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3ME Concepts Inc. is a company based on solutions. The development of a toilet paper spray called TUTSWVET Tissue Mist hopes to shift the idea of comfort from 'soft' to 'smooth’. Tissue enhancement will allow 100 per cent recycled tissue to compete and gain the majority market share it deserves. Reducing demand for primary lumber fibers will thereby increase the vitality of standing forest ecosystems. As a tidy bonus, TUTSWVET eliminates clogging in waste transport systems by effectively making flushable wet-wipes obsolete.

As one of the world’s leading engineering companies, ABB Inc. helps its customers to use electrical power efficiently, to increase industrial productivity and to lower environmental impact in a sustainable way, encouraging power and productivity for a better world. ABB’s strategy is focused on organic growth, with an eye toward acquisitions that build its capability and global footprint within its core businesses of power and automation. As one of the world’s premier engineering companies, ABB historically has also placed a strong emphasis on research and development. This continues to drive its business today.

Absolute Combustion Inc. designs, develops, tests and innovates its burner technology to improve key performance characteristics of industrial combustion systems.

Adipologix is addressing large unmet clinical needs in the cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery markets by developing a novel soft tissue regeneration technology that enables the natural and permanent regeneration of the patient's own tissues. Manufactured using a patent-pending process, Adipologix's products target the correction of defects caused by aging, trauma, or disease and the natural augmentation of tissues in cosmetic procedures.

ASTS manufactures sustainable lighting solutions for recreational vehicles (RVs). Recognizing the problem of dim lighting inside RVs, ASTS developed multiple LED lighting fixtures that seamlessly integrate into RV ceiling structures, enhancing their aesthetics while maintaining functionality. Some of ASTS’s products include the RV Chandelier, RV Chandelier Lid, and the RV Solar LED Skylight.

The mission of Adventus Research + Consulting Inc. is simple - to help its clients be better innovators. They do this by leveraging market knowledge, insights and processes to enable optimal strategic decisions. Adventus’ services include: market research (including stakeholder interviews, surveys and focus groups), market strategy/planning consulting (including brand assessment, sales strategy and customer experience audits), and innovation/creativity/new market brainstorming workshops.

Air Interactive Media enables users to share documents through a unique design surface across hundreds of devices with simple controls and components that let them rapidly access their data. Users are provided secured access to any document, from anywhere, for any mobile and computing device. Private & Shared Cloud Service - Collaborate on projects, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Air Rider Hovercraft International is a hovercraft manufacturer based in Parry Sound, Ontario. Air Rider brings the world’s most innovative hovercraft to customers all around the globe. Air Rider is committed to creating cutting-edge crafts and educating North Americans about the benefits of hovercraft use for access and safety over our rugged landscape. There is no other hovercraft in the world that matches the Air Rider with the quietest operation, a specialized hull alongside being the only hovercraft offering the forward/reverse propeller to bring you a safe, steady, smooth ride. Air Rider Hovercraft currently manufactures three models of hovercraft ranging from two to five person capacity with the ability to serve commercial, mining and exploration, search and rescue and residential markets.

AirTEM has developed a state-of-the-art technology device to locate underground water deposits as well as rare earth minerals.

Integrated cloud-based human resource management and payroll.

Akshaya Bio Inc. is a private biotechnology company developing innovative therapeutics for infectious diseases and cancer to meet major unmet medical needs.

Part of Alberta’s research and innovation system, Alberta Innovates-Technology Futures is helping build healthy, sustainable businesses in the province. Through a suite of programs and services for entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, post-secondary institutions and investors, Tech Futures provides technical services and funding support through its partners in the Regional Innovation Network to facilitate the commercialization of technologies, develop new knowledge-based industry clusters and help encourage an entrepreneurial culture in Alberta. 

Algonquin is a big college that proudly nurtures a friendly, small-college atmosphere. Located in the National Capital Region and the beautiful Ottawa Valley with campuses in Ottawa, Perth and Pembroke, its programs effectively combine theory and practice - the best way to prepare for your career. Algonquin has a strong applied research program and has collaborated with over 300 clients in the last three years.

Altranex is a development-stage company whose mission is to produce industrial and commercial bio-chemicals. Combining plant and microbe-based oils with innovative chemical processes, Altranex can cost-effectively produce a variety of “green” lubricants and fuels.

AMD (NYSE: AMD) designs and integrates technology that powers millions of intelligent devices, including personal computers, tablets, game consoles and cloud servers that define the new era of surround computing. AMD solutions enable people everywhere to realize the full potential of their favorite devices and applications to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Amity is the only single platform for managing the entire Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customer lifecycle. Amity focuses on helping SaaS companies dramatically improve conversions, onboarding, retention and growth to lower the Cost of Acquiring Customers (CAC) and maximize their Lifetime Value (LTV).

Analytics For Life (A4L) is a Canadian-based technology company focused on developing and applying sophisticated analytics approaches to extract and process previously difficult-to-detect information from a variety of different biological signals. The first application of its analytics platform is in the health care space, with an initial focus on cardiology.

AOMS Technologies is specialized in customizing fiber optic sensing systems for multi-parameter sensing applications. AOMS’ innovative technology enables high-fidelity, low-noise, and high-speed multi-parameter sensing of physical parameters in diverse applications like oil/gas industry, pipeline monitoring, structural health monitoring, and environmental sensing. AOMS has a multidisciplinary team of experts to provide fiber optic sensor R&D and engineering consulting services to end users.

Aqua Greens is a Toronto-based aquaponic indoor farm that grows a variety of nutrient-rich produce and fish. It will be located in the city of Toronto, Ontario, 15 minutes away from the heart of downtown. The business will be established to offer fresh, healthy, organic and local produce and fish to the city of Toronto and to re-connect people and communities to live more healthy and vibrant lives.

The ArcheOptix device is a disruptive technology that provides a crucial new triage and diagnosis method for traumatic brain injury (TBI). This device is non-invasive device, non-ionizing, and detects and images intra-cranial hematomas (bleeding inside the skull), allowing for earlier diagnosis and treatment, thereby, saving millions of lives and reducing brain damage in survivors.

ARMED is a jewelry brand that is unapologetically bold and never goes unnoticed. The brand was born in 2011 and is the love child of Desiree Girlato, a self-taught Toronto based jewelry designer and conceptual artist. Girlato has grown her business from her dining room table to her flagship store at 1024 Dundas Street West in Toronto.

Atomic Works is a recently incorporated analytical software company. The company mission is develop an innovative analytical software suite that allows scientists, engineers and researchers to perform investigations into material properties and interactions at nanometer to micrometer scale based on established and novel material interaction methodologies while reducing the need for expensive physical testing.

AUTO21 is a national automotive research initiative supported by the Government of Canada through the Networks of Centres of Excellence Secretariat.

APMA is Canada's national association representing OEM producers of parts, equipment, tools, supplies and services for the worldwide automotive industry. The Association was founded in 1952 and its members account for 90 per cent of independent parts production in Canada. In 2013, automotive parts shipments were over $24 billion and the industry employment level was over 80,000 people. APMA's fundamental objective is to promote the O.E. automotive supply manufacturing industry both domestically and internationally.

Banko Media started as a photography studio in 1996.

Over the years they have worked on fashion, food, aerials, interiors, professional sports, portraits, cars, industrial, editorial and product. They’ve shot on cruise ships, on the Mayan pyramids, on the east coast, on the west coast and in points in between. They’ve worked with politicians, political parties, unions, colleges and universities; hospitals, health systems, manufacturers big and small, farmers, banks, institutions of every size and governments at every level. They’ve been around the block, around the continent and across the pond. They love what they do.

Banko Media has provided creative services to companies local and abroad including Mohawk College, McMaster University, Shaw Contract, Fujikura Golf, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, Fuzion Golf, ArcelorMittal Dofasco, Visit Britain, Visit California and the Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership.

Battlegrounds is a start-up building an advanced laser tag gaming platform. By combining the best elements of their favourite video games with an augmented reality playing field and customizable player equipment, the team is creating an immersive entertainment experience unlike anything on the market today. With broad demographic appeal and a deep feature roadmap, their platform is ready to be commercialized.

Bereskin & Parr LLP is a leading Canadian intellectual property law firm serving clients of all sizes in various industries, both domestic and international. The firm was founded in 1965 and has grown to be one of the largest IP law firms in Canada, with four offices located in major economic or technology centres. Bereskin & Parr is made up of more than 70 lawyers and patent and trademark agents, many of whom are recognized as leading practitioners in their respective fields. The firm’s practice is comprehensive, encompassing all aspects of intellectual property. Both the firm, and its award-winning professionals, are consistently regarded as the benchmark for IP law in Canada.

Bionym is revolutionizing the way that people are recognized and authenticated by their smart devices and environments. Using its patented HeartID system, Bionym is developing a wearable device that biometrically authenticates the identity of the user based on their unique cardiac rhythm. The era of cumbersome passwords and PINs will soon be gone. Bionym is enabling a future where all your devices – from smartphones, tablets, and even vehicles and smart rooms – know who you are automatically, providing a seamless and secure user experience.

BitAccess is a digital kiosk manufacturer company based out of Ottawa. The team of 10 is manufacturing locally. Currently, they are operating in 10 different countries across four continents. Their digital kiosks are also known as Bitcoin ATM's. BitAccess is a profitable company since inception and growing organically without external financing.

Blue Orchid’s mission is to provide simple solutions for everyday problems. The purpose of the company is to develop and create assistive living products aimed to increase the quality of life for both patients and caregivers. Its first line of products will focus on mobility and aging and will provide affordable simple solutions with regards to lifting, moving and handling the patient at home.

Boreal Berry Farm & Winery is the only Haskap Winery in North America and the first and largest Haskap farm in Eastern Canada. It has introduced the Haskap Berry as a commercial crop to Ontario and developed a line of Haskap products for the Canadian market. It also started the Ontario Haskap Association in 2011, which is a voluntary non-profit organization representing Haskap crop growers in Ontario.

Brainspace publishes a magazine with interactive augmented reality content.

BreqLabs is commercializing a novel and innovative wearable hand sensor device that can track hand movements very accurately and at high speed. The device is a breakthrough in terms of convenience and accuracy. It can help provide the best computer gaming experience, implement hands-free computer access, training tools and simulators, or assist people with pain or mobility limitations. 

Brican Flight Systems is a proud Canadian company with over 75 years combined experience in the aviation space; leveraging its engineering expertise and success in the Advanced Automation (robotics) and Precision Part Manufacturing industries, Brican has quickly become a respected leader in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology sector. Passionate about cutting-edge design and performance engineering, Brican provides mission specific manufacturing and sales of UAV platforms.

The Goodman School of Business BioLinc is a life sciences, applied health and biosciences incubation facility housed within the Cairns Family Health and Bioscience Research Complex at Brock University. BioLinc is part of Innovate Niagara’s network of incubators. BioLinc helps transform today’s leading-edge research opportunities into tomorrow’s robust business opportunities by providing students, researchers and private sector companies with a forum to connect, collaborate and commercialize concepts.

The Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute (CCOVI) at Brock University was developed in partnership with the Grape Growers of Ontario and the Wine Council of Ontario. Established in 1996, CCOVI is an internationally recognized research institute focused on research priorities of the Canadian grape and wine industry, and the education and outreach service needs of that community.

Bubl leads the world in delivering 360-degree technology to everyone. They utilize their love for product design to help them break barriers in size, cost and ease of use that previously prevented spherical technology from penetrating households and businesses. Capture, experience and share the entire world at one time with digital bubls.

The Burlington HiVE is an open concept office space for freelancers, entrepreneurs and IT professionals in downtown Burlington. More than a physical space, the HiVE is about establishing professional networks to create a collaborative and innovative community. The HiVE makes it easy for members to run their businesses by offering Wi-Fi, access to boardrooms, reception service, a mailing address, 24/7 access and more. The HiVE is also a great event space to host seminars, workshops and meet-up groups.

CAISU is a private and non-profit association dedicated in representing the Canadian alumni of the International Space University (ISU). CAISU is also active in organizing programs and conferences aiming at promoting space awareness among university-level students, professionals and the community in general.

Entrepreneur and small business services. 

The Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute is a non-profit scientific and technical organization serving people and organizations interested in aeronautics, space and remote sensing, now celebrating its 60th anniversary. CASI has a network of Branches in major cities across Canada. CASI also holds workshops, conferences and symposia each year that draw delegates from Canada and around the world. Presenting papers at conferences, delivering programs at Branch meetings, and serving on CASI committees are some of the ways participation brings professional and personal recognition.

CCI delivers best in class solutions for your complex prototype and production challenges. Its highly skilled and experienced manufacturing/service network, concentrated in southern Ontario, provides electronics contract manufacturing, flex and rigid flex circuitry, precision machined components/electronics enclosures, injection moulded/manufactured polymers, and much more. The organization caters to the demands of defense, aerospace, medical, industrial and consumer industries, and can rapidly deploy top talent for design, development, and mechanical/hardware engineering in order to meet your business needs.

Canadian Cloud Backup is Canada's premier white labeled off-site backup and branded off-site storage solution.

The Canadian Digital Media Network (CDMN), a federal Centre of Excellence in Commercialization and Research, is dedicated to establishing Canada as a world leader in digital media (ICT and mobile) by creating and enabling connections and collaboration between entrepreneurs, companies, research institutes, government and intermediary organizations across the country. CDMN helps bring more digital media solutions to market to create more companies, jobs and wealth in Canada.

Canadian Healthcare Technology is a publisher of print and digital magazines that cover the creation and use of innovations in the healthcare sector. Its publications reach hospitals, health regions, governments, long-term care centres, physicians, technology producers and entrepreneurs who are associated with health system transformation.

The Canadian Innovation Centre (CIC) is a national, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping over 20,000 innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs transform their ideas into market successes since its founding over 35 years ago. The CIC has consistently been at the forefront of innovation in Canada, designing programs to foster the development of innovative new businesses and increased innovation in existing businesses. This impact has been recognized by both international awards, government engagement and tens of thousands of clients who have accessed it for help.

The Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO), an agency of Industry Canada, is a prime source of information to help you understand the strategic value of intellectual property (IP) and to support you in turning your innovation ideas into tangible assets in the marketplace. CIPO administers the IP regime in Canada and serves innovators, inventors, and creators to accelerate our economy.

The Innovation Centre for Advanced Manufacturing and Production (ICamp) provides the necessary resources for companies to research and create new products without heavy investment in specific technologies. The 8,500 sq. ft. industrial centre is focused on product innovation, allowing companies to access the technologies and resources for the development of new products and processes or the refinement of existing ones.

Cardiagen is developing early, blood based tests to determine who requires early, preventive care to avoid life threatening disease, reducing the global holocaust of heart disease.

Case Innovations is an innovation company with expertise in the construction and building industry. Currently bringing a hybrid concrete fastening system to commercialization, developed in response to failures in this field of fastening, they feel that their product has overcome current limitations associated with this type of application. Other developing innovations include advanced heating systems and an Asbestos management application for buildings. Case Innovations hopes to bring improved methods and products to market while reducing the carbon footprint produced in construction.

Part of the York University-led CIV-DDD project, Martha Ladly is a Canadian academic, designer and musician. She is Associate Professor of interaction design at OCAD University. Ladly has also had a long career as a musician and achieved international fame as part of Canadian new wave band, Martha & the Muffins. She then had a solo career in the mid-1980s and then worked in design and education.

Centennial College is Ontario's first community college. It was established in 1966 and primarily serves the eastern portion of the Greater Toronto Area through four campuses and seven satellite locations. The college is best known for its record of exemplary teaching, innovative programming and extensive partnership building.

The Centre for Alternative Wastewater Treatment (CAWT) promotes innovative forms of water and wastewater treatment technology through applied research, education and demonstration projects. CAWT is comprised of a core group of scientists, faculty researchers and technologists, as well as a community of associates from academic, industrial and private sectors. These professionals continue to expand CAWT’s project base, research partnerships and collaborations in the field of alternative wastewater treatment.

The Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) is a not-for-profit organization that directs and coordinates step-change innovation in the areas of exploration, deep mining, integrated mine engineering, environment and sustainability for the metal mining industry. Its seasoned team of program and research directors lead industry-focused applied and academic research & development projects that extend from geology and engineering to the natural sciences. 

The Centre for Imaging Technology Commercialization (CIMTEC) enables and accelerates commercialization of medical imaging innovations, ensuring Canada’s investment in imaging technology translates into economic growth and job creation. CIMTEC helps researchers and companies translate their medical imaging innovations into commercial products for clinical use. 

CIMTEC provides technology development services in the broad areas of 3-D visualization, image analysis and mechatronics design, as well as business development services, including intellectual property assessments, regulatory assessments and customer research. 

CETAC-WEST helps small to medium enterprises to commercialize environmental and clean technologies.

SulfaCHAR is the cost-effective, convenient and zero-waste solution to the growing $1.2B per year global biogas cleaning industry. With patented SulfaCHAR, toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide is filtered out of biogas, allowing these users to drastically reduce their maintenance costs. A key value to the process is that SulfaCHAR is the only product that effectively converts hydrogen sulfide into a fertilizer supplement, and not another waste product.

Medicines are phenomenally expensive to develop - about $1.8 billion and 15 years for a single new drug. Chematria aims to change that by using supercomputers to predict, in advance, which potential medicines will work and which won't. The team takes the same artificial intelligence breakthroughs that power self-driving cars, online search, and virtual assistants, and put them to work for human health. The result is fewer test tubes, fewer experiments, fewer failed drugs - just better medicines, faster and cheaper through drug prediction.

CCIP was established following the Letter of Understanding signed by OCE and HanHai Group during the second Ontario-China Technology Transfer and R&D Collaboration Forum in October 2013. CCIP is a reflection of the partnership between Ontario, Canada and Chinese partners, and builds on Sino-Canadian business relations by creating new opportunities for scientific collaboration, knowledge sharing, access to emerging markets and co-investment opportunities in Canadian companies. CCIP is dedicated to build a Sino-Canadian scientific and innovation collaboration and exchange platform that will enable OCE and Chinese partners to develop an Ontario-China network of entrepreneurs and investors. CCIP will operate as an incubator and accelerator, with the investment fund of Angel Capital, VC Capital and M&A fund.

Cimetrix Solutions is a leading provider of Stratasys Additive Manufacturing technologies. Celebrating 20 years of supporting commercial and academic verticals, Cimetrix continues to partner with new and existing clients to ensure the enhancement of business processes. With a focus on enabling the effective use of Additive Manufacturing solutions, Cimetrix strives to consult and educate its clients to improve design and production processes.

Hamilton is a city of innovators. From its historic steel and textile producers to its current prominence in the health, technology and engineering sectors, Hamilton’s innovation community can help your business succeed. The city has numerous organizations; commercialization engines and research facilities that help companies like yours develop new products and processes and turn them into commercial reality.

Clearlogic Consulting Professionals is a leader in change management, productivity and organizational effectiveness. Its certified consultants are experts in applying proven performance management tools such as process mapping, strategic planning and organizational assessment. The team draws from their own experience as entrepreneurs, as well as industry literature and best practices research, to support their recommendations. The Clearlogic team can help you identify and implement customized solutions that will inspire action and improve your performance.

With a 30-year history, CMC Microsystems enables and supports the creation and application of micro- and nano-system knowledge by providing a national infrastructure for excellence in research and a path to commercialization of related devices, components and systems. 

CMD Prototyping provides creative design services, three-dimensional modeling and rapid prototyping while allowing the client to retain intellectual property of the final product. Aimed towards assisting small businesses and individuals, these services hope to allow more unique and innovative ideas a chance at succeeding past the difficult stages of invention. Using powerful CAD software and 3D-printing technology, CMD Prototyping aims to bring your idea to life in a quick and affordable manner.

ColinResponse is a performing artist that specializes in musical performance and motivational speaking. ColinResponse represented Canada, alongside artists Erykah Badu, Sinead O’Connor and Wyclef Jean at one of Europe's largest festivals, the Blues Passions Festival in Cognac, France and has performed for Canada's Walk of Fame (2011 & 2012). Colin's new initiative "Expect Everything" inspires students to think critically about their future and follow their own passion. "Expect Everything" is a motivational workshop for students that combines compelling speech with live musical entertainment.

Colleges Ontario is the advocacy organization for the province's 24 colleges of applied arts and technology. Colleges Ontario is committed to the future strength of the province and the country, advancing policies and awareness campaigns to ensure Ontario produces the highly skilled workforce that is essential to our province's prosperity. It is committed to an Ontario where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Founded in Waterloo Region by a group of dedicated entrepreneurs in 1997, Communitech is the regional hub for the commercialization of innovative technologies, supporting and building a tech cluster of nearly 1,000 companies that generates more than $30 billion in annual revenue.

A member of the Ontario Network of Excellence, which is funded by the Ontario government, Communitech supports tech companies at all stages of their growth and development—from start-ups to rapidly-growing mid-size companies, to large global players. 

Compulark’s flagship product ReachLite is an innovative cloud-based platform that allows organizations to greatly improve efficiency, customer satisfaction and reduce cost by offering the unique ability to instantly and inexpensively create, collect, and share data online and on mobile devices.

ReachLite provides the unique way to get rid of endless paperwork, filing, and eliminate human errors.

ReachLite transforms organizations’ operations into smooth, fast, and innovative process fit for the modern business.

The Concierge Service is where small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), seeking to innovate, will find support to identify and access relevant innovation resources, including funding programs. Through Concierge Advisors, the Concierge Service assists SMEs in navigating the many available innovation resources and support programs offered by the government and selecting the right options to meet their needs, to ensure their growth.

Continuum has developed a stratospheric research platform using high-altitude gas balloons, allowing researchers' payloads -- private, institutional and academic -- stratospheric access at reasonable cost. Typical flights carry payloads of 40 kg to 30 km altitude for a day or more. Flight data is received in real time, payloads are recovered and returned. Continuum Aerospace also performs research and development for space applications, including: propulsion systems; embedded control systems; subsystem design and build; and numerical/computational analysis of aerospace physics.

Incorporated in 2006, Conveyors Plus developed a highly innovative and successful conveyor belt mining system which increases efficiency and productivity and is used by major mines around the world. As a means of providing superior belt tracking to minimize maintenance, reduce downtime, decrease spillage and waste, and increase belt and conveyor structure life, Conveyor’s Plus Ltd. Invented and patented the Sure Align Tracker Belt Alignment System.

The Council of Ontario Universities (COU) is a membership organization of Ontario’s 20 publicly funded universities and the Royal Military College of Canada (RMC). COU advances higher education in Ontario through advocacy, research and policy development. 

CTT Group is a technology transfer center specialized in the research, development and testing of technical textiles, advanced textile-based materials and geosynthetics. It is committed to advancing technological innovation and assisting industry in the conception, production and marketing of value-added products.

Whether customers require that materials be tested, safety and performance levels be certified, or they are looking to develop new products, it provides the technical expertise industry can rely on. 

Cumulus Dental is a medical device and software company focused on measuring physiological parameters in the oral cavity. The team is developing a digital periodontal probe which will fundamentally change the way dentists and hygienists diagnose, treat and monitor periodontal disease. The associated software is a standalone system that will be launched one year before the probe. It will save time and increase patient treatment compliance in the dental office.

Cyphercor is a Canadian Security Software development firm that has developed the industry's leading technology for multi-factor authentication. Designed specifically to thwart cyber crime in the mobile world, Cyphercor has harnessed both the Secure Push Network and Secure Remote Password in place of SMS and OTP. This makes Cyphercor's smartphone and tablet-based applications the most secure on the market. Cyphercor's connectors ensure easy, fast and safe integration into existing environments for website and VPN access. Employee, business partner or customer access is fast, easy, secure and cost effective. Cyphercor's advanced technology will facilitate the next evolution of the internet.

Since 2009, Cytognomix® has been developing and marketing software-based solutions and reagents for clinical genomics from London, Ontario, Canada. Its intellectual property portfolio emphasizes clinical and research diagnostic applications. Products include DNA probe reagents and software to 1) predict functionally-significant non-coding variants in complete genomes, 2) examine experimental data to assess evidence for predicted splicing mutations genome-wide, and 3) detect chromosome biodosimetry. All products are described in highly cited, peer reviewed publications.

Located in Windsor's downtown core, Daedas is an energy information and engagement start-up on a mission to change the way people look at energy. Global demand for energy is rising fast and new users means constant rate increase and harmful environmental effects. Daedas aims to leverage technology to converge at a solution that will impact the world in a socially responsible way.

DaoGrow Inc. is revolutionizing the organic food industry. DaoGrow Inc.’s innovative "Fresh Vegetable Vendor" uses LED sunlight simulation, garden automation for its indoor farming solution! This cost-effective device helps citizens to grow and eat their own fresh and healthy food. Join the food revolution. 

Deep Trekker manufacturers the world’s only fully portable, affordable, and easy-to-use underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The company was founded in 2010 with a mission to bring a fully capable yet portable and accessible remotely operated vehicle to market and now have units working in 34 countries. This robust system has provided a cost effective and reliable solution for professionals in a variety of industries such as: aquaculture, research, energy construction, commercial diving, search and rescue, law enforcement, and recreation.

Deloitte is still coming to terms with the business implications of exponential technologies. Their centuries-old model of placing a legal structure around an asset and scaling upward won't be relevant for much longer. They need to shift from scalable efficiency to scalable learning. With more and more of this happening in pockets all around the globe, including right here in Canada, it's an exciting time because these exponential technologies really do have the power to build a better future for our children and grandchildren.

Dentons is a global firm formed in March 2013 by the combination of international law firm Salans LLP, Canadian law firm Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC) and international law firm SNR Denton. Dentons' clients now benefit from approximately 2,600 lawyers and professionals in more than 75 locations spanning 50-plus countries across Africa, Asia Pacific, Canada, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Russia and the CIS, the U.K. and the U.S. who are committed to challenge the status quo and offer creative, dynamic business and legal solutions.

DivNotes is a presentation engagement web application with which presenters can engage their audience by receiving context-based questions from them. Presenters need to know if the audience understands their concepts, and with DivNotes the presenter gets real-time analytics of areas of interest, making them more efficient. The audience can also take notes individually or collaboratively, mark up the document or presentation, and discuss the topics which are used in analytics. With DivNotes, you can keep the audience engaged and participating to increase retention.

DLI Tools provides document and content management for teams, departments and companies. From their Global Headquarters in Toronto, Canada, they support over 250,000 users across 30 countries that use DOCOVA-branded products and services. Understanding today's global business environment, and the need to improve how companies manage their information, was the basis for the development of DOCOVA. It has been engineered to meet the needs of customers across a broad range of vertical markets, no matter the size of the project. 

Based in Hamilton, Double Barrel Studios Inc. is a digital agency comprised of a small team of professionals that deliver broadcast-quality video and groundbreaking interactive media for the higher education, municipal, non-profit and corporate sectors.

DraftingSPACE is an online tool that uses an algorithm to generate custom renovation designs.

Echostream provides cutting-edge robotics technology for safely collecting high quality environmental data. Their Kingfisher unmanned surface vessel (USV) is easy-to-use, robust and ideal for water resource professionals. Data is collected faster, cheaper and safer than conventional methods, making it a favourite among field technicians. Most notable, the system collects 100 times more data than traditional shallow water survey methods and can be transported and utilized by one individual, cutting costs by as much as 60 per cent.

Through combining proprietary algorithms with leading computer vision techniques and advanced GPU computing, Ecopia has made a groundbreaking improvement in geospatial image analysis. Until now, the cost of image interpretation has been prohibitively expensive, and applications requiring looking simultaneously at millions of pixels have remained impossible.  After four years of research and development, Ecopia is now introducing the revolutionary capability of near-real time large-scale analytics - an unprecedented advancement that will change the industry.

Edge to Epic powers business perks programs for some of Canada’s leading associations, business groups and companies. The company’s collaborative approach leverages collective buying power to deliver high value benefits focused on key business services for bottom-line impact. Its team hand selects the best providers to ensure quality over quantity (real value vs. deal overload), with partners including Rogers, Staples, VIA Rail, Priceline, Toshiba, Citrix, Salesforce, AVIS, Dell and more.

Enceladus Imaging is a start-up located at the Image Center in Toronto that is commercializing specialized image processing solutions. Its intelligent camera solutions enable existing digital cameras to see more details out of every scene.

Energent Incorporated is a leading provider of Energy Management systems located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It has developed an Internet-based technology platform and powerful energy management system to provide customers with valuable and timely insights into their energy use. Customers leverage this real-time energy information to control their energy use, streamline their operations, and increase their profitability. Savings of 15-20 per cent are typical.

Energy Storage Ontario’s mission is to advance the energy storage industry in Ontario through collaboration, education, policy advocacy and research. It takes an unbiased view towards technology and is supported by the contributions of its active members. Energy Storage Ontario works closely with other energy storage alliances and associations to push the industry forward.

Engage Biomechanics Inc. is a York University start-up company. Engage develops wireless, wearable patient-monitoring solutions for acute and long-term care institutions. Its first product, PosturePod, optimizes turn management processes to prevent pressure ulcer development, a $20+ billion, highly preventable, global problem. PosturePod is the first of a strategically planned portfolio of interrelated elderly safety monitoring products, including fall prevention and wander management. The company employs a SaaS business model, has a strong multi-disciplinary team and is currently beta-testing products with some of the largest healthcare operators in Canada.

Epique is the evolution of the cycling lifestyle. Derived from years of racing and experiencing the best of cycling culture from around the world, Epique focuses on top quality carbon accessories (bars, stems, posts), wheelsets and now three select custom build models (Lightweight Racer, CX/Endurance, Track). Operating out of Milton, Ontario (at the entrance to Kelso Conservation Area, just down the street from the new Velodrome), Epique’s mission is to bring European cycling culture to Canada.

eQOL Inc. is building eHealth solutions that will support people afflicted with chronic health conditions and the health care ecosystem around them. By developing and integrating technology into the health care delivery process, the organization’s mission will be to enhance Quality Of Life. eQOL Inc. was established in 2012, operating out of Toronto and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Its team brings together a diverse group of individuals with backgrounds in technology, health care, and management.

ErgoLimit is a web-based application that promotes workplace safety by helping industries comply with recommended guidelines from occupational health and safety organizations. This novel application will estimate metabolic energy consumed at work to determine the possibility of physical fatigue for workers. Furthermore, with the help of sensors it can continuously monitor the temperature of the workplace and alert employers about the required action as per safety guidelines to protect workers from heat stress. 

Event organizers use staffing agencies to find, screen, hire and pay event staff (i.e., servers, bartenders, etc.). Staffing agencies charge a premium for this service - $25-$35 per hour per event staff, of which a typical server is paid just $15/hr and the agency pockets the rest. is an online marketplace that connects event organizers directly with event staff, effectively cutting out the staffing agency entirely.

EV Fern Ltd is distributing high density energy lithium cells and battery packs designed to enhance the performance and extend the life of those valuable investments. Standard battery packs are currently installed on vehicles converted to electricity, in industrial and commercial applications, and in uninterrupted power supplies or wherever high energy density storage is required. All lithium battery packs from EV Fern Ltd are equipped with performance energy monitoring systems which ensure the reliability of its product. EV Fern Ltd designs, tests, installs and provides long term service on all its supplied equipment.

EventMobi makes it easy for event planners to create and customize a mobile event app for their meetings, conferences, tradeshows, and incentive trips. Now, featuring built-in registration, polling, surveys, games and reporting, EventMobi provides all of your technology seamlessly integrated.

Every1Games teaches video game development to neurodiverse teens and adults. Every1Games helps participants explore the inside of the video game industry in a low-anxiety and collaborative learning environment, building valuable life skills through individual and team-based game development, social learning activities and networking guidance.  Autism is experienced differently by everyone, Every1Games empowers each participant to define what their diagnosis means to them and what they want to achieve. Every1Games also works with game developers to facilitate low-anxiety beta testing for video games.

