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Discovery brings together over 2,600 of the best and brightest minds in industry, academia, the investment community and government to showcase leading-edge technologies, best practices and research in Ontario.



Discovery welcomes Chad Hurley to Toronto for the first time as the conference's Featured Keynote presentation. Hurley will appear in conversation with Amanda Lang, CBC television's senior business correspondent and host of The Exchange. 



Eric Ries, whose game-changing approach to entrepreneurship and innovation-driven business growth was documented in a New York Times bestseller on the lean startup movement will be Discovery 2015's Day One keynote speaker. 


Singularity University at Discovery

Neil Jacobstein, whose controversial ideas about the potential of artificial intelligence have captured the attention of the innovation world, is one of two creative thinkers from Singularity University (SU) who will be featured at Discovery this year.  Also speaking at the event will be David Roberts, regarded as one of the world's top experts on disruptive innovation, security and cyber-security, and exponentially advancing technology. 

Discovery welcomes Jacobstein, former president and current co-chair of the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Track at SU and Roberts, former VP and award-winning CEO and serial entrepreneur. Neil and Dave will share their thoughts on disruptive technology, advancing tech, along with insights on security and cyber-security with Discovery attendees on April 27.

SU returns to Discovery building on a relationship established in 2013. Last year, professors Brad Templeton, Networks and Computing Chair, and Salim Ismail, Global Ambassador and Founding Executive Director, spoke on exponential technologies.

Take advantage of this rare chance to learn from faculty at Silicon Valley's world-renowned Singularity University without leaving Ontario.