It also helps overseas companies bring their high-quality investment to the UK's dynamic economy. UK Trade & Investment offers expertise and contacts through its extensive network of specialists in the UK, and in British embassies and other diplomatic offices around the world.

Founded in September 2012, the Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation (UCIC) is a privately held Canadian corporation that designs and builds Ubi – The Ubiquitous Computer - a WiFi-connected, voice-controlled computer. The Ubi has been featured in Wired, CNN, CBC, CTV, TechCrunch, and many other media.

The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) advances the discovery and application of knowledge through a technology-enriched learning environment and innovative programs responsive to the needs of students, and the evolving 21st-century workplace. With more than 9,200 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in 70 programs delivered by exceptional faculty, UOIT promotes social engagement, fosters critical thinking and integrates outcomes-based learning experiences inside and outside the classroom. UOIT's commitment to accelerating economic growth and social innovation is realized through research collaborations with leading organizations such as Ontario Power Generation, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and the Durham Regional Police Service. UOIT will mark its 10th anniversary on September 4, 2013.

UT-IMDI provides students with real-life training opportunities by involving them in practical, industry-based projects. It is a vehicle to promote awareness of design and development challenges facing the industry, with emphasis on its multi-disciplinary nature and evolving technology. Through networking opportunities provided by the institute, students will develop their links with industry thus better positioning them for their future careers.

In just half a century, the University of Waterloo, located at the heart of Canada's technology hub, has become one of Canada's leading comprehensive universities with 35,000 full- and part-time students in undergraduate and graduate programs. Waterloo, as home to the world's largest post-secondary co-operative education program, embraces its connections to the world and encourages enterprising partnerships in learning, research and discovery. In the next decade, the university is committed to building a better future for Canada and the world by championing innovation and collaboration to create solutions relevant to the needs of today and tomorrow.

The University of Windsor is a comprehensive, student-centered university, with more than 16,500 students enrolled in a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs including several professional schools such as Law, Business, Engineering, Education, Nursing, Human Kinetics and Social Work. Its location speaks to UWindsor’s greatness as an internationally-oriented, multi-disciplined institution that actively enables a broad diversity of students, faculty and staff to make a better world through education, scholarship, research and engagement.

University Scholars is a proudly Canadian company that aims to help individuals who are in pursuit of higher education. It assists students in their applications to universities, from pre-application to post-application, and opens opportunities for clients to study in their field of expertise with respected professors in well-known universities. It is currently working with selected Canadian, U.S. and Australian universities and is continuing to expand to other well-known universities as well.

Up The Steps Ltd. is an Internet startup company founded by three former Mohawk College students with expertise in software development, accounting and marketing.

A Global Mining Company.

ventureLAB is York Region’s innovation centre for advanced health tech, digital media, ICT, green energy, clean tech and advanced materials & manufacturing entrepreneurs. It helps innovative entrepreneurs turn their great ideas into globally competitive products and services through mentoring, partnering and connecting.

Vertex Intellectual Property Strategies Inc. brings together a team of seasoned professionals with diversified experience to help its clients address intellectual property management issues and opportunities. Vertex bridges the gap between businesses and the legal profession. Its mission is to help businesses and publicly funded research organizations realize the full value of their technology and know-how. They help identify, protect and effectively exploit your intellectual assets.

VertoNova Analytical Inc. (VNA) has developed a disruptive platform technology that is set to bring easy and immediate absolute quantitation to mass spectrometers. With its patented module that can easily be attached to any MS instrument, the biomarker discovery process can be reduced to a single instrument, eliminating variability. This new technology will make the process of discovering new disease biomarkers faster, cheaper and dramatically more efficient, thereby enabling new discoveries and reducing healthcare costs.

Viaesys has developed an automated road condition monitoring system that provides a cost-effective solution to real-time road condition monitoring for during and after winter snow events. Unlike traditional road monitoring systems, its solution uses pavement images, weather and maintenance information to infer road conditions into intuitive categories like fully covered, fully bare, track bare, bonded snow, drifting snow, slush etc. The system can be installed on any vehicle and also substitutes traditional GPS/AVL systems.

Vineland Research and Innovation Centre is a world-class research centre dedicated to horticultural science and innovation. Located in Canada’s Niagara Region, Vineland’s mission is to deliver innovative products and production solutions that address the needs of the horticulture industry and advance Canada’s research and commercialization agenda. It is an independent, not-for-profit organization, funded in part by Growing Forward, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.

Zeely Adventures by Virtual EyeSee is an innovative therapy app for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome or ADHD. Children are motivated by the engaging game-based approach to recognize and interpret facial expressions. Parents, educators and professionals appreciate the consistent reporting and data collection. Zeely Adventures is a fun and affordable way to complement the traditional therapy experience.