Evolutis Technologies is a Peterborough-born start-up that focuses on creating intelligent and intuitive solutions to information consumption and digital education problems. It achieves this through building subject-specific games that, along with gamification, also embed content within its mechanics. This creates an intuitive and fun game that offers learning as a byproduct.

Exciton Technologies Inc. (inc. 2001) is a Canadian advanced materials research and development company that focuses on the creation of technologies for preventing and controlling infection. Exciton’s technologies are capable of bringing silver-based wound care products out of the elite market segment and into broader commercial and consumer applications. Advantages include lower cost and an advanced higher valence ionic silver state designed to be a broad spectrum antimicrobial barrier.

eyeAlert is an innovative notification system connecting the deaf and hard of hearing with their in-home alerts. This includes the front door opening, the stove buzzer going off, or someone walking down the hall, to name a few. Adapting to user preferences, eyeAlert allows users to be notified the way they want, whether it is a flashing table lamp, smartphone notification or smartwatch alerts.

Fanshawe College - based in London, Ontario with six campuses across the region - offers more than 110 full-time post-secondary programs. Its philosophy of “unlocking potential” includes engaging students, faculty and staff in research to support regional economic development and produce highly-skilled graduates. The Centre for Research and Innovation (CRI), Fanshawe’s research office and industry innovation centre, works with industry and community partners, connects them with college R&D expertise, and develops innovative research projects and programs to meet needs.

Farm To Fork aims to improve the quality and quantity of healthy food entering the emergency food system by using technology to facilitate conversations between donors and the emergency food providers. Working together we can get the right food to the right people at the right time. 

Fasken Martineau is the go-to law firm for start-up and innovation companies in Canada. It is a leading international business law and litigation firm. With more than 770 lawyers, the firm has offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, Ottawa, Montréal, Québec City, London, Paris and Johannesburg.

Fast2eat lets food court diners order ahead, choose their pickup time, and skip the line. Order Online, Skip the Line.

Fire Data Insights’ patent-pending technology can identify operational patterns and events within forest fire management datasets. Agency staff can gain insight into the performance and effectiveness of their firefighting operations by using Fire Data Insight’s analytics platform.

Fivel is an online learning company that specializes in the effective adoption of technology that employees use every day. The service is very innovative and unique in that it combines the latest in multimedia, social media and learning management technologies. By using Fivel, companies can ensure that their employees optimize the productivity from technology investments.

Flarian’s suite of tangible marketing and promotional tools empowers organizations to promote themselves in a manner where progress and ROI is measurable. The promotional tools can be tracked, and analytics can be derived from them.

FlatFitFab is 3D modelling software that lets people take control of the design and fabrication of objects. Flat -- models are based on planar sections, flat shapes which are easy and economical to produce and assemble. Fit -- interactively verify that objects can be assembled, are connected, will stand, and are able to hold external weight using real-time physical simulation. Fab -- fabricate real-world objects using any of a variety of devices -- laser cutter, CNC milling machine, 3D printer, or even paper and scissors!

Having experienced the pain of having a cell phone die while out and about, GCC Labs is solving the pain of dead phones through the launch of its flagship product: the ChargeCentre.  The ChargeCentre is a high-quality cell phone charging solution for bars and restaurants.  

GeoCloud Inc., established in Toronto, Canada in 2013 from the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University, is comprised of a professional team of experts that specializes in automated airborne optical and LiDAR processing for classification, feature extraction, and 3D modelling. The company provides services, tools, and expert evaluations across multiple sectors including forestry, electrical, and urban infrastructure. With its team of highly qualified professionals, GeoCloud strives to provide efficient, reliable and practical solutions to meet the growing demands of LiDAR-based surveying industry.

The Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) at George Brown College promotes Canadian innovation through industry-driven applied research projects. Equipped with facilities to develop new products in real-world conditions, GBC’s focus on speed to market research lets partners access the talent and funding to meet the innovation economy head-on. Looking at industry, faculty and students as equal players in the innovation-to-market cycle, GBC empowers its partners to take part in educationally and economically meaningful collaborations that enhance local innovation.

Applied research is the method for the application of scientific and/or technical knowledge, improvements or discoveries (basic research) that can be used to find solutions to solve practical problems to real-world situations. Project topics are from various business sectors where a solution can be quantified and implemented and have a direct impact on the sustainability of a company.

GestureLogic is commercializing a revolutionary wearable fitness intelligence device that provides straightforward and actionable information and recommendations to users. GestureLogic’s device looks inside your body to obtain insights that competitors cannot. Its product can help improve ability and fitness, reduce the risk of injury, and improve efficiency. It directly monitors muscle activity and other bio-signals, communicating the data wirelessly from sensors in a compression leg band to an app on the user’s mobile device in real-time. 

Giatec Scientific Inc. is a knowledge-based company that provides advanced concrete testing solutions to the construction industry. Giatec offers novel methods and devices for the performance-based quality control of concrete and accurate condition assessment of concrete infrastructure. The application of these technologies improves the quality of the buildings and makes public infrastructure safer.

Social data offers the promise of timely, plentiful data, useful for strategic functions such as market and opinion research, business intelligence, and audience engagement. At the same time, there are hurdles to the effective use of social data.

Girih Social Analytics develops statistical methods and technology to address social data bias and noise, making social data more useful for a wide range of purposes.  Girih provides data and data consulting to market research agencies, advertising agencies and marketers using social data in CRM functions.

GlaxoSmithKline Inc. (GSK) is a world leading research-based pharmaceutical company devoted to discovering and developing new and innovative medicines and vaccines for Canadians and people around the world. Every day, its employees strive to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

Global EMC conducts regulatory testing for medical and other technology driven products for EMC "Electro Magnetic Compatibility" product safety and Laser/LED. It conducts this testing under one roof and for international and domestic markets. CE, UL, CSA and TUV safety certifications are within its scope as well as many others on the wireless and radio side.  

Gnowit helps businesses and agencies turn data into insights that guide decision making. With Gnowit, you can monitor news media, government debates and even custom online sources of your choice. By motioning mentions and analyzing perceptions in real-time, Gnowit helps organizations keep an eye on competitors and customers, capitalize on opportunities, avoid emerging threats and understand your business landscape at a glance. Automate your monitoring and leverage real-time insights to enhance your government relations and communications process.

GoKin Packs will manufacture and sell a unique biomechanical (kinetic) energy harvesting device (EHD) that utilizes the human motion of walking to generate electrical energy. Through the motion of walking, the GoKin will provide green, renewable, lightweight, portable and healthy source of energy (walking). GoKin will power a wide range of electronic devices on a 24/7 basis regardless of weather conditions or geographic locations.

Ministries and Agencies of the Government of Ontario supporting innovation. 
  • Going Global Trade Strategy
  • Showcasing Innovation
  • Social Enterprise Strategy
  • Ontario Water Technology Acceleration Project
  • Southern Ontario Water Consortium
  • Ontario Clean Water Agency

Members of Gowlings’ Energy Group have the breadth and depth of industry knowledge that makes them trusted advisers to senior executives across the energy industry. Understanding their clients’ businesses is a hallmark of their client service. The commitment to excellence of Gowlings  Energy Group can be described as C3 – completely client centric.

Grafoid is a Canadian graphene research, development and investment company partnered with Focus Graphite Inc., owner of the high grade Lac Knife, Quebec graphite deposit. The company invests in, manages, and develops markets for processes that produce economically scalable, pristine graphene for polymer and non-polymer, energy storage and other applications. Its leading investment produces high-energy density graphene known as MesoGraf ™ from a safe, non-destructive extraction process leaving the lowest possible ecological footprint.

Granata’s scalable decision support platform provides a full 360° view of your entire marketing portfolio that: increases the relevance of customer communication; significantly improves marketing yield; eliminates over-contacting; removes bias is marketing decisions; and dramatically reduces the turnaround time associated with important marketing decisions and actions. It does so at a scale and speed unapproachable by existing marketing optimization solutions.

The Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster's mission is to strengthen Peterborough’s regional innovation capacity by bridging the gap between scientific research and business. It brings together talent, knowledge and investment to drive 21st century innovation-based economic growth and high-tech job creation across the Peterborough region by supporting innovation, entrepreneurship, commercialization and new company formation and growth.

GrowWell is a simple feedback tool that allows health and wellness clinics to survey, measure and track their patient satisfaction, so that they can improve services, increase retention and drive profit.

The Guelph Chamber of Commerce was founded 187 years ago to bring businesses together to support business growth through education, connections and advocacy for business. 

Gymtrack is a tech start-up from Ottawa that builds smart, after-market gym equipment for fitness facilities. By retrofitting existing equipment with Gymtrack, fitness facilities allow their users to automatically track their workouts and receive auditory personal training feedback in real-time through their smartphones. Gym members can use the app or website to see their progress and challenge other gym users, while fitness facilities get access to data about their gym members that they've never had access to before.

HalTech works with growth and pre-revenue companies and start-ups. It assists Halton’s entrepreneurs and technology companies to expand their start-up, grow their businesses, develop their ideas and commercialize their products. 

HalTech provides its clients with comprehensive business advisory services, access to capital, entrepreneurship training and networking opportunities.

By offering such a diverse range of programs and services, HalTech is able to drive entrepreneurial success with personalized support.

HPCVL is a Centre of Queen’s University and has Carleton, RMC, University of Ottawa and Ryerson universities and St. Lawrence, Seneca and Loyalist colleges as members. Founded in 1998, HPCVL has attracted investments totalling over $220M from public and private sector entities. In 2013, Backbone Magazine selected HPCVL as one of the Top 10 Research facilities in Canada. Secure advanced computing resources are used in areas such as, Chemistry, Physics, Medicine and Engineering to do groundbreaking research. A high profile example: the hosting of Brain CODE which is the integrated database for all research funded through the Ontario Brain Institute.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council is Hong Kong’s statutory trade promotion agency. It has also developed and is managing the “Asia IP Exchange (AsiaIPEX)” trade portal, – a complimentary online trading platform and database showcasing over 25,000 IPs around the globe, aiming to facilitate international IP trade and connection to global IP players. This portal is a useful platform for IP owners looking for buyers, manufacturers looking for technologies to upgrade their operation, and service providers offering IP intermediary services.  

HostedBizz is a technology solutions provider for small to medium businesses. Its suite of hosted, business critical, IT applications and managed services remove the technical challenges and reduce the costs associated with infrastructure and application ownership. It provides enterprise grade hosted IT products and services from virtual servers and desktops to hosted email and back up that easily scale with your organizational needs. HostedBizz removes the burden of technology management and reduces cost of ownership to a predictable monthly expense turning your technology costs into investments.

Applied research activities are a key component of Humber’s institutional strategic plan. Humber Research is a resource centre offering support for: industry partners seeking or participating in research and innovation activities with Humber faculty and students; faculty members pursuing scholarship activities; students and graduates pursuing entrepreneurial opportunities; and students seeking opportunities to work as research assistants.

Huron Technologies is a global leader in providing imaging solutions for digital pathology. Since 1994, Huron Technologies has been providing laboratories and pathology departments with advanced microscopy instruments and solutions for the confocal fluorescence and brightfield market.

Based in Waterloo, Canada, Huron Technologies is a privately held company that was founded at the University of Waterloo's Physics department. Its products and services are used for research and educational purposes in various environments including pathology, pharmaceutical and veterinary.

Hydro Processing Ltd. focuses on odour elimination in agricultural ponds and lagoons. Recent advancements in bioremediation using Hydro’s technologies have proven effective in oil-spill remediation and several other bioremediation applications.

Hykso’s mission is to narrow the gap between world-class athletes and amateur athletes by providing advanced tools that help competitors track their progression and compare their true capabilities with high level athletes. By transforming equipment used in day-to-day training into intelligent gear, the team designs tools that evaluate parameters chosen by elite coaches and provides amateur athletes with the feedback that was once only available to premium athletes. is creating tools that change the way Canadians access healthcare. With Ontario-wide coverage, the website and mobile apps reveal nearby healthcare options when and where they are needed.’s framework will remove barriers that currently exist in the healthcare system – from language barriers to long wait times.

One of SOSCIP’s projects in collaboration with McMaster Centre for Software Certification, the project aims to study security, safety and certification topics in software-intense safety-critical medical systems, in particular, insulin infusion pumps.

IFTech created ARAIG, a new immersive wearable technology, a suit. ARAIG is designed to enhance your video game experience by increasing your awareness of what is happening within the video game you are playing without limiting your mobility or use of other peripherals. ARAIG provides you with localized sound and haptic feedback on the torso and upper arms. ARAIG will work at a fundamental level for all games already outputting vibration feedback and sound from the game.

Illuster Technologies provides universities and other educational institutions with a state-of-the-art hardware/software platform for teaching electronics. The digital control of analog and/or digital circuits on industry-standard Printed Circuit Boards allows students to learn electronics while gaining real-world hardware experience. The modular system provides opportunity for expansion into the education of different electronics streams, as well as further development by electronics hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Ottawa-based Impakt Protective has developed an affordable and easy-to-use sensor device called Shockbox that integrates into sports helmets to alert coaches, trainers and parents when a player’s head has been hit. The impact data is sent to a smartphone application using long range Bluetooth and provides information on direction and force of impact.

INAPP - The Indoor GPS is a patent-pending, cloud-based indoor positioning service that provides easy and efficient navigation in any building. INAPP can be used in hospitals, universities, schools, colleges, malls or even in trade shows to track and navigate the users. Unlike other competitors, INAPP does not require any extra hardware in the building and provides sub-meter accuracy in navigation.

inBay Technologies Inc. provides a new generation of identity assurance, access authorization and transaction authorization solutions for services and applications based on mobile cloud computing. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, the company distributes its solutions through channel partners in North America and other major global markets. It has been granted patents for innovations that embed trust in the mobile cloud through ensuring trusted identities, trusted access and trusted transactions.

INcubes is a Toronto-based accelerator that teams up with emerging entrepreneurs and talented start-ups to create solid businesses out of innovative products and ideas. INcubes’ international network has attracted mentors and investors from across many countries including North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. With its two flagship programs, the Funnel Program and the Acceleration Program, INcubes connects with the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs, those with goals of turning into international success stories.

Inertia is a contract product design, engineering and manufacturing company that partners with high growth corporations and start-ups that are engaged in new product development. Over the past 10 years, Inertia has helped many companies bring new technologies to the market quickly and efficiently using its systematic lean product development and manufacturing methods.

Innohub Inc. is an award-winning product company based in Toronto, Canada that is focused on the mobile space. Its flagship product Uplette delivers dynamic and context-aware mobile landing pages that increase conversion rates with highly personalized content for each consumer. Uplette's advanced analytics engine collects information on consumer preferences and campaign iteractions to build unified user profiles that predict their behaviours, and deliver a tailored and relevant experience for the consumer.

Innovate Niagara connects innovators to the people and programs required to bring their innovations to market through a suite of in-house programs, resource partners and a network of incubation facilities.

The Innovation Factory ignites innovation. Through seminars, events, peer-to-peer groups, and 1-1 mentoring it helps start-ups commercialize their ideas and small/medium enterprises innovate within their organization. Whether you have an idea on the back on a napkin or a working product with paying customers, it can help get you to the next level.

Innovation Guelph is spearheading innovative approaches for prosperity and community well-being. It helps high potential ideas start, grow, and thrive by cultivating entrepreneurs, developing powerful partnerships, and strengthening community initiatives. 

Innovation Initiatives Ontario North (IION) is a Regional Innovation Centre (RIC) located in North Bay at Nipissing University/Canadore College. The location leverages synergies with the existing expertise at both Nipissing University and Canadore College campuses. IION is leading a local/regional resource alliance serving clients within the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE). IION¹s service district covers roughly 42,000 square kilometers extending North to Temiskaming Shores, South to the Muskokas, East to the Quebec border, and West to Sturgeon Falls.

INO is a private, not-for-profit R&D company that engineers your ideas into products. Its ISO-certified processes, 200,000 sq. ft. fully-equipped optics and photonics prototyping facility, more than 100 highly trained engineers and researchers, and extensive IP portfolio are leveraged by more than 200 businesses annually.

