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Named Canada’s Best Trade Show 2010 and 2011, Discovery brings together the best and brightest minds in industry, academia, the investment community and government to showcase leading-edge technologies, best practices and research in Ontario.

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Mobile Innovations @ Discovery

Mobile Innovations @ Discovery will feature global mobile thought leaders, developers, innovators, institutions and industry professionals coming together for an invigorating and engaging series of events all focused on exploring new mobile innovation frontiers, applications and commercialization ideas.

In conjunction with The Mobile Institute, Mobile Innovations @ Discovery targets corporate management, innovators, developers, institutions and academics to bridge the gap towards understanding the full potential of going mobile and mass-market commercialization opportunities globally. Providing insight, foresight and a deep-dive into the future; the keynote sessions and panel presentations at Mobile Innovations @ Discovery will feature international industry experts, business leaders and technology disruptors for all attendees to engage with, and leave empowered, to advance their mobile initiatives to service over 6 billion anywhere, anytime mobile users worldwide.

Mobile Innovations @ Discovery Pre-Events

NOTE: All registered delegates for Discovery are invited to register and attend all pre-events for FREE – seating very limited and only available prior to event selling out.

  Mobile Biz Bootcamp, The Mobile Institute   Mobile ThinkTank, The Mobile Institute
Mobile Biz BootCamp: Developer Edition
Saturday May 25, 2013 | 10:00am to 6:00pm
The Second City | Toronto
Mobile ThinkTank: Executive Edition
Sunday May 26, 2013 | 11:00am to 6:00pm
Loft 404 | Toronto

MI@D Agenda

Monday, May 27, 2013 - Pre-Discovery Sessions

Registration Desk Opens
South Building
- 10:10 AM
Welcome and Opening Remarks
- 10:40 AM
Screens, People and Places

From tablets to smartphones to watches to embedded personal computing, the world is brighter with 6 billion mobile devices now outnumbering people with toothbrushes. Every person in the world – and thing – is now a mass-market computing platform. What’s in store next... next week, next month, next year? Who is leading the pack globally for mobile device innovations… and why? This session will discuss the next generation of consumer mass-market devices.

Speaker Gary Schwartz, CEO, Impact Mobile

- 11:15 AM
Global App Economy: Reality Check
The App Economy has captured the imagination of a new generation of entrepreneurs. It has democratized entrepreneurship on a global scale, continues to bring new business concepts to life that are disrupting traditional industries and it is leveling the playing field for new entrants. All this and the app economy is only in its infancy. As with every massive economic shift there are going to be companies and countries that emerge from the disruption and some that fade as a result.

What is the true impact of billions of dollars being distributed as a result of this revolution? What are the short-term implications of a truly global digital economy and what lasting impact will the app economy have on the next generation of entrepreneur, company and economy?

Rob Woodbridge, Founder, in conversation with Rami Lama, Senior Director, SapientNitro and Caroline Lewko, CEO, Wireless Industry Partnership (WIP)

- 11:30 AM
- 12:10 PM
Mobile Media Futures

TV & Radio Everywhere, advertising anywhere, Internet in your pocket, screens powered by the touch of your hand. If content was king before the rise of the mobile tide, then delivering content with context is the next queen bee. Location-based content pinpointed and curated to the on-demand delight of consumers is creating new entertainment, advertising and media service categories. Who are the next game-changers? Where are they coming from? And who will be the titans dominating the delivery of mobile media? This panel session will draw upon global digital media experts to showcase and debate who has the potential to conquer the mobile media throne.

Moderator - Alan Cross, Internationally acclaimed radio personality



- 12:55 PM
How Mobile Technology is Transforming Africa

Featured presentation by Rudy De Waele reveals how mobile technology is transforming the now second largest mobile market in the world, and the trend towards local entrepreneurs creating and implementing innovative solutions to solve local problems.