The Water Research & Innovation Network (WRAIN) is located within the City of Kawartha Lakes and manages demonstration projects on their behalf. WRAIN helps accelerate market adoption of innovative water technologies through demonstration sites in one of the 250 lakes, six wastewater plants or 21 water treatment facilities within Kawartha Lakes.

The Accelerator Centre, located within Waterloo’s David Johnston Research and Technology Park, is a world-renowned, award-winning facility dedicated to developing and commercializing technology startups. Through its Accelerator Program, early-stage companies located at the Accelerator Centre and the Communitech Hub receive seamless support services, including access to office facilities, coaching and mentoring, education, connections to capital, networking, R&D support and outreach, talent recruitment, technology transfer assistance and commercialization.

The Waterloo Autonomous Vehicles Lab focuses on the development of next generation autonomy algorithms for aerial and ground vehicles. It specializes in quadrotor vehicle control, simultaneous localization and mapping and autonomous driving.

Wavefront is Canada’s Centre of Excellence for wireless commercialization and research, accelerating the growth and success of wireless companies by connecting them with critical resources, partners and opportunities to drive economic and social benefits for Canada. Wavefront programs and services are available to wireless and non-wireless companies looking to leverage mobile technology. These programs catalyze the growth of Canadian companies, enabling them to create more jobs, acquire new customers and generate revenues faster.

WEtech Alliance is Windsor-Essex’s Technology Accelerator; an industry-led non-profit organization focused on driving the growth and success of Windsor-Essex’s technology-centric companies and entrepreneurs through mentoring, programs and connections. WEtech is a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, which is funded by the Government of Ontario. As a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, WEtech is able to provide an extensive roster of programs, services and training through MaRS Discovery.

Wilfrid Laurier University is a leading university known for academic excellence and a culture that inspires lives of leadership and purpose. With more than 17,000 undergraduate and graduate students, Laurier has a distinct commitment to teaching, research and scholarship combined with a strong student focus, high levels of student satisfaction and a deep sense of community.

York Technology Alliance (YTA) is the only industry association focused entirely upon the growth of small and mid-size technology businesses throughout the GTA. Sixteen peer-to-peer groups run each month, separately focused upon management disciplines and insights to help tech companies grow their businesses and their people.        

York University is helping to shape the global thinkers and thinking that will define tomorrow. York’s unwavering commitment to excellence reflects a rich diversity of perspectives and a strong sense of social responsibility that sets it apart. A York U degree empowers graduates to thrive in the world and achieve their life goals through a rigorous academic foundation balanced by real-world experiential education. As a globally recognized research centre, York is fully engaged in the critical discussions that lead to innovative solutions to the most pressing local and global social challenges. York’s 11 faculties and 28 research centres are thinking bigger, broader and more globally, partnering with 288 leading universities worldwide. York's community is strong − 55,000 students, 7,000 faculty and staff, and more than 250,000 alumni.

Z3 Controls Inc. is an advanced technology company focused on energy monitoring, measurement and control for the industrial and commercial markets, for the purpose of improving efficiency, saving money and reducing the carbon footprint through conservation.

ZBx Corporation is a leader in point-of-care diagnostic product innovation, manufacturing and commercialization. Its breakthrough ZAP™ technology has been adapted to point-of-care medical applications ranging from quickly diagnosing heart attacks to screening for HIV 1&2. ZAP Rapid Tests are being partnered and sold in markets worldwide. The ZAP Rapid Test works with only one drop of whole blood from a finger stick. Its amazing one-step testing procedure makes ZAP at home in settings ranging from busy emergency departments to remote testing sites.

ZEC Wind Power is an innovator in wind turbine technology, combining expertise in drive trains, power generation, rotor blade design and electrical construction. The company's next generation turbine design will set the standard for high yield wind power generation, with major advances in wind energy capture and turbine longevity.

ZEC Lubrication oil additives have been proven in a wide range of industry applications, engines of all sizes, gears, hydraulics and large-scale cooling systems.

The Zeolitic & Nano Materials Laboratory at Western (ZNML-UWO) provides expertise and houses facilities to carry out research and development projects on the production, characterization, modification and test of properties of  porous materials such as zeolite molecular sieves and metal organic Frameworks (MOFs);  mostly as catalysts and adsorbents for environmental, agricultural and energy applications as well as for drug delivery.

Zination = Social Magazine Nation. It enables you to publish your stories in a beautiful online magazine, with no artistic talent required. Select your content, choose your layout and click to publish and share instantly – instant magazine creation. Zination is also built for businesses with features such as powerful analytics, branded magazines and automated magazine creation, to name a few.  It enables the best talents around the world to participate in the Zination Ecosystem: graphic artists, digital media, developers, and the most important person – you.