Insight Nanofluidics offers a proprietary nanofluidic cell for transmission electron microscopic (TEM) high-resolution imaging and detailed characterization of liquid and in-liquid samples, with demand in biomedical imaging and analysis and nanotechnology, spanning university, hospital, clinical and industrial markets. The technology is disruptive, novel and unique, offering the unprecedented ability to image nanoscale samples submerged in liquids with high resolution, robust flow for high-throughput sample screening, and compatibility with existing instruments to minimize the up-front technology investment required for using the product.

Insightworks is a Training and Development Company providing solutions that transform the way people learn, collaborate and work. It combines proven learning and development knowledge with strong programming know-how and accomplished artistic talents to create thoughtful, innovative e-learning solutions that are proven to be extremely effective. Viewpoint Learning Maps, its primary product,  includes a range of styles designed to meet the needs of business and industry. Viewpoint Maps include multiple layers of learning content allowing people to first understand context, and then dig deeper to understand the details. Content can be added using a wide range of media formats and is easily edited. Viewpoint Learning Maps can also be used as a tabletop group learning activity, allowing for blended learning applications.

Inspirata Evolorum is a brandished phrase for a new concept.  Loosely interpreted the phrase means inspired technological evolution.  In a world where technological convenience and availability is only set to increase, the need has arisen for a convergent service which unifies ones digital and tangible worlds.

Interaptix is a Toronto-based company focused on the design and development of innovative Augmented Reality based applications for medical education and surgical training.  It works closely with subject-matter experts, educators, and practitioners to build training tools that visualize information and provide feedback in a more intuitive and effective way in order to facilitate accelerated learning and skills acquisition.

InteraXon's pioneering scientists are the proud creators of Muse: the brain sensing headband, the only seven-sensor headband designed for everyday use. Bluetooth enables you to see both moment-to-moment and long-term feedback on your brain's performance using your smartphone or tablet. A brain sensing technology leader since 2003, InteraXon won many friends with the world's first thought-controlled beer tap and a stunning installation during the Vancouver Winter Olympics where people controlled lights on Niagara Falls and the CN Tower with their thoughts.  Millions of people have already shared the Muse experience. That number grows steadily, just as the potential to do more with your mind grows with Muse and InteraXon.

Intlvac provides coating services, coating process development and coating machinery for very thin films. Its thin films are used to produce precision optical filters, mirrors, barrier layers, and for environmental protection. Intlvac has a coating and production facility in Georgetown, Ontario where it produces its products. Thin films of diamond, high-density oxides, Nobel metals, and anti-reflective coatings for visible and IR wavelengths are produced on a daily basis.

The companies within the INTRAVISION Group structure work with innovative projects, developing light systems and products based on the use of colour light technologies. Intravision Group AS works with special light systems within four areas: Art and architecture; fish farming; plant growth; and microalgae growth.

Intrigue Media’s vision is to be the leaders in local marketing across Canada. It is doing this by focusing on growing community and helping businesses to get noticed and found every day. The team believes that by helping local organizations plan, implement and evaluate integrated local marketing campaigns they will drive revenues, grow their businesses, and help them accomplish their dreams.

Invest Ottawa’s mission is to make Ottawa the best place in Canada to start and grow a business.

Invest Ottawa carries out economic development programs and initiatives in the areas of entrepreneurial mentorship, start-up development, business incubation services, commercialization, targeted sector development, investment attraction, business retention, expansion, and global trade development. is Canada's largest student job network, helping post-secondary students find their first internships, co-ops, and entry-level jobs to launch their careers.

Katan Kitchens is an innovative, health food enterprise that produces local, high-quality superfoods in Ontario for the ‘Food for Health’ market. Founded in 2011, Katan has emerged as a leader in the research and development of quinoa in Ontario over the past three years. Katan was formed by Jamie Draves after a health crisis in 2007 that resulted in the loss of a third of his pancreas. From this, Jamie was forced to follow a very limited diet consisting of high-quality, nutritious foods. Many superfoods, in particular quinoa, were a key factor in regaining his health, and realizing the use of food as medicine.

Kaypok provides the next generation of unstructured text analytics solutions for enterprises. The technology analyzes data regardless of source – including public social media, proprietary internal data, customer surveys, email, blogs etc. – taking intelligence gathering and decision making to the next level.

Kaypok’s high-performance algorithm processes the noisy, unstructured information extracting usable knowledge and insights about what people are saying, sentiments and the root information elements driving analytics.

Keen for Learning is an organization dedicated to helping struggling learners. Dr. Edmond J. Dixon’s strategies have been field tested with more than 50,000 students and teachers. His other books, Helping Boys Learn and Literacy Through Drama have been used by educators to improve classroom learning. A dynamic and popular presenter, he has spoken throughout North America on education and human development topics.

Kela Medical Inc. harnesses the power of innovation and technology to pioneer leading-edge solutions and demonstrate the value of a fully accessible personal health record to individuals, physicians and practitioners of the healthcare industry.

Kids Health Record helps you securely store, manage and access your children's medical information 24/7. It allows you to protect your children by being able to access this information within seconds and prepare them for the future by ensuring their access to this information as they grow up.

Kiwi is revolutionizing the face of retail, delivering innovative tools that build an organic relationship between retailers and consumers. Its team is developing a suite of products that give retailers the power to engage their customers socially and efficiently manage the operations of their business.

KPMG Enterprise is dedicated to working with private companies. Period. It's all they do. Whether you're an entrepreneur, family business, or large multinational, they have an intimate understanding of how you operate. No matter the size or stage of your business, whether you are local or global, we can help you navigate through challenges. You gain access to KPMG resources through a single point of contact - an adviser to your private company.  It's a local touch with a global reach.

The mission of the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research is to promote scientific and applied research, particularly in matters related to industry, natural and food resources and other primary constituents of national economy, in an endeavor to serve the goals of economic, technological and scientific development, and to advise the government on scientific matters and on scientific policy issues.

La Cité is a French College with 5,000 students and more than 90 programs. La Cité has a strong applied research program in IT, electronic, construction, culinary development, ecological design and health sciences. La Cité has also established a Centre for Applied Research in Bio-products Development associated with its bachelor’s degree in biotechnology. The program not only supports SMEs’ innovation agenda but also contributes to the training of highly qualified personnel. Research activities are conducted in both official languages.

Labforge Inc. is an online service that gives scalable access to mechanical, electronic, and software components. Its products are used for education and development.

Lambton College is a college of applied arts and technology in Sarnia, Ontario. There are approximately 3,600 full-time, 6,500 part-time, and 600 international students. Applied Research and Innovation's role at Lambton College is to provide real world solutions for business, industry and the community through applied research and knowledge transfer activities. Areas of interests are: renewable energy conversion and storage, process control and optimization, advanced material development, hydrogen, bio-processes, health and public safety.

Laser Depth Dynamics designs and manufactures precision optical depth measurement instruments for industrial laser applications. Based on patent-pending inline coherent imaging technology, the company's LD-600 series product line allows for precise depth measurement of industrial laser processes such as welding, machining, cutting and ablation.

Launch Lab is a Regional Innovation Centre funded by the Ministry of Research and Innovation and located in Kingston. Launch Lab services innovative, tech-based entrepreneurs in their Eastern Ontario region through business advisory services. is the MLS for new construction homes and condos. It provides the easiest way to find model homes, view pricing and floor plans, and contact the home builder. It also shows school rankings and boundaries.

Liberatelife aims to empower older adults to thrive as individuals and members of society through mastering technological tools. The team’s mission is to help bridge the gap that exists between seniors and technology and help them connect with family, make new friends, and maximize their individual potential. 

What makes Liberatelife different? They pride themselves in senior education and understand how to maximize each and every single person's learning capabilities; they use personalized support systems and community building programs that are unique to each student; and they care about their students and build long-lasting relationships for years, preparing them for whatever new technology comes around.

LicenseBOT is an app for both Android and iPhones that attracts users by sharing the routes used in their territories by the test centres. Users are guided by a GPS system along the route that they choose. In this first version, the user has the ability to personalize their experience by setting reminders for test dates and the class of license obtained. Future versions will provide instruction as they are guided by voice on the route and provide study guides. Advertising is a large component of the revenue generating capabilities with the unique demographic of users.

Linxee Wireless global operations in North America and Asia are dedicated to providing quality smart home solutions for consumer electronics and home automation. The team believes the greatest innovations make life better and more affordable for everyone.  From manufacturing to marketing to customer support, they strive to serve their customers with honesty and integrity. They are constantly improving in order to launch innovative products that keep them ahead of the competition. 

Liricco Technologies has created Valta, a home automation/energy management system that lets the end user know their own energy usage profiles, then identify energy savings through several patented and unique solutions such as standby power detection and geofencing. Whenever saving opportunities arise, a push message is sent to the customer, which will allow the user to make an informed decision. Once they act, the system stimulates the behaviour loop by showing progress in both wattage and monetary savings. 

Mobile Connected Transportation in Auto, Air and Telco: Delivering innovation in mobility, leveraging the cloud, providing next generation design (user experience) and comprehensive data analytics to its customers through seamless end-to-end product experiences.

Local Line helps head chefs source the highest quality local food in their communities by unifying their ordering process into a single, easy-to-use system. Head chefs place several different orders and the food is organized and delivered to restaurants. This results in farmers selling more of their products.

Lokeel simplifies location-based business intelligence. Seventy-five per cent of business data contains references to locations. Lokeel automatically detects location references within documents and data to create an interactive map. Plotted data can then be validated, and updated through Lokeel’s social mapping platform. Lokeel simplifies location-based analytics by providing a user-friendly interface for administrating and interacting with data. Mapping data provides increased contextual awareness of information for increased decision-making capabilities. 

Lucova Inc. empowers mobile application developers with an API to create bluetooth enabled mobile transactions within their native applications.

Lucova Inc. believes the future of mobile commerce rests with publishers that create value-added applications for consumers.  At present, developers must choose between QR code, NFC or GPS technologies to complete their users’ transactions, creating a disconnected experience.  Through bluetooth low energy (BLE), Lucova Inc. has created a proprietary software tool kit that enables proximity-related transactions without the need for additional hardware.

Lynxio is a user-friendly, digital knee brace and mobile application that help patients heal by providing feedback, managing their recovery and showing progress.

The team at Lynxio believes that motivation and seeing progression is key to recovery. They’re putting patients in control of their recovery by giving feedback providing education, and visualizing progress. Through this they can reduce pain, overall costs of treatment and help keep patients motivated. Lynxio doesn’t heal people; they build tools to inspire patients to heal themselves. 

Machina is a shop based out of Alberta, Canada, serving the 3D printing community. It manufactures its own line of 3D printers - the X-Series 3D Printers with the superb 3DMCore(tm) Technology.

Madeleine Collective is a socially innovative art and design agency serving organizations such as social enterprises and non-profit organizations who wish to effectively target their audiences in meaningful and engaging ways. The team produces integrated and unconventional communication strategies that foster creative interactions, collaboration, knowledge mobilization and community-building initiatives by integrating art practices with traditional marketing techniques. Madeleine Collective aims to produce creative, integrated campaigns, products, and experiences for its customers so they can better educate and bring awareness to social issues.

Management Support Network specializes in helping companies prepare SR&ED claims.  It has senior consultants with deep technical backgrounds in every field of science, and as a result, its claim acceptance rate is higher than industry average. The organization has a great relationship with CRA, which has accepted well over 10,000 reports that it has written.  

Every day hundreds of thousands of water samples – from our drinking water supply to our rivers, lakes and oceans – are analyzed with MANTECH instrumentation. MANTECH’s innovative approach to water quality testing instruments has come from the team’s passion for innovation in science. Both government and industry trust MANTECH-generated results to protect the environment and human health. MANTECH’s market-disruptive innovations are driven by its innovative culture; its focused export drive to enter new markets and always targeting the growing water market has led to sales and market share growth. End users include Environment Canada, US EPA, City of Toronto, NYC, Disney, BMW and Sleemans.

Maps BI is a web-based geographic business analysis platform that brings deep insight and visualization into location data. It provides a means for businesses of all sizes to increase profits through geographic analysis of their business data with zero infrastructure costs and without having to be a technical guru. It connects automatically to your favourite cloud systems and provides dashboards around your location data for interactive exploration – think of it as an interactive infographic for spatial data.

MaRS Discovery District is a mission-driven innovation centre located in Toronto. MaRS works with partners to catalyze, accelerate and amplify innovation. MaRS supports entrepreneurs building Canada's next generation of growth companies.

MaRS Innovation (MI) is the commercialization agent for 16 leading academic institutions in Toronto. With single-entry access to a unique pipeline based on $1 billion in annual research and development, MI is an ideal gateway for investors and technology licensees. Supported by the Government of Canada through the Networks of Centres of Excellence, by the Government of Ontario through the Ontario Centres of Excellence, and by its 16 members, MI turns research strengths into commercial opportunities. MI advances its portfolio into global markets through industry partnerships, licensing and company creation.

The Materials Joining Innovation Centre (MaJIC) is a not-for-profit organization created to fill industry's need for practical welding expertise. MaJIC combines technical expertise with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities to support Canadian industry by helping companies to enhance productivity and quality, comply with regulations, and improve safety. MaJIC’s solutions include: applied research; engineering; welder training and testing; welding program certification consulting; materials testing; non-destructive inspection; and failure analysis.

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP), at 175 Longwood Road South, is a premier research park that boasts an award-winning design, 180,000 square-foot, four-level office, laboratory and conference facility situated on 37 acres in the west end of Hamilton on Hwy 403 less than two kilometers from the internationally acclaimed McMaster University. MIP offers collaborative space for researchers and entrepreneurs alike to co-locate, connect and commercialize; a place to transform ideas from vision to commercial opportunity.

In its teaching, research, and scholarship, McMaster University is committed to creativity, innovation, and excellence. They value integrity, quality, and teamwork in everything they do, inspiring critical thinking, personal growth, and a passion for learning. McMaster University serves the social, cultural, and economic needs of our community and society.

The Pain-QuILT is a web-based technology that captures the self-report of pain quality, intensity, and location over time. The Pain-QuILT allows patients to easily report the nature of their pain (what it feels like, how much it hurts, and where it hurts) in a simple, visual format.

The W. Booth School of Engineering Practice is a new breed of graduate school for a new breed of engineer. It provides master's degree education based on experiential learning, leadership and mentorship. Graduates acquire advanced practical skills in innovation, entrepreneurship, design and public policy that enables them to lead in the real world.

Patients that suffer from movement disorders struggle with daily tasks such as eating, walking and driving, which require the use of their limbs. The severity of movement disorders is difficult for doctors to visually assess due to the complex bio-mechanics. MDDT addresses these issues by developing sensor technologies that allow doctors to accurately measure the movements and optimize treatment. Its technological advancement helps by maximizing treatment benefits so that patients can feel more confident and independent in their day-to-day lives.

MedCannAccess is a leader in the medical cannabis field, working to improve access to medical marihuana for patients across Canada. Its mission is to provide access to the highest quality of medical cannabis products developed through research and innovation, improving the quality of life for persons with a wide range of conditions including chronic disabilities and terminal illnesses.

Medella Health is developing a wearable technology solution that continuously and non-invasively monitors blood glucose levels and communicates the information to a mobile device, so patients can better manage their diabetes.

Meshlytics collects and analyzes alumni data to provide meaningful insights to institutions. Its first product, Intouch, is a white label alumni relationship management platform and mobile engagement application. 

MetricAid is a specialist Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) company that has developed an Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) with a focus on forecasting and scheduling. MetricAid also offers consultation in Emergency Department (ED) patient flow strategies, which is driven by the decision-support tool they have built. MetricAid has developed software that replicates the expertise of the principals of the company, called CEDIS+ (Cloud-Based Emergency Department Information System Plus). CEDIS+ is a reporting, forecasting and scheduling platform for the Emergency Department (ED), with the ability to be quickly and easily expanded to other verticals, including other hospital departments. The software employs an award-winning scheduling approach and which is intellectual property of MetricAid’s principals.

MetricWire is a platform that allows researchers to design complex studies and provides participants with the option of responding using their smartphones or other electronic devices.

MicroMetrics’ Customer Intelligence Platform helps offline businesses engage customers, collect their feedback and analyze real-time customer data, empowering them to achieve organizational goals, improve marketing and drive more sales.