Understand how solar and wind energy are already transforming communities and powering mobile and 3G network infrastructure, learn about low-tech SMS solutions empowering farmers in agriculture, and how greenfield opportunities in music distribution are stream through mobile. Watch 3-D Printing solutions that are already applied to reduce diseases in Africa, and get inspired by a new generation of entrepreneurs changing the way children are educated for the future.

Mobile technology is a key driver for future economic growth on the continent, and Africa may well be on its way to becoming a hub of technology innovation for the whole planet, despite its many infrastructural challenges.

SpeakerRudy De Waele, CEO and Co-Founder, Nyota Media

- 1:30 PM
Lunch Break

May 27, 2013 Sessions

- 3:30 PM
Opening Remarks and Keynotes
Hall F

Opening Remarks:

Dr. Tom Corr, President and CEO, Ontario Centres of Excellence

Michael Nobrega, Chair of the Board, Ontario Centres of Excellence; President and CEO, Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS)

Keynote Speakers:

The Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario
Introduced by: Michael Nobrega, Chair of the Board, Ontario Centres of Excellence; President and CEO, OMERS
Thanked by: Dr. Paul Webster, CTO, Laser Depth Dynamics Inc. and Arjun Kumar, CEO, Kela Medical

Dr. Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO, X Prize Foundation; Co-Founder and Chairman, Singularity University; futurist and New York Times best-selling author, Abundance: The Future Is Better Than You Think

Discovery Trade Show Floor Opens
- 4:25 PM
Mobile Marketing, Advertising & Engagement: Location, Location, Location
Mobile in the marketing mix has become critical to the success of any brand and agency campaigns. People everywhere are now connected via mobile almost 24/7/365 for their business, social media and personal communications. Over 6 billion mobile consumers globally and over 24 million Canadians are living in a just-in-time world from the palm of their hands. It’s a marketers dream come true…if you know how to attract, engage and acquire mobile users at their points of inspiration and communications. Going mobile-first is the mantra of the decade, but how do you fully integrate mobile in all social, digital and traditional marketing to deliver customer delight? This session will feature global industry experts, service providers, and agencies outlining what it takes to lead versus follow in the complex world of Mobile Marketing, Advertising and Engagement.

ModeratorKash Hassan, Partner, The Mobile Institute


- 5:15 PM
Mobile Money Futures

Re-imagining currency and the exchange of value without paper or coins was unfathomable before the turn of the century. Who would have ever thought that exchanging airtime on a cell phone would displace cash? How about eliminating hard cash, coupons and loyalty reward cards with a mobile wallet? And, how about tapping a terminal to transact monetary exchanges at the blink of any eye? For those who know how to harness its power, the mobile commerce frontier is wide open for exploring, mining and striking it rich. This panel session will explore and discover how the retail, coupon and financial industries are ripe for mobile innovation disruption. And, how you can bank on for the future.

ModeratorAran Hamilton, President, Venture Grower


  • Todd Roberts, SVP, Cards & Product Management & Payments Innovation, CIBC
  • Darrell MacMullin, Managing Director, PayPal Canada
  • William Giles, Vice President-Emerging Payments, Canada Region, MasterCard Worldwide
  • Drazen Lalovic, Vice President of Marketing Planning, TELUS Customer Solutions
  • Jeff Green, Vice President, Clients, Property Loyalty, Canada AIMIA

- 6:00 PM
MI@D: The Global Mobile Landscape
The trillion dollar mobile economy is accelerating go-to-market research to commercialization on a global scale at lightning speed. This session will explore the facts, figures and pace of disruption powered by mobile along with the global trends for those ready to catch the next wave of consumer mobility.

SpeakerTomi T. Ahonen, Author and Mobile Industry Strategy Expert
- 7:30 PM
Discovery Networking

May 28, 2013 Sessions

Registration Desk Opens
South Building
- 10:00 AM
MI@D: Internet of Things: Sensor-based Nanotechnology Research Futures
Discovery Theatre
M2M sensor platforms are evolving from the convergence of nanotechnology with digital media, AI, manufacturing and communications. This presentation will provoke ideas as well as provide intelligence and strategic insight to further explore the dynamics of the electrifying newly engineered world we are creating. If you think quantum computing is cool, come and check out what is really just around the corner.