MicroMetrics provides its clients with innovative and effective methods for collecting customer data across multiple channels.

Its flagship solution is an iPad-based tool with over 27 per cent customer engagement – over nine times the industry average – which collects rich data from customers while still on site, allowing for real-time notifications, analysis and benchmarking. 

Milao is a virtual friend that will chat with you anywhere, anytime, in any language you are trying to learn. Milao offers an innovative solution to the lack of opportunities for interaction with other speakers of the language. If you are stuck memorizing grammar and vocabulary rules and just need to practice, Milao will help you do just that. Joining powerful technologies with language learning research, Milao Language Inc. has created an Artificially Intelligent Friend that offers you practice opportunities on demand.

Established in 1980, Millson Forestry Service is the only full service forestry contractor in Ontario. It currently offers: greenhouse facilities with capacity to produce 15 million high-quality tree seedlings; seed collection, extraction, cleaning and storage facilities; site preparation for forestry tree planting and seeding; tree planting; mechanized forest harvest and road building operations on its own Forest License; log loading and hauling to local mills; hog fuel for slash management; briquetting facility; cut, split and bagged firewood operations; and private land management plan creations.

The Milton Education Village is an innovation centre: a local initiative dedicated to enabling an entrepreneurial culture for business start-up, incubation, intersection for innovation, education and training.

MINTU OVERSEAS is an exporter of ready-made garments, Indian handicraft goods, jewelry, leather goods and electronic goods since 1995.

Mirtec Canada is the exclusive distributor and fabricator for Mirtec architectural signs. It distributes its products through more than 1500 sign companies across Canada, and also supports design wayfinding projects for architects and signage consultants. Its products are unique in that they can be easily customized for limitless applications for healthcare, education, government, industry and business. The organization is also very environmentally friendly or “green” as its unique aluminum extrusions and components are partially manufactured from post-secondary aluminum and are 100 per cent recyclable.

MIS Automotive is developing and commercializing a suite of advanced, next-generation automotive imaging safety sensors. These technologies are key enablers to providing 360 degrees of visibility and coverage around the automobile. In addition to these products, MIS Automotive also provides strategic automotive electronics manufacturing services with a focus on high reliability and globally competitive pricing.

Mitacs is a Canadian not-for-profit with a mandate to bring together industry, universities and government to meet the challenge of creating the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs for the future knowledge economy. A partnership of 57 Canadian universities, Mitacs is funded by the Government of Canada, nine provincial governments, and over 1,500 Canadian firms. As such, it conceives, develops and executes over 2,000 industry-academic R&D projects at its partner universities, each led by a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow. 

Monteco Ltd. is a private Canadian enterprise based in Ontario. It is focused on commercializing and operating businesses in the Cleantech and Information Technology sectors. Over its 20 year history, Monteco has started and grown numerous companies. The Monteco portfolio currently consists of six companies:  Green Turtle, Filamat, Imtex, Good Harbour Laboratories, Eco Insight Sensors, Optomem and Monnsoon. Biox , Canada’s leading biodiesel producer, and Imbrium, Canada’s leading stormwater technology innovator, were founded and operated by Monteco and have been exited.

MultiMension offers design consulting, training and education tools, and multimedia specifically for science and healthcare. It helps clients to identify needs, organize processes, and produce measurable outcomes.

My Clean City is a national platform-coupled with an interactive social media format-that bridges the gap between youth, local community resources and corporate leaders to drive social change. Its mobile app is one of the first volunteer management technologies that quantifies volunteer impact in the environmental sector and provides verified volunteer tracking without the reliance of self-reporting. Through a gamified volunteerism portal, My Clean City transforms volunteer "work" into volunteer “PLAY” to engage the 21st century volunteer.

Mydoma Studio is a start-up on a mission to give the interior design industry the tools and resources to bring their businesses online. Mydoma Studio is building the interior design industry a turnkey, brandable portal for e-design services. The company is empowering the interior designer by giving them the ability to "productize their services" and use technology to disrupt the existing cost to serve models.

Nano Magnetics is a product innovation company that specializes in magnet technologies, new product development, and worldwide commercialization under in-house brands, through a distribution network spanning more than 15 countries. Famous for the Nanodots® Magnetic Constructors, Nano Magnetics is the largest manufacturer of magnetic spheres in the world.

NDS is a nanotechnology-based company, which aims to reduce the manufacturing cost of Scanning Probe Microscopy' s consumables.

National R&D is a SR&ED consulting service provider that helps new and emerging companies to build the shortest path from R&D to R&D tax credits.

The National Research Council-Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) is Canada's premier innovation assistance program for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is a vital component of the NRC, a cornerstone in Canada's innovation system, regarded worldwide as one of the best programs of its kind.

With specialists and laboratory facilities in metal processing and joining, corrosion prevention, physical and mechanical testing, microstructural characterization of materials, prototype fabrication, and advanced materials development, the CANMET Materials Technology Laboratory from Natural Resources Canada helps Canadian industry develop new products, and achieve higher performance from metal alloys and metal-or mineral-based advanced materials.

NSERC aims to make Canada a country of discoverers and innovators for the benefit of all Canadians. The agency supports university students in their advanced studies, promotes and supports discovery research, and fosters innovation by encouraging Canadian companies to participate and invest in post-secondary research projects. NSERC researchers are on the vanguard of science, building on Canada’s long tradition of scientific excellence. 

The Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) offers programs that mobilize Canada’s best research, development and entrepreneurial expertise and focus it on specific issues and strategic areas. NCE funding supports multi-disciplinary partnerships that help build a more advanced, healthy, competitive and prosperous country. Four national programs bring together the right mix of people and organizations to address important issues for Canadians: Networks of Centres of Excellence; Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research; Business-Led Networks of Centres of Excellence; and Industrial Research and Development Internships.

Neurovative Technologies Inc. is a Waterloo-based life sciences company. Its mission is to provide drug-free, non-invasive home care solutions to increase quality of life and minimize costs.

New Energy Corporation is a manufacturer of in-stream hydrokinetic power generation technology. Its proprietary EnCurrent Power Generation systems convert kinetic energy in water currents into electricity in the same way wind turbines convert energy in wind into electricity. Economical and with a small environmental footprint, EnCurrent systems can be widely deployed where traditional hydroelectric plants are not possible. Applications include tidal currents and freshwater applications such as rivers, canals and industrial outflows.

Newterra is a leading provider of decentralized water and wastewater treatment solutions to the industrial and municipal markets. With its suite of patented and proprietary technologies, newterra offers a broad range of solutions to the world’s most demanding industrial end users including mining, oil and gas, and food and beverage companies. newterra’s capabilities – from design & engineering to manufacturing in its own facilities – allow the company to maintain full control over the quality of its systems while achieving on-time delivery. With operations in Canada, the United States, Germany, and the U.K., newterra can address its customers’ needs on a global basis. newterra is a distinguished recipient of Deloitte’s 50 Best Managed Companies for the past six consecutive years.

NGF provides expertise in aerial data collection with product and service offerings of unmanned aerial systems. NGF's flagship system, the Renegade, is a leader in commercial systems in Canada in payload and flight-time capabilities. NGF offers a variety of payload systems including: six-band multispectral imaging and sub-centimeter RGB imaging, all with integrated direct georeferencing. Furthermore, they are a leader in UAV LiDAR capabilities through the integration of a laser scanner with multiple returns, which enables terrain modelling through dense vegetation.

Niagara Research, the Research & Innovation Division of Niagara College, provides real-world solutions for business, industry and the community through applied research and knowledge transfer activities.

Niagara Research conducts projects that provide innovative solutions, such as producing and testing prototypes, evaluating new technologies, and developing new or improved products or processes for small- and medium-sized businesses. 

Nordixx Pole Walking has become the fastest growing outdoor activity around the globe. Nordixx provides programs for people of all ages and fitness levels and are based on the results of hundreds of clinical studies. Today, over 15 million Europeans Nordic Pole Walk; operating within the Health/Prevention, Fitness and Wellness market, Nordixx’s mandate is to motivate millions of Canadians into this low-impact physical activity and to establish a new walking movement over the next three to five years.

NORCAT is a leading private, non-profit organization that empowers its clients, staff and community partners to drive a culture of productivity, innovation, and life-long learning. To deliver on its mandate, NORCAT is focused on three core priorities: As part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, NORCAT’s Innovation Mill serves as Sudbury’s Regional Innovation Centre partnering with community stakeholders to help start and accelerate the growth of innovative companies; to develop and provide world-class programs, services, and resources to reduce injuries, save lives, and enhance productivity in the workplace and beyond; and to operate a vibrant innovation hub to engage its clients, community, and key stakeholders by providing an environment that celebrates a culture of productivity, innovation, and life-long learning.

Northern Ontario Robotic Solutions & Equipment (NORSE) utilizes lean and agile design processes to create a mobile development environment to adapt to the ever-changing demand for robotics. It aims to bring robotics out of the industrial and manufacturing fields and scale it down, to bring it to the largest markets available: consumers, SME's, and municipalities. NORSE is currently working to alleviate algal blooms in Northern Ontario.

The Innovation Centre acts as a pivotal player in growing Northwestern Ontario’s innovation capacity. It offers support to innovative entrepreneurs, businesses, and community projects in the region of Northwestern Ontario. In addition, the Centre seeks out new approaches to improve, enhance and invigorate a commercialization system in our region. By encouraging ongoing cooperation between business, education and government, the Centre is a driving force to improve economic vitality. Located in Thunder Bay at Confederation College, the Centre prides itself on creating linkages, engaging entrepreneurs, supporting management, training people, accessing markets, developing and implementing businesses plans, sourcing financing and building success!

Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP’s global intellectual property team advises on the acquisition, exploitation, use and enforcement of intellectual property rights across the globe. They provide cost-effective advice to clients on an international basis, advising on both domestic and cross-border transactions and disputes throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Latin America, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

Novus Environmental Inc. specializes in the fields of air quality, wind & climate, sound, vibration & EMI/RFI, and sustainable water with a goal of harmonizing the built and natural environments. Although its lead experts have numerous years of experience, they continually challenge themselves to listen, innovate and offer a new spirit in consulting.

NuPhysics is an engineering software start-up based in Toronto, Canada, that provides solutions to complex fluid dynamics problems. Its core software employs a scientific formulation based on 40 years of research and 15 years of software development. This allows NuPhysics to deliver viable, accurate solutions to challenges across a range of industries, including automotive & fuel cells, oil & gas, and wastewater treatment.

Nuraleve provides pain management clinics and addiction centers with neurostimulation technologies. Providing an end-to-end service (including training and supplies), Nuraleve reduces the adoption barrier for supplemental procedures in the chronic pain and smoking cravings reduction worlds. 

The company's flagship device was granted a Medical Device License by Health Canada in October 2013 for the treatment of chronic pain. Nuraleve is an ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008 certified company.

OCAD University has more depth and breadth in visual arts and design programs than any school of its kind in Canada. OCAD U offers its students a unique environment that combines studio-based learning with critical inquiry. 

The Office of Small and Medium Enterprises (OSME) - Ontario Region was established in August 2006 within Public Works and Government Services Canada to support the Government of Canada’s commitment to a procurement system open to small and medium and regionally-based businesses.

OMERS is one of Canada's largest pension funds, providing first-class pension administration and innovative products and services to over 400,000 members. Approximately one in every 20 employees working in the province of Ontario is an OMERS members. Through the OMERS Worldwide brand, its team of investment professionals uses a direct drive, active management investment strategy to invest in public and private market assets, including publicly-traded equities, fixed-income, infrastructure, private equity and real estate.

Oncoustics inc. is enhancing the outcome of cancer research and treatment delivery by bringing to market novel ultrasound-based cancer imaging technologies. Its unique solutions provide non-invasive metrics that enable researchers and clinicians to rapidly diagnose and assess the efficacy of cancer therapy.

The Ontario Association of Remote Sensing (OARS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to developing a better understanding and utilization of remote sensing technologies in Ontario. Through regular program meetings and a newsletter, it encourages the open exchange of information between users of remote sensing technologies in Ontario, Canada and internationally.

The Ontario Brain Institute is a provincially‐funded, not‐for‐profit research centre seeking to maximize the impact of neuroscience and establish Ontario as a world leader in brain discovery, commercialization and care. Convergent partnerships are created between researchers, clinicians, industry, patients, and their advocates to foster discovery and deliver innovative products and services that improve the lives of those living with brain disorders.

OCGC is an agency of the Ontario government. OCGC manages the interest of the Government of Ontario in the $205-million Ontario Venture Capital Fund LP, and the recently announced Northleaf Venture Catalyst Fund, a $300-million fund of funds. OCGC also manages and operates the Ontario Emerging Technologies Fund (OETF), a fund that co-invests in innovative, high-growth, private, Ontario companies.

Ontario Drive & Gear was founded in 1962 as a gear and transmission manufacturer in New Hamburg, Ontario. It has two manufacturing facilities employing approximately 220 people and comprising a total of 121,000 sq. ft. One facility is dedicated to the design and manufacture of the Argo all-terrain amphibious vehicle. The second is a world-class gear and transmission manufacturer who supplies assemblies and components to such recognized names as Volvo, Toyota Industrial Equipment, Magna, and Zamboni.

By working collaboratively with all members of the value chain, the Ontario Hazelnut Association is encouraging planting of hazelnuts in Ontario to serve new markets. This new crop for Ontario has enormous potential, with interested growers, strong suppliers and engaged buyers. The Ontario Hazelnut Association will continue to develop new markets for Ontario hazelnuts and their products through agronomic knowledge, cultivar development, economic analysis and public advocacy.

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture and Food / Ministry of Rural Affairs promote Ontario's Bio-Advantage.

The Ontario Research and Innovation Optical Network (ORION) is one of the largest Research, Education and Innovation (RE&I) networks in the world. ORION connects Ontario's universities, colleges, teaching hospitals, research facilities, and many school boards together and to a global RE&I network. In addition to providing one fast broadband connections, ORION is a research and innovation partner for its members. Through its network-enabled services and support, ORION constantly strives to keep Ontario on the leading edge of innovation.

The Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) is a member-interest, advocacy organization, created jointly by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) and the Canadian Society of Professional Engineers (CSPE). It is the Voice of Ontario's engineers, supporting, representing and advancing their interests and promoting engineering excellence for the benefit of the public. Its vision is to be a strong, progressive organization that champions a community of engineers.

OTI Lumionics Inc. has developed commercially‐ready technology to lower the cost of organic light‐emitting diodes (OLEDs) for displays and lighting, by up to 90 per cent. OLEDs can be thin as paper, lightweight, and even flexible. OLED is a rapidly growing $11-billion market that is driving the $160-billion display industry, and will soon disrupt the $80-billion lighting market.

Pairwise Affinity is a visual neuroscience company that is developing innovative vision-testing systems for clinical applications. Its technology provides greater sensitivity for tracking changes in visual function in people with retinal disease, such as Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetic Macular Edema (DME). The company’s innovation may be used as a Drug Development Tool or Diagnostic Medical Device. In clinical trials, it will help bring sight-saving drugs to market sooner. In eye clinics, it will detect vision changes earlier, enabling medical intervention to help prevent blindness.

Palette is the first free-form hardware interface that offers hands-on control of your favorite software. If you are a photographer, a DJ, a videographer or even a gamer, Palette empowers you to build a physical interface customized to your personal needs. With Palette, you snap together modules like Lego - no coding or soldering required! 

PathCore is a vendor neutral digital pathology software company. It provides a universal image management platform that supports many types of whole slide image (WSI) formats and metadata. Its solutions enable labs to achieve digital workflows by automating image archival and simplifying access to data. It also provides the Sedeen Image Viewer, a universal wholeslide image viewer with annotation tools and offer an SDK for creating custom analysis algorithms.

PaymentEvolution is Canada's largest and most loved cloud payroll and payments service. Trusted by thousands of businesses like yours, PaymentEvolution provides secure, online payroll and payments services that integrate with modern accounting tools.

PetroPredict Inc. is a well integrity prediction engine for the oil and gas industry that enables subsurface engineers to identify low capital and high reward optimization opportunities in their fields. 

Physicalytics is an analytics company dedicated to providing valuable and actionable insights about visitor interaction in physical locations. Through discovering and understanding how people interact in different environments, Physicalytics enables businesses to become more efficient and make better operations and marketing decisions. Using simple plug-and-play devices, Physicalytics allows for real-time collection of data and analysis in almost any establishment. Keeping privacy a priority, all gathered data is completely anonymous and heavily encrypted.

PipeDream Interactive provides innovative methods for adding interactivity to entertainment media and displays. Its primary product, Invisivision, is expected to have a huge impact on digital media and advertising, and provides a simple method of improving accessibility in entertainment venues.

PlantForm Corporation is a Guelph-based biopharmaceutical company committed to making life-saving medications more affordable and accessible. The company’s plant technology platform will dramatically lower the cost of producing antibody drugs for the treatment of cancer and other diseases. PlantForm’s first product is a biosimilar version of the US$6.8-billion breast cancer drug Herceptin® (trastuzumab). The company is currently scaling up production of biosimilar trastuzumab in preparation for Phase 1 human clinical trials later this year. Two additional oncology drugs are in development, as are innovator antibodies for treatment of HIV/AIDS in a program funding by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Government of Canada.

For high-margin consumer brands who want to increase sales, POET is an interactive digital signage solution that delivers decision-influencing product details in an engaging, media-rich experience.

Polar Sapphire has developed a new process for manufacturing 99.999 per cent purity alumina. Its process produces a higher purity alumina than the current incumbent processes at a significantly reduced cost. High-purity alumina is used to make sapphire ingots which are used for several different applications including as a substrate for making LEDs.

PolyFerm Canada focuses on the development, manufacture, and commercialization of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) – a family of biodegradable bioplastics made from renewable resources. In particular, it specializes in the development of medium-chain-length polyhydroxyalkanoates (MCL-PHA), which we brand as “VersaMer”.

PowerBarr is a solar powered unit for charging mobile devices.

Printchomp is a real-time marketplace for print.

The Productivity & Innovation Centre (PIC) is a project of the TEDC and NEOnet. The PIC will offer assistance through a two-stage productivity assessment process to encourage small- to medium-sized enterprises in the region to examine their operations and work towards achieving efficiencies. PIC will provide financial incentives during both stages to help identify and address operational issues. In addition, it will provide better access to provincial/federal innovation programming through the Ontario Centres of Excellence, National Research Council's Industrial Research Assistance Program, and other sources to assist with all stages of business development from R&D through to commercialization. With the collaboration and continuous support of its partners it shares resources and expertise in a further effort to help bring businesses to competitive levels.

Protective Arms Systems Inc. (PAS) is a private Canadian corporation which has operated since 2006. It specializes in the creation of safety systems for road traffic and for the sport of hunting and shooting.

Proteocyte Diagnostics is a molecular diagnostics company that is commercializing a novel diagnostics technology, Straticyte™ that offers objective and accurate early diagnosis of precancers and cancers. The company’s first product accurately distinguishes between those precancerous oral lesions at high risk of becoming cancerous and those that pose low risk. Early diagnosis of high risk lesions permits more effective, less traumatizing treatments, and saves lives, healthcare costs and improves patient's quality of life.

Pueblo Science aims to increase science literacy in low resource Canadian communities and remote areas across the developing world by providing inexpensive, reproducible and interactive science discovery kits, designed to teach scientific principles effectively, accompanied by teachers’ training missions.

Purifics is a global leader that provides complete water purification solutions. Combining 20 years of applications experience with 26 patents and an annual R&D investment of 15 per cent of revenue, Purifics supplies municipal, industrial and reuse markets with market disruptive technology that has a wide range of sustainable, economic and environmental advantages. Purifics has developed the only FDR Process that Filters, Destroys and Recovers all contaminants (with the exception of TDS) and eliminates chemicals for safe drinking water. Why treat when you can purify?

QA Consultants is North America’s largest dedicated provider of software testing and quality assurance solutions. QA Consultants is headquartered in Toronto in a 33,000 square foot facility, with offices across Canada.
It offers the industry’s most comprehensive suite of high-value testing solutions ranging from staff augmentation and managed services to the market’s only Canadian-based, on-demand TestFactory operation.

QKD is network security company providing data encryption systems and solutions based on quantum physics to critical infrastructures, financial institutions and healthcare providers.

QoC Health is a mobile technology company that offers healthcare providers patient engagement solutions that save money through reduced complications and unnecessary hospital time (appointments, readmissions, length of stay) while improving quality of care and patient satisfaction. QoC Health is a proud Certified B Corp and MaRS Impact8 organization.

Raising children is a challenging undertaking, but conceiving a child should not be. This start-up’s goal is to help fertility clinics improve the success rates of assisted reproduction in order to reduce the financial and emotional pain of conceiving. QSperm has been designed to select the best sperm for assisted reproductive technologies to improve the success rates of assisted reproduction.

PARTEQ Innovations is the not-for-profit technology transfer office founded by Queen’s University, and is a partner in the Rideau Commercialization Network. PARTEQ works with institutional researchers and the business and venture capital communities to bring early stage technologies to market. Since 1987 PARTEQ has been instrumental in the establishment of more than 40 companies developing a variety of products, from potential drugs for Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease to automated bacteria detection for water systems, solar-powered appliances, and advanced materials used in the plastics, automotive, aerospace and household appliance industries.

The Software Analysis and Intelligence Lab at Queen's University is actively investigating approaches and creating techniques to support practitioners who are producing, maintaining and evolving large scale complex software systems.

Dragonfly IT offers expertise in a wide range of software development languages and techniques to provide your business with the best possible custom software solution. 

Readyportal specializes in online business process enablement – a Platform as a Service (PaaS) for creating web solutions. This next-generation technology platform, built in Ontario, is an integrated suite of content management, collaboration and portal tools found on the cloud for developing and implementing critical time sensitive and cost-effective solutions. Some of the example successes include the U.S. Army, U.S. Department of Education, City of New York, and The WPP Group.

Recroup has created a database of over 2 million college students and recent graduates in the U.S. and Canada to allow companies to reach talent directly with their job opportunities, without looking anywhere else. Employers can find candidates based on university, major, location and skills. Employers can also find the best entry level talent using some of Recroup’s awesome tools, such as Challenges and Talent Profiles. At Recroup companies can post challenges, which can be anything from writing a sales pitch to creating a micro blogging site. This helps recruiters to validate skills even before the interview. Recroup’s Talent Profiles allow applicants to add their social media accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and their technical profiles like Github and Stackoverflow to receive badges on their online activities.

Founded by Nick May, the 2013 Ontario Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Remay is the leading brand of shaving gel bars with distribution in pharmacy chains.

Research Infosource is Canada's source of R&D intelligence. It produces the Canada's Top 100 Corporate R&D Spenders List, Canada's Top 50 Research Universities List, Canada's Top 40 Research Hospitals List and Canada's Top 50 Research Colleges List.

Its sister company, Innovation Atlas of Canada, provides information about who is doing what and where in research and innovation in Canada.

Research Money is Canada's leading newsletter reporting science and technology policy developments across the country.

Revelo defines green urban transportation solutions through superior design, to benefit the environment and quality of life. Designed around user experience, Revelo LIFEbike is an ultra-lightweight, and compact electric bike featuring a patent pending dual mode chainless front wheel pedaling system. Weighing less than 14 kg, LIFEbike’s compact form is designed to adapt easily to the infrastructure and lifestyles of urban dwellers. LIFEbike has already garnered multiple awards and worldwide media coverage.

As Canada’s newest national printing company, Rhino’s philosophy is if you are going to use print in your marketing mix, it must be done well. It is a private company with printing facilities in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto, focused on producing award-winning work for our clients. Its national platform allows the team to “print on demand” by region, allowing you to reduce the money you have tied up in static marketing inventory, reduce your shipping costs, reduce your carbon footprint and importantly get your message to market, faster. 

Rhino Print Solutions' client list spans a gamut from major corporations such as Telus, Intact and TransCanada Pipelines to some of the top design and advertising firms in the country such as DDB and Maclaren. They are collaborative, trusted, focused on execution and they can help you to get the most out of your printed marketing materials and improve your bottom-line.

RIC Centre is a technology incubator that helps entrepreneurs fast-track their business to market. It offers free and low-cost services including mentoring from entrepreneurs-in-residence, “Growing Your Business” seminars, entrepreneur workshops, networking events, customized market research reports, connections to funders, and an extensive volunteer advisor network. The RIC Incubator is the next generation of business-building environment that combines practical services and a collaborative peer-to-peer culture that inspires and supports its clients’ business goals.

Ridout & Maybee has offices in Toronto, Ottawa and Mississauga, and consistently ranks among Canada’s top IP law firms in Canadian and international surveys of in-house counsel. Its team provides clients with the strategic guidance and counsel they need to protect and leverage their valuable IP assets. Many of its professionals worked as engineers, computer scientists and biochemists prior to their careers in IP law. This means they understand what their clients do, their industries, and the way they do business.

Roboteurs is a Hamilton-based company focused on developing advanced robots for the education sector as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises.

RocketMan is an easy to use, maps-based transit app available on iOS devices, Android and BB10. Recognizing nearby public transit stops and bike sharing stations, RocketMan instantly finds next bus arrival times and maps vehicle real-time locations. Users can also mark unlimited stops as favourites and set bus arrival reminders. RocketMan is currently being used in over 90 cities in Canada and the U.S.

Rockport is a software company specializing in Big Data Networks for enterprise and service provider customers.

Rocky Mountain Power’s flagship project is the Alberta-Saskatchewan Intertie Storage Project (“ASISt”). ASISt will be a 160MW compressed air energy storage facility having approximately 24 to 60 hours of storage capacity. ASISt will be located near Lloydminster.

Rumidifier Home Comforts Inc. has patented and developed Canada’s first eco-friendly room humidifier which works without any electricity. This small appliance reuses and recycles the air circulating from heating systems to deliver moisture into rooms quietly and efficiently and has the advantage of having no direct competition in the humidifier market space. The company manufactures and sells its innovative green room humidifiers for residential households through big box stores like Home Depot and Home Hardware, and became the top seller within three months of being in the retail chains.

Runway Crush is a new platform for Independent Fashion Designers to showcase and sell their designs on. Shoppers want quality, unique pieces but they are not readily available so the team provides hard-to-find fashions and designers that are currently under the radar. Runway Crush is not only an e commerce marketplace but also a fashion hub. 

Ruthenika makes small molecules to help solve some of the world’s big problems. Every day, people use products that have been made by catalysts; from the rubber on the soles of your shoes to the plastic bag you use to carry your groceries home to the fuel you put in your car. Ruthenika provides catalyst technologies aimed to streamline chemical synthesis, in turn reducing costs and environmental impact for a variety of industrial processes.

Ryerson is Canada’s comprehensive innovation university. Its facilities, professional programs, and real-world experience position Ryerson as a valuable partner to solve industry, government, and community problems. With a strong history of collaboration with diverse partners, it has built a reputation on helping researchers mobilize their ideas in innovative ways to determine best practices, develop new services and processes, and create groundbreaking cultural media, technologies, and products.

Ryerson University’s G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education is Canada’s foremost provider of university-based adult education, facilitating access to the University’s renowned, professionally relevant courses and programs.

Sabeta IP is an intellectual property boutique firm which specializes in preparing, filing and prosecuting patent and trade-mark applications. Its team builds patent portfolios that enable your start-up venture to attract funding and increase your valuation. Their key areas of patent expertise include communication systems, computer hardware, software, Internet technologies, business methods, electronics, mechanical devices, medical devices and clean technology.

SafetyLynx is the ultimate health and safety software. It provides a whole chest of Management and Supervisor level tools providing critical information, guidance, templates and data analysis. SafetyLynx is a "cloud" based system available wherever and whenever needed. Features include; Getting Started, Training Records, Accident Investigation, Document Library, Statistics and Unexpected Events modules.

The Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre (SSMIC) was established in 1999 to function as a catalyst for economic development and diversification in the information technology and science knowledge-based sectors. SSMIC is focused on four core areas: operating a business incubator to encourage the establishment and growth of business start‐ups; providing support services to the SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) technology and science community; supporting the establishment and enhancement of advanced research projects in the region and undertaking strategic market development projects such as the highly successful GIS project. SSMIC operates an award‐winning GIS department that has been recognized internationally for its unique community information utility model and advanced work in the health and human services sector.

Combining the disruptive market dynamics of cloud computing and mobile access in a SaaS model, the SavvyDox approach to simplifying mobile document management promises to have the same dramatic business impact as smartphones have had on managing enterprise email. SavvyDox’s key value propositions include simplified version control; providing collaboration benefits that map benefits of face-to-face meetings; and providing compliance based reporting in an intuitive and simple to use solution that can complement an Enterprise Content Management System or be run standalone.

The Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program is a federal tax incentive program, administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), that encourages Canadian businesses of all sizes, and in all sectors to conduct research and development (R&D) in Canada. It is the largest single source of federal government support for industrial R&D.

The SR&ED Program gives claimants cash refunds and/or tax credits for their expenditures on eligible R&D work done in Canada.

SciNet is Canada’s largest supercomputer centre, providing Canadian researchers with computational resources and expertise necessary to perform their research on scales not previously possible in Canada. It helps power work from the biomedical sciences and aerospace engineering to astrophysics and climate science. SciNet — which provides resources for Compute/Calcul Canada and SOSCIP — is funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation, NSERC, the Government of Ontario, Fed Dev Ontario, and the University of Toronto.

Sciventions is a leading science and technology company for the commercialization of specialized products and expertise. It provides a platform where scientists and researchers can offer technical services, sell products, or test the market for their ideas. Through this centralized commercialization hub, scientists are able to tap into expertise in other labs and businesses all over the world, regardless of geographical distance.

Sencia Canada Ltd. is a software application development company with a focus on SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions. It is dedicated to helping clients worldwide achieve their specific business goals through the use of strategy, design and technology - including dynamic websites, business applications and e-Learning applications. It offers a full suite of web services to build and support your business strategy. Whether you require a Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer or Business-within-Business service, the team is well-equipped to meet your needs.

With 10 campuses across the Greater Toronto Area, Seneca offers degrees, diplomas and graduate certificates renowned for their quality and respected by employers. The highest academic standards with practical, hands-on learning, expert faculty, and the latest technology ensure Seneca graduates are career-ready.

Seneca CDOT is working with Blindside Networks to develop BigBlueButton for delivery on mobile devices. Another aspect of the project is to create an HTML5 version using WebRTC to provide high-quality, real-time communication.

Sense Intelligent is developing hearing enabling technologies that help people comprehend sound through their vision. Its products have helped non-verbal deaf children speak for the first time. The team’s goal is to bring these innovative products to those who need it most by offering low-cost, high-quality and easy-to-use alternatives. 

The SENSIMAT for wheelchairs is the first and only active, intelligent pressure management tool that can be used in combination with existing wheelchair cushions. SENSIMAT’s proprietary PressureRisk algorithm monitors pressure sensors in your seat and pushes this data to your mobile device. The fully customizable SENSIMAT mobile app lets you set notifications to remind you when it’s time to move.

Server Cloud Canada (SCC) is a leader in the enterprise virtual data centre environment, specializing in turnkey solutions that help companies of all sizes effectively and efficiently transition to a private cloud-based infrastructure. It’s one of the biggest geographically redundant deployments of HP Matrix infrastructure in the country, and is 100 per cent owned and operated within Canada. SCC is a client-focused company, committed to developing cloud infrastructure technology and solutions unparalleled in Canada.

Set Scouter Inc. is a film location scouting marketplace that connects filmmakers looking for the perfect set with property owners looking to rent out their space for production. Set Scouter has developed an expanding catalogue of locations available for filmmakers, producers and media professionals. Set Scouter aims to make the location scouting process faster, easier and more affordable.

The Shared Hierarchical Academic Research Computing Network (SHARCNET) is a world‐class consortium of 17 Ontario colleges, universities and research institutes in a “cluster of clusters” of  high performance computers linked by advanced fiber optics. Its unique infrastructure is designed to meet the computational needs of researchers in diverse research areas and to facilitate the development of leading-edge tools for high performance computing grid.