ModeratorMichael J. O’Farrell, Founder, The Mobile Institute


- 10:20 AM
Welcome & Opening Remarks
- 11:10 AM
Enterprise Mobility: ROI 20/20

To capture the game-changing value of enterprise mobility, organizations must move beyond merely ‘mobilizing’ their products and fully embrace a company-wide mobile-mindset. They must have resources, structure and formalized executive support, along with metrics and measurement effectively aligned with clear mobile goals. This panel will showcase the approaches and roadmaps being used, such as the establishment of an Office of Mobility, and will provide insights into the resources required for enterprise mobility success.

ModeratorBrian Hendry, Advisor, The Mobile Institute


- 11:55 AM
BYOD & Mobile Security: The Great Debate

Going mobile is malware’s new best friend. Unauthorized tapping into networks has never been so easy. Privacy has never been so personal. Welcome to the Age of Mobile Security, and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). The combination of over 5,000 mobile device classes, 6 billion mobile subscriptions and millions of mobile applications compounded by the variance in mobile operating systems, browsers and end points is wreaking havoc on IT leaders and human resources professionals. Policies, best practices and mobile security technologies are critical requirements for all industry enterprises right now and forevermore. In the flash of a mobile app, your whole enterprise could be at risk. In this most important session of the event, all IT and corporate leaders will find out how to prepare, manage and proactively protect their enterprises from the Achilles heel of the mobile industry.

 ModeratorMichael J. O’Farrell, Founder, The Mobile Institute


- 3:00 PM
Connected Cars and Autonomous Vehicles
Gowlings Theatre

The future of transportation is being reshaped in remarkable ways as we extend wireless connectivity to the vehicle. From new information services for the traveller to the automated operation of the vehicle itself we are already seeing tremendous change.

Come hear how Ontario wants to take advantage of this - and how Ontario companies are poised to be world leaders.

ModeratorPhil Masters, Senior Consultant, ITS Operations, DELCAN


  • Stephen Erwin, Head, Intelligent Transportation Systems Program, Ontario Ministry of Transportation
  • Bob Burrows, CEO, G4 Apps
  • Earl Hughson, President, Automotive, M.I.S. Automotive Inc.
  • Kerry Johnson, Automotive Product Manager, QNX Software Systems
- 3:00 PM
MI@D: Taking Ontario Mobile: An Action Plan for Leadership in the Mobile Revolution
IBM Theatre

The global take-up of mobility and the expansion of the smartphone and tablet markets represent a growth business for the many Ontario companies developing applications for mobile devices.  This panel will present how Ontario is positioned to be a leader in mobility and the positive impacts it can have on increased productivity, jobs, education,  health, inclusion and engagement.

Speaker – Dr. Sara Diamond, President and Vice-Chancellor, OCAD University


Mobile Healthcare Futures
IBM Theatre

Mobile healthcare is a very sensitive topic. Although it is high on both personal and institutional agendas, the all-encompassing benefits of provisioning secure, confidential and trusted healthcare through the mobile channel is becoming a necessity on many fronts. This session will explore the global successes of the mobile healthcare industry, the policies and best practices to consider for delivery, and will measure the value to our society in dollars and “sense.”

Moderator David Farnes, Principal, Farnes & Associates


  • Dr. Emily Seto, Manager, Centre for Global eHealth Innovation
  • Shurjeel Choudhri, MD FRCPC, Senior Vice President and Head, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Bayer Inc.
  • Ken Ono, Vice President - Innovation, NexJ Systems
  • Alfred Baghouzian, Vice President, Devices & Applications, TELUS
4:15pm: MI@D Wrap-up


- 5:00 PM
MI@D: Closing Remarks
IBM Theatre