Sheridan Undergraduate Research (SURe) supports the student experience to enhance meaningful engagements with community partners. SURe's mission is to help grow fruitful, rewarding connections between Sheridan students, faculty and community partners by providing experiential learning opportunities. As innovation becomes an increasingly important driver of our economy, SURe is focused on creating unique opportunities for students to work directly with industry and community partners to address real-world challenges that strengthen our society and develop the leaders of tomorrow.

Signority provides a paperless online electronic signature solution for accessing, verifying, signing and certifying documents from anywhere in the world. Signority’s secure cloud-based platform meets the most stringent legal requirements and provides organizations with a streamlined process to manage contract signature workflow. Diverse enterprises such as legal firms, universities and colleges, private corporations, as well as individual professionals are already benefiting from Signority on a daily basis. Ontario Centres of Excellence has adopted Signority as the electronic signature solution for signing funding contracts.

SimentIT uses its own proprietary AR software to create immersive and instructive Augmented Reality experiences that are built to wow, engage and inform end users. The company combines cutting-edge creative tools and expertise with ongoing scientific research that is designed to explore innovative solutions; pushing the current boundaries of AR.

SJ&E designs and manufactures desktop hydraulic and all electric micro-injection moulding machines. This allows for cost-effective manufacturing of micro plastic parts in prototype and large scale manufacturing situations. SJ&E also offers services in mould design, mould and tool making, and the manufacturing of micro-parts.

SkopWorks is a digital storytelling company focused on developing experiences by merging interactions with stories. The SkopWorks team believes that the future of entertainment is to not only immerse and engage the audience, but to allow them to experience the content. 

SKYBOLive is a mobile app that analyzes car data to best determine the care and resale value of your vehicle. SKYBOLive is designed for time starved drivers who want to service their car quickly and effectively. It works around your already busy schedule and builds trust with the service centres. SKYBOLive offers a host of innovative features which make it a 360 solution for your car care needs.

SlimCut Media is a company reinventing content consumption within the online publishing industry by creating the first loyalty driven paywall. The platform combines a reward program, targeted video advertising, and a payment system. SlimCut Media pushes beyond current paywall models, turning the digital dime into a digital dollar, with a goal to create monetizing solutions that balance subscription revenue with advertising revenues, while simultaneously promoting readership through loyalty programs.

SoJo is an online platform that connects young social entrepreneurs with the resources and support they require to translate their ideas and passion into action. SoJo develops educational resources, hosts an online peer community, and connects social entrepreneurs to the people and organizations that want to help them.

Millions of people worldwide suffer from the constant ringing, hissing or buzzing sound known as tinnitus. Sound Options Tinnitus Treatments addresses the need for a treatment using cutting-edge neuroscience research to produce customized sound therapies tailored for each individual tinnitus sufferer. Its treatments have been proven to work, are affordable and can be used on any music playing device.

The Southern Ontario Smart Computing Innovation Platform (SOSCIP) is a research consortium established in April 2012. The consortium pairs academic and industry researchers with high performance computing to analyze big data and fuel innovation leadership in Canada within agile computing, health, water, energy and cities.

Spabbit is a mobile app for locating and organizing pick-up and team sports.
They believe everyone should be able to find others around them to play the sports they love. Any time. Anywhere.

Spark Centre works to improve Durham Region and Northumberland County’s competitiveness and visibility as a world-class innovation cluster. It elevates key industry sectors including energy, health, manufacturing and high tech.

SparkGig is an online marketplace that bridges the gap between performers and event hosts. On the platform, event hosts find the perfect performers for their events and performers get to market themselves locally and internationally while doing what they love and landing gigs. Together, they are building communities and also supporting global causes; making the world a better place.

Spinesonics Medical Inc. is devoted to providing a solution to the traditionally blind process of inserting screw implants during spinal surgeries. The team is currently developing a navigation device, the Pedicprobe, consisting of a sensor on the end of a surgical toolkit which uses ultrasound technology to provide affordable, portable, and real-time visualization for screw insertion in the spine.

Sportan is a location-based pick-up sports app for the everyday athlete. Discover, join and play pick-up sports instantly with the power of your smartphone - Pick-up sports made easy!

Station 14 is the evolution and combination of conventional media and social media in local markets. Its vision is to provide community members in small to medium-sized markets local information in video format but only online via the web and mobile app. In addition to providing information to the community they seek to collaborate with the community and have them contribute, comment, share and become a part of Station 14. Station 14 is local media in a format never seen before.

StoneShell Medical Supplies is a one-stop-shop for all your medical needs, specializing in endoscopic supplies and endoscopes repair.

Substrata Thin Film Solutions Inc. is a Windsor-based company that specializes in the research and development of thin films and coatings. The company partners with both academia and industry to develop and prototype new thin film technologies in the areas of optics, semiconductors, surface and coating science, and flexible and stretchable electronics. It offers a full suite of gold- and silver-coated substrates, and a convenient ‘build your own coating’ feature found at its online store.

Sulon Technologies, Inc. (Sulon) is revolutionizing the market of interactive entertainment with their new product, The Cortex, the first-ever fully immersive spatial entertainment platform. The Cortex is a wireless, wear-and-play device that transforms any physical space into a dynamic, holodeck-like augmented virtual reality environment. This award-winning technology will take gaming beyond the boundaries of traditional video games by allowing users to step away from their TVs and PCs and into game worlds adapted to their surroundings.

In 2009, Sunwire developed the SolSwitch, a voice over IP PBX, in order to serve a call centre. The software was developed to do the call routing and queuing commands to minimize customer wait times, improve response times and support the call center's growth. Today SolSwitch is rich with features, is flexible and scalable to meet the needs of any size business regardless of complexity and size. SolSwitch will meet the needs of your business and give the owner/IT department control of the entire phone system via the online web portal.

Sweep3D’s mission is to put the power of 3D scanning in the hands of everybody. Sweep3D’s technology provides a fast, cheap, and easy-to-use way to scan entire objects, places and people. The user waves the sensor around the object and obtains in real time a fully colored, accurately measurable 3D mesh. Sweep3D’s platform is poised to enable breakthroughs in many applications such as healthcare, fashion, mapping indoor places, and crime scene reconstruction.

Synbiota radically reduces barrier-to-entry for creating blockbuster life science products by virtualizing the entire research and development pipeline, complete with DNA development tools, integrated data storage and management, colleagues, secure communication, attribution, IP, performance metrics and a marketplace.

Synchronicity in Motion (SIM) is a Canadian company dedicated to the development and commercialization of medical analytics technologies as solutions for unmet needs, such as those in the neonatal acute care environment. The company is developing several products and offers the technology platform and products for both research applications and clinical decision support in the future.

Synergetic Management helps you make significant changes and get tangible, bottom-line results. They strengthen your current operations using robust improvement processes, effective business coaching, and proven innovation approaches. Owners, directors, and managers transform their staff into superstars who grow their organizations through innovation and improvement, overtaking their competition. Whether you want to improve your current operations NOW and use the profits to grow your business or innovate so fast that your competitors get left behind forever, visit Synergetic Management today.

System-On-Chip (SOC) Technologies is a Canadian high-tech company specializing in MPEG codecs and system-on-chip products based on its codec technologies. SOC provides encoders, decoders, and transcoders for H.264 and MPEG-2 standards currently, with H.265 codecs to be released in late 2014. SOC supplies both codec IP cores and all-in-one hardware modules.

TE Connectivity is a $13-billion world leader in connectivity. The company designs and manufactures products at the heart of electronic connections for the world’s leading industries including automotive, energy and industrial, broadband communications, consumer devices, healthcare, and aerospace and defense. TE Connectivity’s long-standing commitment to innovation and engineering excellence helps its customers solve the need for more energy efficiency, always-on communications and ever-increasing productivity. TE Connectivity makes connections the world relies on to work flawlessly every day.

As the Regional Innovation Centre for London and surrounding areas, part of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, TechAlliance is the ultimate resource for companies at any stage of their growth.

TechAlliance offers services to help start, grow and connect companies in many industries including digital media, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, and clean technology. These services include access to valuable expertise, seed funding, educational programs and workshops, industry-specific events, and a comprehensive membership program.

Technical Automation Help (TAH) specializes in welding consultation and custom automation welding services and has created an innovative cladding process that will revolutionize the welding industry. The innovation is named High Speed Robotic Cladding. It is a technique that dramatically advances processing speeds in a much less hostile environment than its predecessors. Other material benefits related to savings in energy and reductions in corrosion are also realized. Such savings in materials, energy and in reductions in atmospheric toxins classify the technology as "green”.

Great conversations begin with a cup of coffee. Ten Thousand Coffees is on a mission to bridge the gap between leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow by democratizing the opportunity to have a conversation. Leaders and influencers from over 30 industries can connect with students, recent grads and young professionals to have a mutually beneficial conversation to share insights, ignite ideas and unlock opportunity. Join the movement today at You never know where the conversation will take you!

GreenRack™ is a cloud-based content publishing solution that lets you take advantage of the latest mobile technologies to manage and distribute your rich content and understand your audience usage. You also save the printing costs while increasing the end-user usage of your information. It’s an effective and environmentally friendly way to disseminate your product information to your target audience while allowing them to instantly share with their colleagues. It is a cost-effective Marketing Tool to manage the dissemination of your company and product information to your target audience!

Tesla Digital is a manufacturer of super ultra-high efficiency cold greenhouse grow lights and products for many other illumination needs.

The Evidence Network assesses and helps to increase the impact of business, research, innovation and entrepreneurship support programs on the companies they serve.  In Canada this year, NRC, Communitech, RIC Centre, VentureStart, Ivey, Innovacorp, Niagara EDC, CEMI, Alberta Advanced Education, and others have used its services.

The Evidence Network’s assessment results help clients improve their funding, manage government accountability, communicate with stakeholders, enhance organizational learning, report to executives and boards, monitor impacts of innovation investments in others, and provide input to strategy.

The Generator at one is a full-service interactive digital media production facility that houses world-class technology, talent, and experience. Conveniently located one hour from Toronto, the Generator at one offers the most robust, convenient and cost-effective digital studio solution to customers in Canada and the Eastern U.S. -- from Chicago to Boston, and Charlotte to Ottawa.

The Lucky Iron Fish™ is a safe, effective solution for iron deficiency.  It is simply a piece of iron used in the cooking process that releases 75 per cent of your daily-required iron intake and is reusable for up to five years. The iron is shaped like a fish, a symbol for luck in Cambodia, the country that inspired this health innovation and where The Lucky Iron Fish Project operates and invests – improving both the health and wealth of Cambodian communities. 

MobileXCo is a mobile technology and solution provider driven by a passion for exceptional user experiences and the strategic use of real-time data. It specializes in developing measurable and engaging experiences that deliver against business objectives. The actionable insights derived from understanding and analyzing actual consumer engagements with your brand equip you to realize a positive return on your marketing investments.

Sampler aims to revolutionize your traditional sampling strategy. By turning your Facebook fans into brand ambassadors, Sampler offers a solution that is targeted, measurable, affordable and social. With Sampler, your Facebook fans will have the opportunity to recommend your brand or product to a friend within your target market. This peer recommendation will be sent to your new fan's Facebook timeline for all of their network to notice. That's "Sampling Gone Social".

The WaterWave’s concept is a dual oscillating garden sprinkler design that also allows for the ability to be a 2-in-1 garden sprinkler.  The mechanics of oscillating sprinklers cause them to stall at the end of their rotation cycle before they change direction. This leads to excessive water pooling, poor water coverage and additional costs. The WaterWave’s design overcomes these disadvantages by having two sprinkler heads that will turn inversely, optimizing water coverage while reducing costs and time.

Therma Solaris is a brand new enterprise aimed at bringing to market innovative sustainable technologies. The company is currently focusing on launching its first product: a heating and cooling system for residential homes. This system can reduce energy consumption by up to 80 per cent. With minimal impact on building up-front cost, the Therma Solaris system can use geothermal, solar, environmental air and waste processes energy sources to heat and cool the house, using a thermal reservoir as an intermediate.

They Innovate is a high potential start-up in the Durham Region that focuses on securing a phone to clothing or surfaces.

For technology recruiters who need a simple way to vet and source tech talents, ThinkNation is an assessment platform that tests, scores, and rates tech talent in real time. Through the use of standard and customized tests, ThinkNation enables companies to objectively evaluate job candidates at scale during the pre-screening stage.

Third Sector Publishing, through Canadian Donor's Guide and CharityCAN, is Canada's preeminent publisher of information regarding Canada's registered charities and those who donate to them. TSP also publishes Canadian Who's Who, now in its 104th year of publication.

A 35-year old family company; an office furniture idea laboratory; a group of dedicated craftspeople gives you the overall picture of Three H. With a tradition of European craftsmanship combined with innovative technology, Three H has been crafting office furniture that bridges the gap between custom and mass produced. Its success has been built on precise construction and featuring options – like rounded or squared solid wood edges and mitered corners. The team is proud of the fact that most people can’t tell the difference between Three H laminate and a real wood finish.

The Timmins Economic Development Corporation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to community and business development. As the city's primary vehicle for promoting economic growth, it works to stimulate investment in the community and broaden the city's tax and employment base. By fostering economic growth and developing programs that help business and entire business sectors achieve success, it strengthens the City of Timmins. Its work helps create and maintain jobs and positions Timmins for future growth while improving the quality of life.

TrainMeFit offers small group training in Brampton, and in-home personal training in Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto.

Trending.Info creates a digital sidewalk of social media buzz about a community. Residents and visitors can go to one website using their computer, tablet or smartphone and see recent, current and future information about a community. Information details include events, specials, promotions and general day-to-day information that is useful and fun. Businesses, services, groups and associations within the community who use social media benefit from having their posts showcased for free, in this simple and easy-to-use website. Trending.Info communities provide a platform for local businesses to showcase their products, services, specials and offers through the tweets they post on their Twitter accounts. It connects users to your business and provides them the opportunity to discover more information about a community and help make sure they never miss out on a ‘trending’ event or sale promotion.

TrendMD Inc. is an academic content discovery platform that delivers personalized, high-impact articles. It is a simple and efficient solution for academics to promote their research, and for publishers to keep their readers engaged and monetize their content. 

TrendRadius unlocks customer insights for Product Managers. Its SaaS solution centralizes disparate customer feedback that already exists in a company’s sales, marketing and support tools and provides the analytics Product Managers need to create the right product strategy. With TrendRadius, companies build more successful products.

TrendyMED Inc. is a multi-award winning medical devices company that develops a revolutionary line of intravenous (IV) infusion products for the welfare and benefit of IV infusion patients. TrendyMED has developed the MobileIV™ infusion product, a unique, cost-effective medical device that provides IV infusion without the need for gravity and poles. The MobileIV™ does not require any electricity or even batteries and can be mobilized safely and easily anywhere, any time and in any position. 

Trent University is a small, research intensive university located in central eastern Ontario. Trent has advanced research capabilities in mass spectrometry, DNA/genetics analysis, cereal and legume crop productivity enhancement, and the development of new bio-based materials and green chemicals as well as technologies to identify and remove contaminants from the environment. The University also has capabilities in nanotechnology development and big data management.

Trivium Industries is an eco-friendly company that manufacturers compostable bottles/jars for the health and beauty, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. Its bottles are made from a corn-based material that will fully biodegrade at a commercial composting facility after use in under 180 days. Through OCE funding and partnership with Brock University and its business incubator BioLinc, Trivium has taken the environmental material PLA (Poly-lactic Acid) and made it that much better by developing a patented barrier coating. 

TRUE CUSTOM HOCKEY (TCH) intends on revolutionizing the hockey skate industry by commercializing their customized offering, True Custom Hockey Skates (TCHS). Like a tailor-made suit, TCHS are designed from a skater’s unique body specifications and built for their natural body movements. Every day they are enhancing the performance, comfort, health and safety, and enjoyment of hockey athletes (competitive and recreational) and enthusiasts. Whether it is the boot, the blade, or the entire skate, TCH provides skaters with the opportunity to use their unique body specs to truly customize their skates. This has proven to increase speed, balance, agility and control, and allow athletes to skate pain-free circles around the competition.

The ‘Tuscarora’ is a composite lacrosse stick made from hemp and flax. Hemp/flax is a viable replacement for current graphite composite technology in certain sporting good products. Using similar manufacturing processes, the team has created a composite stick that has similar strength characteristics as the current composite competitor, while providing a lightweight design at a much more affordable price point. 

UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) works with U.K.-based businesses to ensure their success in international markets, and encourage the best overseas companies to look to the U.K. as their global partner of choice.  

Born of the adversity facing Windsor, Unconquered Sun (USST) was first to manufacture Solar PV in Ontario. USST also specializes in engineering, procurement and construction of small and large scale solar projects. USST boasts a large portfolio of products, intellectual property, patents and partnerships. USST is an idea company focused on practical solar solutions, and a leader in the design of PV modules, solar electric vehicles, watercourse and illumination tech.

The Unified Computer Intelligence Corporation (UCIC) is a privately held Canadian corporation that designs and builds Ubi – The Ubiquitous Computer – a WiFi-connected, voice-operated computer.
The Ubi plugs into a standard outlet and allows for Internet search, email, phone calls, and home automation through voice. With its sensors, the Ubi allows for remotely monitoring its environment. Coupled together, the Ubi allows for development of apps like virtual assistants and home monitors. UCIC is shaping a new way of controlling homes: Imagine walking into your home and turning the lights on by just talking, without touching a button or a switch. You can ask to play your favorite music, set the ambiance, lock the door, turn on the coffee maker, humidifier, toaster, Cornballer or other smart devices.  

Dr. Daneshmand is a Canada Research Chair at the University of Alberta on Advanced Radio Frequency Micro-Nano Technology for Communication and Sensing. Her group is working on combining advanced manufacturing technologies such as Micro-fabrication and 3D printing with microwave to millimeter-wave devices and systems. Their research results are applied in wide range of applications ranging from satellite and wireless communications to sensors for biomedical and energy.

The common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) crop is a valuable part of the diverse $33-billion agri-food industry in Ontario and is considered to be the most important food legume worldwide. With over $11 million in academic, government and industry funding this multi-institutional project aims to advance the study of bean genomics and bioproduct development. After sequencing the entire bean genome, the genetic information obtained is being employed to accelerate the development of new bean varieties with improved disease resistance, higher levels of naturally found nutraceuticals, enhanced consumer appeal and an improved utility for bean protein in the burgeoning bioproducts industry.

Housed within the College of Business and Economics (CBE) at the University of Guelph, CBaSE acts as the gateway between campus and community. The team at CBaSE approaches entrepreneurship as a daily practice rather than a discipline. They are committed to offering access to entrepreneurial thinking and experiential learning which challenges the status quo. CBaSE enables collaboration with the local community and offers programs which have the potential to transform student understanding of their disciplines, worldviews and abilities. From these experiences students are also given the opportunity to master disciplinary knowledge and develop essential skills and attitudes for life and career success.

The College of Physical and Engineering Science at the University of Guelph consists of the Schools of Engineering and Computer Science and Departments of Chemistry, Physics, and Math & Stats.  It is active in research, development and teaching.

The Controlled Environment Systems Research Facility and its Space and Advanced Life Support Agriculture program are an essential part of Canada's contributions to plant research and development for space and closed environment related activities. The prospect of a higher priority for advanced life support research objectives in the Canadian Space Agency's Long Term Space Plan and the strong support of NASA's Advanced Life Support (ALS) community provide a clear incentive and opportunity to promote the facility's capabilities in this area. In addition, its ongoing contract with the European Space Agency's MELiSSA Project promises to expand to include a broader scope of objectives in life support studies.

TTBE provides services to industry and the University of Ottawa research community that increase the impact of research through the creation of strategic partnerships that foster innovation and facilitate technology development and commercialization.

Blue Sky Solar Racing is a student-run organization that aspires to become Canada’s leading advocate for alternative energy solutions and sustainability. The team places strong emphasis on education, innovation and excellence; and aims to design and construct world’s most energy-efficient vehicles.

The Impact Centre at the University of Toronto is a cross-disciplinary R&D institute dedicated to creating tangible value to society based on university research excellence in the physical sciences and engineering. It operates at the nexus of chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, materials science, nanotechnology and photonics, to harness the expertise and untapped potential of the university community. This is done through partnerships and collaborative research with industry, training of students in entrepreneurship, and the accelerated productization of university inventions and technology.

The Innovations & Partnerships Office (IPO) is focused on building successful partnerships between industry and the U of T research community and managing U of T’s portfolio of intellectual property, turning ideas and innovations into products, services, companies and jobs.

Semaphore is a research cluster at the Faculty of Information, University of Toronto, dedicated to inclusive design in the area of mobile and pervasive computing. At the heart of this research initiation are the complementary goals of providing (a) the ability to access mobile and pervasive computing services and information in a variety of settings, activities and environments; and (b) the ability to transform these environments and tools to reduce disability brought on by a mismatch between individuals and their environments.

The University of Toronto Supermileage team designed and built a four-stroke engine and ultra-lightweight vehicle for the Shell Eco-marathon this year.

The academic program in aerospace science and engineering at the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS) includes undergraduate and graduate studies. The scope of its research includes aeronautical engineering (aircraft flight systems, propulsion, aerodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, and structural mechanics) and space systems engineering (spacecraft dynamics and control, space robotics and mechatronics, and microsatellite technology). 

The Centre for Integrated RF Engineering (CIRFE) was conceived through the establishment of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Industrial Research Chair on Radio Frequency (RF) Engineering in 2000 at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of Waterloo. Today, CIRFE has a research group consisting of 20 PhD and M.Sc. graduate students, research engineers, and postdoctoral fellows. It houses a new state-of-the-art RF test and characterization laboratory, and a new clean room.

The research programs carried out in the Multi-scale Additive Manufacturing Lab consist of system characterization, laser materials processing, micro-system/sensors fabrication and many more using novel multi-scale additive manufacturing techniques capable of handling customized products with complex geometries and heterogeneous internal architectures composed of a variety of metallic, polymeric, and composite elements. This lab has a proven track record of accomplishments through developing and licensing novel technologies to biomedical, oil/gas and manufacturing sectors.

The Precision Controls Laboratory conducts research on design, modelling, and control of precision motion delivery systems. Its key strengths are in the development of high-speed, high-accuracy tracking control laws, efficient and robust identification techniques for drive parameter estimation, and smooth trajectory planning algorithms for jerk-continuous spline interpolation and feedrate optimization. The main focus of its research concentrates on enabling the execution of complex movements in minimum time with highest accuracy, in multi-axis machines. 

The University of Windsor is a comprehensive, student-centred university with more than 16,500 students enrolled in a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs, including several professional schools such as Law, Business, Engineering, Education, Nursing, Human Kinetics and Social Work.  Its location speaks to UWindsor’s greatness as an internationally-oriented, multi-disciplined institution that actively enables a broad diversity of students, faculty and staff to make a better world through education, scholarship, research and engagement.

Velloe provides cloud-based business solutions that help independent businesses improve productivity, increase market presence and serve a diversified client base cost-effectively.

ventureLAB is where talented entrepreneurs can access proven tools, expert mentors and business support to grow their innovative, scalable and growth-oriented businesses. It is a member of ONE (the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs), a collaborative network of organizations across Ontario, designed to help you commercialize, scale and grow your business.

VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation is a new kind of company. It’s a not-for-profit organization designed to make Canada a leader in cybersecurity. It provides its membership with the people, space and infrastructure to work on complex, leading-edge cybersecurity problems affecting individuals, businesses and governments throughout the world.

VENUS Cybersecurity Corporation’s interdisciplinary approach, served by a business ecosystem created specifically for cybersecurity problems, provides its membership with a rate of return that is expected to be 10 times greater than if they worked independently.

Veracity offers a collaborative approach to critical spares management. Using Veracity Connect, utilities can be linked to provide immediate access to new and spare equipment across Canada. Veracity Connect offers a collaborative platform for its members to share ideas, knowledge, documents as well as having full access to critical asset data reporting. Optimize capital spend, and mitigate outage risks by joining Veracity Connect.

Verv Technology is a research and development company started in 2011 and focused on the development of biomedical diagnostic technology for the home. Using a smart phone as the analyzer, Verv is developing bio and chemiluminescence methodologies with real-time calibration and accuracy equal to that of centralized laboratories. Its first product, however is a blood plasma separation technology designed to be incorporated into PoC test chips, enabling diagnostic device manufacturers to save on device and chip costs while increasing the market, even into the home.

Vidhub is a real-time video review and collaboration tool for post-production. Used by videographers, marketers and educators, Vidhub’s automatic time-stamping and in-line replying makes reviewing and commenting on videos a breeze - because video collaboration should be simple.

Virtual EyeSee develops innovative mobile e-learning solutions for children with special needs through game-based motivation and prompts. Its products assist parents, educators and therapists working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD or other special needs (e.g. Down Syndrome, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury).  Detailed data collection and reporting tools assist with tracking the child’s progress and sharing the information between clinic, home and school.

The need to accurately move phantoms or surgical devices within an MRI scanner is becoming increasingly apparent as more procedures – such as surgery and radiotherapy– are being performed under real-time MRI guidance. ViTAL Biomedical Technologies Inc.’s IP enables MRI-compatible motors to be controlled accurately and robustly in real time. Current products include multi-axis, real-time control systems for device or robot control, as well as MRI compatible stages that can be used to produce arbitrary motion profiles for quality assurance and research applications.

Voltera’s printer enables circuit boards to be prototyped within minutes, eliminating the frustrations with traditional fabrication processes and drastically reducing hardware development time. The team envisions a world where going from concept to creation is just a matter of pressing print.

The Accelerator Centre is the gold standard for accelerating the growth and commercial success of early-stage technology companies. Its proven formula, The Accelerator Program®, delivers an essential combination of mentorship, education, facilities, funding and networking to the highest potential firms. Its in-house programming provides expertise, resources and support when needed to accelerate time to market, customers, and investment. Since 2006, The Accelerator Program has developed and nurtured over 120 early-stage technology start-ups, creating 1000+ new jobs, generating over $110 million in revenue, and attracting over $170 million in investment.

The Water Technology Acceleration Project (@WaterTAPontario) was established in 2010 by the Government of Ontario. It brings private sector experience and guidance to helping water industry entrepreneurs access the resources they need to successfully commercialize their products and services and grow their businesses. WaterTAP’s brand promise is: Water technology thrives here.

The PTRC was formed to provide a platform for Western researchers to collaborate amongst themselves and to provide the best service to the research community. The Centre–which is comprised of 15 UWO professors–continues to be a leader in innovation, carrying out numerous research projects and developing technologies that are of highest priority and relevance to emerging technologies shaping the future of particle-related industries. 

The Zeolitic & Nano Materials Laboratory at Western (ZNML-Western) provides expertise and houses facilities to carry out research on the development, modification, characterization and properties' testing of porous materials, including zeolites (natural and synthetic) and zeolitic-like materials (e.g. MOFs, ZIFs) as adsorbent and catalysts for environmental remediation applications  including water, air and soil purification processes.

WEtech Alliance fosters innovation and accelerates growth. As one of the 17 Regional Innovation Centres in the province of Ontario funded by the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs, WEtech provides an extensive roster of programs, advisory services and training to clients and members in the technology and innovation sectors in the Windsor-Essex and Chatham-Kent regions.

Wheelspan is a small, interdisciplinary team of artists, designers and engineers who are devoting their collective skills to solve one of the most pressing problems of our time: making transportation convenient, green and affordable. 

Wilfrid Laurier University recognizes that intellectual inquiry, critical reflection and scholarly integrity are the cornerstones of all universities including this exceptional institution. Its unique values are drawn from the key elements on which Laurier was founded and which will continue to nurture and shape what it becomes.

WorldVuze is a map-based question and answer education platform where elementary and secondary students around the world can learn directly from each other! It's a safe communication tool that makes international connections easy and allows teachers to integrate authentic, real-world learning into just about any curriculum, opening up a world of deep and engaging, 21st century learning opportunities for teachers and their students.

xCELLpure Inc. is a new Ontario-based start-up company founded by Prof. Milica Radisic and Dr. Dario Bogojevic. The technology under commercialization is a proprietary stem cell separation technology that enables isolation of live cardiomyocytes and subtypes (e.g. atrial vs. ventricular cells) in a label-free manner for research, drug testing and cardiac therapy. 

Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) is a leading research center offering custom chemistry services to fulfill various client needs. As home to a world-class team of scientists and engineers with broad knowledge, XRCC delivers expertise in R&D, formulation design, prototyping, analytical testing, chemical process engineering, scale-up, and specialty materials production. In addition, it offers specialization in high-purity electronic materials, nanomaterials, polymers, inks and coatings. XRCC facilities include R&D labs, testing labs, and a 27,000 square foot chemical pilot plant.

The Regional Municipality of York is located in the heart of the Greater Toronto Area and is home to 1.1 million residents and 42,000 business establishments, making it one of Canada’s largest municipalities and the second largest business centre in the Province of Ontario. Comprised of nine local municipalities, York Region is a premier business location in Canada. The Region is home to operations of 14 Fortune 100 companies, four of Canada’s top 10 corporate R&D investors, Canada’s second largest Information & Communications Technology (ICT) cluster and global industry leaders in Life Sciences, CleanTech, Financial Services and Advanced Manufacturing.

York University is helping to shape the global thinkers and thinking that will define tomorrow. York’s unwavering commitment to excellence reflects a rich diversity of perspectives and a strong sense of social responsibility that sets us apart. A York U degree empowers graduates to thrive in the world and achieve their life goals through a rigorous academic foundation balanced by real-world experiential education. As a globally recognized research centre, York is fully engaged in the critical discussions that lead to innovative solutions to the most pressing local and global social challenges. York’s 11 faculties and 28 research centres are thinking bigger, broader and more globally, partnering with 288 leading universities worldwide. York's community is strong − 55,000 students, 7,000 faculty and staff, and more than 250,000 alumni.

James Elder is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health at York University. His laboratory conducts research in human and computer vision. The research involves psychophysical experiments on human subjects, mathematical analysis of problem constraints, and development of computational models and algorithms. The goal of his research is to develop better theories of visual processing, as well as practical knowledge and algorithms that may be applied to problems in visual surveillance, remote learning, and geomatics applications.

Commercialization and internationalization are the core of the you-can export development one-stop-service platform. Founded in 2007 in Switzerland, the organization offers Canadian SMEs and innovators the opportunity to gain insights and become relevant market players in Europe. It primarily works with SMEs and innovators in the health technology arena. 

Yunite is a cloud-based software provider that services the nonprofit sector. The platform provides infrastructure to nonprofit organizations with project, task and member management, and allows organizations to collaborate on events, projects and campaigns by temporarily merging groups. Yunite’s platform allows nonprofit organizations to collaborate and share resources, while providing organizational leadership with measurable data.

Z3 Controls supplies a commercial grade power monitoring system to commercial buildings and industry. The system stores real-time power consumption on the cloud which can be monitored and analyzed by remote computers and mobile devices.

Zambah is all about exposing great indie talent to the world! Independent artists will have the chance to showcase their music through a great mobile app that gives every artist equal opportunity to promote their identity and gain new fans. True music lovers will benefit from the app because will expose them to many never before seen or heard independent music artists trying to make their mark on the indie scene. Zambah’s plan is to be the link that bridges the gap between the indie scene and the mainstream masses.

ZEC Wind Power is a small-wind turbine manufacturer that is revolutionizing the distributed wind industry. With its dual-rotor, contra-rotating blade design, it sets the performance standard for wind-energy capture and turbine longevity. Through leading research and proven technology, the ZECWP 75kW Wind Turbine empowers off-grid and remote communities, businesses, and rural landowners to generate clean power while reducing the cost of energy. Headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, ZEC Wind Power is part of the ZEC Group of Companies, which brings together decades of electrical design and construction expertise with proven technologies to develop the most advanced and reliable small wind turbine on the market.